Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Small balls

I know my stories usually feature huge balls getting busted, but I've been wondering about writing one where a big guy with tiny nuts gets his inadequate package worked over.

Would anyone be interested in such a story?


  1. Yes, please! Love your stories where the big guy gets utterly destroyed and humiliated, doesn't really matter whether he has big balls or small balls.

  2. Can't wait for your next story, they always get me off!

  3. Nope. Not sexy.

  4. Would ABSOLUTELY love it!!!

  5. Yes! Agree with May 4th comment.
    ALL your stories tap into my core interest of
    "powerful" guy overpowered by little guy.
    The balls of any size can be used for that leverage
    (as can a big man's overly sensitive nipples;
    the twisting of which can make him aroused and submissive).

    Thanks for your site and all your writings.
    Really enjoy reading about a powerful man
    turned into a powerful workhorse/slave.

  6. Personally no, that doesnt really do it for me at all. But whatever floats your boat man, Im sure Ill still manage to jerk off to it!

  7. Take the size difference over the top!!! The big guy(with the tiny nuts should be enormous-near 500 pounds of beef!

  8. Looks like most want a tiny balls story :) will get to writing one. Don't worry, I'll keep writing about big guys with huge nuts getting destroyed as well!