Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gang Wars - Part 1

Another ballbusting story by Darrel L.

The Black Ops Crime Unit was a clandestine branch of the police tasked with taking down gangs and organized crime. They were an elite unit that were allowed to conduct unorthodox methods of investigation to deal with these criminals.

They had their eyes on one of the biggest Asian gangs in the city, responsible for drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling, and smuggling. It was run ruthlessly and efficiently; the police and even the FBI had an extremely tough time investigating it and so they called on the Black Ops for help. They focused their attention on the gang leader's 25 year old son, Lee, planning to capture and interrogate him to understand the inner workings of the gang.

In the gang, Lee was known as the Enforcer. He had an unusually large build for an Asian; 7 feet tall, 400 pounds of beefy muscle. With a 60 inch chest, 25 inch arms, bull-like neck, thick muscular legs, his physique alone was intimidating. If he were more ripped, he would have been a successful bodybuilder but he loved booze and pizza too much and as a result, had a bit of a belly and had his impressive musculature obscured by a layer of fat. He wasn't the brightest guy around but what he lacked in intelligence he more than made up in aggression and brute force. He was by far the most cruel and ruthless member of the gang. He was feared by almost everyone in the organization and was responsible for enforcing his father's will and rules. A few gang members who had inadvertently crossed him had been brutally beaten to a pulp. He would even intentionally pick fights with members of rival gangs just so he could pulverize them.

Lee's bulky, muscular torso.

He had one big weakness - he couldn't keep his dick in his pants. This oversexed bull had sex almost every night with different women. His favorite past time was frequenting a massage parlor where he would fuck any unfortunate female masseuse who had the bad luck of having to tend to him, often against her will. The Unit decided that this was the best place to capture and spirit away their target since he always went there alone.

As was his habit, Lee came to the massage parlor in the evening and the manager recommended a new masseuse to him, assuring him that he would enjoy every moment of his "massage". Lee's eyes glowed with lust as he eyed the female masseuse's lithe sexy body, his cock semi-erect as he fantasized about how he would fuck her after she had given him his massage.

"Fuck yeah, you're one hot bitch!" Lee commented lewdly as he grabbed her ass roughly.

She was actually an undercover agent and despite her disgust, she smiled seductively at the horny oaf, playing her part to perfection.

"Take off your clothes, big boy," she told him.

Lee peeled off his clothes, revealing his beefy physique. His white boxers had  little red hearts on it.

"How cute," the agent thought as she saw his boxers.

"Take everything off, big boy," she purred as she arched her back a little, staring into the hulking male's lust-filled eyes. He had an instant erection, tenting his boxers obscenely.

"You like what you see?" Lee asked vulgarly as he pulled off his boxers, exposing his erect cock. It was only about 4 inches long fully erect but Lee thought it was a magnificent symbol of his manhood.

"Oh, yes," the agent smiled as her eyes fixated on her target - Lee's low-hanging, overgrown testicles. They were the size of golf-balls and hung about half-way between his groin and his knees in a smooth, long, pendulous sac.

"Looks like you wanna feel my big balls slapping into your ass as I fuck you later," the beefy man commented as he cupped his oversized gonads and jiggled them about childishly. Lee was extremely proud of his large testicles, often boasting about how heavy and big they were, how much jizz he shot, and how much testosterone they churned out. He wouldn't stop telling people how his insatiable sex drive and muscular physique were a result of his overgrown nards.

"You'd like to play with my big balls, won't you, bitch?" he continued lecherously.

The agent ran her fingers under Lee's dangling cum-laden meatballs, gently feeling the pendulous organs' ponderous weight, then stroking the sensitive area between the base of his balls and his asshole. Lee leaned his head back in anticipation, his throbbing cock leaking copious amounts of precum.

"Let me give you a massage first, big boy," she whispered in his ear.

"I can't wait to fuck your sweet little pussy," he leered as he climbed on the massage table and lay on his tummy, gently positioning his ample genitals so that they were nestled comfortably between his thick muscular thighs.

The agent began massaging the horny man's bulky physique, feeling his muscles relax as he grew less tense and became more sleepy. As time passed, Lee had let his guard down and lay there, enjoying the agent's powerful hands kneading his muscles.

"Damn, you've got fucking strong hands for a bitch," he commented.

She slowly worked her way down his broad back and to his bulging buttcheeks. She sensed his lust growing as she rubbed his massive ass-cheeks, intentionally allowing her fingers to stray near his sensitive anus. Her fingers soon began gently caressing his heavy, sperm-filled gonads, driving the hunk completely wild with desire.

"Oh fuck, I knew you loved playing with a boy's balls, you horny slut. I've got a nice fat pair of balls for you, bitch," he purred as he spread his thighs a bit more to allow her to pleasure him further.

The agent soon used both hands to play with the beefy man's meaty testicles. Her silky fingers wrapped around each fleshy orb, gently kneading them and rolling them about. Lee was so turned on his precum formed a small puddle under his groin on the massage table.

Suddenly, much to the hunk's complete shock, those silky fingers suddenly tightened around his sensitive, cum-filled testicles. The soft female fingers that pleasured his big manly gonads moments earlier were now powerfully constricted around each squishy, sensitive testicle. Waves of nauseating agony exploded from the big man's groin into the core of his being as the agent tightened her vise-like grip around each nerve-filled fleshy orb.

"Unhhhh, fuck... my balls... you fucking bitch..." the tormented hunk groaned.

"You wanted me to play with your balls, didn't you, big boy?" she whispered in his ear.

"I'm gonna fucking kill you. I'm gonna fuck you then kill you!" he groaned, his voice a couple of octaves higher.

"I don't think you're in any position to threaten me, big boy. You see, I've got you by the balls," she answered.

"Since I've got you by your big old balls, I can do this..." she whispered as she yanked his abused testicles backwards and upwards while still crushing the rapidly-swelling meaty organs. His long, pendulous scrotum allowed her to stretch his tortured testicles  a considerable length. Lee's anguish and pain increased a hundredfold and he could only make little whining, sobbing noises. His big brawny arms reached behind as he desperately tried to dislodge his tormenter's grip on his manhood.

His big pendulous balls were now a liability to him; the agent managed to stay out of his reach while maintaining a death grip on his squishy testicles. Delirious with pain, he could only make keening animal sounds as the sadistic agent now decided to use his long, tautly-stretched scrotum to floss his ass-crack like a thong.

The large muscular man started sobbing in response to the inhumane agony emanating from his abused big boy balls. The agent then changed her grip, grabbing his scrotum with one hand to trap his overgrown, swollen meatballs at the bottom of his sac. She then stretched his balls until the thin skin of his ballsac glistened and she could see all the little veins that criss-crossed his oversized testicles. She balled up her other fist and began punching his trapped and very vulnerable gonads.

The big man's body spasmed uncontrollably every time her little female fist buried itself in the squishy, swollen, sensitive, organs. He thrashed about desperately with every sickening thud of her hard unforgiving knuckles smashing into his very tender, nerve-filled, testicular flesh. As punch after punch crashed into his reddening, swollen, tenderized boy organs, his thrashing and cries of anguish grew weaker and by about the twentieth punch, the hulking man had passed out. His brain couldn't take any more of the sickening pain exploding from his abused testicles. The agent finally stopped her ferocious attack on his manhood, exhausted but satisfied. Much to her disgust, she discovered that the oversized oaf had squirted his sticky male milk some time while she was abusing his ponderous, dangling gonads.

Lee's swollen, busted balls

She quickly bilndfolded, gagged, and hogtied the unconscious giant before calling in her team members to tell them that she had captured their target. They swooped in with amazing efficiency and speed, quickly bundling the unconscious and bound hunk's naked body into a waiting van before speeding off to a safe house.

To be continued...