Saturday, November 24, 2018

Friday, November 16, 2018

No Nut November

Chase was the splitting image of Rob Gronkowski. It was uncanny. He was a muscular 6'6", 250 lbs, and had the same handsome goofy looks as the football tight-end. People often mistook him for Gronk, and Chase played up the image as much as possible, even going so far as to get the same hair cut and imitating the same mannerisms. He often boasted about how many girls he managed to seduce by pretending that he was Gronk.

As a joke, he decided to make a deal with his pals to observe No Nut November. The friends agreed that they would not jerk off or have sex for the entire month. Chase had a volcano libido, and if he didn't manage to hook up to get his rocks off, the oversexed jock had to jack off twice a day. He was proud of his turbo-charged libido and impressive manhood. He told all who knew him that he was so horny all the time because his fat balls produced too much spunk and testosterone. The exhibitionist wasn't shy about showing off his ample package, and would free-ball, wear really skimpy shorts, or even go nude whenever he had the chance to show off his low-hanging, chicken egg-sized testicles and thick cock.

Only two weeks into the month, Chase regretted his decision to agree to No Nut November. His oversized testicles were brimming with cum, and felt larger and firmer than usual. He was half-mad with lust and badly wanted to empty his sac but his friends reminded him about the deal, and Chase reluctantly agreed to continue denying his desires, channeling his energy into partying instead. Maybe beer could help control the maddening need to cum.

One drunken Friday night, he staggered into his room-mate's bed completely shit-faced at about 4 am. Devin was startled awake as his loud naked room-mate crawled into bed next to him. Devin was the complete opposite of Chase - he was 5'4", skinny, shy and a bit nerdy but had an adorable, cherubic face. He had a crush on his handsome room-mate, and Chase's exhibitionist tendencies only inflamed Devin's lust. He had a slightly sadistic streak, and always harbored a secret desire to bust the hunk's big bulging balls but held back to avoid any awkwardness between the two of them. Chase snored as he lay still, his legs spread invitingly. Devin stared longingly at his muscular body, his eyes slowly drifting towards the beefcake's overgrown genitals. He shook him to awaken him but the big jock was so intoxicated that he continued to slumber. Sure that Chase was so drunk he wouldn't remember a thing, Devin's hands began exploring his lean, muscled frame.

Chase snored softly, oblivious to what was going on. Devin's hand moved towards Chase's limp cock and as he gently stroked the fat pink sausage, it swelled into an impressive 9 inch, throbbing boner. Little moans began punctuating Chase's snoring as Devin manipulated his hard cock. A little stream of precum began leaking from the tip and Devin stopped stroking it, not wanting to make Chase cum... yet.

Devin cupped Chase's big bobbing balls, admiring the heft and size of the organs that he had been fantasizing about for so long. They were impressively heavy, firm, and were just slightly bigger than extra-large chicken eggs, contained in long, pink, fuzzy, delicate scrotum. Chase's breathing grew heavier from the pleasure of Devin's soft hands playing with his sensitive manhood. Devin rolled the enormous meaty organs in his hands, mesmerized at how they ascended and descended with every breath the drunk male took.

Devin's own dick was as hard as a rock now. A dark lust came over him as he began squeezing the fat, cum-laden testicles. With one large delicate meatball firmly locked in each hand, Devin began applying pressure, slowly at first and then ramping up the force of his grip. The little moans of pleasure Chase made stopped and as Devin continued crushing his fragile gonads, he began emitting groans of pain and discomfort. He had had so much alcohol that he was still unconscious. His muscled body twitched as he groaned incoherently from the sickening pain generated from his abused testicles. Devin grew hornier as he squeezed his dream guy's plump balls, feeling the squishy flesh compressing between his fingers.

After about 10 minutes, Devin grabbed both bulging balls in his hands and pressed them together,  trying to see which testicle would be the stronger, firmer one. Chase's unconscious face contorted into a mask of agony as his frail balls compressed into oblong shapes against each other. His tormentor smiled as he continued to squish the bulging organs together harder and harder, until the little green veins that snaked under the translucent skin of his scrotum became engorged and resembled fat worms.

"Fuck.... my balls.... my fucking big balls... " Chase whimpered, the awful pain from his battered balls cutting through the haze of drunkenness. Devin withdrew his hands, and quickly slipped under his bed, as the jock began to stir.

"Hurts so fucking bad..." he mumbled as he groggily woke up and clutched his aching balls as he hunched over with his legs off the edge of the bed. Devin remained silent under the bed, afraid of being discovered.

Chase sat on the edge of the bed, still very groggy and muttering to himself incoherently. He began stretching his arms and yawning, forgetting about his traumatized testicles which were now dangling vulnerably off the edge of bed in full view of the very horny Devin. The dark sadistic lust came over him again as he watched the fat, fleshy organs swinging back and forth like a pendulum. Devin cocked his fist back and fired it at Chase's droopy balls. Loud meaty thwacks rang out as his knuckles smashed into the soft, fragile organs.... once.... twice... thrice.

"Urkkkkkk...." came the guttural groan of anguish as Chase slumped off the edge of the bed, clutching his shattered manhood.

He was on his face, his tight bubble butt in the air with his hands cupping his damaged genitals, making animal-like noises. Still hiding under the bed, Devin now had a beautiful view of Chase's pink, furry ass hole and his swollen bull balls, and was so turned on, he felt his briefs soaking in precum.

Chase moved his hand to his lower abdomen where the nauseating agony from his bruised balls seemed to burn and rocked his hips from side to side in an attempt to relieve the pain. This only made his low-hanging testicles schlosh from side to side. Devin was mad with desire and could no longer contain himself. He reached out and grabbed Chase's pendulous scrotum, trapping the bloated organs at the base.

"My balls... my balls..." Chase whined drunkenly as Devin tugged on his delicate manhood. The big jock was so intoxicated that he only knew that his manhood was in awful pain but couldn't do much to protect it.

Chase's whines turned into high-pitched squeals as Devin began punching the trapped orbs. Sickening smacks pierced the quietness of night as Devin's small but unforgiving fist collided with the nerve-filled, cum-laden fleshy organs. Chase's ripped, muscular body eventually went limp from the agonizing pain, and he slumped face down on the floor, drooling and making little mewling noises.

Devin emerged from under the bed, feeling slightly guilty at inflicting so much pain and damage on his crush's once-proud manhood. He dragged the half-conscious jock back to his own bed, and lay him on his back with his legs spread wide.

"Fuck..." Devin whispered, gently inspecting Chase's traumatized testicles, which were now as big and red as ripe apples. Feeling incredibly horny, Devin decided to give his drunk room-mate a little gift as an apology for abusing his manhood. He gently sucked on Chase's limp cock, and as his tongue worked its sensitive head, the fat pink sausage swelled up proudly. Devin continued to hungrily suck on Chase's large member while he tenderly stroked the underside of his distended, inflamed testicles.

Within a few seconds, the unconscious hunk let out a deep groan as his hips began to buck uncontrollably. Devin pulled back just in time. A stream of greyish goo squirted out of Chase's hard cock all over his abs, pubes, thighs, and bed. Two weeks worth of backed-up spunk sprayed out like a geyser. Still unconscious, Chase's face was the picture of ecstasy and sweet release. Devin dropped his briefs, which had a large wet patch in front, and stroked his own impressive boner. In no time, it was his turn to groan in orgasmic pleasure as he ejaculated over Chase's bloated, swollen balls. He slipped back to his room, leaving the unconscious Gronk-lookalike almost completely covered in jizz.