Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kneeling nut kick

Nice kick, hot reaction... nuff said.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gang Wars - Part 3

Another ballbusting story by Darrel L.

(Happy Thanksgiving to my readers! Here's the third installation of Gang Wars with some suggestions incorporated)

Despite being utterly beaten and humiliated by Erik, Lee tried his hardest to maintain his silence and not rat on his gang. Surprised by Lee's loyalty despite having his manhood shamed and abused, Erik decided to change tactics slightly. Perhaps Lee would be coerced if he saw his old friends.  He had some informers "leak" information to the gang about Lee's whereabouts, hoping to draw them into action.
As expected, there was frantic action to muster a rescue team. From informers, the Black Ops found out that a small group of three gang members, including Lee's younger brother Andy, were heading to Lee's location to retrieve Lee. Erik was very pleased. Capturing the 21 year old Andy would be a bigger prize than he expected. He prepared a team of three agents to prepare a welcome for them.
Lee's husky younger brother, Andy.

That night, a car pulled up to the warehouse where Lee was imprisoned. Andy got out of the car cautiously. At 6 feet 5 inches, he was not as tall as Lee, but he was heavier than his older brother by about 50 pounds. He had an impressively muscular physique that was obscured by a layer of fat, giving Andy a very stocky, bulky appearance. He was accompanied by Ben, a more lanky, muscular male, about 6 feet 7 inches tall and 250 pounds, and Ty, who at 6 feet tall and 180 pounds was the smallest of the bunch.
"You guard the car, Ty. Ben, you follow me in and watch the door while I go in to get Lee," Andy ordered. 
Both Andy and Ben headed stealthily towards the warehouse. With a quick strike, Andy smashed the lock and entered the dark warehouse. Ben stood on the inside of the door, holding his Uzi tightly. Andy continued on into the darkness of the warehouse, whispering loudly for his older brother. A loud groan from a dark corner drew Andy's attention.
"Lee!" he cried out as he rushed there. Carelessly, he put his gun on the ground as he hugged his brother.
Lee could only groan in response. He was gagged and was still in considerable pain from the beating he had received and his ample spunk-makers were still throbbing with pain.
Andy tried to stand Lee up and get him out as fast as possible. His older brother's grunts increased in intensity and as Andy pulled the large man forward to escape, Lee let out a blood-curdling scream that was slightly muffled by his gag. Andy stopped in panic and pulled off the gag as Lee sank to his knees and gasped hoarsely, "My fucking balls... my fucking balls..."
Andy took out a flashlight and discovered the source of Lee's agony - there was a large, heavy, metal ring snugly locked around his pendulous scrotum, stretching the already low-hanging ballsac to its full length and trapping his fat gonads at its base. The ring was attached to another metal ring embedded in the wall by a chain. Lee couldn't go far without this sadistic leash biting into his soft, smooth scrotum and yanking painfully on his already-traumatized, sensitive testicles.
"FUCK! Who the fuck is so sick as to come up with something like this?!" Andy swore as he tried to undo the ring around his older brother's aching nards. He tried to slide the ring off but Lee's overgrown testicles were too large and Andy's clumsy efforts only made Lee whimper in agony. He then tried to slide each bloated squishy orb through the ring one at a time but the snug ring was still too narrow and the unbearable anguish of having his battered, swollen, tenderized meatballs compressed between the unyielding metal ring and Andy's calloused, clumsy hand made Lee cry out in protest.
"I'm fucking trying my best! Shut up!" Andy barked.
"You're fucking destroying my big boys, you dumb asshole!" Lee hissed back.
Andy glared at his brother, and in spite, let go of the ring and his genitals. Gravity did its job and the heavy ring's downward descent was abruptly stopped by Lee's swollen testicles. The sudden jolt to his exquisitely-sensitive gonads and the abrupt tug on his ballcords made Lee yelp miserably. Smirking slightly at his ungrateful brother's testicular agony, Andy focused on trying to undo the chain and the ring embedded in the wall.
Erik and his agents moved quietly into action. Ty was smoking outside the car, waiting for his friends to return from their mission.
"Run along now, little boy," an agent whispered behind the startled man.
"Who the fuck are you?" Ty retorted as he looked at the shorter man.
"Someone who would make you run away like a little bitch," he smiled.
Ty smirked as he tossed his cigarette on the ground. He stomped on it to put it out.
"That's how I'm gonna crush you," he hissed as he swung a roundhouse kick at the agent.
The kick narrowly missed the agent but Ty was not deterred, throwing more kicks towards the retreating agent. As Ty launched another high kick, the agent dropped to the ground and threw a swift, powerful upwards kick that smashed into Ty's vulnerable gonads, crushing them between his foot and Ty's bony pelvis. Ty screamed pitifully as his hands shot towards his groin, desperately clutching his aching testicles. Ty stumbled backwards, doubled over from the agony exploding from his injured loins. The agent grabbed a handful of Ty's hair, and hauled the doubled-over man who was desperately nursing his battered genitals, and unceremoniously threw him into his car.
"Now, get the fuck lost before I completely destroy your little boy balls," the agent told Ty.
Ty managed to suppress the nausea and pain enough so that he could start the car and drive off in a cowardly panic.
Just inside the front door, an agent stealthily emerged behind Ben's muscular figure. He tapped on the unsuspecting man's shoulder and as Ben spun around in shock, the agent grabbed hold of his gun and using that grip as leverage, swung his knee between Ben's muscular legs. Ben's jaw fell open slackly and his eyes widened in horror as the bony knee smashed into his dangling testicles. The agent swung another two vicious knees into Ben's traumatized balls, and as the full magnitude of the sickening pain erupted from his battered nards, Ben let go of his gun while he slowly sank to the ground. He made a guttural moan as he cupped his injured manhood. With the butt of his gun, the agent struck the incapacitated man on the side of his head, sending him into blissful unconsciousness.
Erik wanted to save the fun of taking down Andy for himself. As Andy was bent over and focused on trying to undo the chain locked around his brother's swollen testicles, Erik quietly removed the gun he left on the ground and sneaked behind the distracted man. He reached stealthily between Andy's large, bulky buttcheeks and quickly grabbed his low-hanging male plums. Erik gave the squishy organs a quick hard squeeze and twist, drawing a sharp yelp from the shocked Andy. Erik then quickly danced away as the surprised and furious Andy spun around to face his attacker, suppressing the pain in his groin.
Andy's large, husky frame dwarfed the Erik's 5 feet 3 inch tall, 140 pound frame. He was easily three times as large as the diminutive but mean fighter. Andy's confidence swelled as he eyed the unarmed Erik, expecting to easily defeat his much smaller opponent.
"I'm gonna teach you a fucking lesson for messing with my brother, asshole," Andy threatened.
"Bring it on, fat boy. I had lots of fun kicking your big brother's fat ass and now I'm gonna have fun kicking yours. Your big brother couldn't put up much of a fight and you don't look anywhere near as tough as he is, pussy" Erik smiled.
"When I'm done with you, I'm going to fuck you so hard, you'll never walk straight," Andy continued.
"If your cock is as small as your brother's, I don't see how you can fuck anything with it," Erik taunted the larger man.
Andy roared and rushed at Erik, hellbent on murder. Erik quickly stepped aside and kicked him in the right knee, causing the rushing giant to stumble and fall in a messy heap. Andy groaned in pain as he got back up on his feet and charged at Erik again. Erik dodged and delivered another snap-kick at the charging bull. This time, however, his foot smacked into Andy's bulging balls. His thin sweatpants offered no protection against Erik's sharp kick. Andy howled in agony as he clutched his injured, oversized testicles and stumbled to the ground, falling not far from his captive brother.
"Don't fight him, Andy. He'll destroy you... run.. run and get help," Lee whispered urgently, trying to save his younger brother.
Listening to his brother's advice and taken aback by the attacks on his manhood, Andy stood up and ran towards the door. Surprised by this move, Erik gave chase. The clumsy Andy could not run effectively with his baggy, sagging sweat pants and as luck would have it, his pants slipped down, exposing his large, beefy, pink butt. The hulking man's legs became entangled with his pants and he fell with a loud thud. Winded and stunned, Andy just lay there, unable to react. Erik quickly caught up with him and before he could react, Erik grabbed each trunk-like leg and used them to lift Andy's burly lower body off the ground, putting the husky male in a very helpless and vulnerable position with his exposed genitals very nicely displayed. Like his older brother, Andy had a very large set of low-hanging testicles. Although his balls were not as big or as pendulous as his brother's, Andy definitely had a larger, thicker cock.
Andy's big exposed ass and dangling balls.

Taking aim at the fallen hunk's overgrown genitals, Erik delivered a kick that smashed neatly into Andy's big, bobbing balls. Andy screamed and his body spasmed in response to the pain that exploded from his traumatized spunk-tanks but Erik continued to kick his fat, oversized testicles without pity. Sickening meaty smacks rang out every time Erik's foot collided with the unfortunate Andy's squishy, sensitive, nerve-filled, orbs of testicular flesh. Andy's screams of agony and spasms grew weaker with each assault on his battered balls, and soon became a series of pitiful mewling sobs.
Unable to hold the heavy man up any longer, Erik released him and his bulky,half-naked figure flopped on the ground. Andy was too weak from the pain to even curl up in a protective ball and just lay there on his stomach sobbing miserably. Eyeing the reddening, swollen, meaty organs nestled between his muscular thighs on the cold, hard concrete, Erik placed his foot on them and slowly started to grind them into the ground, as if trying to kill a large bug. Andy screamed pitifully as his injured, aching, and abused manhood was being crushed to a pulp between Erik's foot and the unforgiving concrete.
The pain became too much for the young, hulking male to bear and he soon passed out cold. Erik withdrew his foot, not wanting to destroy the husky youth's testicles. If Andy's big boy balls were intact, he would have more fun inflicting punishment on those overgrown orbs. 
Lee was beside himself with fury. "Stop hurting him, you fucking asshole! I swear, if you do any damage to his balls, I'll fucking kill you!!" he yelled out. He struggled in vain, his large testicles were shackled securely and his attempts to free himself only increased the throbbing pain in his abused gonads.
Erik smiled as he knelt beside the angry hulk of a man. He reached between Lee's massive legs, grabbed a hold of the chain locked around his oversized testicles and cruelly yanked it upwards, stretching the poor male's scrotum and ballcords to their breaking point. Lee squealed like an injured pig as he arched his back and stuck his beefy butt as high in the air as possible to relieve the sickening pressure on his sensitive boy parts but to no avail. His squeals were soon replaced by anguished sobs and whimpers as he pleaded with his tormentor for mercy.
Erik let the tortured hunk's battered and bruised gonads go and he curled up in a fetal position, sobbing as he tried to nurse his aching balls and alleviate the nauseating pain emanating from those tenderized meatballs.
"You don't look like you're in any position to make threats, big boy," Erik whispered in his ear as he gently licked the broken man's neck to increase his sexual humiliation even more.
Erik now had three prisoners in custody - Lee, Ben and Andy - and he intended to inflict plenty of abuse on them.

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Ball kicking bitch

Unimpressed by her naked boyfriend showing off his physique, a brutal bitch delivers a savage kick to his big bulging boy balls to bring him down by a few notches.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Testicle Slam

I'm surprised his gonads are still attached to his body after getting bodyslammed like that...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kick from Behind

After forcing her husband to perform house chores, a sadistic female further emasculates him by kicking his fat, bulging balls when he least expects it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Backhand to Balls

Cute guy goes down after his boy balls are smacked

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crushed Testicles

The new guy in the office gets a painful orientation - his big boy balls are brutally crushed, twisted and mashed by the office bully.