Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Big Boy Toy - Part 3: Defeated Again

The Big Boy Toy- Part 3: Defeated Again

New story by Darrel L.

Instead of humiliating his new freshman room-mate, the big, hulking Tony was defeated and subjugated by the smaller, younger male. Poor Tony couldn't understand why or how he could have ever been vanquished by Brad; he expected that his much bigger, muscular build would have assured his victory.

After some thought, he thought that it was because Brad had fought dirty and gained the upper hand by grabbing him by the balls. Tony was proud of the large, pendulous testicles dangling between his muscular legs - the symbol of his masculinity and macho power. He couldn't comprehend how such big, sensitive targets could be a liability at all. Didn't those fat testicles supply the testosterone that made him into a big, strong, and aggressive man? Perhaps, he thought, if he could stop Brad from attacking his groin, he would crush and defeat his tormentor.

He cleared the entire living room of furniture while Brad was in class and put on a jock strap, thinking it would afford his oversized gonads some protection. Brad came back later that evening and smiled when he saw Tony's jock-clad, bulky frame sitting on the couch in the corner.

"Oh, trying to look sexy for me, boy toy?" Brad taunted.

"Shut the fuck up, asshole!" Tony replied.

"A little mouthy this evening, aren't we?" Brad replied, sensing trouble.

"I want to fight you again! I'm gonna take you down this time, bitch!" Tony demanded.

"You seem to have a rather short memory, boy toy. Don't you remember getting your fat ass being kicked last week?" Tony smirked.

"That was a fluke! You fought dirty! You grabbed my nuts, you fucking faggot!" Tony fumed.

"So you think the only reason I beat your fat ass was that I squeezed your useless, baby boy balls?" Brad smiled.

"Y-y-yes..." Tony stammered, too angry to think straight.

"Ok, I'll tell you what, boy toy. I'll set down this timer over here for 15 minutes. I promise I won't hit your precious little jewels for that entire time. You think you'll be able to beat me in 15 minutes, fat boy?" Brad offered as he set the countdown timer on his phone.

"I'll pulverize you in 5 minutes!" Tony bragged, confident that he would be able to destroy the much smaller male in a clean fight.

"I'll give you 15 minutes, just in case," Brad replied condescendingly, much to Tony's fury.

Brad stripped down to his black briefs and approached the hulking male in the middle of the living room. Tony lifted his fists and began bouncing on the balls of his feet, imitating a boxer in a ring. Brad remained unfazed; he was more amused watching the large, husky male's abdomen jiggling about as he danced around, wasting energy unnecessarily.

Tony was obviously apprehensive and cautious. He kept his little dance up without approaching his pint-sized opponent. Brad finally got bored, went right up towards Tony, smacked the surprised hulk's brawny arms aside, and delivered a stinging slap to his doughy face. Tony backed off, stunned by the assault, holding his burning cheek in shock and shame.

"Come on, fat boy! I'm getting bored waiting for you!" Brad taunted.

Burning with rage, he charged at Brad. As Tony's oversized figure was almost on top of Brad, he quickly stepped aside and as the bulky man passed him, he punched him in the left side of his beefy abdomen, where the muscles weren't as thick and powerful. Tony gasped, obviously in pain from the jab, as he slowed his charge. Brad then jumped back, putting distance between him and the angry bull of a man. Tony turned around and charged at Brad. Again, Brad repeated his move, hitting Tony's already-hurting left flank. Tony was starting to turn red from exhaustion, pain, and anger. Instead of charging again, Tony began swinging his ham-like fists at the diminutive Brad.

Brad was fortunate that Tony's attacks were slow and clumsy. One blow would easily knock him out or do serious damage. Brad evaded the beefy oaf's clumsy, swinging blows, and retreated as the big bull pursued him. After a few minutes, Brad could see that Tony was fatiguing. His already-oafish punches grew even more awkward and clumsy. Brad launched his counter-attack, aiming a series of short, sharp punches to Tony's thick neck and face. The punches weren't hard but enough to knock the stunned giant back and send him into retreat. Tony was soon covering his face and head with his muscular arms, trying to protect himself from the unrelenting assault and not attacking Brad.

Brad switched his target to Tony's lower abdomen instead. He landed two powerful punches that knocked the wind out of the beefy male, causing him to yelp and double over in pain. The reaction, however, was more because Tony thought he was trying to hit his tender gonads.

"Relax, you dumb fuck. I promised not to hit your pathetic nards. A deal is a deal," Brad smiled.

Tony grunted in frustration and murderous rage as he at Brad, who again easily dodged his charge. Worn out and blinded by fury, Tony only knew how to hurl himself at Brad and just kept charging at Brad over and over again like an angry male bull at a taunting matador, hoping in vain that his overgrown, muscular frame would knock his tormentor over.

On his final charge, Brad kicked his oversized, hulking opponent's shin hard. Tony cried out in pain and shock as he tripped and fell. His momentum sent him tumbling like a boulder across the living room floor until he landed against the couch on the wall with a loud thump. He had fallen really awkwardly, and ended up with his head and upper torso on the floor and his hips and legs in the air, over the couch. The hefty bull of a male was knocked almost unconscious by the tumble. He was so dazed he could only mumble incoherently and just left himself there with both legs in the air.

Brad smiled sadistically as he eyed his overgrown victim's predicament. Instead of helping him up, Brad quickly grabbed some ropes and tied his massive legs to the couch so that the giant man remained upside down, and his thick, trunk-like legs remained spread apart. He also tied Tony's brawny arms down so as to render the beefy bull totally helpless. Brad then knelt over Tony's head and began pinching his nose and cheeks.

"Wakey, wakey, big boy!" he sang playfully, teasing the dazed hulk.

Tony eventually came to and panicked when he found himself trapped and vulnerable. He cussed and swore loudly as he struggled to escape. Brad sat just above the protesting hulk's head, smiled at him, and began ruffling his hair cheekily. Tony went completely berserk, threatening to kill his room-mate.

"You see, fat boy? I managed to defeat you even without touching your precious little family jewels," Brad gloated. Tony cursed as he frantically struggled against his bonds.

Brad then picked up a pair of scissors and began gently tapping on Tony's jock-clad bulge.

"Snip, snip!" Brad teased.

"NOOO! PLEASE!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!!" Tony begged frantically, thinking that Brad was going to cut off his genitals.

Brad instead cut off the wailing hulk's jockstrap, leaving him completely naked and helpless.

"If I cut off these fat puppies, I wouldn't be able to play with them anymore, would I?" he whispered into the frightened hunk's ear as he gently fondled his oversized meatballs.

Brad then stood up, looked down into Tony's fear-filled eyes, and told him, "I'll have to punish you for being a disobedient boy toy!"

Tony whimpered in protest as Brad started speed-bagging the helpless hunk's fuzzy, pink, pendulous (which were now hanging over his stomach, towards his face), fat, chicken egg-sized sperm-makers. A continuous series of meaty smacks rang out as Brad's hard, unforgiving fists sank into each hefty, fleshy organ. The abused hunk's babymakers were so large in comparison to Brad's fists that with every punch, his little balled-up fists seemed to almost bury themselves in an bloated, fleshy, mushy pinata.

While the initial punches were more uncomfortable than painful, Brad's punches grew more rapid and powerful and subsequently, the pain emanating from Tony's vulnerable, tenderized jizz-tanks began to build up. After about ten minutes, poor Tony's damaged, oversized balls were beginning to resemble a pair ripe apples in color and size. The sickening pain from his abused manhood had surpassed the critical threshold and Tony was loudly sobbing and squirming against his restraints. As Brad continued to pummel the crying hulk's traumatized testicles, Tony's cock began to stir and was soon unabashedly erect.

"Oh, look at that little guy!" Brad mocked the humiliated hulk's unimpressive 5 inch, fully erect penis.

"I still cannot believe how a big man with huge balls like you can have such a tiny cock. I mean, no woman will want that little wand. No female would want your sperm if you're gonna deliver it in that pathetic baby-sized thing," Brad continued , further destroying Tony's self-esteem.

Tony's hips began bucking involuntarily and as his groans grew more urgent, Brad stopped speedbagging his testicles but instead cruelly grabbed hold of his plump, swollen balls. With one rubbery meatball in each hand, Brad crushed down hard, his forearm muscles tensed and bulging as they transferred brutal vise-like force onto Tony's tender, nerve-filled, fleshy, male-orbs. Tony screamed pitifully in both pain and pleasure as his throbbing boner squirted wildly. At least 10 spasms later, he had covered his face, neck and chest with his sticky, gooey spunk. His muscled torso heaved with exhaustion as his tears mixed with his warm jizz. Brad let go of his tortured testicles briefly to whip out his own throbbing cock.

Brad began stroking his ample, 8 inch cock as he released the pressure but not his grip on the vanquished hunk's abused gonads. He then began gently kneading each fat, squishy testicle as though they were lumps of dough. Tony groaned in a confused heady mix of pain and pleasure. Brad was kneeling over Tony's face, his superiorly-larger penis stretched across the hunk's cum- and tear-stained face. As he gently massaged the sobbing giant's swollen, purplish, extra-mushy male plums, Tony's sobs slowly transformed into little moans of pleasure. Without being asked, he opened his mouth and hungrily sucked on Brad's leaking, throbbing boner.

"I knew you were a fucking cock-sucking fag," Brad smiled as he enjoyed Tony's ministrations.

As Brad's loins began to stir with pleasure, his grip on Tony's abused, traumatized testicles tightened, making the unfortunate hunk mewl and groan miserably. As he approached the throes of orgasmic ecstasy, Brad quickly pulled his cock out of Tony's mouth and began stroking it furiously. His other hand wrapped around the base of the trapped hulk's pendulous pink, fuzzy ballsac and yanked upwards hard, stretching the shiny scrotum to its full length and drawing agonized yelps and cries from Tony. Brad groaned loudly as he came, squirting globs of thick, creamy spunk all over Tony's face. He released some of the tension on the crying youth's tormented testicles and made him lick off the last few drops of semen on his semi-hard cock.

Brad then untied the sobbing male and he slowly curled up in a fetal position on the ground, hugging his lower abdomen with one hand and craddling his bruised and battered balls with the other.

"Stand up!" Brad ordered. Tony whimpered as he slowly staggered to his feet. Even though his towering, muscular frame dwarfed the pint-sized Brad, Tony hung his head in shame and humiliation, staring at the floor with his tears running down his cum-covered face. Brad smirked, satisfied that he had beaten and broken this fine, male specimen.

"Kneel down in front of me!" Brad ordered.

Tony quietly obeyed his bully. Since he was so hefty and massive, he was almost eye-to-eye with Brad even though he was on his knees.

"Play with your useless, little dick, fat boy!" Brad commanded his muscle slave and he grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked backwards so he could gaze directly into his vanquished opponent's eyes.

In tribute to Brad's victory, Tony grabbed his unimpressive cock and began stroking it as Brad stared into his fear-filled eyes. As Tony's breathing became more rapid, Brad sensed his impending orgasm. With a cruel smile, Brad drew back one foot and swung it as hard as he could between the V formed by Tony's thick, muscular thighs. The first spurts of sperm were just about to shoot from his cock when Brad's foot brutally smashed into his swollen, tenderized, dangling balls with a sickening thwack. Tony screamed in utter anguish as the nerve-filled, sensitive, mushy organs bore the full impact of Brad's kick then bounced back to smack into his muscular ass with a meaty thud. His orgasm utterly ruined and in a world of abject pain, he immediately collapsed in a ball, crying hysterically and begging his bully not to hurt him anymore. Instead of proudly squirting sperm, his semi-hard cock was left to pathetically ooze out the contents of his broken, bruised, and very swollen gonads.


  1. awesome! love story and you! pleaSe write some more stories!