Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tom's Ballbusting Adventures - Part 3 (Anti-Bully Class Begins)

by Darrel L.

Thanks to those who provided ideas that helped me develop the concept for this story. Keep the ideas cumming!

Tom smacked his the snooze button on his alarm clock and nuzzled against his pillow groggily. Barely awake, he was acutely aware of his throbbing morning wood and began gently grinding it against his bed, enjoying the sensations emanating from his genitals. As the horny college freshman humped the sheets, his mind drifted back to his one of the most memorable (and painful) ballbusting adventures in his memory.

The summer when he was 16, his parents were travelling, and he was left at home at the mercy of his sadistic younger brothers. He was still in his growth spurt and was now a hulking 7 feet tall, weighing almost 380 pounds - a giant of a teenager - but after getting his oversized, low-hanging testicles abused by his younger, much smaller built siblings, he was intimidated by them. He was just waking up one morning, and was surprised to see Martin, who was 14, sitting beside him on his bed.

"What the fuck are you doing in my room?" Tom barked.

"Just watching you sleep, big brother," he grinned cheekily.

"Get out!" Tom retorted as he turned away from Martin, trying to hide his morning wood from his brother.

"I have a proposal for you, big brother," Martin said as he slid into bed with Tom.

"No. Just leave me alone," Tom mumbled, still sleepy.

"Listen, if you do what Chad and I want you to do today, we'll be nice to you for a whole week," he offered.

"Forget it," Tom answered.

Martin then reached around Tom's chubby waist, quickly reached into his loose cotton boxers and grabbed Tom's rigid cock.

"Damn. Someone's horny! Fully erect but still so small!" Martin teased.

"Hey! Fuck off!" Tom cussed as he tried to smack his nuisance brother away. He wasn't quick enough; Martin deftly reached between his overgrown brother's massively-muscled thighs with his other hand and grabbed his pendulous balls. Tom yelped in surprise and tried to free himself but it was too late, Martin yanked backwards hard, stretching the giant teen's fat, low-hanging gonads as far as his smooth, pink, sagging scrotum would allow. The beefy teenager yowled in pain and protest as his younger brother maintained his tight grip on his sensitive, oversized manhood.

"Now, I don't think I made myself clear enough, brother. Chad and I want you to be part of a plan we have and you don't have much of a choice. Just because we are your brothers, we're gonna be kind to you and stop abusing these useless balls you have here for a week afterwards, you got that?" Martin hissed.

Tom nodded miserably, the aching pain building up in his trapped, stretched gonads and hitting him right in his gut.

"All you got to do is put on a blindfold, listen to some music, and be the model for a little self-defense class we are organizing for three 10 year old boys. You'll be taking a few blows to your body but you're such a big strong man, it probably wouldn't even hurt. Simple, eh?" Martin explained.

The pain blazing in his gonads was too much for Tom and he just nodded in agreement, desperate to end the nauseating agony emanating from his groin, and begging his brother to stop abusing his aching testicles.

"Good boy!" Martin teased, patting the whimpering Tom on his large jiggly ass.

Martin then made the hurting teenager get out of bed and go into the basement. There, Tom saw two large metal loops in the ground, about shoulder-width apart and another metal loop on the ceiling. Martin then made him put on a blindfold. Tom was apprehensive about what was going to happen but was too afraid that his brothers would bust his balls again and just complied. Martin led the bulky, blindfolded hunk towards the metal loops. He first tied his brawny arms together and tied it to the loop on the ceiling. Tom protested but Martin ordered him to be quiet. Tom began struggling but Martin brought his knee up savagely between Tom's thick thighs, smashing into his dangling balls with sickening force. Tom howled pitifully and immediately stopped struggling, his ponderous gonads blazing with pain. He tried to double over but was held up by his restrained arms. Having subdued his large prey, Martin had no trouble tying each ankle to the metal loops on the ground.

He then stood back to admire the sight - his hulking, muscular older brother helplessly strung up by his powerful arms with each trunk-like leg tied down so that his legs were spread apart, his large, egg-sized, testicles dangling vulnerably in a long, pink, scrotum beneath a comparatively rather small cock.

"I got your iPod here, Tom. I'm gonna play some music for you, ok? See, I'm not that bad," Martin chuckled as he slapped on headphones and blasted music into Tom's ears. Now, Tom was blind and couldn't hear a single thing going on around him.

In a few minutes, Tom's youngest brother, 12-year-old Chad, came into the basement with three boys. Ever the enterprising one, Chad had befriended the three of them because they all had something in common - they were puny kids who were bullied by bigger boys but were rich. Chad and Martin offered to teach them how to fight off bigger boys for a hundred bucks per session. Sick of being victimized, the three readily agreed.

The boys were only about 4 feet tall and about 90 pounds. Their jaws fell open when they saw Tom's massive, naked, figure blindfolded and tied up.

"After we're done with you kids, you'll be able to take down overgrown oafs like our big brother here. He used to bully us but we found out how to beat him and make him our bitch. Now, he follows all our orders," Chad told the stunned boys.

"The first step is to get over your fear of the bigger boys. They're made of flesh and blood like you and can feel pain like you. I want you to go up to him and feel his body," Martin began.

The three boys timidly approached Tom. Although he was blindfolded and totally vulnerable, they were still subconsciously afraid of the massive, older teenager. They started by gently poking at his midsection. Tom flinched in surprise but after a while, he calmed down. The boys grew bolder, poking him harder and grabbing at his muscles but he wasn't very bothered.

"See? He feels just like you, doesn't he?" Chad smiled.

"The second thing you should understand that is that you are weaker than your bully and so, you must know how to make your attack count. Since you're weaker, you must know where your bully's weak spots are and you must know how to hit them hard. By concentrating your attack on his weak points, you will be able to beat him and avoid getting your ass kicked," Martin continued.

Chad then took out a wiffle bat and smacked each boy on the head.

"Does that hurt?" he asked.

"No," each boy answered with a laugh.

"I want each of you to use that bat and hit Tom as hard as you can and cause him pain. Imagine he's your bully and you only had one chance to hit him and that you're so weak, your punches are like a wiffle bat," Martin ordered.

Andy was the first. He took a hard swing at Tom's midsection. A loud smack rang out as the bat hit his abdomen but Tom barely flinched. When it came to his turn, Paul hit Tom's barrel-like chest, which also hardly caused any reaction. Brandon tried a different tack and hit Tom's beefy butt and as expected, didn't cause any pain whatsoever.

"If he were your bully, you'd all would be pulverized by now," Martin laughed.

Chad took the bat, went up to the Tom's bulky, naked frame, reached between his legs and gently took hold of his overgrown genitals. Tom let out a whimper, anticipating abuse on his sensitive manhood.

"You see how the big boy gets all nervous when I have his privates in my hand?" Chad smiled.

"A man's dick and balls are sensitive. It can give him lots of pleasure or be the source of lots of pain," Martin chimed in.

"You see how his dick is getting harder and longer?" Chad asked as he let the fat, fleshy orbs roll about in their loose, almost transluscent scrotum. The boys watched Tom's member swell up and reached forward to feel the rigid organ.

"He likes us touching his cock, the sicko. When a man is turned on or gets horny, his dick gets hard like that. That's what you call a boner. Think of this as your biology class as well," Martin lectured with a grin.

"Although his cock is sensitive, it doesn't get hurt that easily. See?" Chad told them as he smacked Tom's erect cock repeatedly with the bat, making it bounce about comically. Tom yelped in surprise but didn't seem to be in much pain. In fact, his cock seemed to swell up even more.

Chad then grabbed hold of Tom's big bobbing balls, trapping them at the base of his long scrotum, and swung the bat hard. A loud meaty thwack rang out as the bat bashed Tom's squishy testicles and Tom immediately let out a howl of agony. Chad beat poor Tom's vulnerable nards three more times for effect, as the hulking teenager screamed and squirmed in anguish. His erection deflated as he desperately tugged against his restraints, trying to protect his injured jizz-tanks.

The boys' eyes grew wide in surprise as they saw how weak the massive, beefy male's gonads were and how much pain a wimpy wiffle bat could inflict on them. "You see, boys? All guys are very vulnerable right here - in the balls!" Chad proudly told them as he grabbed at Tom's aching balls roughly, drawing a loud whimper from the hunk.

"A punch to the face is pretty effective but as you can see, if your bully is much taller than you, it can be difficult. Besides, he will see your punch coming and may avoid it. The balls are conveniently located for any attack you can dish out," Martin told the visibly excited boys.

Chad then let the boys come up to feel Tom's overgrown nards. Each boy looked amazed as they handled the hefty, heavy organs, feeling how squishy they were and how they bobbed around. The horny, husky teenager responded to the ministrations on his genitals with another throbbing erection. As the boys continued to explore his oversized gonads, Tom began to emit little moans of pleasure.

"Why are his balls pulling upwards?" Paul inquired as he gently tugged at them.

"Uh oh. Get back!" Martin warned. It was too late. Tom let out a loud moan as his rigid cock began squirting copious amounts of white goo all over the place, including on Paul. His shirt covered in jizz, Paul yelled in disgust as he jumped back.

"Another biology lesson for you - a man's balls produces sperm, the stuff that makes babies. When he gets excited enough, it shoots out of his cock, and looks kinda like cream, as you can see," Martin explained to the visibly disgusted boys.

"Bad boy!" Chad scolded as he unleashed a kick that flew between Tom's legs and crashed into his big, bobbing balls which were exquisitely sensitive after his orgasm. Tom wailed pitifully, his climax utterly ruined by Chad's savage kick to his tender testicles.

"One of the most effective attacks you can learn is a kick to the nards. A hard kick to the balls is enough to stop any bully dead in his tracks and give you time to escape or, once you're better at fighting, give you the opportunity to beat his ass," Chad explained.

"It's pretty straightforward. You swing your leg forward so that the top of your foot smashes into the testicles. If you kick too far forward, the impact wouldn't be that much since your shin will hit his nuts and he may still be able to attack you. If you're too far away, you may miss. So the key is to be able to judge the distance between your foot and your bully's balls," Martin went on.

With music blaring in his ears, Tom couldn't hear a single thing - unaware of the world of pain that was coming his way. Paul stood in front of his bulky figure, channeled his anger at being jizzed on, took aim and swung his foot between his trunk-like legs, solidly smashing into Tom's low-hanging plums. Tom yowled in pain and tried to bring his legs together to protect his vulnerable, traumatized testicles but his restraints held him in place.
"Right on target!" Chad congratulated the beaming Paul.

Andy excitedly eyed his target, the large fleshy orbs bobbing between Tom's beefy thighs, then quickly launched a kick at the tender organs. His foot smacked into Tom's taint while the bottom part of his shin connected with his gonads. Tom let out a yell but didn't seem to be in as much pain as before. Before he could recover, Andy quickly re-oriented himself and launched another kick. His sneaker-clad foot sailed through the air and this time, connected solidly with their intended target - Tom's rapidly-swelling, aching sperm-makers. A hoarse cry of agony escaped from Tom's mouth, and tears began wetting his blindfold.

"Beautiful kick, Andy!" Martin announced.

Brandon could barely contain himself and ran right up to Tom and kicked but missed. Instead, he kicked Tom's semi-erect, dripping cock, causing it swing up and smack Tom's lower abdomen. Tom wailed in pain, his penis more sensitive right after his orgasm.

"Your aim was off. Tom's cock is sensitive after he came but if you miss like that, your bully could still fight on. Don't lose your focus, aim for his balls!" Chad told him.

Brandon took aim again, and unleashed his kick. His kick was so hard that a loud thwack rang out as his unforgiving foot collided with the hulking male's vulnerable, low-hanging, swollen, nerve-filled testicles. Tom's screamed, his voice many notches higher, as the awful anguish exploded from his groin and his entire beefy frame going limp, barely held up by his restraints.

"Ok, boys, I think our big brother can't take anymore today. Pussy!" Martin laughed as he gently cupped Tom's aching balls which were beginning to swell to the size of, and turn as red as, ripe apples.

"We'll let him rest and recover and we'll let you practice beating his big, useless balls in a week," Chad announced.

"Can we milk him?" Paul asked excitedly.

"What? Sure... why not?" Martin chuckled.

Poor Tom remained helplessly bound as the boys took turns playing with his painfully-erect cock which had turned an angry shade of purple. They mercilessly stroked the sobbing hunk's cock, and made him empty load after load. A small puddle of warm, male milk formed on the ground, mixing with the beefy hunk's sweat and tears. Finally, Tom dry-came, a pathetic little drop of liquid dribbling from his cock. That caused Tom pain he had never felt before, it was as though his aching, busted balls spasmed and tried to pull inside him. He screamed loudly in anguish as he bucked at his restraints.

"Ok, boys. Enough," Martin stopped the torture, feeling a twinge of pity for his big brother as he undid his restraints. Tom collapsed on the ground in the mess he made, making mewling animal noises as he weakly curled up in agony. His brothers and the boys left him there and only after an hour could the traumatized, hefty male begin to slowly crawl out of the basement.


  1. Best story yet... totally worth the wait. I would have liked to see more of the boys' reaction to Tom's dick as they've probably never seen a man's cock before... especially when he jizzed without warning and they don't know what that is... any chance you can add that in?

    1. Thanks :-) I'll add that in the sequel to this story. I was gonna add more but it would be too long. Stay tuned for the 2nd part :-) I'll definitely be expanding on this self-defense class plot.

    2. Looking forward to it!

  2. That would have been a very helpful class when I was a kid... ;)

  3. What if the boys get so curious that they turn against Chad and Martin too??

  4. Hi Darrel,
    I was trying to find how to contact the author of this blog but the most recent active debate section would do. hope you find this message. i wanted to post a few stories on your blog, with your approval of course. i am much t0o busy to create one of my own and you already have a good following. How can i contact you or mail my stories to you for editing.
    I love your blog, i don't know why but CBT is something that just turns me on.
    Also i have a few requests, if you could find and post the scene from Django Unchained, where Jamie foxx is about to loose his balls. And another scene from the Immortals(2011) where a 'traitor' gets his balls hammered. I think when you will see the scene from Immortals the true phylosophy behind ball torturing will present it self.

    1. Hey Nael. You can email me at I'll go hunt to see if any of the videos are available :-)

    2. O and O this scene
      James bond ball torture scene

    3. LOL. The stupid voices are annoying!

  5. What about some post orgasm cock torture? I think the boys would be fascinated to see how sensitive a mans cock gets after he comes. It'd be interesting to see Tom being conscious that he's is being dominated by little kids and seeing the shame on his face as he gets milked by their little hands.

  6. Will this story ever get a part 4??

    1. Yes :-) sorry, I've been super busy. I'll get to writing a story soon :-)

    2. I can't wait!