Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Big Boy Toy - Part 1

by Darrel L.

The new batch of college freshmen had just arrived in the dorm. By tradition, the senior most guys would choose one freshman to "adopt" and by that, meaning, bully him and have him perform all sorts of demeaning and lowly tasks. This would go on for an entire year. The other senior guys so far had been pretty kind to their new underlings and just had them carry simple tasks like buying them beer or pizza. Tony on the other hand, was one of the more sadistic seniors.

Tony was a giant hulking tower of muscle - he was 6'7" tall and weighed almost 350 pounds. He was a bodybuilding fanatic and although he used to play football, he became so muscular and heavy that he had to stop playing. That was ok with him as he could then focus on adding even more muscle to his already massive frame. He had piercing blue eyes, short blond hair and actually pretty handsome. His massive chest was about 60 inches in circumference and his biceps 24 inches. He had a rather thick waist and the muscle was somewhat blurred by some fat and his legs were massive tree trunk-like structures. Although he was fairly cute, Tony could hardly get laid because all the girls were freaked out by his hulking size. It had been almost two weeks since Tony emptied his load and he was getting more restless from the sexual frustration.

No one really dared mess with this juggernaut on campus and he took sadistic pleasure in tormenting smaller, more helpless, guys. This time, however, he was excited as he would have his own personal whipping boy or "boy toy" as he would call whoever the unfortunate victim was. As Tony was busy at the gym for almost the entire day, almost all the new freshmen had been "adopted", much to Tony's disgust. However, there was one freshman who had arrived late and was, as luck would have it, Tony's new room-mate.

Brad was 5'6", black-haired with big sad brown eyes, the face of an angel and a swimmer's build. Unbeknownst to Tony, Brad was quite a sadistic son-of-a-bitch himself and was often getting into fights back in high school. Brad, due to his smaller frame and angelic face, had always attracted the attention of bullies. As the bullies would learn, much to their pain and manhood, Brad was one tough asshole who would not hesitate to teach them a thing or two.

Brad had unpacked and was just lying on his bed, reading. Tony had just finished showering and strode into the room, a small towel wrapped around his waist, his beefy muscles on display. The skimpy towel did little to hide his ample manhood. Tony probably had the biggest balls around, and he was fucking proud of them; he would use very opportunity he had to get naked and show off his oversized pair of nads. They were the size of extra large chicken eggs and were barely contained in his smooth, pink, pendulous scrotum which hung about 7 inches down. His cock, however, was not very impressive at all, much to his chagrin. He had a rather small penis in comparison to his massive meatballs. When soft, it was an unimpressive 3 inches long and when erect, only about 5 inches long.

Tony's big low-hanging balls but small cock

"Hey," Tony called out.

"Hey," Brad muttered in return.

"I'm Tony"


"Since no other senior has adopted you, I guess you're my boy toy," Tony smirked.

"Forget it," Brad replied.

"You've got no fucking choice, I'm afraid," Tony went on.

Brad was silent.

"And since you're my boy toy for this whole year, I suggest you learn how to be more respectful. Your first job, boy toy, is to go clean my gym shoes," Tony ordered, pointing to a pair of old, filthy Nikes.

"I tell you what, Tony. Let's make this fair. I want you to fight me. If I lose, I become your boy toy for the year. If you lose, you become my boy toy for the year. How's that?" Brad stood up, his figure dwarfed by the almost nude frame of his would-be bully.

"Forget it! You're my boy toy regardless," Tony laughed.

"I think you're too pussy and afraid that a little freshman like me would kick your big senior ass," Brad taunted.

Tony grew angry but amused at this challenge. "Fine. The loser becomes the winner's boy toy."

"No holds barred. First to cum or submit is the loser," Brad announced.

"Done, fucking fag," Tony replied.

The two cleared the living room of furniture. Tony still was in his little towel. Brad wore a tank top and running shorts.

"You're so gonna regret this, boy," Tony remarked.

"Your big ass is gonna get kicked, musclehead," Brad answered.

Tony laughed loudly, "Ooh, I'm so afraid you'll kick my ass" and then yanked off his towel, turned around started laughing as he wiggled his beefy ass at Brad. Tony was bent at the waist, his hands on his knees, his legs spread nicely apart. As he continued making silly comments and wiggling his muscled butt from side to side like a dumb kid, Brad was focused on the fat pair of testicles swinging about in their long, loose pink ballsac like low-hanging fruit on a tree branch. Brad moved fast.

Tony's oversized dangling balls swinging between his legs

Tony barely saw it coming. While in the middle of singing his taunts, he felt a rush of air around his dangling gonads and a pair of hands smack into them. The initial impact didn't really hurt very much but as Tony began to realize what was happening, ten strong fingers then wrapped themselves around his once proud, oversized balls. Brad's began to crush Tony's ample sperm-filled testicles - each hand firmly grasped a squishy, meaty gonad. As his powerful fingers dug into the soft testicular tissue, a sickening wave of nausea erupted from Tony's now-aching balls and hit him in the gut. Tony's mouth hung open and a guttural groan of anguish announced the hunk's pain. Tony tried to squeeze his muscular thighs together to protect his aching testicles but it was too late. Brad had yanked them backwards and due to their long, low-hanging sac, he was able to stretch them beyond Tony's massive legs. Brad maintained his vise-like grip on poor Tony's hurting fat balls while Tony was bent over, knees buckled, whimpering pathetically with his hands clawing at his thighs and ass, trying in vain to clutch at his twin generators of pain. Tony's efforts were futile. His nuts once hung low and proud but now, because they were so pendulous, Brad was able to tug on them like a leash and control the hulking male.

"Start walking forward," Brad ordered.

Tony hesitated and an extra hard squeeze of Tony's meaty right testicle made him yelp and immediately comply. Tony hobbled forward painfully, still bent at the waist with his knees buckled. His hands were now over his lower abdomen, trying pitifully to relieve the gut-wrenching agony radiating from his traumatized orbs. When he reached the wall, Brad commanded the would-be bully to stand straight. Tony reluctantly complied and Brad pushed him flush against the wall. Tony's ballsac was so loose and long that although he was standing upright against the wall, Brad was still able to pull his overgrown cum-laden balls from between his beefy buttcheeks. Tony groaned and protested weakly in pain as Brad now ramped up his anguish by yanking hard on his dangling nads. He tugged them backwards and upwards so that his pendulous scrotum was stretched like a taut towel. Brad then used Tony's scrotum to floss the beefy bully's ass-crack. Brad then spotted Tony's old, sweaty black thong lying on the floor next to him.

"You like wearing a thong huh, you overgrown musclehead faggot?" Brad taunted.
Tony cursed and sobbed in pain.

"You like feeling some fucking piece of string flossing your ass, huh?" Brad continued. He then yanked hard on the injured bully's taut ballsac, flossing the hunk's ass-crack harder and stretching his ball-cords to the max. Tony cried out in pain and began bawling like a baby in response to the sadistic torment inflicted on his sensitive, cum-filled gonads.

"Shut the fuck up, you stupid oaf," Brad barked and quickly grabbed Tony's sweaty thong and stuffed it into the hunk's mouth. Tony gagged and tried to pull it out of his mouth.

"You pull it out and I'll make sure I pop one of these puppies," Brad threatened as he crushed both Tony's swelling testicles with cruel force. Tony's pitiful scream was muffled by his thong and he stopped trying to pull the smelly thong out of his mouth.

Brad then released Tony's right testicle while maintaining his death grip on the left one. He then grabbed Tony's now-reddening scrotum just above the balls and continued tugging on them and flossing the beefy male's ass.

"Look at yourself, you dumb fat oaf! Look," Brad ordered as he pointed to a mirror. Tony turned and was shattered to see himself in such a humiliating situation. Here was this huge, muscled hulk of a man with a smelly black thong stuffed in his mouth, helplessly forced against a wall by a much smaller guy who literally had him by the balls. He looked pathetically at his once-proud pair of dangling testicles in their long pendulous sac, now swollen, red and being used to floss his beefy butt. He was totally helpless now. He could not even bend over to relieve the sickening anguish rising from the pit of his stomach. He whimpered pitifully as Brad yanked on his injured gonads harder.

Brad decided to further humiliate the beefy giant who was planning to be his bully. With his right hand he maintained his grip around Tony's taut ballsac and continued using it as a leash to control the groaning hunk. He then used his other hand to start spanking Tony's firm, muscled ass. Tony yelped like an injured puppy as Brad flossed his ass with his own scrotum and spanked him at the same time. Tears of humiliation and pain streamed down his handsome face as Brad administered the punishment. For some reason which alarmed Tony, he started to sport wood. Tony felt even more humiliated as his cock swelled up to full mast despite the pain inflicted on him. Tony's throbbing erection did not go unnoticed.

"Oh, looks like someone likes getting his balls busted and his fat butt spanked!" Brad remarked.

"For such a big set of nuts, you've got a small cock, haven't you, big boy? I guess it's true what they say about bodybuilders, big muscles but small dicks!" he continued. Tony hung his head in humiliation and shame.

Bored of spanking the wounded hunk's now bright red ass, the ever cruel Brad kept Tony in his vulnerable position. Instead of spanking his butt, Brad started to gently slap Tony's trapped testicles. It would not have usually hurt very much, but Tony's swollen injured gonads were now exquisitely tender. Tony sobbed like a schoolboy as Brad continued to smack his trapped nads and began to increase the rate. Although in horrible anguish, Tony's cock stayed hard and started to leak precum. As Brad continued smacking those large, aching balls, Tony's sobs of pain started to change to what sounded like moans of pleasure. Tony's hips began to move involuntarily and Brad smiled cruelly as he knew what was coming (no pun intended). Soon, groans of pain and pleasure erupted from the broken hunk as his battered balls released a load of cum. Tony's cock throbbed and spasmed as it pumped out his male juice.

Tony was bewildered and confused with his brain swimming in pain, pleasure and shame.

"What the fuck... oh fuck... oh no..." Tony whispered as he began to realize what happened. Tears of shame stained the hunk's handsome face.

"I knew you'd like it, big boy. I knew you'd like getting your nuts beaten," Brad smirked.

Tony was dumbfounded and still too dizzy with pain and pleasure to offer any resistance. Brad continued slapping the hunk's reddening and swollen plums. Tony's cock remained hard and proud. Tony's battered balls were now quite swollen and felt more squishy than before. Brad continued gently smacking the moaning and delirious hunk's ample manhood and although Tony was in considerable pain, for some inexplicable reason, he was incredibly turned on and was subconsciously enjoying the nut torment in some dark way. In no time, the bullied hunk's hips began thrusting gently despite Brad's iron-grip on his traumatized testicles and soon his throbbing dick began squirting his male essence like a kid's water pistol again.

"Fuck, you must have a gallon of jizz inside these puppies!" Brad remarked, looking at the puddles of cum on the floor.

Tony was sobbing in both pain and humiliation now. He begged to for Brad to release his aching, swollen balls.

"Not just yet, big boy," Brad answered.

Brad then tugged downwards on Tony's reddening plums, making the traumatized beefcake yelp in protest. Tony was forced to his knees and was soon on the ground on his face, his muscular ass in the air and his large balls very vulnerably nestled between his massive thighs with Brad's hand wrapped firmly around their smooth scrotum.

Brad himself was incredibly aroused after tormenting and humiliating the hulking college senior. He yanked his pants down, and his 8 inch boner sprang out. Brad's balls were average and definitely no where as ample as Tony's oversized lemons but Brad's cock was thicker and longer than Tony's. With one hand Brad tugged on the vulnerable hunk's trapped testicles back between his buttcheeks and with the other Brad started using his rock hard boner to smack Tony's very sensitive and swollen gonads. Although these blows would usually be trivial and insignificant, Tony's traumatized meatballs were now so tender that he cried and yelped in pain every time Brad hit his abused nads with his fat cock. Brad then grabbed Tony's big loose ballsac and wrapped it around his leaking cock. Tony's sobs of pain grew more intense as Brad then began using Tony's testicles and scrotum as some strange masturbatory toy. Tony's already blazing balls were squished between Brad's hand and his wood-hard cock and aching like a motherfucker. As Tony's sobs and whimpers grew more intense, Brad thrust his head back as his loins erupted in orgasmic pleasure. The once arrogant muscled jock cried in utter humiliation as he felt Brad's hot jizz squirt all over his bruised and abused testicles.

Brad then got up, his groin tingling with pleasure and he marveled at how he had so defeated and broken his would-be bully, who was easily three times his size, just by controlling his weak testicles. He looked disdainfully at the broken hunk that knelt before him, sobbing with his ass still stuck up in the air and with his big sorry and now broken balls dangling invitingly between his muscular legs. The sadistic freshman swung his foot back and crashed it into Tony's low-hanging, swollen plums. As a sickening thud resonated through the apartment, Tony howled in gut-wrenching anguish as he collapsed on the ground, curled up into a fetal position, crying pathetically while clutching his shattered manhood.

"When you get up, my big boy toy, I want you to clear up that mess you made and make me fucking dinner," Brad ordered his newly "adopted" senior.


  1. Finally got around to reading this story and I just wanted to say, awesome job. The pictures of Tony were a nice touch. Thanks!

  2. Thank You Darrel! Another great story... and I hope just the beginning of the would-be bully's suffering and humiliation at the hands of his much smaller dominator. I'm hoping Brad puts the massively muscled Tony into the lowest position on the totem pole, below all the other lowly freshmen as well, vulnerable and exposed before anyone on campus who wishes to make use of those massive balls to keep him in his place.

  3. Hot fucking story! Had me rock hard and oozing precum all the way through! Nice!

  4. Nice! I hope to have a follow-up soon.

  5. SUPER HOT STORY!!...I LOVE all your scenarios where the huge muscle hunk gets destroyed by the smaller punk heel.....I guess that's because I'm 6'4", 200+ and love nothing more than gettin' totally dominated by a smaller stud.....Thanks!!!

  6. That's what turns me on too :-)

  7. Love this soooo much!
    Super hot that thing with brad using Tony's balls as a "Masturbation Toy"!!!!
    :-P €===3
    Can you see it? A Cock!