Saturday, March 17, 2018

No Longer Alpha Male

If you'd met Brock, it was very likely that you would instantly dislike him. He was one of those loud, obnoxious guys who thought he was the shit and wanted to everyone to think of him as the baddest, strongest, toughest motherfucker. Brock just could not stop himself from talking smack, showing off, and reminding everyone else why he thought he was better than them.

Despite being such a dick, no one really dared confront Brock about his cockiness and overbearing attitude. The college senior was a hulking 6'7", 380 pound gym rat, built like an off-season bodybuilder, and was clearly quite intimidating. He spent most of his time in the gym, and that was where his attitude was most unbearable. He grunted, roared, flexed and posed in front of the mirrors, and lifted and dropped heavy weights loudly. Most annoying of all was how he would flex and start admiring himself out loud. He was particularly proud of the size of his balls - each as big as an extra-large chicken egg, dangling half way between his groin and knees - and would wear the thinnest pair of grey cut-off sweats without any underwear, leaving little to the imagination to show off what he considered to be the symbol of his superior masculinity. Big balls produce lots of sperm and testosterone, which made a superior male specimen, he would tell himself, and since he was the biggest man and had the largest pair of nards on campus, he was the superior, alpha male. Needless to say, he was extremely unpopular in the college gym but to him, all the "haters" were just jealous of his magnificent physique and bull-sized manhood.

It was a day that Brock and most guys at his college would never forget. He was in the gym during peak hours showing off as usual, dead-lifting 350 lbs, roaring loudly with each rep, and dropping the barbell with a jarring clang. A new batch of freshmen were working out, and Brock wanted them to see who the alpha male on campus was. He wore one of those tanks with over-sized arm holes designed to show off his physique as much as possible, and his usual skimpy grey cut-off sweats that barely concealed his oversized gonads. As he smiled cockily at his own reflection in the mirror, he noticed a 5'7", 150 lb figure about 20 feet away dead-lifting as well.

Seth was a freshman and a competitive power lifter. His diminutive figure belied his immense strength, and he could lift far more than men twice his size. He was aware of Brock from all the noise the big oaf was making but was more focused on his form and strength. Seth gradually piled on the weight and eventually was dead-lifting 350 lbs, as much as the bulky bodybuilder who was now eyeing him with disbelief and envy. Brock began to feel that his manhood was being challenged by the smaller freshman and he had to defend his position as top dog and alpha male.

"Hey, dude. Let's see who can dead-lift more!" Brock said as he approached Seth, his towering husky frame moving in uncomfortably close to Seth's in an attempt to intimidate his perceived challenger.

"Uh, I'm not looking to compete today, bro. I'm just here to train," Seth replied, disinterested in the overgrown senior's antics.

"Aw, come on! It'll be fun, bro. Let's show these wimps how much stronger we are compared to them," Brock announced loudly. By now, a group of curious on-lookers had started to gather.

"Yeah, Seth! Show him how much you can lift!" his friend shouted.

A chorus of encouraging voices and claps ensued, rooting for Seth to put the loudmouthed bodybuilder in his place.

"Ok, fine," Seth replied, slightly embarrassed by the attention, and wanting to shut the obnoxious musclehead up. A much larger audience began to gather to watch their competition.

Brock slapped on 400 lbs to a barbell, grunted loudly, and slapped his expansive chest before bending over and lifting it with a loud roar. He dropped it and lifted his brawny arms in victory.

Seth smiled as he walked up to the bar, took a deep breath, and gave a soft grunt as he easily dead lifted 400 lbs, much to Brock's annoyance and jealousy.

Brock increased the weight to 450 lbs, slapped both pecs this time, and roared loudly as he lifted the 450 lbs, clearly struggling but still managing to do so.

Seth again, smiled serenely as he inhaled deeply, grunted once, and hoisted the bar off the ground.

Brock stared on in disbelief and building fury at the deceptively strong freshman, and added another 50 lbs to the barbell. He took a few deep breaths, grunted many times as he grabbed the bar. He strained hard, his face turning crimson, the veins in his neck and forehead engorged, as he tried to lift 500 lbs. The bar left the platform by about 5 inches but Brock screamed as he was forced to drop the bar. 500 lbs was too much for the cocky behemoth, and he turned away in disgust and anger.

"I don't think you'll be able to lift it either, dude. Let's just call it a draw," Brock offered, trying to save face and protect his pride as much as he could.

"Oh, I think I'll give it a shot," Seth answered, beginning to enjoy the competition. He closed his eyes, bent over, and without breaking much of a sweat, lifted the loaded bar.

The gathered crowd began to clap and some hissed and booed at the brooding, envious bodybuilder staring murderously at the Seth.

"Let me try again," Brock announced, hoping to redeem his pride. He huffed and puffed, mumbled some words of motivation to himself, and screamed loudly as he tried to dead lift the 500 lbs. This time, the bar barely moved off the ground. Brock growled in frustration as he walked away from the platform.

Seth chuckled as he added 50 lbs to the barbell, and to the utter amazement of everyone, dead-lifted 550 lbs with ease. Brock burning with envy and frustration, and feeling that his status as alpha male was under threat, pointed at Seth and said menacingly, "You and me, one on one, in that ring" as he gestured towards the octagon in the corner of the gym.

"Whoa, whoa, guys! Hold on. If you fight each other here, you'd get expelled. I have a better idea, why don't you two come to our frat house tonight? We have our own ring in the basement, and no one in administration will know. It'll just be us guys watching both of you fight." A tall blond jock with a bright smile strode between the Brock and Seth.

"No holds barred. First to submit or get KO'd loses. Loser gets fucked," he continued.

Brock took a step back. "Fuck yeah. No holds barred. I'll be there!"

That evening, Brock and Seth squared off in the basement ring, surrounded by the frat brothers. They were told that they had to fight naked and both complied. Seth's eyes wandered from Brock's massively muscled arms, shoulders, and chest to his beefy gut, and then settled on the prize nestled between his trunk-like thighs - a pair of low-hanging overgrown testicles that bobbed about with every step the strutting bodybuilder took. An evil grin formed as he eyed his target, intending to focus his attack on those big bouncing balls.

"Get a good look, you little-dicked fag! I'm gonna fuck you hard with this big cock and empty these fat balls into you. I've not jacked off in three days and let me tell you, I've got a huge load to pump into your tight little ass," Brock spat and grabbed his ample genitals, as he noticed Seth's gaze.

The tall blond jock was supposed to referee the match but Brock waved his brawny arm at him, "We don't need a referee. No holds barred remember?"

"You sure you don't want a referee, big boy? You may need him to protect you from me," Seth teased.

"Fuck you!" Brock spat, his anger rising again.

"I'm only gonna hit you once, big guy. Only once. But I'll take you down for sure," Seth continued needling the hotheaded bodybuilder.

"Shut the fuck up and fight! I can't wait to tear your ass up with my big cock," Brock roared back, clenching his fists, and flexing his pecs and shoulders to try to intimidate the smaller male.

The two men squared off in the middle of the ring, Brock's massive frame dwarfing Seth's comparatively tiny figure. With a growl, Brock launched himself at Seth, swinging ferocious uncoordinated punches in all directions, his pendulous oversized gonads flopping and schlepping about wildly with every move. Seth easily avoided all the clumsy blows, and danced back, allowing the angry bull to advance and expend precious energy throwing useless punches. Brock clearly did not know how to fight properly, and continued to waste his strength and energy with his ferocious but blind blows.

About 5 minutes into the fight, Brock failed to land a single blow and grew fatigued and more frustrated. Seth smiled as he saw the hefty bodybuilder's movements slow down and his face grow redder and redder. As Brock threw a punch towards his head, Seth launched his counterattack. He ducked and swung a powerful punch of his own towards the behemoth's bobbing balls. As Brock's massive momentum propelled his dangling testicles forwards, Seth's unyielding, forceful fist locked on to and flew towards those large, fat meatballs. Brock's punch died in mid-air and he stopped cold in his tracks as Seth's punch slammed into his delicate dangling balls and sent them flying backwards to smack into his thick butt with a meaty thwack.

The shocked bodybuilder's jaw fell slack, and before he could react to Seth's lightning attack, the smaller male dove between his humongous legs and seized hold of Brock's bobbing ballsac as he swung himself behind the stunned behemoth using the pendulous scrotum like a rope. As the searing agony exploded from his brutalized balls, Brock's thighs snapped together as he doubled over but it was too late. Seth literally had the hulking man by the balls now. Brock was too consumed by the searing pain in his male parts to realize his predicament. The audience gasped at how rapidly Seth had turned the tables on his much bigger opponent.

Brock slowly sank to the ground from the nauseating pain in his gut but Seth tightened his grip on the confused bodybuilder's stretchy, fuzzy ballsac and tugged upwards and backwards to ensure the groaning hulk remained on his feet. As he gradually realized that Seth was grabbing his bulging balls from behind, Brock tried to free his manhood by swatting his brawny arms behind him but this feeble attempt was in vain. His scrotum was so loose and stretchy that it provided Seth a comfortably long leash out of reach of Brock's flailing arms. Seth yanked harder on Brock's fragile aching orbs, stretching his ball cords to their limit until he was literally flossing the bulky bodybuilder's ass-crack with his own hairy, pendulous scrotum and drawing high-pitched yelps from him.

"He likes his balls tickling his ass, guys," some one yelled out from the small crowd, drawing derisive laughter as Seth tugged Brock's ballsac so far back his balls were touching the small in his lower back. Brock began squealing in tortured agony but tried to remain on his feet, afraid that Seth would rip his manhood off if he dropped to the ground.

Seth sadistically continued to yank on the miserable musclehead's bull-sized testicles, sending jolts of blazing pain through his entire being, as he comically made the burly bodybuilder stagger backwards by using his once-proud, low-hanging nards as a leash. The crowd went wild as Seth led the doubled-over, beefy male round the ring by his ponderous balls. The source of Brock's male pride was now the source of the worst pain he had ever felt in his life. As Seth made the towed his tormented captive around by his overgrown low-hanging testicles, the frat brothers dutifully gathered by the ring side to rain down slaps and punches on the helpless, cocky bodybuilder's bloated bulging balls. Brock screamed pathetically as innumerable blows smashed into his already badly-aching testicles and eventually, the pain was so unbearable that his leg muscles gave out and he stumbled, taking Seth with him.

As Seth tumbled to the ground with his prisoner, he was careful not to lose his grip on the sobbing man's traumatized testicles. The relief of being able to curl up in the fetal position was very short-lived for Brock. Seth immediately seized both of his bruised and battered balls, one in each hand, and began crushing the oversized orbs. The pain of having his heavy, hefty manhood crushed by a power lifter's iron grip was much worse than having his gonads pulled from behind. Brock reacted to the agonizing pain in his boy parts by curling up into a ball but this only gave Seth, who was kneeling behind the traumatized giant, more access to the bruised and battered organs. With one testicle firmly grasped in each hand, Seth squeezed hard, his vise-like fingers digging into the soft, squishy, sensitive flesh of Brock's manhood. Brock sobbed and howled in utter anguish but Seth continued to cruelly apply inhumane pressure on the bodybuilder's rapidly-swelling spunk-makers. Meaty bubbles of Brock's pulpy, oversized testicles protruded through the gaps between Seth's powerful fingers, the veins under the fragile pink skin of his ballsac engorged and swollen resembling dark green worms. The colossal bodybuilder's face was frozen in a mask of pure anguish as tears streamed down his face, and strangled mewling noises escaped from his lips as the nauseating agony burned his brain. Seth maintained his death grip on the big male's bruised and bloated balls for what seemed an eternity, sadistically enjoying the once-arrogant bully's humiliation and torment. Finally, through the fog of agony, Brock realized that the only way to stop his torture and save his manhood was to submit.

"I give... I give... oh fuck, please... I give... I fucking give," he whined in a high-pitched voice.

"What? I can't hear you," Seth taunted him, as he gave the burly male's aching testicles an extra hard squeeze.

"I FUCKING GIVE!" Brock screamed in anguish before breaking down and mumbling incoherently as sobs wracked his huge muscular body.

Seth released Brock's traumatized testicles, and stood back to admire how the damaged organs had swollen to the size of lemons and were a purplish crimson color. Brock was weakened by the pain pulsating from his broken manhood but managed to muster enough strength to get on all fours with one hand gingerly cradling his shattered gonads. He remained there, face on the ground, his wide, beefy muscle butt in the air, as he gently rocked back and forth to try to alleviate the waves of awful pain radiating from his abused genitals.

"Loser gets fucked," the tall blond jock reminded the defeated bodybuilder, as he grabbed Brock's ample butt.

Alarmed, Brock looked up and saw six naked jocks, including the tall blond one, surrounding him, each sporting huge erections, ranging from 9 to 12 inches.

"What? No... please..." the terrified bodybuilder whimpered.

"A deal is a deal, bro. You agreed that the loser would get fucked," a tan, dark-haired jock answered as he slowly stroked his massive 11-inch monster.

"Just him, please..." Brock begged, gesturing towards Seth, trying to negotiate to protect what remained of his pride.

"Oh, he'll be the first since he beat your fat sorry ass, or should I say, big sorry balls," another jock answered.

"Yeah, he only had to hit you once to take you down, just like he said he would," one chimed.

"So proud of your big fucking balls and always showing them off at the gym, but who knew they were such weak pathetic lumps of meat. One little smack and you're crying like a little pussy," another mocked, grabbing his own foot-long boner.

"After Seth's done with your thick tight ass, our frat leaders will have some fun with it," the tall blond one told Brock, his throbbing beet bottle-sized cock sticking out in front of him.

Panic-stricken, the beefy male began scrambling towards the exit on all fours, trying to stand upright but his leg muscles were rubbery and weak from the sickening pain in his gonads and the pit of his gut. The tan jock lunged at the escaping bodybuilder from behind, seizing hold of the distended balls swinging invitingly between his butt cheeks.

Brock squealed pitifully as the tan jock cruelly wrenched his tenderized testicles and dragged him across the room using his elongated ballsac towards a Smith machine in a corner. Threatening to destroy what remained of the sobbing bodybuilder's manhood, the jocks ordered him to lie on the bench with his huge legs hooked around the bar. Locking the bar in place, the jocks proceeded to tie the bodybuilder's arms and legs so that the hulking male was lying on his back with his legs in the air and arms tied above his head.

Seth strolled up and looked into the tear-stained face of the petrified bodybuilder, stroked his pulsating cock which had swelled up to a very impressive 11 inches. He slipped on a condom, and rubbed some lube on Brock's vulnerable virgin hole causing the hefty male to whimper in fear. He gasped in shock and pain as Seth slipped his massive dong into his ass.

"Fuck, his virgin ass is so tight," Seth admired as he began thrusting.

Despite the initial pain and shock, as Seth's cock hit his prostate repeatedly, Brock's cock sprang into life.

"His tiny dick's enjoying the fun," someone laughed, pointing at the 6 inch cock which looked pitifully small compared to his massive frame and overgrown testicles, and of course, in comparison to the well-endowed jocks surrounding him.

After a few minutes, Seth pulled his cock out, yanked off the condom, and ejaculated all over Brock's swollen balls. He panted in satisfaction after emptying his entire load, and as the final drops of jizz dripped from his cock, he lifted his member and brought it down hard on Brock's vulnerable testicles, causing him to groan in pain.

"I wanted to last longer but fuck, he's so tight he made me cum," Seth said with a chuckle.

Seth smacked Brock's plump balls a few more times to clean off his dick and to give the bodybuilder a final reminder of his superior masculinity and manhood. Spent, he sat among the frat brothers, who were patting him on the back to congratulate the freshman on his victory.

The other six jocks circled their whimpering victim. They took turns pounding the moaning bodybuilder's fat, muscled ass and shoving their cocks down his waiting throat. The more sadistic of the jocks grabbed Brock's bruised and beaten balls and pulled upwards like a lever, while pounding his thick ass. One after another, each jock sprayed their hot, gooey loads over the beefy bull's body and face until only the tall blond jock remained, controlling his desire to cum so that he could finish off the once-cocky male.

"I want you to know that you are now the officially the muscle bitch of our frat, fat boy. You belong to us now. We will fuck you and bust your big worthless balls any time we want to. You were never, and will never be the alpha male. You were made to be used and abused by the alpha males, like us," he told the bodybuilder, who in a haze of pain, lust and humiliation, barely understood what he was being told.

As he pounded the softly moaning bull male's ass, the jock lifted his fist in the air and brought it down hard on the stunned male's swollen, puffy testicles. He continued to both pound Brock's ass and his bruised and bloated gonads, the sound of his hips and his own swinging balls slapping into Brock's big ass synchronized with the sickening meaty thwacks of his fist colliding with the squishy, doughy, nerve-filled orbs of damaged testicular flesh. The blond jock could no longer hold himself back and moaned in ecstasy as he thrust his cock as deep as he could into Brock's beefy butt and filled it with his warm load. At the same time, he involuntarily brought down a particularly savage blow on Brock's grotesquely-swollen and shattered testicles. The agony and pleasure was too much for the abused bodybuilder. Brock let out a guttural groan as his diminutive dick squirted out globs of greyish goo and his eyes rolled back in his head. The bulky bodybuilder finally had too much, and passed out from the nauseating pain and pleasure of ejaculation. A steady stream of spunk continued to flow from his deflating cock, forming a large pool on his abdomen, even though he was out cold.