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New Site

Since those idiots at Tumblr decided to delete all "porno" and kill it, I moved over to a new site:

I will move all the hot ballbusting pics and vids over there.

Friday, November 16, 2018

No Nut November

Chase was the splitting image of Rob Gronkowski. It was uncanny. He was a muscular 6'6", 250 lbs, and had the same handsome goofy looks as the football tight-end. People often mistook him for Gronk, and Chase played up the image as much as possible, even going so far as to get the same hair cut and imitating the same mannerisms. He often boasted about how many girls he managed to seduce by pretending that he was Gronk.

As a joke, he decided to make a deal with his pals to observe No Nut November. The friends agreed that they would not jerk off or have sex for the entire month. Chase had a volcano libido, and if he didn't manage to hook up to get his rocks off, the oversexed jock had to jack off twice a day. He was proud of his turbo-charged libido and impressive manhood. He told all who knew him that he was so horny all the time because his fat balls produced too much spunk and testosterone. The exhibitionist wasn't shy about showing off his ample package, and would free-ball, wear really skimpy shorts, or even go nude whenever he had the chance to show off his low-hanging, chicken egg-sized testicles and thick cock.

Only two weeks into the month, Chase regretted his decision to agree to No Nut November. His oversized testicles were brimming with cum, and felt larger and firmer than usual. He was half-mad with lust and badly wanted to empty his sac but his friends reminded him about the deal, and Chase reluctantly agreed to continue denying his desires, channeling his energy into partying instead. Maybe beer could help control the maddening need to cum.

One drunken Friday night, he staggered into his room-mate's bed completely shit-faced at about 4 am. Devin was startled awake as his loud naked room-mate crawled into bed next to him. Devin was the complete opposite of Chase - he was 5'4", skinny, shy and a bit nerdy but had an adorable, cherubic face. He had a crush on his handsome room-mate, and Chase's exhibitionist tendencies only inflamed Devin's lust. He had a slightly sadistic streak, and always harbored a secret desire to bust the hunk's big bulging balls but held back to avoid any awkwardness between the two of them. Chase snored as he lay still, his legs spread invitingly. Devin stared longingly at his muscular body, his eyes slowly drifting towards the beefcake's overgrown genitals. He shook him to awaken him but the big jock was so intoxicated that he continued to slumber. Sure that Chase was so drunk he wouldn't remember a thing, Devin's hands began exploring his lean, muscled frame.

Chase snored softly, oblivious to what was going on. Devin's hand moved towards Chase's limp cock and as he gently stroked the fat pink sausage, it swelled into an impressive 9 inch, throbbing boner. Little moans began punctuating Chase's snoring as Devin manipulated his hard cock. A little stream of precum began leaking from the tip and Devin stopped stroking it, not wanting to make Chase cum... yet.

Devin cupped Chase's big bobbing balls, admiring the heft and size of the organs that he had been fantasizing about for so long. They were impressively heavy, firm, and were just slightly bigger than extra-large chicken eggs, contained in long, pink, fuzzy, delicate scrotum. Chase's breathing grew heavier from the pleasure of Devin's soft hands playing with his sensitive manhood. Devin rolled the enormous meaty organs in his hands, mesmerized at how they ascended and descended with every breath the drunk male took.

Devin's own dick was as hard as a rock now. A dark lust came over him as he began squeezing the fat, cum-laden testicles. With one large delicate meatball firmly locked in each hand, Devin began applying pressure, slowly at first and then ramping up the force of his grip. The little moans of pleasure Chase made stopped and as Devin continued crushing his fragile gonads, he began emitting groans of pain and discomfort. He had had so much alcohol that he was still unconscious. His muscled body twitched as he groaned incoherently from the sickening pain generated from his abused testicles. Devin grew hornier as he squeezed his dream guy's plump balls, feeling the squishy flesh compressing between his fingers.

After about 10 minutes, Devin grabbed both bulging balls in his hands and pressed them together,  trying to see which testicle would be the stronger, firmer one. Chase's unconscious face contorted into a mask of agony as his frail balls compressed into oblong shapes against each other. His tormentor smiled as he continued to squish the bulging organs together harder and harder, until the little green veins that snaked under the translucent skin of his scrotum became engorged and resembled fat worms.

"Fuck.... my balls.... my fucking big balls... " Chase whimpered, the awful pain from his battered balls cutting through the haze of drunkenness. Devin withdrew his hands, and quickly slipped under his bed, as the jock began to stir.

"Hurts so fucking bad..." he mumbled as he groggily woke up and clutched his aching balls as he hunched over with his legs off the edge of the bed. Devin remained silent under the bed, afraid of being discovered.

Chase sat on the edge of the bed, still very groggy and muttering to himself incoherently. He began stretching his arms and yawning, forgetting about his traumatized testicles which were now dangling vulnerably off the edge of bed in full view of the very horny Devin. The dark sadistic lust came over him again as he watched the fat, fleshy organs swinging back and forth like a pendulum. Devin cocked his fist back and fired it at Chase's droopy balls. Loud meaty thwacks rang out as his knuckles smashed into the soft, fragile organs.... once.... twice... thrice.

"Urkkkkkk...." came the guttural groan of anguish as Chase slumped off the edge of the bed, clutching his shattered manhood.

He was on his face, his tight bubble butt in the air with his hands cupping his damaged genitals, making animal-like noises. Still hiding under the bed, Devin now had a beautiful view of Chase's pink, furry ass hole and his swollen bull balls, and was so turned on, he felt his briefs soaking in precum.

Chase moved his hand to his lower abdomen where the nauseating agony from his bruised balls seemed to burn and rocked his hips from side to side in an attempt to relieve the pain. This only made his low-hanging testicles schlosh from side to side. Devin was mad with desire and could no longer contain himself. He reached out and grabbed Chase's pendulous scrotum, trapping the bloated organs at the base.

"My balls... my balls..." Chase whined drunkenly as Devin tugged on his delicate manhood. The big jock was so intoxicated that he only knew that his manhood was in awful pain but couldn't do much to protect it.

Chase's whines turned into high-pitched squeals as Devin began punching the trapped orbs. Sickening smacks pierced the quietness of night as Devin's small but unforgiving fist collided with the nerve-filled, cum-laden fleshy organs. Chase's ripped, muscular body eventually went limp from the agonizing pain, and he slumped face down on the floor, drooling and making little mewling noises.

Devin emerged from under the bed, feeling slightly guilty at inflicting so much pain and damage on his crush's once-proud manhood. He dragged the half-conscious jock back to his own bed, and lay him on his back with his legs spread wide.

"Fuck..." Devin whispered, gently inspecting Chase's traumatized testicles, which were now as big and red as ripe apples. Feeling incredibly horny, Devin decided to give his drunk room-mate a little gift as an apology for abusing his manhood. He gently sucked on Chase's limp cock, and as his tongue worked its sensitive head, the fat pink sausage swelled up proudly. Devin continued to hungrily suck on Chase's large member while he tenderly stroked the underside of his distended, inflamed testicles.

Within a few seconds, the unconscious hunk let out a deep groan as his hips began to buck uncontrollably. Devin pulled back just in time. A stream of greyish goo squirted out of Chase's hard cock all over his abs, pubes, thighs, and bed. Two weeks worth of backed-up spunk sprayed out like a geyser. Still unconscious, Chase's face was the picture of ecstasy and sweet release. Devin dropped his briefs, which had a large wet patch in front, and stroked his own impressive boner. In no time, it was his turn to groan in orgasmic pleasure as he ejaculated over Chase's bloated, swollen balls. He slipped back to his room, leaving the unconscious Gronk-lookalike almost completely covered in jizz.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Brotherly Love - Part 2

Tyler had humiliated his stepbrother and former bully after discovering how vulnerable the big oaf's overgrown gonads were. As Josh sat in his tightie-whities icing his swollen manhood in the basement, the beefy bodybuilder could not believe how the pint-sized teen gymnast had made him look like such a fool. The 6'7", 350 lb bodybuilder gingerly inspected his traumatized testicles, which were swollen to the size of avocados and ached with every step he took. He groaned deeply as even gently handling his battered balls caused the throbbing ache from his fragile manhood to spike.

"Oh, Josh..." Tyler's called out in a teasing sing-song manner.

"What?" the gruff reply came.

"When I call you, I expect you to reply politely. I would like you to say 'yes, sir' when I call you. Is that understood?" Tyler scolded playfully as he stood in front of his hulking stepbrother.

"Fuck off!" Josh barked angrily.

"Now, now. That's no way to speak to your brother, especially after he kicked your fat ass and you agreed to do as he says," Tyler reprimanded.

"Fuck off, you fucking little prick," Josh answered. He wanted to jump off the sofa and smack the mouthy teen but reminded himself that jostling his aching balls would only make them hurt more.

"Little prick? I think that's what's hanging between your legs, brother. I remember quite clearly how tiny it was," the gymnast taunted, as he made a gesture with his index finger and thumb to emphasize how underwhelming the bodybuilder's cock was, which only aggravated the short-tempered bull further.

"I am gonna fucking tear you apart if you don't fucking get the fuck away from me," Josh growled.

"If you don't stop cussing, I'm gonna have to spank you, you potty mouth," Tyler answered.

"FUCK OFF!" Josh yelled as he threw a porn magazine at the petite gymnast. Tyler dodged the projectile easily and picked it up.

"Your porn, bro? So these are the big breasted blonds you fantasize about," he said, thumbing through the pages.

"You'll never get a girl like this, dude. Your cock is too small. One look at that tiny thing and girls will laugh," he continued as Josh's rage grew.

"You know, I've realized something. You fat boys usually have big balls but little cocks. I really cannot understand why. You'd think that big nards would mean a big cock, but you've got huge balls but a sad little dick. I've seen much bigger dicks in my high school locker room. In fact, you're a grown man but you've got the smallest cock ever," Tyler knew that Josh was extremely insecure about the size of his penis and watched his face turn crimson with rage.

"You're the biggest man with the fattest balls that I know, but you have the tiniest nub I've seen in my life," the cheeky gymnast went on.

Ignoring the soreness in his genitals and blind with rage, the burly man launched himself off the sofa to attack the pesky teen standing about 8 feet from him. With one hand cradling his oversized testicles to protect them, he swung about with the other arm to strike his annoying stepbrother. Tyler easily avoided the clumsy oaf's blows. He picked up the magazine that Josh had hurled at him earlier, rolled it up, and waved it at the furious gorilla of a man who was trying to kill him.

"If you don't behave, I'm gonna have to smack you, fat boy," Tyler warned.

Josh smirked, as if a rolled-up magazine could hurt a big man like himself. He continued to try to hit the agile teen, who effortlessly ducked and weaved out of the way.

Deciding that it was time to go on the offensive, Tyler used the apparently innocuous rolled-up magazine to smack the rampaging bodybuilder's face as he avoided his awkward strikes. The sharp pain from the magazine smacking his sensitive nose made his eyes water and slowed his attack, as the burly man had to also try to prevent his lightning-quick tormentor's counter-attack.

Josh's already clumsy blows became even slower as his vision became blurred from the tears in his eyes but he still kept one hand over his genitals, protecting his fragile organs. Tyler dove between his massive legs, and as he emerged behind the ponderous bodybuilder, he poked two fingers between his thick ass-cheeks, aiming for his asshole. Josh yelped in shock and literally jumped at the unexpected attack, feeling utterly violated.

"FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FAG!!" the raging bull roared in fury, utterly consumed with rage and intent on killing the laughing Tyler. He lifted both muscular arms, and lunged at the petite teen, forgetting about protecting his vulnerable manhood.

"Target acquired!" Tyler smiled, his attention drawn to the lumbering giant's bulging balls, bobbing around and barely contained by the flimsy fabric of his white briefs.

The pint-sized, athletic gymnast waited until the hulking bodybuilder was almost on top of him. Josh growled as he tried to grab hold of Tyler, intent on strangling his stepbrother. Using the behemoth's momentum against him, Tyler quickly grabbed Josh's wrists, pulled him forwards and downwards, and as the surprised bodybuilder found himself falling to the ground face-first, the agile teen landed on his back and kicked both legs towards Josh's groin.

Josh yelped in pain as Tyler's feet crunched into his delicate dangling testicles and began mashing them against his own pelvis as the unbelievably strong gymnast hoisted the huge man upwards. Tyler's powerful legs rocked the screaming man back and forth, smushing his ample balls between his feet and the bodybuilder's pelvis, and after building up enough kinetic energy, propelled the giant head-first tumbling across the basement floor.

Stunned by Tyler's judo move and the pain from multiple body parts, Josh lay motionless on his side as he tried to formulate a reaction. Not allowing his burly opponent any respite, Tyler took aim at the pair of oversized meatballs bulging invitingly between his immense hamstrings. His foot sailed silently through the air and collided with the fragile organs with a sickening thwack. The bodybuilder squealed in agony as he folded up like a pretzel, hugging himself to protect his battered balls from further assault.

"Get your fat ass to the kitchen when you're done nursing those big sorry balls. There are chores you need to do," Tyler commanded, leaving the miserable Josh to wallow in his anguish.

After about half an hour, the huge man managed to stagger to his feet and very gingerly made his way out of the basement. He wanted to get another bag of frozen peas to soothe his sore genitals, and had no intention to do any chores.

"About time," Tyler smiled as he noticed his stepbrother's massive frame emerging from the basement.

"Wash the dishes, then dust the shelves and clean the kitchen counter," the petite gymnast ordered.

"Fuck you," the angry bodybuilder mumbled as he slowly lumbered to the kitchen, retrieved his frozen peas, and headed back towards the basement.

Back in his man-cave, Josh dropped his briefs and inspected his busted balls which were swollen to the size of large avocados now,  hanging lower than ever, and glowing a bright shade of red. He groaned deeply as he sat on the couch and placed the cold bag over his aching testicles. He closed his eyes as he felt the awful pain dissipate as the cold numbed the billions of nerve endings in his spunk-filled boys.

"You didn't do your chores, fat boy. I'm gonna spank you now," Tyler's voice pierced the haze of pain Josh was in.

"Get out! Fucking leave me alone, you little shit" Josh replied.

"Rude and lazy. You really are asking for an ass whooping," Tyler shook his head in response.

Josh stood up slowly, his mammoth frame towering over the teen, who stared back, not the slightest bit afraid.

"I'm in no mood to fuck around with you today, fag. If you don't leave me alone, I will fucking kill you," Josh hissed menacingly, poking a finger at Tyler's chest.

"What happened to your dick, dude?" Tyler laughed loudly, pointing at the giant's groin. The frozen peas soothed his battered balls but had also caused his already small penis to shrivel up. It was barely visible beneath the thick dark bush of pubes.

"Did I do that to your soo-wee big boy balls?" Tyler continued in a mocking child-like voice, as he inspected the low-hanging, swollen, and very red balls between Josh's legs.

Josh snapped. He lunged at the petite gymnast, who ducked and avoided his attack. Blinded by murderous fury, Josh chased his stepbrother around the basement. Tyler dodged and weaved around furniture, always managing to stay out of reach of the rampaging bull elephant pursuing him. He quickly slipped under the heavy king-sized bed, and the blundering bodybuilder dove under the bed after him. Josh's beefy muscular body got stuck beneath it, as Tyler easily escaped from the other side of the bed.

The nimble athlete leaped on top of the bed, and saw how vulnerable his former bully was. Josh's lower body was in the open, his legs spread temptingly as the beefy bodybuilder tried to wiggle out from under the bed. Taking full advantage of his stepbrother's precarious situation, Tyler jumped off the bed and landed his bony butt on Josh's lower back, knocking the wind out of him. His hand plunged between the large ass-cheeks and seized hold of the bodybuilder's fat, cum-laden testicles.

The panic-stricken behemoth struggled to free his delicate danglers from Tyler's grip. Trapped beneath the heavy bed, his upper body could not move much and his humongous legs thrashed about wildly. The flailing was futile. Tyler's powerful grip, built over years of gymnastics, was locked around Josh's fuzzy, pendulous scrotum. Each overgrown testicle was much larger than Tyler's small hand but because he gripped the long, thin sac, he effectively trapped Josh's plump gonads at the bottom of the sack. It was like he was strangling Josh's plump balls.

Tyler yanked the terrorized bodybuilder's bloated balls upwards and towards himself, drawing a howl of agony. Josh arched his back as far as he could, making his big ass look even larger, to try to relieve the pressure on his sensitive gonads and flimsy ballcords. The sadistic gymnast didn't maintained the painful tension on his former bully's manhood, stretching the delicate dangling testicles to their limit and flossing the huge man's ass-crack with his own scrotum as Josh began screaming frantically.

"Time for your spanking, fat boy!" Tyler announced as he began slapping Josh's ample ass  cheeks alternately. The bodybuilder barely responded to the spanking, too consumed by the awful pain exploding from his traumatized testicles.

Tyler admired his bright crimson palm prints on Josh's pale, pasty butt. Deciding to torment his captive stepbrother even more, the teen began slapping his trapped testicles instead.

Josh's screams turned into hoarse cries of anguish as Tyler smacked his bruised and battered balls.

"Left! Right! Left! Right" Tyler called out, as he struck each nerve-filled, cum-laden, and rapidly-swelling organ in turn.

The bodybuilder's struggling and cries grew weaker as the inhumane pain paralyzed his brain. After about 10 minutes of torture, Tyler noticed that his stepbrother's brawny frame was covered in sweat and feebly twitching and he was making incoherent animal noises.

Feeling a twinge of mercy, Tyler released the extra-squishy meatballs, which were now a maroon hue, and distended to the size of oranges. He lifted the bed off the trapped bodybuilder, who was so weakened by the nauseating agony that he could barely move. Tyler kicked his enormous body to roll him over and away from the bed.

"Oh what do we have here? Did you jizz all over the carpet?!" Tyler laughed, pointing at a large sticky wet patch on the carpet where Josh's groin had been, and at the sobbing bodybuilder's spunk-matted pubes. The pain afflicted on his sensitive, fragile gonads somehow made the big man empty his load.

"From now on, your name is Tiny because of your small dick," Tyler said, poking his toe at Josh's limp, 2-inch penis.

"Do you understand me?" he continued, grabbing the sobbing giant's bruised and battered balls to drive home his point.

"Yes! Yes! Please stop hurting my balls. I can't take anymore," Josh whimpered pitifully.

"What's your name?" Tyler barked, squeezing the terrified bodybuilder's tenderized testicles.

"TINY!" Josh immediately answered, his face contorted with anguish.

Tyler released his stepbrother's abused balls, grabbed him by the hair, and told him, "Get your fat ass up, go clean the rug and then clean yourself up."

Sobbing softly, the massive man dragged himself across the floor slowly, cupping his badly-aching balls tenderly to avoid jostling them. He obediently cleaned up the puddle of his jizz from the rug, and went into the shower. He turned the cold water on, allowing it to soothe the throbbing pain in his genitals.

Suddenly, Tyler pulled back the curtains, startling the wet, naked hulk. He instinctively reacted by covering his groin.

"Oh please! No need to cover up. I've seen that wee little thing already," Tyler laughed.

"Tiny, I want you to shave yourself smooth. I want your whole body, especially those fat useless balls hanging between your legs, to be as smooth as a baby's ass," he commanded, handing the bewildered, hulking male a razor who just stood there in silence.

Tyler unleashed a sharp backhand that swatted Josh's naked dangling testicles with a resounding smack. The burly bodybuilder instantly screamed, and dropped to his knees in the tub, clutching his bruised and bloated balls.

"Do you understand what I told you, Tiny?" Tyler demanded.

"Yes, sir," the traumatized former bully whined.

"Good. Make sure you are completely smooth. If I see any body hair remaining, I will kick those big sorry nards of yours until you pass out!" Tyler commanded.

"Yes, sir. I will, sir," Josh meekly replied, his pride as badly hurt and bruised as his big battered balls.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Friday, August 24, 2018

Gym Crush

It was about 11pm. Tony glanced around the empty, almost silent gym. The bodybuilder was the only one working out at that hour. Glistening with sweat and his leg muscles quivering from the intense workout, he made his way slowly to the locker room.

He peeled off his tank top and shorts, and stood in front of the mirror in his jocks, admiring his physique. "Not bad at all," the 35-year-old, 6'6", 360 pound bodybuilder said out loud to himself as he flexed and posed, taking his time to admire his brawny arms, barrel-like chest, and massive legs. "Can't wait to cut this gut after bulking season," he thought, as he patted the soft layer of fat on his gut obscuring his abs.

Tony took off his sweaty jocks, and just stood there totally naked. His hands slowly wandered towards his groin and began gently touching his lemon-sized, low-hanging balls. "No need for any steroids. I've got all the testosterone I need from these big bad boulders," he said, rocking his hips slowly to make his ample plums swing around, as his cock began to stir. One hand wandered to his semi-erect dick and gently stroked it, coaxing it to full attention.

A loud chuckle from across the locker room startled Tony. He thought he was completely alone. He glanced up and saw Brady leaning against a wall across the locker room looking at him with scorn.

"Really? Grown-ass man playing with his wiener in the gym locker room?" Brady said as he shook his head disapprovingly. Tony turned as red as a tomato, completely mortified that someone had seen him playing with himself. Brady was a 18, 5'5'', blond-haired, blue-eyed hunk with the lean, tight muscular body of a gymnast. Tony always noticed him when he was in the gym, and secretly found the handsome teen extremely sexy. Tony was dating a girl, and was extremely confused by his feelings for Brady but every time he fucked his girl, enjoyed fantasizing about his cock sliding in and out of Brady's tight bubble butt and his big balls slapping into the teen's hamstrings with every thrust. He often tried not to be obvious about his infatuation, but found himself staring at Brady quite openly, mesmerized by the teenage Adonis.

"Ummm... I didn't see.... anyone," Tony stammered as he sheepishly covered his exposed genitals with his hands, but barely hiding his overgrown testicles.

Brady walked up to Tony, as the bulky bodybuilder stood there, completely flustered and unable to speak or react.

"Move your hands," Brady ordered. Tony immediately obeyed, his mind paralyzed by a heady mixture of embarrassment, fear, and lust.

"Someone's excited," Brady continued,  pointing at Tony's hard cock, which was poking out its bush like a spear.

"I... I'm not sure why it's hard... I'm sorry," Tony stammered and apologized in shame.

Brady drew his finger slowly along the shaft of Tony's throbbing boner, causing the big bodybuilder to literally shudder with anticipation and desire. He circled the hefty, older male slowly, strategically touching his swollen shaft lightly to keep Tony in a state of maddening desire.

"Put your hands behind you," Brady commanded, and used the sweaty tank top to tie Tony's brawny arms behind him.

"These are really big. I've never seen balls as huge as these," Brady exclaimed as he began handling Tony's fat, dangling testicles. Tony closed his eyes, completely ecstatic that his dream hunk was playing with his balls. Brady continued to roll the oversized, squishy organs in his hands, impressed by their heft, and commenting on how unbelievably large they were. Tony's cock was hard as a rock and soft moans escaped from his mouth as Brady's soft hands and fingers manipulated his sensitive manhood.

"Stand in front of those lockers," Brady said, leading the horny hulk into a corner. Giddy and burning with desire, Tony could only mumble in agreement.

Brady got behind the much larger man, reached between his humongous ass cheeks, and continued playing with Tony's big bobbing balls. Tony was in heaven, and spread his legs and arched his back as much as he could to allow Brady more access to his sensitive parts.

"Yeah, you like playing with a man's big balls and cock, don't you, boy?" Tony mumbled in ecstasy. "Suck on my big cock, boy. I know you want.... URKKKK!" Tony's pleasure was shattered by a sharp deep jolt of pain from his fragile gonads as Brady began crushing them in his hands.

"What the fuck...." Tony croaked in agony, his sensitive genitals exploding in pain.

"First, stop calling me 'boy' because that's just gross," Brady scolded as he squeezed Tony's bulging balls harder.

"I'm sorry! Please!" Tony squeaked, his voice higher as his cock began deflating.

"Second, I've noticed how you always stare at me in the gym, especially how you just stop and stare at my ass when I'm dead-lifting or squatting," Brady continued. Tony was mortified, he had thought his glances were subtle, and not realizing how obviously he was ogling the handsome teen.

"You literally stare with your fucking mouth half-open at my ass and it makes me uncomfortable. I think I could help take away your desire to look at my ass if I break these fat, useless lumps," Brady said as he now cruelly tugged hard on Tony's aching balls, pulling his fuzzy, pendulous sac so far backwards he was literally flossing the now-screaming bodybuilder's ass crack with his own scrotum. Tony's muscled thighs snapped together but it was far too late, Brady had his balls firmly in his grasp. He couldn't double over from the sickening pain since his face and body were pressed up against the lockers, and his arms were tied behind him.

Brady continued crushing the oversized meaty orbs in his hands, squeezing so hard that bubbles of shiny, squishy testicular flesh protruded through the gaps in his fingers. Tony's screams became hoarse cries of anguish as the sadistic teen continued to knead his fragile, cum-laden testicles as though they were worthless lumps of dough. His massive legs began turning to jelly as Brady's unforgiving fingers dug further into the soft, nerve-filled tissue of his horribly aching gonads, and the beefy male slowly began sinking to the ground as his legs weakened. Brady refused to allow him any respite and jerked upwards hard, forcing the bodybuilder to remain upright or risk his manhood being ripped off.

"You're right. I do enjoy playing with a man's big balls!" Brady exclaimed with a laugh, as he began alternately squashing Tony's overgrown testicles.

"Left! Right! Left! Right!" Brady called out as he gave an extra sharp squeeze to each cum-filled, rapidly-swelling organ in turn, driving Tony's pain into the stratosphere. A cruel smile lit Brady's countenance as a sadistic idea flashed through his mind. He dragged the whimpering bodybuilder by his long, pendulous scrotum to the gym. Tony was forced to stumble backwards while doubled over in anguish as his tormentor yanked on his badly-aching, swollen testicles like a dog leash. As Brady hauled the bigger male by his manhood to the free weight area of the gym, he paused.

"Look at yourself, big boy. Look at how useless your big sorry balls and muscles are. Do you see how easily a smaller, younger guy can control you just by crushing your weak balls?" Brady commented. Tony looked up at the mirrors on every wall, his humiliation and predicament visible from every angle. As Tony looked at how his dream hunk had him literally by the balls, and could utterly destroy his manhood if he wanted to, Tony became incredibly aroused and his cock was soon hard again.

"Oh. Looks like I found a masochist," Brady said as he noticed the bodybuilder's boner and released Tony's tenderized testicles. The burly man immediately dropped to his knees with a high-pitched whine, his face on the ground and his ass in the air.  He wanted to hug himself and nurse his battered balls but his arms remained tied behind his back. As Tony wallowed in the nauseating pain erupting from his bruised manhood, Brady grabbed a barbell and a couple of jump-ropes, and used it as an improvised spread-bar, tying Tony's huge legs to the barbell to keep them apart and allow him full access to the hulking male's tender parts.

The towering, husky male was now completely trapped and vulnerable. His arms were tied behind him, and his legs were spread invitingly with his colossal ass in the air.

"I've gotta finish my workout, big boy. I usually finish off with some boxing practice," Brady announced as he knelt behind the bodybuilder and began speed-bagging his fat, low-hanging testicles. Meaty smacks echoed through the gym as Brady's fists rapidly smashed into Tony's bobbing balls, which were now swollen to the size and color of ripe apples. Tony screamed in agony as Brady continued to pulverize his delicate, once-proud testicles.

"That was a good workout," Brady laughed, finally stopping when Tony's screams melted into mewling sobs of anguish, and the meaty smacks took on a more spongy tone as his abused gonads swelled up even more.

"Get up, muscle bitch!" he commanded as the large bodybuilder clumsily struggled to his feet, his legs weak from the awful pain in his manhood. He hobbled over to the bench press station, his legs held apart by the improvised spread-bar. Brady made him lie on the bench, and to Tony's surprise, easily lifted the bodybuilder's heavy legs with the bar and secured the bar to the rack, suspending his legs above his chest and spread wide in an inviting V shape.

Brady laughed cruelly as he lifted his size-13 sneaker and placed it on Tony's sperm-filled, swollen testicles, which were hung so low that they were resting on the bench.

"No.... please.... no more... please," Tony begged pitifully, terrified that his genitals would be permanently damaged. Brady slowly applied more pressure on the squishy meatballs, compressing them beneath his sneaker and the unyielding bench. Tony's cries grew more shrill and hysterical as the throbbing, sickening pain of his meaty gonads being flattened between his tormentor's foot and the bench wracked his entire body. Brady continued to increase the inhumane pressure on the trapped bodybuilder's manhood, which were now squished to the dimensions of a thick burger patty. Tears streamed down Tony's face and his face was frozen in a silent scream of agony.

"Your mouth says stop, but your cock says continue," Brady replied, slapping Tony's throbbing boner. Brady had secretly fantasized about busting and abusing a bigger man's balls since he was 12, and was incredibly turned on as he continued to torture the masochistic bodybuilder, who despite the pain, seemed to be equally aroused.

Brady eventually stopped stomping on Tony's bloated, bruised and battered balls. He smiled as he admired how the pattern of the sole of his sneaker had imprinted so nicely on Tony's very swollen and bruised genitals.

Brady dropped his shorts and underwear as he stood beside the sobbing, whining Tony. Despite the horrible pain, his eyes instantly lit up when he saw Brady's very erect cock next to his face.

"It's much bigger than yours, big boy. Lifting weights can only build a few muscles but won't help you get bigger where it matters most," Brady smiled as he stroked his incredible 12-inch, thick dick, which made Tony's 7 inch cock look like a popsicle stick.

He slapped his giant member across Tony's tear-stained face, and the bodybuilder greedily licked and sucked on it for all he was worth.

"Fuckkkk yeah.... I knew you were a fucking cock-sucker," Brady exclaimed, enjoying Tony's oral ministrations.

"I'm gonna make you my bitch tonight and take your virgin ass," Brady told the excited but scared bodybuilder as he slowly inserted the saliva-covered meat cannon into Tony's welcoming ass. Tony gasped as Brady's massive cock penetrated his erstwhile virginal asshole. In contrast to his vicious treatment of Tony's balls, Brady was incredibly gentle and skilled as he slid his big cock in and out. Tony's sobs of pain turned into moans of ecstasy as his dream hunk fucked his beefy butt, each thrust rubbing against his prostate and sending shivers of pleasure through his loins. Tony's bruised and battered balls hung low besides his asshole, and with every deep thrust, the bloated, tenderized organs were smushed between Brady's thighs and Tony's big soft ass, sending small jolts of pain through his groin mixing with the pleasure emanating from his ass. Both men were so incredibly aroused that within ten minutes, Tony let out a guttural groan as a long rope of cum sprayed from his cock all over his hairy, barrel-like chest and shortly after, Brady moaned deeply as he filled the bodybuilder's ass with his warm jizz, Tony feeling every spurt of his cum pumping inside him.

"Wow!" Brady gushed, completely spent, and pulled his cock out. Tony lay there, panting and basking in the afterglow of the heady mixture of pain and pleasure he experienced for the first time ever at the hands of his dream stud.

Brady untied Tony's legs and arms, used Tony's shirt to clean his cock off, and put his clothes back on. Tony sat on the bench, staring longingly at the handsome, hung teen who came up to him, kissed him on the lips, and smiled.

"I really enjoyed this. I think we should meet up again so I can punish those big balls and fuck that beefy ass more," Brady said.

"Yes... definitely," Tony replied, still stunned and giddy with pleasure.

"I've got to go, big guy. Clean that up before you leave," Brady ordered with a laugh, as he pointed at puddle of his spunk leaking from Tony's ass on to the bench.