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Brotherly Love - Part 3

Tyler had beaten and humiliated his older step-brother and former bully, Josh, twice in two days. After discovering how sensitive and weak the humongous bodybuilder's testicles were, Tyler mercilessly targeted the overgrown but fragile organs to defeat and emasculate him. The brawny bully was reduced to a whimpering pathetic submissive by a small gymnast, a quarter of his size.

"Hey Tiny!" a loud voice stirred Josh from his slumber. He had been up all night, the throbbing pain from his abused testicles made it almost impossible to sleep. He finally managed to fall into a fitful slumber and ignored the annoying voice, turned on his stomach and covered his head with his pillow.

"Wake up, Tiny!" the voice persisted.

"Lemme alone," the massive bodybuilder mumbled.

Tyler ran his little fingers along the groggy male's ass crack, tracing a line between the huge ass cheeks repeatedly.

"Don't touch my ass, fag!" Josh growled angrily as he tried to swat Tyler away.

"Ahhhh... fuck... please... I'm sorry!" the husky beast whimpered immediately as Tyler cruelly grabbed and squeezed his fat pink balls.

"What did you call me, Tiny?" Tyler demanded, crushing the fleshy orbs, sending waves of pain pulsing through Josh's ponderous frame.

"I'm sorry, sir! I'm so sorry, sir!" Josh whined miserably, now fully awake.

"You belong to me now, and I can do anything I want to you, Tiny. Isn't that right?" Tyler barked.

Josh hesitated, and Tyler slapped his trapped, swollen testicles.

"Answer me, pig!" he demanded, raining down hard slaps on the wailing giant's aching gonads.

"Yes, sir! Yes, sir!" he desperately screamed.

"Good! Now get your fat ass downstairs and make me breakfast, or I'll break your fucking weak balls!" he threatened.

Josh groaned in pain, clutching his badly-aching testicles as he ambled to the kitchen and obediently prepared breakfast for his younger step-brother.

"Good boy! Come eat with me," Tyler commented as Josh served his meal.

"Are you going to the gym today, Tiny?" Tyler asked the sullen bodybuilder as they finished eating.

"Yes, sir," he muttered in response, and was told to go to the living room when he was done cleaning the dishes.

Josh lumbered slowly to the living room, trying to stop his traumatized testicles from sloshing around too much. Tyler smiled at his 6'7", 350 lb older stepbrother and gave him a box with a bow.

"A gift for you, Tiny. Open it," he said. Josh found a metal cock cage and a few pairs of pink thongs.

"What are these?" he asked apprehensively.

"This is for your sad little dick. I don't really care to see it, and I don't want you constantly playing with it. From today, you can only cum when I allow you to," Tyler explained, as he attempted to slip it on Josh's shriveled 2 inch member.

"FUCK NO!" DON'T TOUCH MY COCK, BITCH!" Josh erupted, and tried to kick his younger brother. Tyler's lightning reflexes saved him from a devastating kick to the head in the nick of time. The gorilla of a man was blind with rage and tried to kick Tyler again. This time,  the petite teenager grabbed his massive leg and as the burly bodybuilder struggled to keep his balance, Josh's leg was twice as big as Tyler's tight, wiry body but the gymnast easily held on to it and delivered a well-aimed kick to the low-hanging pair of avocado-sized testicles swinging about like a pendulum.

The huge male screamed in anguish but Tyler sent two more kicks that smashed into the pink, bobbing, jumbo-sized meatballs before flipping his leg over his head and sending the giant flying across the living room floor.

Josh lay on the cold floor, sobbing in agony, hugging himself and trying to suppress the blazing pain in his abused babymakers.

Tyler turned him on his back, and sat on his huge barrel-like chest with his butt inches from Josh's face. He slapped his micro dick about playfully, and said, "Oh when will you ever learn, Tiny? I can easily beat your fat ass, or should I say, fat balls, any time I like. If you try to fight back, I'm just gonna hurt these big worthless lumps of meat hanging between your legs!"

Tyler grabbed Josh's bloated and battered balls to drive his point home. The colossal bodybuilder sobbed loudly as the gymnast, only a quarter of his size, yanked hard on his traumatized testicles. Tyler then quickly slipped the metal cock cage which was connected to a ring that locked snugly around the base of Josh's scrotum.

"It fits! I bought the smallest size possible, and worried if that little nub you call a cock would slide right out!" Tyler mocked as Josh fumbled at the contraption locked around his manhood.

"I have the key, and I will only unlock it when you earn to privilege to get hard or cum," he told him.

"Now, Tiny, since you are now my muscle slave, I want you to only wear these beautiful satin pink thongs from now on. You are not allowed to wear any other underwear except for these. Put one on now," he continued.

Josh obeyed and turned red with shame as he looked in a mirror. He thought he looked like a fag with the pink thong flossing and showing off his large ass. The pouch in the front accentuated the his bulging oversized testicles.

"Off to the gym, big boy. I want you to get bigger for me! I expect you to grow to 400 pounds in 2 months!" Tyler commanded.

Josh was completely mortified as he entered the gym. He tried to work out but felt utterly humiliated. His neon pink thong was clearly visible beneath his skimpy white cotton shorts, particularly after he was drenched in sweat. His bulge was more obscene than ever. Guys who used to envy and admire his massive physique were laughing derisively at him. A few even made lewd comments about Josh's pink panties. Josh soldiered through his workout, and when he got home, found Tyler waiting for him.

"Take everything off except your thong," he commanded.

Josh obeyed. His legs and ass pumped from his workout, the thong appeared even tinier on his gigantic frame.

"Drink double the amount of protein you usually do. I want this husky body growing bigger!" Tyler ordered as he patted the hulking bodybuilder's chunky gut and thick chest.

Josh submissively obeyed his younger stepbrother for two weeks. He put on another 20 pounds during this period, but grew increasingly sexually frustrated from not being able to jerk off. He couldn't even get hard because of the cock ring, and became almost insane from horniness. When he thought that Tyler was out one weekend, he went to his room and rummaged through his drawers, intent on finding the key to unlock his cock cage. Tyler returned home with his friend and fellow gymnast, Jaden. Hearing the loud rustling noises from his room, Tyler and Jaden quietly sneaked over to investigate, fearing a burglar.

Much to their surprise, they saw the thick bodybuilder clad in his bright thong bent over and searching in the cabinet, his plump ass jiggling around and his fat bulge swinging between his huge thighs.

"Tiny!" Tyler said, shocking his stepbrother.

"Uh... I was looking for... the... uh..." Josh stuttered.

"Who gave you permission to go through my things?" Tyler scolded. Josh hung his head in shame and fear, terrified of the beating he expected.

"I will need to punish you for this, muscle bitch!" he went on. Jaden eyed the massive bodybuilder with lust and desire. At 4'9", and 90 lbs he was smaller than Tyler, but had always wanted to dominate a larger male.

"Let me fight him, Ty. If he wins, he won't get punished. If he loses, we get to punish him together," Jaden smiled. Tyler looked at him, grinned and agreed.

All three headed to the basement. Tyler ordered Josh to fight naked, with only the metal cockcage on. Jaden was clad in his black boxer briefs. The two faced off in the middle of the basement. Josh looked at this short, skinny, weak-looking teen and laughed to himself.

"No holds barred. First to submit loses," Tyler announced.

"I'll try not to bust your pretty face up too much," the meathead told Jaden.

"You can try, big boy," Jaden laughed.

"You're pretty enough to fuck, boy. I think I may just empty these big puppies inside you when I'm done beating you up," Josh thrust his hips forward, causing his plump, cum-filled, low-hanging balls to flop about.

"Oh, dude. I don't know if you could fuck me with that little worm," Jaden mocked, pointing at Josh's micro-penis.

Enraged at the pint-sized teen's taunt, Josh lumbered towards him with his arms outstretched, planning to grab him.

"He's making this too easy for me," Jaden thought to himself as he sent a kick sailing between Josh's bulky thighs. A sickening thwack rang out, as Jaden's foot smashed into the big oaf's sizable testicles. The burly meathead howled and doubled over in agony, hugging himself as Jaden danced out of his reach. His already delicate balls were so full of cum they were much more sensitive than usual. Jaden could have finished him off right there but the sadistic teen wanted to toy with the massive bull instead of quickly beating him into submission.

Josh managed to quell the nauseating pain after a couple of minutes to continue the fight. He again lumbered towards the small, agile gymnast, trying to bear hug him. Jaden again unceremoniously kicked the oafish giant in his distended, vulnerable balls. Josh squealed and immediately folded up like a pretzel. Jaden strolled behind the doubled-over bodybuilder, smiled, and jabbed his finger between his spread cheeks right into his puckered pink asshole. Josh screamed and jumped from this new assault, almost forgetting the blazing pain in his groin. As he spun around to face his tormentor, Jaden grabbed his boulder-like shoulders and drove his knee upwards, crushing the stunned bodybuilder's bloated and battered balls against his pelvis.

Josh gasped in shock and pain, but Jaden again sent his bony knee flying into his delicate dangling testicles with ferocious force. He let out a deep guttural groan as he sank to his knees, clutching his shattered, spunk-filled balls in anguish. After reducing his enormous opponent to a much more manageable height, Jaden launched a few punches to his pudgy face. Annoyed by the stinging blows, Josh raised his brawny arms to fend off the attack. He managed to grab Jaden's arms, and cried out in triumph, thinking that he finally had his pint-sized tormentor.

His mirth was premature though. Thinking quickly, Jaden drew his foot back and sent it careening into Josh's unprotected big bobbing balls. Josh's jaw fell slack as waves of gut-wrenching pain exploded from his traumatized testicles. Stunned, he stupidly continued to hold on to Jaden's arms, as if that would help him win the fight. Unperturbed, Jaden sent a volley of savage kicks to the overgrown bodybuilder's vulnerable and rapidly-swelling sperm-tanks.

The hulking meathead finally let the ferocious gymnast go, and slumped to the floor, making high-pitched mewling noises as he curled up in the fetal position. Instead of forcing his submission, Jaden calmly sat down beside Tyler and waited for the burly brute to recover enough before dishing out more punishment.

"This is too easy. I feel kinda bad," Jaden told Tyler.

"I know. He can't fight at all. He's all brawn but no brains. You should have seen how easily I beat his big ass a couple of weeks ago," Tyler answered.

"His big balls you mean? Jaden quipped.

"Oh yeah. Those balls are so abnormally big but fucking weak! A little tap and he's crying like a baby!"

"His junk is weird. Huge fucking balls but a tiny dick smaller than my pinkie!" Jaden continued.

"I know, right! I've seen bigger dicks on all the guys in our class!" Tyler mocked.

This went on for some time. When Josh eventually recovered, he noticed that the two gymnasts were distracted by their conversation, and crept up towards them. With a loud yell, he threw himself at them, hoping that his hefty mass would be an advantage. Surprised, both teens tried to escape but the heavy goliath fell directly on Tyler while Jaden managed to dodge him just in time.

"I've got you know, bitch. I'm gonna kill you!" Josh hissed as he pinned Tyler to the ground. Tyler struggled valiantly but was no match against weight of the huge beast on top of him. Tyler began to panic with his step brother's face inches away from his own.

Thinking quickly, Jaden plunged his hands between the brute's bulging butt cheeks and grabbed his swollen, oversized gonads and pulled them towards him as hard as he could, stretching the giant's ball-cords to breaking point. Suddenly, the murderous expression on Josh's face turned into one of utter fear and shock. The bodybuilder's eye bulged out as he let out a strangled gasp.

Using the bodybuilder's pendulous scrotum as a leash, he dragged him backwards, forcing the meathead to release Tyler and crawl backwards to try to relieve the awful pain erupting from his crushed testicles and prevent them from being ripped off.  Jaden hauled the screaming oaf by his elongated, stretchy ballsac around the basement. The brawny bodybuilder looked ridiculous crawling backwards as fast as he could as the wily little gymnast dragged him by his aching genitals. After a few minutes, Jaden forced the husky male to kneel in a corner.

"Bring your right arm back!" Jaden commanded. Wracked by nausea and pain from his gonads, Josh readily complied, hoping for some mercy from his diminutive but vicious opponent. Jaden twisted his thick muscled limb behind him, sending searing pain through his shoulder and arm, as he forced the whining meathead to his feet.

"Hold him there," Tyler said, walking up to his stepbrother. He grabbed his hair, pulled his head backwards, and smiled at him.

"Now I'm gonna make you regret that stunt!" he told the terrified brute.

"No please... don't please... man, please, I beg you..." Josh's pleas turned into incomprehensible blubbering screams and sobs as Tyler began speed-bagging the heavy, grapefruit-sized, cum-filled balls dangling invitingly between his trunk-like thighs.

Josh was trapped in the corner, unable to double over, and kept on his feet by Jaden's arm lock. He used his free arm to try to protect his abused genitals but because his ballsac was so saggy and pendulous, his testicles were out of his reach. Tyler was free to inflict as much pain on his big sorry balls as he liked.

Tyler continued pummeling the hysterical male's manhood for what seemed an eternity. The meaty thuds of Tyler's little fists smacking into Josh's bobbing balls turned into a squishy sound, like slapping wet dough, as the sobbing oaf's bloated baby-makers swelled from the beating. The beefy bodybuilder's large frame suddenly shuddered uncontrollably as he released a high-pitched, strangled squeak, and a stream of milky liquid began pouring from his locked cock. His hefty body went limp and he sank to the ground like a bag of wet cement. Tyler stood back and Jaden released the big man, who crumpled into a heap on the ground, breathing heavily but not responding.

"Fuck, you beat the cum of out him!" Jaden remarked, impressed. Josh had collapsed into the pool of his own jizz.

"He's out cold," Tyler continued, kicking the brawny man's body to check. They left the unconscious bodybuilder there in the basement. Jaden had a raging boner. His impressive member tented his shorts obscenely, and caught Tyler's attention.

"Wow, someone's turned on!" he commented.

"Fuck yeah. Dominating your big beefy stepbrother was such a fucking turn-on," Jaden answered.

"Can I have a few minutes alone with him when he comes to?" Jaden asked, with a grin.

"Why?" Tyler smiled.

"Well, you don't want to send me home with blue balls, do you?" Jaden replied cheekily. Tyler nodded, his own excited cock springing to full mast.

A low groan from the basement signaled that the husky meathead regained consciousness. His head groggy and swimming with pain and post-orgasmic pleasure, Josh crawled across the basement floor to his bed. All he wanted to do was sleep off the throbbing pain in his genitals.

As he pulled himself from the floor, a voice from behind started the brawny oaf.

"Hey, Tiny!" Tyler called out.

"Oh God no... please, bro... I can't take anymore. Please don't hurt me any more. My boys can't take any more, they're fucking swollen to the size of cantaloupes now," Josh pleaded pitifully, as he knelt before Jaden and Tyler. It was a ridiculous sight - a massive, almost 400 lb hulking beast was begging two tiny gymnasts, who were both barely a quarter of his size, not to hurt him.

"If you do as we ask, we won't hurt you. In fact, we will unlock your little cock and let you play with it," Jaden told him.

"Anything, man! Anything! I'll do anything. Just don't hurt my balls anymore," Josh answered, trembling with fear.

"If you try anything stupid, I promise I will break your left nut!" Tyler threatened.

"I won't, man! I swear I'll do whatever you want me to do," Josh whimpered.

Tyler unlocked Josh's cock cage, revealing his micro-dick. Jaden made Josh get on all fours and knelt behind him. Josh whined miserably, terrified that the two sadists would bust his aching balls again. Jaden gently touched and ran his fingers along the back of Josh's pendulous ballsac, lightly tapping the back and bottom of his swollen testicles.  The hefty male initially whined and sniveled in panic but soon, began making little moans of pleasure. His little cock was fully erect at a ridiculous 3 inches. Jaden's fingers wandered higher, lingering on the horny male's taint before wandering to his pink asshole, the bodybuilder was in ecstasy, instinctively arching his back and spreading his thick ass-cheeks to give Jaden more access to his erogenous zones.

Tyler dropped his shorts, exposing his massive 11-inch cock. Josh was stunned at how hung his pint-sized stepbrother was. He was four times as big as Tyler but Tyler's dick was 5 times bigger than his own.

Josh's eyes rolled back and his mouth opened with desire as Jaden began thrusting his tongue in and out of his smooth hole. Tyler put his throbbing cock on Josh's lips, and the oversized bodybuilder began sucking and licking it submissively. Jaden continued rimming the burly male, driving him mad with lust.

"You won't be a virgin from today, man," Jaden whispered.

"Oh fuckkkkkkk...." Josh moaned as Jaden slid his hard 10-inch member inside him. The initial pain was replaced by immense pleasure as Jaden began thrusting hard. Tyler began throat-fucking the bodybuilder as Jaden pounded his ample ass. Soon, Jaden let out a deep moan as he emptied his load inside Josh's plump ass. Tyler also released a hot gush of his own thick jizz down Josh's throat.

Spent, both teens stood up, and Josh got on his knees. His micro-dick was throbbingly erect, as he licked their cocks clean without even being asked to.

"You're allowed to cum now, Tiny," Tyler told him.

Josh immediately began jerking himself off. The hulking male could only use two fingers to pleasure his minuscule dick - pinching it between his index finger and thumb, he made rapid but small movements until he let out a guttural groan and sent globs of grey spunk flying across the floor. The force of his orgasm mixed with the gut-wrenching pain from his busted balls was just too intense and Josh collapsed to the ground.

Jaden and Tyler left the panting, exhausted bodybuilder to wallow in a puddle of his own jizz, both talking about when they should use and abuse their muscle slave again.

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Coach Payne - Part 2

After Payne was humiliated by a group of high school kids that he used to pick on and was forced to leave his coaching job, he spent almost all his time between the gym and eating huge amounts to pack on more mass. He transformed his physique from a muscular quarterback to that of a burly linebacker, standing 6'7", and weighing a hefty 400 lbs.

Shamed by what happened at his former high school, the hulking bodybuilder traveled to Japan for a job as a wrestler. He remained as cocky and obnoxious as ever, which fit his role as a heel in the wrestling ring. Reveling in that role, he loved playing dirty and beating down the Japanese wrestlers, and loved the jeers of the crowd. His trademark bright silver bikini was designed with a large pouch in the front to accommodate and show off his oversized gonads. He always talked about how he was so hung that his cock entered the ring half a minute before he did, and made sure the cameras were focused on the obscene bulge between his thighs.

The difference between Payne and the other wrestlers was that he remained an obnoxious asshole on and off stage. The other wrestlers played particular personas on stage but behind the scenes, were cordial to each other. Not Payne. He was a dick to everyone. He loved showing off his physique and overgrown genitals by parading naked in the locker room, and boasting about all the women he fucked. The other wrestlers hated him with a passion. The final straw came when he hit on Kenji's wife and dropped his pants to show off his ample manhood when she refused his advances. 

Kenji was a scrappy street fighter in real life, but always played the jobber in the ring. The crowd loved seeing the handsome boyish wrestler lose to older heels, and Kenji was more than willing to play this popular role. He was 25, and at 5' and 120 lbs, and tiny compared to Payne, but was so incensed by Payne's disrespect that he gathered the other wrestlers to plan an appropriate punishment. A match between Kenji and Payne was arranged for fights leading up to the Grand Championship, the biggest event of the year. These fights attracted massive crowds, and Kenji wanted Payne's punishment to be as public as possible.

The night of the match finally arrived. Kenji sat in the locker room, in his black speedos and matching boots, quietly focusing his mental state on the fight. Payne, on the other hand, was his usual obnoxious self, crassly talking about how he had not fucked a female in three days and his already big balls were much bigger and fuller than usual.

"Damn, these puppies are so full of spunk my trunks barely fit!" he announced as he pulled up his skimpy silver briefs. The other wrestlers stared with a mixture of curiosity, resentment, and annoyance at how the sides of Payne's abnormally large testicles protruded from the sides of his tiny trunks. Payne didn't mind the stares, attributing it to envy at his endowment.

"Anyone wanna suck my dick so I can empty these bad boys?" Payne laughed loudly as he grabbed his overstuffed package lewdly.

The announcer signaled the wrestlers to get ready. Kenji entered the ring to the cheers of the crowd. He went to his corner, raised his arms to the roar of the audience. Payne then entered, and the loud cheers turned into hisses and jeers. The two wrestlers could not be more different. Kenji had a tight muscular physique, like a fitness model, and had a quiet focused air. Payne's large hairy body was almost four times larger, with a 80' barrel-like chest, a somewhat flabby gut, brawny arms twice the size of Kenji's neck, and massive thighs  three times bigger than Kenji's waist. Payne cockily raised his arms, and even grabbed his groin to mock and insult the crowd. The bell rang and the wrestlers circled each other.

It was a David versus Goliath match for sure. Payne seized Kenji and tossed him across the ring. Kenji broke the fall easily, and jumped right back to his feet. Payne repeated the move several times, and each time, he bounced right back to his feet. The bigger wrestler then threw Kenji against the turnbuckle, charged at him, launching his hefty body to crush him against the turnbuckle. Kenji deftly ducked and dove between Payne's thick legs, surprising the beefy wrestler who found himself colliding with the turnbuckle instead. The crowd cheered wildly for the petite Kenji.

Payne tried to deliver a few chops to Kenji's neck but he avoided every single blow, much to Payne's frustration. He managed to grab Kenji and threw him against the turnbuckle again. Kenji pretended to be stunned by the impact, to bait Payne into launching himself like a bull towards him. As predicted, the hulking behemoth threw himself at the smaller man, hoping to pin him against the turnbuckle. At the last minute, Kenji ducked and dove between his legs again, but this time, as he did, he launched a quick chop that smashed into Payne's overgrown testicles. Payne yelped in shock and pain, but before he could react to protect his fragile manhood, a well-aimed kick from Kenji sailed between his trunk-like legs. The toe of his boot smashed right in the center of his bulging package with an audible smack.

Payne screamed in agony, clutched his injured balls and slumped against the turnbuckle. The audience went insane, cheering hysterically at how Kenji had turned the tables on his huge opponent. Kenji could have finished off the hefty wrestler right then but decided that he would prolong his humiliation and defeat. After a few minutes, Payne managed to suppress the nauseating ache in his manhood and turned to face Kenji, burning with rage and revenge. He lumbered towards the smaller man and began swinging palm strikes at him. Kenji easily avoided the brawny bodybuilder's attacks, and as he began to tire, Kenji launched his counter-attack of palm strikes. Payne appeared unfazed by the strikes on his chest, and abdomen. Kenji delivered a sharp strike to Payne's oversized, cum-laden testicles drawing a howl from the massive bodybuilder. Another strike to his aching gonads made him double over automatically, and Kenji struck the side of his head. Payne straightened up to protect his head as he staggered backwards, leaving his manhood vulnerable. Kenji continued his relentless attack, striking the retreating wrestler in his bobbing balls and face until his back was against the ropes.

Payne was in a world of agony. He tried to protect his face and delicate testicles against the furious Kenji but to no avail. Out of desperation, he kicked forwards and caught Kenji by surprise. Kenji reacted to avoid the kick but a split second too late. Payne's large boot connected with his torso and sent him flying across the ring. The kick would have been more devastating but Payne had been weakened by nauseating agony blazing in his groin. The crowd gasped as their underdog hero tumbled across the ring but cheered as he stood to his feet. Payne charged at him like a bull before he could react,  and slammed him against the ropes, knocking the air out of him. The burly wrestler backed up and smashed the petite Kenji against the ropes again and again. Kenji curled up to protect his body against the impact and Payne assumed that he was winning. He grabbed Kenji's arm and threw him against the ropes, and as he rebounded, extended his brawny arm to clothesline the pint-sized wrestler.

Kenji ducked, avoiding Payne's arm but the gigantic male managed to grab and throw him against the ropes yet again, still wanting to perform the clothesline. This time, as he bounced off the ropes and flew towards Payne's hulking frame, Kenji grabbed him around the shoulders and drove his knee upwards between his thick thighs. The momentum built up by rebounding off the ropes and flying towards Payne was focused on Kenji's kneecap that exploded into the large bodybuilder's squishy, fragile testicles. The hefty wrestler's jaw fell open in shock as agonizing pain erupted from his battered balls. He sank to his knees as his muscles turned to jelly, clutching his aching gonads and making mewling noises.

The crowd roared in approval. Kenji raised his arms in victory as he marched around the much larger Payne. His massive legs felt like rubber but the huge bodybuilder forced himself to his feet after a few minutes, trying his best to ignore the horrible pain radiating from his rapidly-swelling testicles. He was supposed to beat the petite wrestler in this match, and was furious that Kenji had the audacity to attack him with low blows.

"Fuck this wrestling shit! I'm gonna beat you up like a real man!" Payne spat in disgust. He raised his fists, much to the shock of the audience and the other wrestlers. The referee tried to stop him but Payne swatted him out of the way. The match had degenerated into a street brawl.

Kenji was unfazed. Like an angry bull, the beefy bodybuilder swung wild haymakers at the boyishly-handsome male, but his attacks were so clumsy the lithe fighter dodged and avoided every single punch. Kenji taunted the hulking gorilla by slapping him every time he ducked away from his clumsy punches. The enormous male grew more enraged, his face turning red with fury and from the repeated slaps. Payne lunged at Kenji and managed to grab him by the neck, and began squeezing.

Thinking quickly, Kenji took aim at Payne's oversized bobbing balls right in front of his face and fired off a volley of uppercuts that slammed into the soft, bloated organs wrapped only in flimsy silver satin fabric. Payne groaned in shock as the nauseating pain exploded into his gut. He maintained his grip on Kenji's neck but was significantly weakened by the sickening pain in his male parts. Kenji then grabbed the fat meatballs flopping about before him. The squishy organs were so big that he had to grasp one in each hand. Payne kept his grip on the smaller male's neck, and tried to strangle him. Kenji crushed  the huge bodybuilder's delicate dangling gonads in his unforgiving grip, sending the burly man's pain level into the stratosphere. The nauseating, bone-breaking agony exploded from his groin as Kenji kneaded his cum-laden, fragile testicles like worthless lumps of dough eventually became too unbearable and Payne released the pint-sized wrestler.

Kenji let go of Payne's bloated and battered balls  but delivered a quick jab to his traumatized testicles in parting. Payne squealed in anguish as he dropped to the mat, clutching and nursing his swollen, badly-aching manhood. This match was not turning out how he expected it to.

Kenji circled his massive opponent slowly, like a wolf circling an injured bull. He wanted to beat the burly man into submission but restrained himself, deciding that prolonging the bodybuilder's humiliation would be more fun. Payne eventually managed to suppress the nausea and awful ache in his ponderous testicles enough to stand up. His overgrown balls were so swollen that his tight skimpy trunks couldn't contain them and they protruded obscenely from the sides. He glared at Kenji, determined to beat the smaller man to a pulp.

"Your big balls are pretty weak, dude. A few taps and you're on the mat crying like a fucking baby," Kenji taunted.

"You fucking fought dirty!" Payne spat back.

"You're always bragging about your junk. I thought you could take some pain but your big sorry balls are just useless, man!" Kenji continued.

Payne growled furiously and threw himself at Kenji with his muscular arms spread. Blind with rage, the gargantuan bodybuilder just wanted to grab and crush his pint-sized tormentor. As the behemoth bore down on him, Kenji instinctively brought his knee up and Payne crashed into it, balls first. The big man let out a guttural cry of anguish as his tenderized testicles were crushed against Kenji's knee by the force of his own momentum.

Payne collapsed in agony, but fell on top of the surprised Kenji. The smaller male could not withstand the mammoth weight of the oversized wrestler and both of them fell to the mat. Payne was so consumed the sickening agony erupting from his battered balls that he failed to appreciate his superior position until it was too late. He tried to grab hold of Kenji but the lithe fighter wriggled out of his grasp. In the melee, Kenji noticed that Payne's overgrown, pendulous gonads slipped out of his tiny trunks. He plunged his hands between the burly man's thick thighs and grabbed the fat, pink, fuzzy meatballs which were now swollen to the size of potatoes.

Payne whimpered incoherently as he suddenly realized his predicament but it was too late. Kenji squeezed the beefy bodybuilder's big sorry balls as hard as he could. The huge wrestler's burly body spasmed uncontrollably, his limbs flailed about wildly, and his face turned into a mask of pure anguish from the nauseating pain exploding from his abused genitals. Utterly drained of strength by the waves of agony pounding his manhood and gut, the humongous bodybuilder could not summon the strength to fight back and appeared resigned to defeat after a few minutes. Kenji's fingers were firmly wrapped around the squishy orbs of  testicular flesh, digging into and crushing the nerve-filled organs. The gigantic Payne's burly body eventually went limp and twitched weakly as the sadistic Kenji continued squeezing his pathetically weak gonads.

The smaller male managed to maneuver out from under the behemoth's weight and forced him on his side, all the while maintaining his unforgiving grip on his traumatized testicles. Payne began sobbing in agony and defeat. The camera zoomed in on his tear-stained face and groin. The crowd cheered and laughed as the camera zoomed in on Payne's crotch. Kenji's small fingers were gripped around the overgrown wrestler's bruised and rapidly-swelling balls so tightly that purplish meaty bubbles and blobs of testicular flesh protruded between his fingers.

"Please... I give! I fucking give!! Stop!!" Payne managed to cry out in a high-pitched squeal.

"What did you say?" Kenji asked, giving Payne's bloated balls a firm tug.

"I give!!!" Payne screamed hysterically.

Kenji unceremoniously released the tormented wrestler's bruised and battered balls which fell on the mat with an audible plop, causing Payne to yelp loudly. The vanquished bodybuilder weakly curled into the fetal position, sobbing softly as he gingerly held his bruised and bloated balls. They were swollen to the size of grapefruits but Payne was somewhat relieved that they were intact. Kenji placed his boot on his defeated opponent's neck and raised his arms in victory, as the crowd roared in approval.

Three other Japanese wrestlers then appeared and walked to the ring. The crowd fell silent, wondering what was about to happen. Payne was oblivious to it all, too busy hugging himself and nursing his aching genitals. They quickly attached chains to the beams on the ceiling and the turnstiles. The wrestlers, about the same size and build as Kenji, then grabbed  the hulking bodybuilder under his arms and hoisted him to his feet. Kenji pulled Payne's silver trunks off.

"Hey! What the fuck!" Payne protested. A quick slap to his sore pendulous testicles shut him up immediately.

The chains were fastened around Payne's wrists and ankles rapidly and before the large male realized what was going on, he was secured with his arms over his head and his legs spread wide apart.

Payne whimpered as he struggled to escape but his restraints kept him in his vulnerable position. Kenji smiled as he slowly walked around the trapped bodybuilder.

"Time to have some fun, big boy!" Kenji said as he delivered a swift kick to the giant's ample, low-hanging plums. Payne screamed in anguish, and instinctively tried to slam his legs together and double over but the chains held him in place. He hung his head, sobbing and pleading for mercy.

"Please don't hurt my balls anymore. I can't take any more..." he whined miserably.

"Should have remembered how weak your useless balls were before you flashed them at my wife," Kenji hissed in return, stuffing Payne's sweaty trunks into his open mouth. The beefy man gagged at the taste and smell of his own sweaty ass and crotch.

Payne's heart sank as he realized why he was in this predicament. Kenji was out for revenge, and was not going to show him any mercy.

The smaller wrestler then took out a razor blade, much to Payne's horror.

"Don't worry, pussy boy. I'm not gonna cut you," he laughed as he proceeded to shave the gorilla of a man. The audience cheered as Kenji slowly removed every hair follicle from his body except for his crotch. Somehow, his hairless, burly, pasty body was not as intimidating.

"You look like a pink pig now, fat boy!" Kenji taunted. He brought the razor towards the sobbing bodybuilder's groin and the beefy male immediately began struggling.

"You better keep still unless you want me to accidentally slice your  worthless babymakers off," he warned. Payne immediately stopped struggling. Kenji slowly shaved the humiliated male's genitals, taint and ass, emasculating the cocky wrestler who considered his hirsute body a sign of his virility.

The pint-sized wrestler then brought out a riding crop. As he circled the trapped bodybuilder, he whipped his freshly-shaved body without warning, taking particular aim at his salami-sized nipples, inner thighs, and the base of his cock. Soon, the hulking wrestler's beefy pasty torso were covered in red welts. He then stood behind the whimpering bodybuilder and focused on whipping his fat jiggly butt and the super sensitive back of his hanging balls. The agony was so unbearable that Payne's jaw fell open in a silent scream as tears streamed down his face. His burly body spasmed and shook in pain, and soon, the hefty male began gagging and coughing from the nauseating agony blazing from his abused manhood.

Payne's thick pale ass was covered in red welts and his smooth swollen ballsac turned purplish crimson. Kenji signaled the other wrestlers and the chains were released. The huge wrestler collapsed limply to the mat, sobbing and mumbling incoherently from the horrible pain.

The other wrestlers then brought a pummel horse to the center of the ring, and hoisted the whimpering bodybuilder on it, and tying him on his belly with his brawny arms and thick legs secured under him. His fat pasty welt-covered ass was on full display with his once-proud but now grotesquely swollen testicles hanging below.

Kenji stood in front of the terrified bodybuilder's tear-stained face.

"Please don't hurt my balls any more... please, man..." he begged.

"If you don't want me to destroy your fat useless balls..." Kenji said, and pulled down his trunks to reveal his hard 7 inch cock.

Payne stared at it in stunned silence. Kenji slapped him twice.

"Suck on it, bitch!" he commanded.

Payne relinquished whatever was left of his manhood that night and began servicing Kenji. He dutifully slurped and sucked on the turgid member, gagging as salty precum leaked down his throat.

"Fuck, I knew you were a good little cocksucker!" Kenji remarked as he pulled his throbbing boner out of Payne's sloppy mouth.

Another wrestler, Hiro, pulled his dick out and forced Payne to service him as well. Kenji went behind Payne, and began grabbing the wrestler's ample ass-cheeks and inserted his finger into his pink hole. Payne tried to scream in protest but his cries were muffled by Hiro's thick cock in his mouth. Without warning, Kenji slammed his hard cock into Payne's tight smooth hole. The big man gasped in shock and pain as Kenji thrust his dick back and forth as hard as he could, with only Payne's own spit as lube. Loud meaty slaps rang out as Kenji's pelvis slammed rhythmically against Payne's jiggly pale ass, causing the big man's low-hanging gonads to smack into the pummel horse with each thrust.

After a few minutes, Hiro ejaculated into his mouth suddenly. Payne gagged as a stream of hot salty jizz sprayed down his throat.

"Swallow it, bitch!" he ordered the vanquished male, who obediently swallowed every drop. Another wrestler, Ren, stuffed his throbbing cock into Payne's mouth almost as soon as Hiro removed his spit-covered member.

Kenji soon let out a guttural groan as he came inside Payne's ass. Payne sobbed as felt Kenji's warm load fill his ass, surrendering the final shreds of his masculinity. Spent, Kenji withdrew his cock and wiped off what remained of his cum all over the bodybuilder's ample butt.

The fourth wrestler, a 19-year-old newbie named Toshi, could barely contain his excitement and as soon as Kenji withdrew, he slammed his own hard dick into Payne's red, gaping, spunk-filled hole. He fucked fast and hard, and grabbed onto Payne's low-hanging gonads as if they were a lever. The helpless behemoth winced and whimpered in pain but was forced to continue sucking on the throbbing dick in his mouth while his genitals and ass were abused by the younger male.

The two wrestlers violating the enormous bodybuilder came almost simultaneously, and jets of warm male-milk shot into Payne's throat and into his bulky ass. Toshi and Ren wiped off their cocks on Payne's red, tear-stained face and made him lick off the remaining drops of jizz. Satisfied, Kenji and the other wrestlers left the ring, leaving the once arrogant but now completely emasculated bodybuilder bound and sobbing pathetically where he was. The camera zoomed in on Payne's beefy, welt-covered ass, a stream of greyish spunk leaking from his raw hole down his pendulous scrotum and over his bruised, bloated and battered balls. This was a match no one would forget.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019