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The Lesson

It was just before college graduation, and excitement was in the air. Everyone looked forward to starting a new chapter in life. The graduates from the business degree course were just as excited, but were also looking forward to an extra lesson for one of their classmates. Ethan had been insufferable his entire life. Rich, spoiled, entitled, rude, obnoxious, and smart, he enjoyed insulting, berating, and undermining everyone who had the misfortune of meeting him. He was built like a linebacker, standing at 6'5", and weighing over 300 lbs from spending hours lifting and eating, not actual sports, but fancied himself an athlete. Teachers and students hated him but no one ever said anything to him, because of his size, and wealth.

His male classmates invited Ethan to a party, telling him he was the guest of honor. Since he thought he was the most popular kid on campus, he gladly accepted. The party was in an old barn a few miles from the campus. Ethan drove up in his new Maserati, and strolled in, wearing loud red sweat pants, a white tank top, and a beanie. He was a faux gangster, with the clothing and swagger but definitely not the toughness. Ethan never wore underwear, proud of his big, apple-sized, low-hanging balls. He loved how they swayed and bobbed about as he walked around, and completely enjoyed the stares he got. In fact, he was so proud of his ample gonads that he only wore sweat pants or shorts, ensuring that the world got a good view of his fat babymakers.

"What's up, losers?" he hollered as he entered the barn. About 20 people looked towards him.

"What kind of lousy party is this?" Ethan continued, looking around.

"No fucking food, beer, or DJ. What the fuck?" he said, looking disgusted.

"We were here for you, big guy," someone answered.

"Well I fucking want pizza and beer, losers!" Ethan berated them.

The burly oaf walked around the barn, looking for food and alcohol.

"Fucking fuck... you fucking losers can't organize shit! What kind of fucking shitty party is this?!" he shouted, visibly enraged.

The group of males gathered in a loose circle around him.

"Come on, bitches! Speak up! Who the fuck organized this sad ass party?" Ethan went on, raising his arms and staring at the group.

"Can we just do it already? He's pissing me off!" a voice said behind him.

Ethan spun around. "Which one of you little bitches said that?" he demanded.

"You! It was you! What the fuck is your problem, you little prick?" Ethan spat as he grabbed Paul by the collar and lifted him off the ground.

Paul immediately yanked Ethan's beanie over his face, and big oaf instinctively dropped him and fumbled to pull the beanie off. While the oversized brute was distracted, Paul grabbed his broad shoulders and drove his knee upwards, crashing into Ethan's fat dangling testicles, feeling the satisfying crunch of his kneecap mashing the brute's big balls against his pelvis.

The burly male let out a howl of anguish as he doubled over in pain. Someone then yanked his tank top over his head and arms, blinding him and disabling his brawny arms. Disoriented and his stricken gonads throbbing with pain, Ethan spread his legs for balance as he fumbled to pull away his tank top. Big mistake. A swift kick flew up from behind and collided with his overgrown bobbing balls, and before he could protect his abused manhood, another kick smashed into his jizz-filled nards from the front and another from the back.

"FUCK..... FUCKING FUCK...." he screamed in agony as he spun around, bent at the waist, trying to escape the cruel kicks aimed at the large testicles he was so proud of. A fist flew between his thick ass cheeks and smacked into his big sorry balls. A flurry of fists, back hands, and slaps rained down on his rapidly-swelling nards from all directions. The jumbo-sized organs were an easy target for his tormentors, flopping about invitingly in his pink pendulous nutsac. Ethan's muscular arms flailed about helplessly trying to stop the blows from smacking into his vulnerable, aching testicles.

The pain eventually became too overwhelming, and the husky male slowly sank to his knees, too weak to even try to remove the tank top still wrapped around his head. A few guys grabbed his arms to keep him upright. Someone wrapped the tank top around his face more securely.

"Why man? Why? Why are you doing this to me? he whined, his voice three octaves higher, and his thick legs trembling like jello.

"Because you've been a complete douche the whole time. You talk down to us, you insult us in class, you disrupt the class every fucking chance you get," came a reply.

"Yeah, we're sick of your shit, you fat narcissistic asshole," another voice said, as someone pulled his sweats down to his ankles.

"Please... I'm sorry... Don't hurt my big boys any more... I wanna have kids," Ethan begged pitifully.

A few seconds of silence followed, as the guys stared at Ethan's exposed genitals. His sperm-filled balls were as big and as red as apples, hanging mid-way between his knees and groin, but his dick was barely visible through his thick blond bush. The laughter started.

"What the fuck is that...?" someone commented.

"Is that little nub his dick?" came another comment.

"No way!"

"It's freaking tiny!"

"It looks like a baby carrot!"

"That's the tiniest cock I've seen!"

Ethan began sobbing in pain and humiliation, as the comments about his micro-dick continued. 

"Dude, don't worry about having kids. You couldn't fuck with that small stumpy thing!"

"He never wore fucking underwear. Always trying to show off his junk but his cock is so tiny!"

"It looks so weird compared to his giant freaky balls."

"I mean, how could a big guy have such a tiny dick but huge balls?"

"Maybe that's why he's such an asshole. Small dick syndrome!"

Someone flicked his cock, and Ethan yelped in shock. More guys began pulling at and flicking his minuscule dick, creating another source of pain for the whimpering bully. Despite his pain, Ethan soon had a raging hard-on.

"He likes guys hitting him in the junk!"

"The only way he gets hard is when someone smacks his dick!"

"Look at his boner!"

"It's still tiny. Like two and a half inches?"

"What the fuck... why does he have a baby cock?"

Soon, Ethan heard the sounds of phone cameras snapping. Horrified that the guys were taking pics of his exposed genitals, he struggled to free himself but to no avail. A flurry of punches, back-hands, uppercuts, and slaps were unleashed on Ethan's battered and bloated balls. Loud meaty thwacks rang out in the empty barn as each blow collided with his rapidly-swelling gonads. He squealed loudly with each blow until his voice became hoarse. His whole body quivered like jelly from the awful pain erupting from his overgrown genitals. He doubled over in agony, sobbing loudly as he tried to squeeze his mammoth thighs together to protect his traumatized testicles. It was useless, the fat distended meatballs protruded invitingly between his hamstrings.

Someone grabbed his left testicls, and another person grabbed his right nut.

"Oh God, please don't... please don't," he wailed miserably.

"Which one hurts more? Left or right?" a voice called out. Both people began sadistically mashing each cum-laden meatball as if they were worthless lumps of dough.

"Left! Right! Left! Right! Oh fuck... left!!! No right!!!" Ethan screamed in anguish as his big sorry balls were squeezed, crushed, twisted, and yanked mercilessly.

"Left or right, big boy?" someone asked.

"BOTH! THEY BOTH FUCKING HURT LIKE FUCK!" he howled and immediately began dry-heaving.

Satisfied that Ethan had learned his lesson, they let him go. The burly arrogant bully dropped to the ground like a sack of bricks, weakly clutching his bruised and abused manhood as he curled up in a fetal position. He sobbed softly as they began shaving his crotch.

"Don't move or else we may accidentally cut off your baby dick."

"Yeah, we can barely see it through your bush."

After they were done, the derisive comments continued.

"It looks weirdly like a baby's dick now that we shaved off his pubes."

"Fucking gross. Weird fucking micro-cock."

The guys left the former bully to wallow in his pain, humiliation and misery.

One of the guys, Adrian, felt bad for Ethan. No matter how much of an asshole he was, Adrian felt sorry for how the guys pummeled his vulnerable gonads. Adrian headed back to the barn to check on him about half an hour later. Ethan had managed to stagger to his feet, pull on his tank top, and was gingerly walking towards his car, his massively-swollen aching testicles erupting with pain with every step he took.

"You ok, man?" Adrian asked, as he walked up.

"Why the fuck do you care?" Ethan shot back.

"Do you need me to help you drive back to campus?" Adrian continued.

"Let you drive my brand new Maserati? Are you fucking high?" Ethan went on.

"Do you want me to take you to the hospital to get checked out?" Adrian asked, trying to be as patient as he could.

"Get out of my way, you stupid peasant. Go back to that cheap ugly 10 year old Ford you call a car," the bully retorted as he tried to shove Adrian away. The 5'3", 120 lb cheerleader sent a kick between Ethan's massive thighs, neatly smashing into the rude bully's already badly-battered and bruised balls.

"Urkkk!" Ethan gasped as he folded up like a pretzel. Before he could react, Adrian opened the door of Ethan's Maserati, grabbed him by his hair and shoved him head first inside, leaving the beefy bully's lower body outside the vehicle. Ethan was so hefty that his arms were trapped in this position. Adrian then pulled Ethan's sweats down, exposing his large pasty ass and grotesquely inflamed balls.

Ethan cursed and screamed in protest but Adrian silenced him by dropping his knee on Ethan's distended bull balls, crushing them against the metal car frame.

"You better shut the fuck up and stop struggling, or I'll may just pop one of these big boys," he threatened.

"NO! NO! Please don't break my balls!" Ethan cried out in panic.

"You are a such an asshole that you couldn't even be civil to someone trying to help you. You deserve what you got tonight. I'm gonna make sure you remember this lesson, you small-dicked big-balled pig," Adrian reprimanded him as he pulled his zip down. His thick 10 inch cock sprang out, hard as a rock and leaking pre-cum. He spread Ethan's ample ass cheeks, exposing his pink fuzzy hole, and spat on it.

Ethan began to protest but Adrian slammed his huge member into the bully's virgin hole, drawing a loud yelp. He plunged his cock balls-deep, and began thrusting furiously, his taut balls slapping the whimpering bully's taint. After about 10 minutes, he pulled out and sprayed ropes of thick white jizz all over Ethan's husky ass, making sure that the final squirts landed on the bully's raw red hole, and bruised scrotum.

"I'm sorry man... please... I can't take anymore! I'm sorry I was rude to you. Please, dude..." Ethan begged, finally showing some signs of remorse.

Adrian drove off, leaving the devastated bully there as he was, whining pitifully with his meaty spunk-stained ass and bloated balls exposed.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Gladiators - Part 1

Three barbarians from the northern tribes were captured while trying to spy on the capital of the Empire. Commander Tarax and two of his best lieutenants, Urden and Volos were spotted by a patrol and quickly arrested then imprisoned in the palace to await their fate.

Despite being imprisoned by their sworn enemies, the barbarians were surprised by how well they were being treated. They expected to be tortured and killed but instead were fed lavishly, and their prisons were surprisingly comfortable. For a whole month, they were treated more like royal guests than prisoners of war.

"The Empire has grown soft. They must be afraid of us," Urden commented.

"They will soon surrender to our tribes," Tarax answered.

"They're cowards! Look at those puny little boys they call soldiers!" Volos laughed arrogantly, pointing at the slender, 5'5" tall sentries.

"Yeah, they're afraid of real men like us!" Urden roared, thumping his broad muscular chest.

The barbarians were giants that lived in the forests beyond the northern border of the Empire. Urden and Volos both stood at 8 feet. Volos weighed about 630 pounds but Urden was a much heftier 700 pounds. Tarax was 7'5" tall and weighed a beefy 550 pounds. They were muscled and lean when captured, but after a month of gorging on bountiful food, became muscular and husky.

"Yeah, bring more of that, bitch!" Volos barked at a guard who slid a large tray of food under the door.

"I haven't emptied my load in more than a month. I could just grab him and fuck him until he breaks in half!" Urden complained, grabbing his 9 inch flaccid cock and grapefruit-sized balls hanging half way between his groin and knees. Volos agreed, also lewdly thrusting him hips back and forth, causing his ample, hanging genitals to swing around with his skimpy loin cloth.

The barbarians were surprised later that morning by a group of guards who led them out of their jails. They cooperated, thinking that they were being released, and talked loudly about how they were going to march home as heroes after proving how cowardly the Empire had been.

They were led into a small enclosure. Tarax was separated from Urden and Volos, and told that as Commander, he was to speak to the Emperor. The barbarians agreed, not suspecting anything amiss. Urden and Volos both sat patiently in the dimly-lit area as Tarax was led down a long tunnel. As he emerged from a tunnel, a bright ray of sunlight blinded him and he stopped in his tracks to regain his senses. Without warning, the soldiers grabbed and immobilized him quickly, tying his arms and legs behind him.

"Get off me!" Tarax roared as he tried to fight back. He was hoisted by the ropes on a wooden frame that was wheeled along. He was completely helpless, hanging in mid-air with his brawny arms and huge legs bound behind him. He was startled as he exited the tunnel into a gleaming stadium, packed with cheering crowds, and then led up a dais on a large balcony.

"Welcome!" a voice called out from behind him. Suspended in mid-air, Tarax craned his thick neck to try to see who was behind him.

"I am Emperor Trajan," the voice continued. Slowly, a young male, no more than 20 years of age, strolled to face the hog-tied barbarian. He had striking green eyes, and auburn hair that seemed to glisten in the sunlight.

"Let me go, boy! Or I'll fucking kill you!" Tarax screamed.

"You seem quite tied up. I don't think you'll be able to go anywhere," Emperor Trajan replied, unperturbed. He walked behind the angry but helpless hulking male, and patted his beefy muscled ass.

"I'll fuck you then cut you into pieces!" Tarax spat as he struggled.

"I wouldn't be making threats if I was in such a vulnerable position, barbarian," Emperor Trajan warned, as he eyed Tarax's big bulging balls. They were the size of cantaloupes, hanging helplessly between his bound legs. Without warning, the Emperor grabbed the stunned barbarian's fuzzy ballsac around its thin neck, yanked down hard as he twisted and pulled the hulking male's fat testicles backwards. Tarax roared in agony and shock as nauseating pain exploded from his manhood. The sadistic young Emperor pulled the brawny barbarian's fat, sweaty, hairy testicles as far as his ball-cords would stretch as the enormous male struggled and screamed in anguish. The ropes held him securely in place, and Tarax was utterly helpless.

"Good job with the ropes, Captain," Trajan exclaimed as he released Tarax's aching balls and wiped the sweat off his hand. Tarax groaned in pain, his abdomen heaving as waves of pain pulsated from his traumatized manhood.

The Emperor strode to the middle of the dais, lifted his arms to the cheering crowds, and announced, "Let the games begin!"

As he took his seat, an announcer took over.

"Today we have a match like you have never seen before! Two giants from the north will fight against one of our own warriors!" the voice boomed.

A trap door in the middle of the arena opened up, and a platform rose. The crowd cheered loudly as two massive, burly barbarians emerged, wearing animal skin loin cloths that barely covered their ponderous genitals and wielding large menacing battle axes. Tarax's jaw fell open - it was Urden and Volos. It was clear to him now - they weren't being released, and the Empire wasn't surrendering anything to the tribes - Tarax and his men were play-things for the sadistic Trajan.

Urden and Volos seemed a bit surprised at the stadium and crowd. Trajan stood up.

"Barbarians! I offer you your freedom if you can beat one of my warriors in combat today," he announced.

"We can beat a hundred of your puny warriors!" Urden roared back defiantly.

"Let us start with one. Two of you should be able to beat one man, I imagine!" Trajan replied.

"Bring him out! I will tear him to pieces and feed them to my dogs!" Volos sneered.

The Emperor nodded, and into the arena strode a male, about 5'4", 100 pounds, with a lean muscular frame. He appeared to be about 18, wore a black tunic with long blond hair tied back in a pony tail. His weapon of a simple staff that was almost as tall as he was.

Urden and Volos laughed as they waved their axes around.

"That's your best warrior?! That little boy holding a stick?" Urden mocked.

"This is Ares. He is in training at the moment. I didn't think it would be fair if one of my trained soldiers fought you," Trajan continued.

"A stick? Does the little boy need a ball to play with as well?" Volos laughed.

"I will let Volos fight him. It wouldn't be fair if I joined in and beat the little boy as well. After Volos is done with him, the pretty boy could play with these balls," Urden taunted, grabbing his large bobbing testicles obscenely. He then lumbered off to the side, leaving Volos and Ares in the center of the stadium.

Volos smirked as he circled Ares. His humongous frame dwarfed the pint-sized teen, who seemed unusually calm in the face of such a gargantuan opponent. With a roar, Volos raised his axe and swung it down at Ares. The crowd gasped in shock as Ares quickly dodged the blow and the axe smashed into the ground. Volos continued his assault, grunting loudly as he swung his heavy axe again, aiming to decapitate his pint-sized opponent, but missing. Ares barely budged from his position but easily dodged it. Volos grew visibly angry, and roared as he began swinging his axe wildly, trying to chop Ares into pieces. The teen warrior numbly dodged the barbarian's clumsy assault, and every swing of the axe that cut empty air sapped the bigger male's strength.

The enormous barbarian turned red with exhaustion and frustration, beads of sweat pouring from his face and torso. His expansive chest began heaving as he grew breathless.

"Keep still and fight me!" he screamed in fury. Ares could see his attacks were slowing significantly, and it was harder for him to raise the heavy axe.

"Ok, big boy," Ares replied with a sly smile.

As the axe descended inches away from his head, Ares ducked to the side, and smacked Volos across the face. The massive barbarian was surprised and briefly stunned. The crowd cheered for Ares, and he delivered three more strikes to Volos' face with his staff, sending the giant into retreat.

Infuriated, Volos tried to fight back with his axe. He swung about blindly, wasting precious energy and chopping nothing but air. As Ares dodged each blow, he counter-attacked with accurate strikes of his staff, hitting the barbarian's face again and again. Worn down, and partially blinded by his swollen face, Volos raised the axe high above his head and brought it down, trying to cut Ares in half. The smaller male ducked between the hulking barbarian's trunk-like legs, which were spread apart for balance. As Volos brought the axe down to the ground with a loud clang and was bent at his waist, Ares swung his staff between the larger male's thighs, striking his left testicle with deadly accuracy. Volos screamed in shock and agony but Ares delivered another blow, this time to the barbarian's right testicle. He danced away as the crowd applauded and Volos doubled over, screaming in pain, and clutching his aching gonads.

Urden was incensed at how Ares had beaten Volos. He plodded to towards Volos, who was squirming on the ground groaning in pain a while nursing his injured balls, and picked up his axe. He was much burlier and stronger than Volos, and wielded two huge axes with apparent ease. He charged at Ares, swinging both weapons at him. Ares dodged and retreated as the giant bull of a barbarian continued his charge, his pendulous, fat gonads swinging from side to side, and axes flying like wind-mills. Urden was unrelenting and did not tire as fast as Volos. Ares decided that he had to counterattack before Urden did real damage, and struck Urden's right wrist with his staff. The barbarian yelped in pain and dropped the axe. Ares struck his left wrist and caused him to drop the other axe as well.

He feigned an attempt to grab the battle axe, and Urden immediately panicked, trying to grab it as well. Ares now had the hefty giant right where he wanted him, bent over with his head within striking distance. Ares kicked Urden across the side of his head and sent the burly barbarian reeling. Stunned, the giant stumbled backwards, holding his head protectively but leaving himself vulnerable to attack. Ares swung his foot between Urden's spread thighs, smashing into his dangling, cum-laden balls with a sickening thwack that echoed across the stadium. Urden roared in anguish, instinctively doubling over in pain, but Ares brought his knee up to crash into his descending face. The enormous gorilla of a man was completely stunned, staggering backwards, as he straightened up to protect his face. The sadistic Ares gave him no respite, delivering another  savage kick to the barbarian's ponderous, meaty gonads and before the cocky barbarian could protect his manhood, swiftly kicked the cum-filled orbs again.

Urden sank to his knees, intense pain from his head and groin paralyzing his husky frame. During his fight with Urden, Ares almost forgot about Volos who was now rushing to Urden's rescue. Volos grabbed Ares around the waist but Ares immediately swung an elbow into his face, smashing his nose and causing him to release the smaller warrior. Ares raised his fists to challenge the  huge barbarian who obliged by unleashing a torrent of hay-makers. The crowd was wild with excitement. Instead of weapons, the gladiators were now fighting with their bare hands.

Just like his assault with the axe, Volos' punches were clumsy and ineffectual. Ares dodged every blow with ease. He swung an uppercut that smashed into Volos' ample, sperm-filled balls drawing a screech from the bigger man. Before Volos could double over, Ares sent two more savage uppercuts to his aching testicles. The beefy barbarian sank to his knees in anguish, clutching his battered balls and groaning. As his massive opponent knelt before him, Ares elbowed him across the temple, stunning him as he grabbed his straggly hair, kicked his hands away from his groin, and swung his foot between his muscular thighs. Volos' eyes bugged out and strangled gasps escaped his open mouth as Ares smashed his foot into his big, bloated and bruised testicles repeatedly. The sickening pain became too much for the barbarian and he soon slumped over, out cold.

Urden saw how Ares had punished Volos and with his fat testicles throbbing with inhuman pain, he had lost his will to fight. Ares spotted the big, chunky barbarian clumsily running across the stadium towards an exit. He released the unconscious Volos, grabbed his staff and gave chase. He caught up with the lumbering Urden easily, who was loudly pleading for mercy as he turned back and saw the lithe warrior approaching. Ares tripped the massive bull with his staff, sending his huge beefy frame tumbling forwards.

Urden lay still, face down and temporarily stunned.  Ares walked up between the V formed by his thick, brawny legs. Urden's swollen grapefruit-sized testicles rested on the dirt, nestled between his enormous thighs. Ares smiled as he lifted his foot and brought it down hard. Urden screeched as Ares began grinding his left testicle against the ground like it was a juicy bug. Each of the barbarian's sperm-laden balls was bigger than Ares' foot and so the cruel teen warrior decided that he would crush each in turn, letting his foot roll from one gonad to the other. He spent about a minute on each testicle, pulverizing the meaty organs with his foot, enjoying feeling how the firm orbs gradually became flatter, and squishier, and the soft contents of Urden's scrotum slid about as he crushed them against the dirt. Urden's screams soon turned into animal-like mewling noises as his once-proud manhood was slowly turned into a swollen, mushy mess.

"You wanted to fuck me earlier didn't you, big boy? Why did you run away?" Ares asked.

"No... please.... no," Urden begged, his deep voice now raspy and high-pitched.

"You wanted me to play with your balls, didn't you?" Ares continued as he ground Urden's right testicle into the dirt.

"Please.... no more...." the husky barbarian whimpered.

"I'll play with them, big boy. I'll play with them until I am satisfied," Ares said, menacingly.

He then took his staff and began prodding between Urden's thick ass-cheeks, poking at the barbarian's tight hole. Urden screamed in protest at this new violation of his masculinity. His huge burly frame spasmed from the pain exploding from his crushed testicles, and the giant couldn't muster any strength to fight back. The crowd was shocked but impressed at the young warrior's sadism. The colossal barbarian sobbed loudly as Ares crushed his big bloated balls and violated his ass with a staff. Tarax hung his head in shame. He couldn't believe that one of his best fighters was being humiliated so publicly by a much smaller teen. Despite his, his cock swelled. Tarax was utterly confused and ashamed. How could he be turned on by the sight of a much smaller male defeating and humiliating Urden?

Deciding to further degrade the enormous but cowardly barbarian, Ares grabbed the man's swollen gonads, which now looked like watermelons, from behind and pulled upwards. Urden sobbed as he was forced to his feet, the sickening pain exploding from his traumatized testicles made every muscle in his body feel like jelly. It was a sight to behold, the tiny teen warrior had a huge fearsome barbarian seven times his size by the balls,. Ares forced the giant to stumble backwards as he dragged him around the stadium by his pendulous testicles. The crowd laughed derisively at the almost comical sight. Urden whined and cried loudly as he staggered backwards while bent double, both arms wrapped around his lower abdomen in a vain attempt to relieve the deep nauseating pain in his gut, trying his best to keep up with his tormentor or risk having his battered balls yanked off.

The husky barbarian eventually collapsed, every muscle in body paralyzed by the agonizing pain exploding from his abused testicles. Ares refused to release the sobbing male's bruised and battered balls. As he fell to the ground on his side, the teen warrior wrapped his legs around the barbarian's thick neck from behind and began squeezing, while he tugged hard on his very swollen gonads, literally flossing the barbarian's plump ass cheeks with his own furry scrotum. Urden's face turned red as Ares choked him with his powerful legs, and crushed his manhood. He weakly tried to pull Ares' thighs off his neck and he emitted incomprehensible noises. Despite the horrible pain in his groin and the blood supply to his brain being cut off, Urden's cock swelled up in tribute to the teen warrior.

The crowd gasped as Urden's big rigid cock throbbed, as if saluting the teen who vanquished him so easily. With his muscular thighs constricting the burly male's neck, and one hand stretching his ball-cords to breaking point, Ares used his other fist to smash the barbarian's squishy meatballs even more. Urden cried loudly as Ares pummeled his big sorry balls. Soon, however, the giant emitted an guttural groan and his body spasmed as his erect cock spewed out a stream of greyish, male milk. Glob after glob shot out of his turgid member as Ares literally punched the cum out of his balls. As he gave up the last drops of his semen, Urden's eyes rolled back into his head and blissful unconsciousness numbed the excruciating pain from his once-proud but now ruined testicles. Ares released the limp hefty frame, leaving Urden to wallow in the large pool of his own cum.

Trajan had noticed Tarax's erect dick as well, and as Urden surrendered his male essence to Ares, a guard reached under Tarax and stroked the thick 12 inch organ. Within seconds, moments after Ares released Urden's limp unconscious frame, Tarax moaned in pleasure and squirted his own load. The Emperor made sure the barbarian's jizz  was collected in a bowl. As his body heaved in the afterglow of his orgasm, Trajab brought up the bowl of spunk to his mouth.

"You get turned on by seeing your own warrior being beaten by a boy? Seeing your own warrior being emasculated made your cock hard?" Trajan taunted.

Tarax hung his head in shame. He couldn't deny it.

"Drink up," Trajan continued, bringing the bowl of Tarax's own semen to his lips. Tarax refused, disgusted by the idea. A guard behind him seized his ultra-sensitive testicles and squeezed hard. Tarax's mouth opened in shock and pain, and Trajan poured his cum down his throat. The barbarian gagged at the warm, salty, bitter liquid.

"Swallow every drop or I'll have you castrated," the Emperor warned him. Tarax obeyed, terrified that he would lose his manhood.

"Take him away! I have lots more planned for our big-balled barbarian guests!" Emperor Trajan laughed as guards dragged the unconscious Urden and Volos out of the stadium, and wheeled the hog-tied Tarax away.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020