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Coach Payne

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Another ballbusting story by Darrel L.

Coach Payne was the new high school basketball team coach. At 30 years old, 6 feet 7 inches tall, 260 pounds of solid mass, he was a magnificent, handsome male specimen who was also an arrogant prick. Because he was good-looking, tall and built like a tank, he behaved  like a douchebag and often berated and humiliated the athletes he trained. That attitude caused him to get transferred from the schools in the big city to a small town high school. He resented having to move to a little hick town, as he called it, and was determined to take out his frustration on the students.

On the first day of practice, the basketball team stared at the huge man as he strode in front of them. They were intimidated by the huge, muscular coach and he could smell their trepidation. He stood with his arms folded, his thick legs wide apart and glared at the 16 year old boys as he introduced himself, "I'm Coach Payne, the guy who's supposed to teach you little fags to play basketball. I doubt you weak limp-wristed pussies would learn much but I hope I can at least teach you how to pass a ball without dropping it. You will address me as Coach Payne, and I will call you whatever I freaking want to. While you're here, you're nothing but little maggots who must obey everything I say. You cross Coach Payne, you'll be in pain."

He coached the boys' basketball team like a tyrant. He verbally abused them constantly and occasionally even got physical. One of his favorite methods of humiliation was to toss the ball so that it would bounce off the floor and smack his unfortunate victim in the groin. As the poor victim doubled over in an automatic reflex to their hurting balls, he would come up to them and hiss, "Your pussy hurting, you little bitch? Because from the way you play, I'm pretty you don't have any balls between your skinny chicken legs." Coach Payne wore loose basketball shorts and frequently adjusted his genitals, showing off his ample bulge to the boys as he insulted their masculinity. He wanted them to know that he was the alpha male.

After a few weeks, a few of the boys grew tired of his douchebaggery and abuse. Brad, Scott, and Chris were best of friends and loved basketball but loathed their new coach and his cocky ways. The three were like triplets - physically resembling each other and always hanging out together. Not only did the 5'6", 140 lbs blond-haired blue-eyed boys look like each other, they had a particularly sadistic streak - they enjoyed busting other guys' balls.  They lightly sneaked a bust on each other from time to time for laughs but saved their most cruel busts for guys who inadvertently crossed them.  A stocky powerlifter boy in their neighborhood who was 6 feet tall and 300 pounds made the mistake of trying to pick on Scott once. All three teens ganged up on the oaf and nutted him so badly he threw up all over their lawn and didn't leave his bedroom for a week because of the pain and shame.

"Dudes, I am so sick of that asshole Coach Payne," Brad said.

"Tell me about it, dude. He's called me a fag like twenty times now," Chris chimed in.

"What the fuck is his problem?" Scott asked.

"He's got a small dick?" Brad laughed.

"He's got a huge package, dude. Have you seen his fucking bulge?" Scott said, his eyes wide with excitement.

"Yeah, when he sat down on the bench, I could make out the outline of his balls. Fucking big pair of puppies there!" Chris added.

Coach Payne's fat, dangling testicles

"His big boys are pretty weak and sensitive though. I forgot my phone a couple of days ago after practice and went back to  get it. I saw Coach Payne tossing the basketball around but he missed a shot and the ball slipped and lightly bounced against his nards. He didn't see me but I saw him grab himself with a loud 'oof'. He sat on the court, hugging himself and grabbing his baby balls for more than ten minutes then limp away to the locker room. I tell you, the big guy has a pair of big wimpy balls!" Scott told them with a huge smile.
"Oh, I think we know how we should teach Coach Payne a little lesson then!" Brad laughed cruelly.
"You wanna bust his big ol' balls?" Scott asked.
"Don't you?" Brad asked him back rhetorically.
The boys then decided to spy on Coach Payne after practice to see how they could go about busting the burly coach's ample manhood. They found out that he liked to stay back late after practice when no one else was around to hit the weights followed by a shower before going home. This was probably the best time to get the cocky coach with his pants down, literally.
It was a Thursday night that they decided to spring their plan. It was Coach Payne's leg day and after a grueling workout, his legs felt pumped, thick but were also like jelly. He limped to the locker room and stood in front of the mirror, flexing his impressive muscles as he admired his reflection. The boys were hidden from view but clearly saw the narcissistic male posing and talking loudly to himself in admiration.
"Look at those fucking thick legs!" he exclaimed as he flexed his quads and glutes, grabbing his thick muscular ass.
"Fag!" Brad whispered to his smiling friends.
Much to the boys' delight, Coach Payne peeled off his clothes until he just stood there in his jock. Their eyes scanned every inch of his muscular, beefy body. His 6' 7" massive frame was truly impressive but the boys jaws hit the ground when Coach Payne dropped his jocks. The biggest, lowest-hanging pair of pink fuzzy plums they had ever seen flopped about with an equally impressive flaccid cock. Coach Payne's testicles were the size of chicken eggs and hung about 7 inches from the base of his fat cock under a nest of thick blond pubes. Coach Payne, thinking he was all alone, began admiring his manhood aloud.
"Who's a big-balled, big-dicked man now? Who's got a fucking huge pair of balls pumping testosterone and jizz? Yeah..." he preened aloud, much to the boys' amusement. He then began stroking his cock and gently tickling his massive nutsac, causing his dick to swell to a semi-erect state. He left his jockstrap on the ground right where it fell as he strode over to the showers.
Brad nodded to the Chris and Scott as they took up their positions, patiently waiting for Coach Payne to finish showering. Chris and Scott hid behind the lockers. The moment he heard a pair of heavy footsteps and awful singing approach, Brad quickly knelt on the ground, picked up the sweaty jockstrap, and brought it to his face.
"God, this is fucking disgusting!" he thought to himself as the smell of sweat and stale precum hit him like a sledgehammer.
"HEY! What the fuck are you doing with my underwear, you little faggot?!!!" Coach Payne roared.
Although he was expecting it, the coach's loud yell startled him. He dropped the smelly jock as he cowered in the corner, the large muscular coach stomping towards him like an angry bull.
"I'm sorry, Coach Payne. Please..." Brad whimpered, feigning fear, as the burly, angry male's naked figure towered over him.
The large man grabbed the slender Brad's neck and hauled him up, shoving him roughly against the lockers.
"You wanna smell a real man's balls, don't you, little faggot? You wanna know what a real man's nuts smell like because your own useless little raisins don't even fucking work, don't you!" Coach Payne hissed as he dropped Brad on the ground.
The hulking man dropped his towel, and Brad's jaw fell open as he saw the coach's impressive genitals dangling so close to his face.
"Yeah, you like that, huh, you little fag? You admiring my fat cock and big balls?" Coach Payne hissed as he grabbed Brad's hair and brought his face right up to his groin.
"Smell those big man balls, bitch! Take a fucking deep breath!" he commanded.
Brad was genuinely disgusted and instinctively pulled away. Coach Payne was pissed and yanked Brad back towards his groin again, "SMELL MY BALLS, BITCH!"
Brad smiled slyly as he looked into the cocky man's eyes. Without warning, he brought his fist up in a vicious uppercut that smashed into the unsuspecting male's large, dangling testicles. Brad could actually feel the fat, squishy organs mould over his bony knuckles as his fist mashed them against the bigger male's pelvis. Coach Payne's mouth fell open as he howled in agony from the pain exploding from his bobbing balls.
Brad quickly ducked between his thick, spread legs and ran to the opposite end of the locker room as the burly coached doubled-over, hugging himself and clutching his aching testicles.
"I'm gonna fucking kill you, you little bitch!" he croaked, his voice an octave higher following the low blow.
"Come on, Coach, let me see what you've got," Brad teased. This was what the boys had planned, to lure the arrogant man into a fight so they could go for his vulnerable balls.
The coach doubled-over and clutching his aching balls after a brutal uppercut to his oversized genitals.

Coach Payne took a few minutes to suppress the blazing pain in his manhood as he lumbered towards the smiling teen. He immediately reached his arms out in front and grabbed Brad around the neck, choking him. Brad had a small amount of shampoo in his hand which he quickly smeared into his attacker's eyes. Coach Payne roared in surprise from the new source of pain, temporarily blinded by the attack. He dropped the teenager as he tried to clear the stinging shampoo from his eyes as Brad again dove between his thick legs.
Instead of just escaping this time, Brad grabbed the blinded giant's pendulous testicles and swung between the stunned coach's muscular legs, using the big man's long, pink scrotum and dangling nards like a rope.
As Brad emerged behind the confused bull, he twisted his trapped, vulnerable testicles as his fingers crushed the large, meaty organs. The bigger man's curses immediately morphed into high-pitched squeals of utter agony as he automatically doubled-over, the sickening pain from his tormented manhood causing his stomach muscles to spasm uncontrollably. Brad smirked at the power he held over the bully coach now, literally having the cocky, bigger, older man by the balls. He couldn't believe how a small teenage boy like him could have an hulking adult male at his mercy just by controlling the pain he could inflict on his genitals. Enjoying his power trip, he applied more pressure to Coach's Payne's oversized gonads until shiny, meaty bubbles of testicular flesh to protrude obscenely from the gaps between his fingers. Coach Payne's cries became more desperate and high-pitched as the vise-like grip on his tender manhood tightened, sending sickening waves of deep-seated pain from his groin into the core of his body.
Out of desperation, he tried backing up in an attempt to push Brad against the lockers to knock his teen tormentor off. The abject agony generated from his twin orbs made his efforts weak and futile; instead of obtaining the relief he had hoped for, the pain generated from the large man's tenderized spunk-makers increased as the sadistic teenager gave the pendulous meaty plums a vicious, hard, upwards tug. Coach Payne's cries of pain became a hoarse, animal-like wail. As Brad started flossing the muscular male's hairy ass-crack with his long, pendulous, stretched scrotum, the tormented coach tried to push his ass into the air as much as possible to relieve the horrible tension on his ballcords but to no avail.
After a few minutes of inhumane punishment on his sensitive nards, Coach Payne's muscular legs began to turn into jelly despite his attempts to not fall (so that Brad wouldn't yank off his testicles) and he started to crumple to the ground. Brad was unable to hold the heavy man up by his gonads anymore and quickly released him so that he wouldn't be pulled down with the traumatized hulk. Coach Payne's relief, though, was very short-lived. Before he could react and reach for and protect his brutalized balls, Brad quickly swung a kick that sailed between his thick legs and smashed into the unfortunate male's tenderized overgrown testicles with a sickening thwack. A brief yelp of anguish and spasm of his entire muscular body announced that Brad's kick connected with its target; the pain was too much for the coach to bear, and passed out cold on the locker-room floor.
Chris and Scott emerged from their hiding places. Their job was to ensure that if the situation got out of hand and Brad was in a bad spot, they could step in to rescue him. "Thanks for your help, dopes," Brad joked.
"Let's carry him to the bench!" Chris said.
"Unhh... this dumb fuck is fucking heavy!" Scott grumbled as the three carried the unconscious hunk to a wooden bench. They laid him on his back and tied his brawny arms and legs to the bench. Scott then grabbed the unconscious coach's jizz-tanks and rolled them around in their pink, hairy sac, admiring the how large they were. He then began pushing the squishy orbs into the gap between the pieces of wood that made up the bench. Each fat testicle barely fit through the narrow gap but Scott applied some lotion on them and managed to squeeze each gonad, between the gap.
"That would have fucking hurt if he were awake!" Chris commented.
"I wanted to get his big puppies between the gap before they started swelling and wouldn't fit. After we're done with him, his nuts are gonna so swollen, he wouldn't be able to free himself from that bench," said Scott with a sadistic giggle.
"My, my... what an evil boy!" Brad laughed as he bent over to admire how snugly the coach's big bloated testicles were trapped between the gap in the bench.
"I have something of my own too," Scott smiled as he pulled out a vibrating buttplug from his bag and slid under the bench. Without lubing it up, he roughly shoved the toy into the unconscious giant's thick ass.
"It's remote controlled," he added with a smile as he looked at his giggling friends.
After about ten minutes, Coach Payne began to stir. Groggily, he started pulling against his restraints and wiggling his hips from the discomfort in his ass and the pain emanating from his tortured testicles.
"Wakey, wakey, sunshine!" Scott sang as he pinched the coach's nose, shaking his head from side to side.
"What the fuck... fucking fuck... FUCK!!" the restrained giant male cursed as he tried to free himself, now fully awake. As he jolted his hips upwards, his trapped testicles jammed against the cold, unyielding bench, causing the angry man to collapse back weakly with a deep, guttural groan of male pain. He realized that he was trapped and had no way of escaping but that did not stop him from threatening the three boys.
"When I get free, I'm gonna kill the three of you! I'll fucking hunt you down, rape you, and kill you, you little fucks!!" he hissed.
"Such a potty mouth! Didn't your mother tell you not to cuss?" Chris scolded as he kicked beneath the bench. Coach Payne howled in agony as his fat, swollen testicles were mashed between Chris' sneaker and the hard bench. Chris administered three more kicks which weren't very hard but felt like sledgehammer blows to the poor, tormented coach's bruised, battered male members. With each kick, the coach's cries of pain became weaker and more desperate.
"Please... stop... please... don't hurt my big boys anymore..." he whimpered pathetically, tears streaming down his handsome face.
"Oh my, little faggot crybaby 's balls are weak and useless!" Chris teased, as he grabbed his own bulge, mocking the tormented hunk.
"Here's the deal, Coach Payne. We're kinda sick of how you treat us and keep talking about how big your balls are," Scott told him.
"So we're gonna play with you tonight to see what we can do with those nice big balls," Brad chimed in.
"And if you cooperate with us, we may just let you keep your precious balls. If you're a dick, we may just accidentally pop one or both of those fat, useless nards," Chris whispered in the frightened man's ear.
"Please don't hurt me," the hefty adult male begged his teenage tormentors, his spirit now broken.
Scott then started slapping the whimpering hunk's large flaccid cock back and forth. After a few minutes, he glared at the muscular hunk, and said, "What's wrong with your fucking big dick? Hung like a horse but can't get hard at all! How do you fuck anything?! I've probably got to punish your useless baby balls some more!"
He knelt down besides the wide-eyed, whining hunk and started speedbagging his trapped, traumatized testicles. Loud fleshy thwacks rang out as Scott's unforgiving knuckles smacked into the sobbing coach's soft, squishy, swollen ball-meat . As the pain from his battered balls increased exponentially from each punch, the hulking male began bawling loudly like a little boy.
"My balls just hurt so much... please, I can get hard if I need to... just please stop hurting my babymakers" Coach Payne whined pitifully.
"Second chance," Scott warned him as he stroked the sobbing man's fat cock.
Coach Payne closed his eyes and he tried his best to tap into his most erotic fantasies, desperately trying to get his thick cock hard. The humiliation and pain from his bruised balls was just too much and he could only manage a pathetic semi-erection.
"Thinking about your boyfriend's cock?" Chris mocked, denigrating the beefy coach's manhood further.
Coach Payne struggled to get hard but to no avail. It was actually amusing to watch a grown, virile male desperately trying to get an erection on command, so he wouldn't get abused.
"Sorry, Coach. We warned you," Brad told him as he approached with a long sock with a tennis ball in it.
"NOOOOOO! NOOOOO! PLEASE DON'T!!" the frightened man screamed as Brad began menacingly swinging the sock around like a mace.
He swung it beneath the bench and the abused coach screamed miserably as the tennis balls crashed into his swollen, traumatized gonads. His muscular body spasmed so hard from the explosion of pain in his nards it almost broke the bench.
"You broke my balls! You broke my fucking balls!" he wailed hysterically, believing that his precious testicles had ruptured.
"Relax, pussy. Your big, useless nards are still intact... for now," Scott told him as he reached beneath the bench to feel the coach's now very-swollen, bloated, and extra-squishy balls.
"Inspired by James Bond," Brad smiled cheekily as he swung again and again. Some of his shots missed their target but most of the blows struck Coach Payne's trapped, helpless testicles. The big, strapping man was delirious with pain, sobbing uncontrollably as his body spasmed more weakly every time the tennis ball collided with his dangling, overgrown sperm-tanks. About fifteen blows to his horribly-aching beaten balls later, Coach Payne was pale, his sobs became soft mewling noises and cold sweat covered his entire body. The pain was becoming too much to bear and he was on the brink of passing out again. The boys decided not to continue abusing the big man's balls as they wanted him to remain conscious so he could feel every bit of punishment they inflicted on him.
Scott was now stroking the sobbing coach's semi-erect cock with one hand as the other gently tickled the underside of his sensitive ballsac. Even though he couldn't get a full erection, his sobs turned into little moans of pleasure after a few minutes of Scott's ministrations. In no time, his large, soft dick started squirting copious amounts  of thick gooey jizz as he let out a moan of ecstasy. He couldn't shoot far and instead, oozed thick blobs of cum that formed a large puddle on his abdomen.
"What the fuck just happened? Oh god, I came... no... no..." the humiliated male cried in utter shame.
"Yeah, coach. I guess you're now a faggot. You just spooged after being touched by a dude," Brad taunted.
Without allowing the confused man any time to recover, Scott grabbed his leaking cock and started pumping on it again. Coach Payne whimpered in discomfort as Scott manhandled his sensitive dick but Scott ignored the large man's protests. He continued stroking his large, wet cock and smiled at Chris as he turned on the vibrating buttplug. Coach Payne screamed in panic as he started feeling sensations and vibrations deep in his rectum, a place he had never been touched before. The prostate stimulation proved too much for the husky male and he screamed even louder as he came again. Another huge amount of warm man milk spurted from his cock, adding to the sticky mess on his abdomen. He collapsed back on the bench in exhaustion as Chris turned off the vibrations.
The big, beefy coach was a sobbing, delirious mess by now. The heady mix of pain and pleasure was just too much for him. As he mumbled incoherently, Brad began jacking him off. The tormented male started to scream in protest but Chris took his dirty jock and stuffed it in his mouth, muffling the cries. Brad signaled to Chris to turn the buttplug on max. Coach Payne squirmed desperately as the buttplug vibrated violently inside his thick muscular ass, violating his sense of masculinity to the core. As Brad sensed the hulking man about to cum again, he stopped stroking his cock and as the first globs of semen started flowing from his cock, he drew his fist back and swung it savagely under the bench.
Coach Payne's entire muscular frame spasmed in agony as Brad's bony fist crushed the two orbs of nerve-filled, bruised, swollen testicular tissue against the hard bench. A muffled scream rang out as his eye rolled back into his head and he passed out yet again; merciful unconsciousness relieving him of the inhumane pain blazing in his genitals. His flaccid cock continued to leak copious amounts of male milk until Chris turned off the remote-controlled buttplug.
"Coach Payne couldn't take the pain," Brad announced as he quickly snapped a few pictures of the passed-out jock in his humiliating pose.
The boys untied the unconscious hunk but left him spread-eagled on the bench with a large pool of his own spunk all over his trunk. His oversized testicles had swollen to the size and color of ripe apples and could not be freed from the gap in the bench without doing serious damage to those tender organs. That was the boys' plan all along. Chris left the buttplug in his ass and placed the remote control on his barrel-like chest. By the time the boys were done, it was already 3am. They quickly left the locker room and laughed all the way home.
An hour later, the janitor discovered the unconscious coach with his bruised, bloated balls obscenely trapped in the bench. His reaction was to call 911 and when the paramedics arrived to tend to the coach, they in turn had to call the fire department to free the stud's swollen, purplish gonads from the wooden bench. Needless to say, there was a huge scene at the school with the firemen guffawing as they cut the bench to free the humiliated coach's overgrown, very tender spuds. The traumatized coach would wail pitifully with every small impact that jolted his very sensitive, battered balls. The paramedics tried their hardest to remain professional and not laugh as they gingerly pulled the buttplug out and wheeled the butt-naked, cum-covered beefcake on a gurney and brought him to the hospital. The entire school staff and student body were aghast and excited by the sight of the coach being brought out to the ambulance. As luck would have it, a gust of wind blew his covers up, displaying his swollen, overgrown genitals for all to see and derisive laughter rang out across the school yard.
While it took about three days for the coach's battered balls to heal enough for him to walk without yelping in pain every time his low-hanging fruit knocked into his legs, his reputation was destroyed and wouldn't ever recover in that small town. The local newspaper made his predicament first page news. The headlines screamed, "Perv Coach Found Trapped by Testicles" and went on detail how he was found in the boys' locker room passed out, trapped by the balls, covered in semen with a buttplug in his ass and a sweaty jock in his mouth. It went on to speculate that he was engaged in some weird sex act with the bench and ended getting stuck. Coach Payne refused to discuss the matter with anyone; how could he have been so humiliated by three teenage boys half his size?! His refusal to explain himself only made the rumors more cruel.
The muscular bully coach had to resign and move to a different school across the country to escape the humiliation he suffered at the hands of the three teenage sadists.


  1. I really wish you would have just made it one guy just busting him. But thanks a lot anyway, fantastic as usual.

  2. Thanks for a great story! Hope you're in the works on sequels for your other series too!!

  3. Very good story and I'm just shoot my (jezz) up to my head, see how horny your story is!
    I think few years later Coach Payne find out couple of his obscene pictures have been circle around on internet and porn website then that will made him more angry.
    Thank for stories looking forward to read more gay humilation story.

  4. Great story. I love the way you use sadistic young small teenagers to bust big strong adult men's balls. I hope you will do more of these types of stories as there are so few of them on the net. Mabey you should start a collection called bad boys which is stories of young sadistic teen boys torturing adult mens balls for all kinds of reasons. I have some ideas based on BB stories I have writen should you be interested.

    1. Thanks :-) sure, throw a few ideas my way and I'll try to incorporate them into my stories