Monday, December 30, 2013

Swat his testicles

Helplessly trapped, a man can only wince as a female swats and smacks his fat testicles.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jimmy Dean Destroys Thor's Testicles

Merry Christmas, boys :-)

In one of the hottest wrestling matches I have ever seen, the legendary ballbusting wrestler Jimmy Dean shows us just how to deal with a bigger, more muscular opponent. In this match, he faces Thor, a bigger, heavier, cockier wrestler who initially seems to kick Jimmy Dean's ass. But when Jimmy gets the larger man in a weak moment, he twists his arm behind him to incapacitate him before between his ass cheeks and grabs hold of the bigger man's bulging balls. Jimmy's hand and fingers wrap around the screaming Thor's squishy genitals and squeezes the sensitive organs as hard as Jimmy's cruel heart desires. From then on, Thor is in a world of agony, as the sadistic Jimmy crushes the life from his tenderized testicles. The pictures speak for themselves, showing the muscled hunk struggling valiantly and then slowly sinking to his knees and then dropping to his face as he is overwhelmed from the torture inflicted on his big boy balls by the deliciously sadistic Jimmy Dean.

Friday, December 20, 2013


Guys, I need a little bit of feedback.

I am thinking of writing stories of guys with small balls getting busted. Would anyone be interested in (or turned on by) such stories? I still find the thought of a guy having his big balls abused incredibly hot, but I'm intrigued by the thought of exploring stories of unhung guys.

Tell me what you think.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Busting the Exhibitionist - Pt 4 (Versus Cole)

by Darrel L.

Joe was the 33 year old, 6’10” bodybuilding exhibitionist who lived next door to my cousin, Matt, whom we turned into our personal, muscle slave boy. Matt and I enjoyed busting other males’ balls tremendously and we first encountered the hulking bull with his unbelievably fat, overgrown testicles in the summer. Both of us, cherubic-looking, apparently innocent, small-built 16 year olds lured the big dumb oaf into a fight, busted his ample balls, took him down, and then humiliated him to make him our bitch. The beefy masochist seemed to enjoy the abuse and we continued to dish out testicular abuse on our semi-willing, big-balled victim whenever we felt like it.

Joe's fat balls and comparatively tiny dick.

Busting a bigger guy’s balls to reduce him to a defeated, sobbing mess turned me on immensely. Nothing was hotter than humiliating an apparently tougher, larger man by taking advantage of his weak point – his genitals. Joe was already 350 pounds of beefy muscle when we had our first encounter, but I wanted him to grow bigger and so Matt and I forced him to spend more time in the gym, lift more weights, drink lots more protein shakes, and eat as much as he could force into his pudgy face. As a result, by about 6 months later, Joe ballooned to a bulky 380 pounds. We didn’t want him to use any anabolic roids though, since we didn’t want his ridiculously oversized gonads to shrink. He was a fatter but definitely packed on much more muscle mass as well. Built like a massive off-season bodybuilder, big Joe was like our personal big-balled, prize bull!

Matt’s brother, Cole, was 20 and in college. He was a talented basketball player and was blessed with a wiry, 7 foot frame. He had the biggest feet and hands I had ever seen. He wore size 15 shoes and his fingers could easily grasp on to a basketball with one hand. He was back for a short break and Matt had told him about how we made our beefy neighbor into a whimpering sex slave. Cole’s eyes shone with lust and interest.

“Can I fight him and make him my bitch too?” Cole asked excitedly.

“You know he’s three times heavier than you are, you beanpole!” Matt laughed.

“I know. I can take him down! I’ve never fought such a big man before, but I know I can kick his ass!” Cole pressed on.

“I wanna watch that!” I chimed in with a smile.

We strolled over to Joe’s house and walked right in and saw our hefty prize bull standing at the kitchen, buck naked like how we ordered him to be, making a meal. His muscled back was as wide and as thick as a barn door, tapering down to a smaller, albeit chunky, midsection, and then expanding into massive, thick glutes and trunk-like legs.

“Good slave boy! Naked and stuffing your fat face, just like we ordered you to. Since he’s a good bitch, I think we can let our big muscle slave cum today, right, Matt? The last time we milked him was almost a month ago” I smiled as I sauntered up to Joe. My eyes wandered to his low-hanging, overgrown testicles. I reached between his legs, and Joe instinctively brought his muscular thighs together and whimpered in trepidation, as if that would keep me away from his ponderous genitals. My fingers wandered around the large, meaty, orbs, admiring their weight, and gently stroked the smooth, pendulous scrotal sac that barely contained those heavy, cum-filled organs. Joe’s comparatively small cock almost immediately came to life and throbbed in proud erection in response to my ministrations. His oversized testicles felt squishier than usual and had a slightly bluish discoloration, instead of the usual pink. My bull had big blue balls!

“That tiny cock seems excited to see us,” I mocked as Joe hung his head in shame.

Cole’s jaw was slack with shock at the stunning male specimen standing before him. 6’10” and 380 pounds of beefy muscle with a pair of huge balls that seemed to proudly announce his masculinity.

“Come with us, slave!” I ordered as I tugged on Joe’s pendulous balls, and he obediently lumbered forwards, whining softly in discomfort as I used his floppy scrotum as a leash.

We went down to Joe’s basement, which was clear and the perfect place for a match between Cole and Joe. No one would hear us down here.

“Look, slave boy, Cole here is Matt’s brother and wants to fight you. The rules are pretty simple. Don’t punch each other in the face or poke anyone in the eye. You gotta go to work and Cole won’t want to explain any black eyes or broken nose to his parents. Otherwise, it’s no holds barred. The first guy to submit is the loser. There will be three rounds altogether. Winner will be guy who wins the most rounds. Simple?” I explained.

“Hell, yeah!” Cole jumped up in excitement.

“The winner gets to do whatever he wants to the loser. Slave boy, if you beat Cole, we won’t bother you anymore and you won’t be our little bitch any longer,” Matt continued. As he intended, that seemed to light some hope in Joe, stirring his fighting spirit.

Cole took off his shirt and left his basketball shorts and Nikes on, as he strode to the middle of the basement floor. Joe walked forward to meet his opponent, his dangling male nuggets schlepping from side to side as he did. We could see Joe’s will to fight had returned, he seemed more confident and almost cocky again, probably thinking that he could regain some of his male pride by defeating Cole.

The two fighters cautiously circled each other as Matt and I watched on. Cole was 2 inches taller than Joe but Joe was three times his weight. Cole threw the first blow, landing a slap across Joe’s surprised face, and laughed at the angry hulk. Joe tried to hit Cole back but Cole’s longer arm span meant that he could continue to land smacks on the infuriated bull and remain beyond Joe’s reach. After 5 smacks, the furious bodybuilder changed tactics and began charging at Cole, hoping to hit him. Cole easily dodged his massive opponent but the bigger man, his face red with anger, continued charging like a bull. Instead of only avoiding his attacks, Cole started swing punches into Joe’s chubby sides as he avoided his husky clumsy opponent. This was where his muscles were thinnest and therefore, where he was more vulnerable. At first, Joe almost didn’t even notice the strikes. Slowly but surely, the pain was beginning to take its effect and Joe’s attack had slowed considerably until he could only amble ridiculously.

The big bodybuilder tried to protect his sides but this only allowed Cole to smack his pudgy face. Confused and in a lot of pain, Joe just stood in the middle of the basement trying to use his brawny arms to protect his head and sides as Cole continued his relentless attack. Finally, Joe reached out and managed to grab hold of Cole’s arm. Matt and I gasped in surprise as the hefty hulk then grabbed Cole’s other arm. We thought Cole was done for. Joe’s eyes glowed victoriously as he pulled Cole towards himself, probably to bearhug him into submission.

Instead of panicking, the wiry Cole used Joe’s grip on his arms as leverage and swung his bony knee between the giant man’s thick, trunk-like legs. A loud thud emanated through the basement as his hard bony knee smashed into Joe’s large, dangling, cum-laden gonads. Joe’s victorious look immediately evaporated, as his jaw hung slack, no sound escaping the stunned behemoth’s lips as the agony of Cole’s hard, bony knee crashing into his sensitive, squishy meatballs started to register. Before his burly opponent had a chance to protect his stricken manhood, Cole swung two more devastating knees into the larger man’s traumatized testicles, each connecting with their target with deadly, nauseating force. The final knee to his battered balls was so hard that his 380 pound frame lifted off the ground a few inches, and even made Matt and I cringe.

A strangled groan escaped the injured hulk’s lips as he immediately released Cole’s arms so he could clutch and protect at his plump, aching man plums. He doubled over in agony, his knees buckled, and he slowly dropped to the ground, making weird whining puppy noises as the pain and nausea from his brutalized balls blazed into his abdomen. He remained on his knees, his hands clutching his hurting manhood, his eyes squeezed shut, and his mouth open in the typical “O” response to testicular pain. It was as though he was frozen in a posture of utter agony, unable to move, or do anything other than make keening noises.

Cole stood in front of the kneeling hunk and grabbed him by his wrists. Joe was in too much anguish to resist. Hoisting his muscular arms above his head, Cole stood in the V formed by his muscular legs, drew his foot backwards and smiled as he unleashed a savage kick into Joe’s unprotected, bobbing balls. Joe howled in anguish, and his entire muscular body spasmed uncontrollably as Cole’s size 15 Nike crashed into Joe’s sensitive, nerve-filled, vulnerable genitals with a sickening thwack.

“You fucking broke my balls! Oh fuck, you broke my fucking balls! I give! Please… no more!” Joe sobbed, his voice an octave higher, as he collapsed into a fetal position. He cried miserably in agony, writhing around in a desperate attempt to relieve the pain blasting from his big busted boy balls.

“Well, we know the winner of Round 1,” Matt announced with a shrug as Cole sat down to recuperate. He reached down to adjust the swelling bulge between own his legs, as he looked contentedly at the pitiful bodybuilder on the ground, sobbing and nursing his injured bulging babymakers.

I knelt beside Joe, reached between his legs, and gently felt his testicles, worried that Cole had actually ruptured the big man’s fat balls. He resisted but I told him to shut up and let me check for any injuries. Joe whined as I rolled his overgrown gonads around with my fingers, obviously causing him more pain. While his male nuggets had definitely swelled up, and were now larger and squishier than before, they were still intact. What a relief!

“They’re ok, you stupid pussy! Stop making such a fuss!” I scolded the sobbing bodybuilder as I stood up and kicked his beefy buttocks in contempt. My kick barely registered, the fallen hulk was too consumed by the agony in his fragile spunk-makers.

It took a good 30 minutes before Joe could slowly stagger to his feet. When he finally did, Matt announced gleefully, “Round 2!”

Cole impatiently jumped to his feet, eager to brutalize the bigger man’s weak nards again. Joe stood slightly bent at the hip with one hand in front of his groin, wary of having his aching balls attacked again. Cole circled the massive male like a lion eyeing an injured rhino. With his free arm, Joe tried to hit his tormentor. Cole easily avoided the wildly-swinging muscular arm, dancing out of reach as Joe grew more frustrated. As his punches grew weaker and clumsier, Cole grabbed the brawny arm and quickly twisted it behind Joe’s back. Joe screamed in anguish as his right shoulder became his new source of pain. Cole viciously twisted his arm until it was close to dislocating and Joe’s shrieks grew hysterical.

Cole’s free hand plunged between the howling bodybuilder’s fat butt cheeks and latched around his pendulous, oversized testicles as Joe’s screams became more panicked. Cole’s huge hand, which could easily hold a basketball, grabbed hold of the two plump, meaty orbs. Deftly, he let go of Joe’s brawny but now useless arm as it flopped to his side, and yanked on his low-hanging nards backwards and upwards. The pain from his crushed plums caused his abs to spasm and he automatically doubled-over, which only made his manhood more vulnerable and exposed Cole’s sadistic abuse from behind.

Enjoying his dominant position, he tightened his grip on poor Joe’s squishy, oversized gonads until pink, shiny, fleshy bubbles of testicular meat protruded from the gaps between his fingers. You could almost see all the engorged blood vessels shining through the stretched, slightly translucent ballsac! Poor Joe squealed like a stuck pig as Cole crushed his trapped, traumatized testicles, his muscular thighs squeezed together in a useless attempt to protect his abused manhood. For his amusement, Cole started walking while tugging and crushing the beefy bodybuilder’s balls. To ease the pain, he was forced to lumber backwards. Cole continued to make the big clumsy oaf stagger about backwards as Matt and I laughed uncontrollably at the sight. The pain and humiliation soon caused Joe to trip and he fell on his face awkwardly, forcing Cole to temporarily release his vise-like grip on his foe’s rapidly-swelling nards.

Joe’s relief was short-lived. Not allowing his fallen opponent to recover, Cole grabbed each ankle and hoisted them upwards leaving Joe facedown with his pelvis in the air. Before the hulking man could react to his predicament, Cole swung a brutal kick that smashed into his vulnerable, dangling testicles with a gut-wrenching thwack, drawing a high-pitched squeal from the stricken bodybuilder. The kick was so hard Joe’s fat, pendulous gonads swung forwards to smack into his lower abdomen only to swing back and meet another savage kick from Cole’s large, unforgiving Nike. Joe’s massive frame spasmed and went completely limp after the second, and his miserable squeals suddenly stopped. Unable to support Joe’s heavy lower body any longer, Cole let go. Joe was out cold, the pain too much for his brain to bear. We turned him over on his back to inspect the damage. Both his normally big balls were now swollen to the color and size of large, juicy ripe apples, making his cock look more pathetic and tinier than before.

“I guess you win Round 2,” I laughed as I looked at Cole, who had a raging boner tenting his shorts obscenely. Cole smiled as he reached into his shorts to adjust his throbbing erection. After about ten minutes, Joe began to stir. Cole immediately sat on his broad, barrel-like chest and slapped his face about.

“Wakey, wakey, big boy!” Cole taunted.

Groggily, Joe tried to swat Cole away, but Cole reached behind him and smacked Joe’s bloated balls hard. Joe yowled in pain, and was now fully awake. He whimpered miserably and stopped resisting as Cole now teased his fallen opponent by pinching his pudgy cheeks and shaking his head from side to side.

“Please… I can’t take anymore… my balls can’t take anymore… please… I can’t fight anymore,” Joe begged his younger opponent, tears streaming down his face.

“So I guess Cole is the winner. And he can do whatever he wants to you, big guy,” Matt told him, as Joe miserably nodded in submission.

Cole got up and immediately yanked down his shorts and boxers and his raging boner sprung out. Matt and I stared jealously at Cole’s massive 12 inch cock. Joe’s eyes were wide with shock as well, his little cock seemed to shrink even more with humiliation and shame.

“On your knees!” Cole commanded and Joe complied with his face planted on the ground and his large butt in the air.

Cole knelt behind him and grabbed hold of his squishy, swollen, abused testicles to trap them at the base of their pendulous sac. He then started slapping Joe’s battered gonads with his engorged cock. Joe whined loudly in torment with every smack of Cole’s enormous cock on his big, bloated, bruised balls. It was both hot and hilarious to watch as Cole used the symbol of his masculine strength, his big dick, to punish the weakest and most sensitive part of Joe’s anatomy, his massive, but useless testicles. Despite the pain and abuse, Joe’s cock began to grow and was soon throbbingly erect.

“This masochistic fag likes being humiliated!” Cole smiled.

Cole then grabbed Joe’s hair roughly, and made him kneel with his face inches away from his huge boner. The big bodybuilder obeyed, kneeling there with his low-hanging, overgrown, cum-filled nards resting on the ground. Cole planted his foot on Joe’s swollen balls, and applied pressure as Joe’s eyes and mouth grew wider in trepidation and pain.

Cole grabbed his leaking boner and used it to slap the humiliated man’s face. Without being asked, the defeated and degraded hulk started sucking on Cole’s cock.

“Fucking sissy cocksucker needs to worship a big cock!” Cole mocked as Joe hungrily sucked on his engorged penis.

Within minutes, Cole leaned his head back and moaned in ecstasy as he unloaded his male milk into Joe’s mouth. Joe gagged but Cole stepped down hard on his trapped testicles. “Fucking swallow my load, sissy fag boy!” he commanded.

Joe gulped down his spunk, visibly disgusted by the taste. Cole then started moving his foot back and forth, squashing Joe’s battered, bloated balls as though he were trying to kill a bug. Joe groaned in pain but surprisingly, his hips started bucking involuntarily as his little cock squirted out globs of grey jizz all over Cole’s shoes. After about 12 squirts, Joe was spent. It was an unbelievable amount of cum. Cole’s entire size 15 Nike was covered in Joe’s spunk.

“You stomped the sperm out of his balls!” I remarked in surprise. Joe was glassy-eyed and appeared dazed from the pain and pleasure in his groin.

“Fucking gross!” Cole cursed as he stomped down hard on Joe’s trapped, tenderized, traumatized testicles, which were now exquisitely sensitive after ejaculation, completely ruining the bodybuilder’s orgasm. Joe screamed once, and then his eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out again from the inhumane pain in his bruised, battered, bloated balls. His unconscious body slumped back. Cole then contemptuously wiped off Joe’s jizz on his sagging, floppy nutsac, and spat on the unconscious man’s now purplish, very-swollen, busted genitals.

We walked out, leaving Joe to wake up and clean the mess he left. I was hard as a rock, and planned to come back and humiliate Joe and get my rocks off later.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pokeball to the balls

Balls busted by a pokeball.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Ball pain and nipple pleasure

After kneeing and punching his big muscular jock boyfriend in his plump testicles, a punk pinches and teases his nipples as the jock moans in both pain and pleasure while clutching his traumatized gonads.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Poor wrestler

The wrestler in the red trunks is tag-teamed by two sadistic jocks who take turns crushing and twisting his big boy balls.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gozilla's Balls

The moment before a ball-claw turns a big, beefy wrestler's scream of victory into whimpers of pain. No matter how big the man, his balls are his weak spot.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stomped balls

Stomp on his useless balls until they empty their load.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The end of the fight

After the second kick to the balls, a tough husky guy collapses in a world of pain and is definitely not getting up any time soon.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bodybuilder's Aching Balls

A big muscular male struggles and screams pitifully as his tormentor smacks and slaps his tied testicles. No amount of muscle can protect his tender testicles from this sadistic abuse.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kick his balls harder!

When a submissive bottom boy is down and tied up, kick his bound testicles until he cries from the pain!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Showoff gets nutted

A bike stunt goes wrong and Jason's gonads are crushed against the frame. Nice.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Squeeze his sperm out

Big strong man is tied down and is totally helpless as his balls are mercilessly squeezed so hard he squirts all his jizz

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gym balls

Tough pecs, tough arms, weak aching balls...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tennis Ball Bust

Sorry if I'm re-posting but it's just so fucking hot to watch his big bulging balls bounce as they get hit by a tennis ball... over and over again.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nuts meet rail

The agony when a skateboarder crushes his tender boy balls against a hard, cold, metal rail.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wrestling Ball-spanking

Pin the husky masked man and smack his vulnerable balls until he submits!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brian's First Match

It was Brian's first match. Dressing in white to demonstrate his sense of sportsmanship and fairplay, and betraying the naivete of youth, he strides proudly into the ring and reaches out to shake hands with his older opponent, Dirty Dave.

Instead of reciprocating Brian's friendly gesture, Dirty Dave shows how he gained his nickname by delivering a sharp, swift kick to Brian's vulnerable boy balls.

Unbelievable pain explodes from Brian's young, tender, balls as his knees buckle and his hands automatically reach to clutch his traumatized testicles. The audience gasps and the referee cringes as the audible thud of a boot smashing into nerve-filled testicular tissue rings out.

His world and bulging plums shattered by inhumane pain, Brian collapses to one knee, as sickening nausea rises into his gut. All his strength spent on resisting the urge to puke and pass out, Brian's first match comes to an end with him unable to wrestle. In the end, the naive young man had to be carried out of the ring, hugging himself and nursing his aching, swollen balls in agony.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Testicle slapping

Slap his balls until he cries!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baseball in the balls

Another creative way of abusing testicles from Jack-ass :-)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Spank that bad boy's big balls!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nael - Shawshank Redemption 2

Story Contribution from Nael

Shawshank Redemption 2: Andy's Revenge

Andy Dufresne had been busy these past five years.  The white beaches and his new found Mexican freedom removed many years off of his face. He began to live life anew and yet there was still something holding him, clenching his gut. He tried many things: religion, yoga, meditation...even mother fucking incense candles... so that in some way he could just forgive those who wronged him at Shawshank, and forget all those decades he spent getting raped and working a hole through the walls of that unholy place. The thousands he garnered from his 'service' at Shawshank prison where of no interest to him. All that could really release him from himself were the few selected Mexican women he paid for sex and the company of his old and dear friend, Red.

Andy understood that he was institutionalized. Even though, to this day, inmates at Shawshank swore by his free spirit, but in his heart he knew he was not free. He put up a good face and whisked all those warm skinned women with a deadly smile, but eventually he just couldn't commit to a relationship.
Too much had gone under the bridge. There was just too much history. How could anyone connect with him, he thought.

But Red had always been there. Having a cold beer on a roof top with him would calm him down, he always knew. Clutching the bottles, both sat on the roof of their home, near the beach, watching the sun set. They knew too much about each other so it was not surprising for either of them to pass hours just sitting silently, enjoying the slow drowsy heat of the Mexican sun, until there was something worthy to discuss.

"Hadley's out." Red said, breaking the silence.

"Who?... the captain of the prison guards?...really?... how?... who told you?"

"Barney called... he's in Florida these days... he told me... Hadley got some pull with the courts or somethin' plus he got some money too, that YOU helped him get... remember?"

"But he killed those inmates, he shouldn't be out...uh, you know what,  I don't give a shit... I have Mexico" Andy said pointing to the sun.

Another 15 minutes passed in silence.

"cut his balls off... motherfucker" Andy suddenly murmured to himself, desperately trying to swallow the anger.

"well could, you know?" Red said, his eyes fixed at the sun so not to let Andy see the desire for revenge burning in his eyes.


"My pappy always told me, 'you can neva get nof honey out o' the jar just by dippin' yo finger in... you gotta curl it and scoop it out.'"


"Tell Barney to somehow get Hadley to know where we are. i'm sure he'd come sniffin by. he needs to set a score with you. and when he's here... you can snip him." chuckled Red.

"he's gonna tell the police." Andy said plainly.

"that washed up low life shit smelling rat of a cop... NO!... his mother doesn't believe him now."

Silence sets in again. Probably they became telepathically connected, figuring out the exact details of their plan. Andy, before going to bed, called Barney to have him give a little 'heads up' to the former convicted murderous prison guard.

Weeks pass by and there is no news of Hadley. Barney called up Andy and told him that just after getting the news from him, Hadley disappeared.

"He's coming right here." Andy said emotionlessly to Red.

"let him... I am hungry, going to get some eggs and fish... you need somethin'?"

Andy shook his head slightly."No."

Red knew in an instant that Andy was concerned, however not upset. He knew that Andy could take care of himself. And if chance came, he could take care of Andy as Andy would do for him. They had protected each other, strength upon strength, when they were in prison and even as free men. While walking on the dusty pavement, Red remembered the moments they both shared while showering together. Andy responded so well to the naked, trusting and faithful touch of Red's black built chest briskly gliding over his back. He remembered the embraces, that need not to be given a meaning or be confined in a label of a relationship. He loved him, more than a friend but not like that of a brother. It was something else, something he hadn't heard of, something that the priests at the local church would shudder to define. Red's hung phallus needed no training that morning in the confined shower. It naturally needed to go into Andy's accepting anus to seal the form of friendship they had. That was the first day Andy actually started breathing again. With every thrust of Red's member, Andy felt pain and pleasure and the feeling that he was alive and that someone in this world cared of how much pain and pleasure he was feeling. The wounds of Shawshank started to fill with every tear that came down Andy's cheek, concealed in the water that drizzling upon his face, proving to him that he was not alone, he doesn't have to be alone and that there was at least one man in this world who wouldn't con or hurt him. For some reason Andy and Red considered the events at the shower as metaphysical and hence, part of their shared consciousness and not of the real world or their real lives. There was no reason to discuss them. Red read the bible every day and didn't hesitate or lower his voice when it talked of how the homosexuals will burn in hell. Neither he nor Andy were homosexuals. He just... loved Andy, a lot.

Red ransacked his pockets while thinking of Andy, and found that the bunch of shrivelled up Pesos was still at home. He turned on his heels and walked back to the house to find Hadley unaware of his presence, pointing a gun at Andy's head. Red crashed a pot of begonias on to his head and rendered him unconscious.
Without saying a word Red staggered towards Andy and  gave him a hug. With the language of the eyes he asked him if he was alright. Both now towered above the faint muscular giant that had no idea of what was coming to him.

Hadley hadn't been a good man. The reason he first used Andy for his 'banker' skills was to get the share of inheritance of his dead brother without tax cuts. He didn't just kill people, he battered them to death. Many inmates wanted him dead and a greater still feared his return to the prison.

Andy and Red tied his hands and feet wide apart, while he was still unconscious. For the first time in many years, Andy felt a power in his guts and he let anger gush through the veins of his head. Hadley had to pay. Nothing else mattered. Like a wolf he circled the tied up 6'8" 350 pounder muscle man, his eyes fixed, thinking rapidly of when to begin and how to begin.

Red dug up an old baseball bat. He couldn't wait to beat him any longer.

"WAIT!" Andy yelled."I want him to be awake... so that he knows what's happening to him."

Hadley had a sharp pain in his head. He opened his eyes wide to find his limbs tied on either side of a worn out bed and two figures that slowly materialized. he quickly recognized them.

"I am gonna Fuck you Andy... you mother fucker... beat you to a motherfucking pulp... get... these ...OFF!", Hadley yelled as he tried to free his hands.

Andy didn't listen to him. he was in control of what would happen in this room tonight. Even Red recognized and feared the look on Andy's face... the look Andy gave when he wanted everything done the way he wanted. the look of silent, sharp and absolute domination.

"take his clothes off" Andy told Red. "Leave his tighty-whities on."

"Don't touch me you motherfucking nigger... I am gonna make you dance and shine my shoes once I am done squeezing the fat of Andy's fucking head... motherFUCKER!!!", yelled the muscled man.

Red tore of his clothes and threw the rags away. Andy sat by Hadley's side, and in a sophisticated manner took off the spectacles he was wearing and sighed.

"Captain... Remember Gil Dilbert?... you killed him by hammering your baton on his face... In that moment while listening to him getting killed, I wondered what an oaf you are... see, you wanna cause a man some real pain you hit him in the place that really matters... You have a pulsating muscular neck, big biceps and these rippling muscular thighs but they don't define your identity as a man... its these that do."

With that Andy grabbed and twisted Captain Hadley's man balls and squeezed them with all the might he could muster in his arm. He could feel the captain was well endowed and his plums where the size of two pulsating eggs inside his ball sac. Hadley was in sheer pain. Instinctively, he tried to close his massive thighs to provide some protection for the fruits of his loin but to no avail. His legs were clamped too far part. With another tug that Andy gave his balls, the pain which hovered in his lower abdomen now shot up like lightning bolt, through his guts, his heart, his throat and then entered his brain. His eyes shut with pain now jarred open suddenly, like a crude silent brief prayer to his god for a miracle of mercy, but he knew no one will save him today. Andy was now his god. He gave him pain and only he could take it back.


With a THWACK came another blow.

"Captain Hadley... begging? I didn't know it was in you to beg to someone, to stop hurting your girls down there... does that remind you of something?... does it remind you of the countless who begged before you, for their lives... Did you stop?... I am asking you, DID YOU FUCKING STOP??!!!!"

Hadley could only beg. he wanted an angel to carry him away from this place. he also knew that angels don't carry devils.

"Yeah keep begging Cap, I like the way you beg... keep begging and tell me in how many ways men begged before you but you couldn't listen!!"

With that Andy pulled the baseball bat from Red's hands and used it to play golf with Captain Hadley's golf balls. THWAR-RCK!!!

Hadley started crying. He couldn't even turn his face to keep his dignity from rolling down his cheeks in front on Andy. His new god had refused to bestow mercy on him.

"Keep his feet tied. Get him up straight" Andy commanded Red.

Red quickly untied a rope, and with a set of pulleys raised the limp body of the Captain, like sails are rigged up a ship's mast.

"Get me the steel ball." Andy told Red

Andy held the chain from one end and on the other there was a heavy steel ball hanging freely. Swinging the ball and fanning it into a gyroscope of promising pain, he admired the view in front of him. Captain Hadley's hard muscular naked body, with his sweat glistening in the moon light, that peeped in from under the door. His back muscles tightened so he could relief his over stretched arms from bearing all his weight. His jock strap was drenched in sweat and is big meaty buttocks quivered with fear and exhaustion. His coat of chest hair retained some sweat from rolling down into his jock strap that contained his bruised squealing manhood. Surprisingly, the rancid smell of Hadley's sweat aroused Andy. 

"give us a good scream buddy."

Andy blasted the revolving ball into Hadley's groin. 


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH....AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH...AAAHH...please stop...stop... how much money do you need?... tell me?... how much?"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH... please.. please... what do you want...please."
"I am getting what I want... the pleasure to see you in pain"

Hadley began to pant. 

"Hey Red, Caps leakin' his jizz", Andy chuckled.

Strings of translucent pre-ejaculate started to leave his wet and damp jockstrap. Andy took a knife from the shelf and tore the jockstrap off. Lo and behold. Captain Hadley, thought now strapped to a pole like a neutered bull, was a man's man. a full tuft of blond and brown pubic hair engulfed his heavy uncut penis with its glans peeping out of his foreskin and oozing crystalline pre cum. Below his penis was a set of large swollen testicles trapped in the softest skin of his scrotum. Andy held them in his palms as Hadley whimpered, anticipating more pain. His magnificent cum filled globes moved about, drooping and constricting themselves in his ball sac, like a pair of lion cubs trapped in a poachers net trying desperately to escape. Hadley regretted not having children, fooling around with prostitutes and even masturbation. if only he could put all that wasted semen to good use. the line of his ancestors began to die with the death of his balls.

"Which nut you like the most?... the right one?", Andy said, whipping a stick on the right testicle, "or the left one?" then whipping the left hanging testicle.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH... AAAAhhh... please... let ... me...go", Hadley begged.

"the left one is bigger... we save the right one... the left one it is... "Andy said, after inspecting the worn out sac. His face inches away, to get a whiff of the intoxicating man stench emanating from his pubes.

He harnessed Hadley's right testicle to his thigh with the torn jockstrap and let the left one hanging free. with a broken pool stick he began to strike the loose left testicle. with every blow it spun inside Hadley's nut sac and ricocheted between his thighs and rebounded with his iron buttocks. with every agonizing whip, his testicle inflated to a size of a potato.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH... GOD... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH... WHY?...WHY?... WHY?...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH...AAAAAAAAAAAAHH... AAAAAAHH... WHY?", cried Hadley, each yelp came from his soul. there was nothing fake about Hadley tonight, it was guaranteed that whatever came out of his mouth, came out with all honesty.

"Why?...", yelled Andy,"Why? still don't know why...?"
Hadley was in too much pain. He didn't know anything anymore. He just wanted to heal. in response to Andy's question he uttered a word that Andy hated, even before he went prison.

"No. I don't know...I don't know why... please... "

"Then I will teach you why after I CUT some loose meat OFF OF YOU!!!!"
with that Andy turned around, grabbed the knife and place it at the base of his dangling testicle.

"say goodbye to that nut, Cap" Andy yelled from between his teeth.


"ANDY!!!... STTTTTTTTTTTTTTTOOPPP!!!...STOP" cried Red from behind."Just Stop, for a moment."

Hadley urinated all over the floor in fear and began to cry.

"He's gonna bleed out... He'll bleed out in 7 minutes and then he'll die", yelled Red, trying to put some sense into Andy.

"we'll throw him in the sea"

"I don't care about what you do to that motherfucker or his funny bits... if he dies you'll become Hadley and he'll become the inmate he mercilessly battered to death... don't become him... you are my friend... come back to me... come back to the memory of your dead wife... come back. Don't go... there."

"But... He... deserves it"

"Let it have put him in hell... his nads look like the fucking antichrist... the god damn Jews found more pity with fucking Hitler then he did with you in the past two hours...come on."

Andy never hated Red that much than at that moment. He also knew he was right.

With one swipe of the knife he cut Hadley's harnesses. Hadley crashed on the ground and caressed his balls delicately, inspecting the damage. His balls hurt and there was a humiliatingly large difference between the size of his battered left testicle and his right.

"FUCK YOU" Hadley yelled, while on his knees and clutching his balls, "I am GONNA FUCK YOU BOTH, MOTHERFUCKERS."

Andy turned in anger and gave a power kick to his balls.

The pain was too much. Hadley's pelvic muscles had a reflex so profoundly that Hadley felt his penis erecting in a flash and squirting out a hot batch of his man fluid all over the floor.

Panting heavily and groping his aching balls Hadley crawled into the darkest corner of the room where his nakedness could find some shelter and began to sob.

"I'll sell you to the burro show owners tomorrow. they are looking for men these days. men squeal better... after the donkey sees your donkey balls, it would want to mount you." Andy yelled at the 'once-a-man'. This time Hadley said nothing back. 

After selling Hadley to Juarez for 50 Pasos, Andy and Red took their boat out to the sea. Andy realized that it would take some time to escape from the Shawshank prison he created in his head. Red would always be there to make him breathe again.

Red came from behind Andy and wrapped his arms around him. Andy felt something hard against his buttocks but chose to ignore it.

"Let me love you. Don't ignore how I look at you. Don't ignore how you feel about me. I won't trap you", Red exclaimed passionately.

"What are you doing?... What are WE doing?... I have nowhere to go..."

"Shhhhhhh", told Red while tightening his hug around him. "I love you."

Andy looked back at Red, slipped his shorts down, parted his cheeks and finally let someone in his heart. "I love you too."

Friday, October 11, 2013

Crushed testicles

A slave gets hauled into the woods, shaved smooth, has his cock and balls tied up and then the fun begins. His dom grabs and crushes the squealing sub's fat, trapped gonads until the pathetic man begs for mercy.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Double ballbust

Two pairs of balls get busted in the wrestling ring. I still find Kurt Angle really sexy... Grrr.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hard kick to the balls

One nicely-aimed kick to his dangling testicles and down he goes.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Awesome wrestling ballbust!

Lift him up by his legs then kick his exposed testicles hard!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Karate Ballbust

Big guy gets his balls and ass kicked by a martial artist.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wrestling rope ballbusting

Yeah, I know it's fake. But I still think it's hot to imagine a sexy man getting his balls kicked and tortured on the ropes like that. So there :-)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Destroyed Manhood

After busting and abusing his opponent's vulnerable testicles during a dirty match, the victor completes his utter destruction of the vanquished male's manhood by stomping on his broken, battered balls while posing in victory.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oh, my aching balls

A heel on knees clutches his aching testicles in agony as the cruel jobber looks on, gloating over the punishment he inflicted on his opponent's tender big boy balls.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Testicle Leash

No better way of controlling a man than by grabbing, squeezing, and yanking on his big balls.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wrestling Ball Kick

While the jobber in the silver trunks is helplessly displayed on the turnstiles, the heel delivers a hard kick to his vulnerable, bobbing gonads.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Double trouble

Never underestimate a kneeling woman. Two thugs have their balls crushed by her fists.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Horny Ball Squeeze

Instead of getting off, a horny male has his sperm-filled gonads squeezed by his girlfriend.