Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brian's First Match

It was Brian's first match. Dressing in white to demonstrate his sense of sportsmanship and fairplay, and betraying the naivete of youth, he strides proudly into the ring and reaches out to shake hands with his older opponent, Dirty Dave.

Instead of reciprocating Brian's friendly gesture, Dirty Dave shows how he gained his nickname by delivering a sharp, swift kick to Brian's vulnerable boy balls.

Unbelievable pain explodes from Brian's young, tender, balls as his knees buckle and his hands automatically reach to clutch his traumatized testicles. The audience gasps and the referee cringes as the audible thud of a boot smashing into nerve-filled testicular tissue rings out.

His world and bulging plums shattered by inhumane pain, Brian collapses to one knee, as sickening nausea rises into his gut. All his strength spent on resisting the urge to puke and pass out, Brian's first match comes to an end with him unable to wrestle. In the end, the naive young man had to be carried out of the ring, hugging himself and nursing his aching, swollen balls in agony.

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