Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Big Sorry Balls (Part 2) - Busted & Broken

I managed to get a nights rest and the next day I felt much better, though my big nuts were sore. I hobbled out of bed and grabbed a protein bar for breakfast. What the fuck was wrong with me? I mean, I just got humiliated by a couple of scrawny kids, I thought to myself as I munched my bar. They made me wear a tank but forbade me from wearing any pants or underwear. And they took free shots at my already hurting, busted balls. My 6' 5", 240 pound frame of serious muscle was no use as those two pencil-neck terrors pounded my large, dangling balls.

They were so difficult to protect. My large, chicken egg-sized testicles dangling in my long, loose nutsac made me so fucking vulnerable. If there were some way I could protect them, I'd beat those two fuckers flat. If it wasn't for my big male balls

I wanted revenge and I wanted it bad. How could they humiliate me in my own home? Maybe I'd deal with one then the other. Yeah. Brad was out for the morning and I heard Ben waking up. I wore my jock to afford my poor, sore plums some much-needed support and protection.

"Hey, slave! Who told you to wear those jocks? Take em off now, slave!" Ben jeered.
"Why dont you come down here and make me, punk?" I hissed in return.
"Oh boy. Someones all cocky again. You wanna get your ass, or rather, balls, kicked again?"
"I wanna see you try, ass-wipe!"
"Man, oh man. When will you ever learn you stupid big-balled prick?"

With one hand clutching my package, I squared off against Ben. His 5ft 6, 150 lb frame was dwarfed by mine. He feigned a punch at my crotch and I backed away, intimidated.

"You see? Your big old sorry balls are nothing but your weakness!" Ben taunted.

I closed in, getting angrier. He faked a kick at my sac and again, I instinctively retreated.

"Achilles' balls, man. Your Achilles' balls," Ben teased.

I rushed at him, my hand still protecting my goods, burning with rage. I was almost on him when he dodged to one side, and tripped me up with his foot. I stumbled and crashed like a rock into the sofa but somehow flipped over in such a way that my lower body was up in the air and my upper body on the ground. I was dazed and took some time to gather my senses. Ben gave me no time to recover. He came right up to me, smiled at my unprotected testicles and picked up an empty beer bottle on the table before savagely smashing it into my soft, meaty balls.

I howled as I felt my big, sensitive gonads flatten and bounce back only to be cruelly struck yet another time by the cold hard bottle. I bawled my lungs out as my hands frantically cradled my already traumatized plums. I curled up in a fetal position, whimpering like a little boy who'd just been ballbusted, rocking back and forth as pain wracked my balls and body. Ben danced away from me, laughing as he savored my torment.

"Tommy's got weak balls!" he sang cheekily as I wallowed in abject agony.

I heard him whistling as he headed to his room.

"If you still wanna kick my ass or if your big useless nuts need another beating, I'll be up here, ok? he cockily announced.

It took a few minutes for me to recover. As the pain subsided, I slowly and painfully got up. Shuffling up the stairs, I was still furious and wanted revenge so badly.

Ben was unprepared this time. I spotted him with his back towards me and with a roar launched myself at him. I caught him by surprise and as my huge figure crashed into his tiny frame, by luck his knee came up and smashed into my tenderized testes and I yelped in pain. I landed on him but was significantly weakened by the pain. Ben struggled and I tried to pin him down. In my weakened condition, Ben managed to free one hand and ripped my jocks off. I gasped in pain and shock with the sudden decompression of my tender meatballs and that small window gave him the opportunity he was waiting for.

His hand plunged into my groin area and he immediately seized my right testicle. I was absolutely terrified and begged, "No, Ben please. NOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOO!! OHHHHHHHHH FUCK. OH FUCK....ARGHHHH!!" as Ben savagely twisted, crushed and mashed my trapped spud. I thrashed about wildly trying to free my tormented testicle but Ben hung on, alternately twisting and tugging while squishing my nut. I was beside myself with desperation and agony, sobbing and screaming as I bucked like a wild horse. The teen was merciless, he just looked into my tear-stained eyes with psychotic sadism, grinning as he now grabbed my left testicle with his other hand and proceeded to torture both my balls.

I was now on my back, trying to curl up in a protective ball but Ben was on top of me, his fingers wrapped like a vise around my now throbbing, battered manhood. I retched as I sobbed miserably, too weak and in far too much pain to scream or struggle much. I whined pitifully, like a hurt puppy, hoping in vain for some sympathy from my teenage tormentor.

"Not so tough are you, muscle stud? You can build your muscles but your big sorry balls will always be weak and pathetic," Ben mocked as he kept squashing my busted gonads.

I could only mumble incoherently in reply. It was an eternity of anguish before he
released my aching, burning plums which were now bright red and obviously swollen. I curled up again, slowly, sobbing and gagging.

My relief was short-lived, however, as Ben fixed a dog collar and leash around my neck and pulled me up.

"Come here, slave. Now you are my male bull. If you obey my orders, I might spare those weak, big, sorry balls of yours and allow you to have a chance at a decent sex life," Ben barked.

I could only obey and crawled on all fours as he pulled me along, my balls bobbing and swinging between my muscular legs making me look like a bull being led to the slaughter. He led me about the house, jerking the leash to add to my humiliation. I sobbed as I humbly followed and had a massive boner all the time, much to my horror and humiliation. Ben then fastened his sisters scrunchy around the base of my balls, effectively trapping them at the bottom of their sac. Then he took a bowl from the kitchen and sat down beside me. I was still on all fours with the leash around my neck.

"Now, my slave bull, I wanna milk you till you're dry. I want you to just follow my orders, or I'm gonna hurt these big juicy meatballs even more, do you understand?" he whispered in my ear as he gave my aching balls a hard squeeze.

I yelped my agreement.

Ben then started milking my swollen member. He stroked it like a pro. It was the best handjob I had! I hung my head in humiliation; being straight, it broke my spirit to get molested like that by another male, a teen no less. Despite the throbs of pain in my nuts,I was in the throes of an orgasm within seconds and moaned loudly as my cock squirted copious amounts of gray fluid which Ben carefully collected in the bowl.

"I want more milk, slave. I want more milk from your big, weak, bull balls." Ben furiously stroked my stiff cock which was incredibly sensitive after ejaculation. I groaned in protest but Ben kept it up and within a few moments, another orgasm rocked my loins as my injured balls unloaded another few spurts of male milk.

I was panting in exhaustion and pain, I begged Ben, "Please... stop."

"Ill stop when I get enough milk from you, slave bull," Ben retorted as he slapped my nutsac which bounced about in response and knocked against my big thighs. I wailed in pitiful agony and Ben continued to stroke my engorged member. It took a bit longer this time but I managed to blow another load of semen into his bowl. This went on for some time and my massively-engorged cockhead became an angry shade of purple.

Eventually, I couldn't come any more. My balls were drained of their juice. I dry-came and I assure you, my empty balls erupted in unbelievable pain. I cried miserably and collapsed, one hand weakly cradling what was left of my shattered

"Fuck. I didn't know a guy could fucking shoot so much jizz! Damn, you really are a bull!" Ben declared as he tugged my weak, broken body upright.

"Stand up, slave bull!" he ordered and I painfully staggered to my feet, my huge muscular figure wracked by tortured sobs.

I hang my head as I stand before my pint-sized tormentor, my spirit broken. I was too humiliated and in too much agony to resist any more.

"Drink up your milk, slave," Ben ordered as he handed me the half-full bowl of my own whitish semen.

"No... ugh!" I protested but I was cut short as Ben brutally grabbed my extremely sensitive, aching busted balls and squeezed again.

"Arghh... fuck... fuck... cough!" I screamed then gagged as Ben poured my own cum down my throat.

"Swallow that or Ill permanently destroy your balls, slave bull!"

I relinquished every last bit of my dignity and masculinity as I gulped down the salty, bitter fluid, sobbing miserably as I did.

"I had fun, slave. Now go sit in the corner until Brad comes home and we can have more fun."

I dread what is to come but I can only obey. My big sorry balls dangling and bobbing behind as I crawled to the corner, awaiting my fate.


  1. is their going to be a part 3? (i hope their is)

  2. There will. Let me work on it :-)

  3. hahahahahahahahahah this is great

  4. Hi, darrel, why is there a line on the guys penis in your photo at the top of the page where the knee hits the cock and spurts?

  5. LOL. I have no idea. I didn't draw it. Birthmark maybe? Haha

  6. Ok. But love the blog and the stories;-) Do u like being fucked or sucked and how big ur dick?

    1. LOL. That's kinda personal information to post here, but thank you for your compliment :-p