Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bull Busted

I strode to the ring, the bright lights blinding me slightly to the audience but their adoration was clearly manifest in their cheers. I was the reigning champ. I was their idol. I was a demi-god! I took my time to parade around the ring, stroking my big, tanned, bulging oiled muscles.

I knew I was no mere mortal man. I was The Bull. 26 years old, handsome and standing at 6'6" and made of 260 pounds of beef, I was an awesome male specimen. I had a huge package to boot too. I was proud of my heavy, fat, low-hanging bull balls. The size of large eggs hanging in an 8 inch long smooth sac, I loved the way they bounced against my massive thighs as I walked. My uncut cock was a thick 6 inches, flaccid. I proudly displayed my ample genitals by wearing a skimpy white loin cloth every time I fought. I knew the base of my balls and the tip of my cock was visible under the tiny cloth. I knew my muscular bubble butt was obscenely obvious in that loin cloth. I wanted to flaunt my goods. I wanted to drive the crowd wild with lust and envy.

This was the Underground Wrestling Championship. Not that pussy, fake WWE stuff you see. This was real. Real men fighting and beating the crap out of each other. The audience was exclusively male. I made a name for myself as the biggest, baddest and youngest wrestler to be crowned champion. The rules were brutally simple: no ref, no holds barred, first to submit or pass out loses and the winner gets to humiliate the loser in the ring. That was the part I lived for. Being able to humiliate another male fighter, to break his masculinity in the ring, that turned me on like some crazy aphrodisiac. I'd make them suck my massive cock as I jacked them off. Then when my bad boy reached its full 10 inches, I'd plunge it in their ass and fuck them there in the ring, my dangling balls spanking them with every thrust, hearing their screams of pain. Then I'd pull out and shoot my male milk all over their faces making them lick my cock after that.

Tonight, I was facing some unknown called The Buster. Stupid name, I thought. I stared arrogantly at him as he stepped in the ring. He was about 35 years old and a third of my size at a pathetic 5'6" and about 160lbs. Covered in tattoos and wearing black trunks, he looked like a mean street fighter but I've beaten and fucked many guys who were much bigger than he was. I'd have a really easy fight tonight.

"Hey, pencil dick, why don't you make things easy for yourself and just let me fuck you right now?" I yelled across the ring, the audience cheering in response.

"I could say the same to you, big boy. Why not just save yourself the beating you're gonna get and let ME fuck YOU instead?" he mouthed back.

"Fuck you, asshole! I'm gonna crush you like a bug!" I hollered as the bell rang indicating the start of the fight.

We circled each other for a while before I lunged at him. Slamming my huge fist into his abdomen, the Buster was flung against the ropes. As he bounced back, I followed up with a vicious kick to his chest. He dropped to the mat like a ton of bricks, holding himself. I then picked him up and slammed him into the turn-stiles. Without allowing him time to recover, I then threw my entire weight against him, my muscular shoulder crushing small frame. Obviously in pain, he dropped to the mat again. I paraded around the ring, relishing the cheers of my adoring audience. I turned and saw the Buster slowly rising to his feet. He rushed at me and threw a few punches at my muscled midsection and jaw. I shook them off easily, smiled at him before roaring and picking him up and body-slamming him like a rag doll into the mat.

He groaned in pain as he hit the mat. I paused whip the audience up again. Then I picked him up and body-slammed him yet again. He just lay there on his back, groaning but not moving. I knew this was going to end soon. My dick began to stir in anticipation and was soon fully erect. It pushed aside the skimpy loin cloth and my big bull balls flopped out proudly. I stood over the Buster, proudly displaying my hard-on and big balls, threw a double biceps pose as the cheers grew more frantic. I just stood there, enjoying my moment, as I noticed the Buster stir slightly and kick upwards.

It happened too fast. Before I realized what was happening, his boot slammed into my meaty danglers with a horrible thud. I felt my own testicles flatten between his boot and my pubic area and then the pain and nausea hit me in the gut like a sledgehammer. My smile became a silent scream of agony as my knees buckled and my hands reached between my massive legs, clutching my blazing balls.

I stood there, bent double, hands nursing my hurting testes, making keening noises and the Buster scrambled to his feet and the audience fell into a dead silence. He smiled at me, then taunted, " Awwwww, did I hurt your big boy balls?"

I pushed the pain to the back of my mind, and roared as I lumbered at him, swinging my huge fists at him. I was hell-bent on revenge. The Buster coolly avoided every punch. I began to tire, my face burning red as I kept up my attack. As my attack slowed, the Buster jumped on me. Wrapping his feet around my waist, he then rained down punches on my head and face. I backed off but he was relentless. I somehow managed to knock him off but I had been temporarily blinded by his swift attack. Disoriented and dazed, I stood there like a sitting duck and the Buster walked up to me, grabbed my huge arms, and using them as a lever, swung his bony knee into my very vulnerable testicles. Three loud, sickening thuds of bone slamming into soft testicular flesh and nerves later, the most awful pain I knew exploded from my large plums. My eyes tearing up, my jaw hanging open and making animal noises, my knees were buckled, my body bent over and my hands desperately clutching my tenderized meatballs. The big bull balls I was so proud of and that gave me my nickname were now a source of terrible agony.

I resisted the desire to collapse to the ground. Instead of finishing me off, the Buster just stood in the corner of the ring, admiring his handiwork. He seemed to enjoy the sight of a much larger man hurting from his attack. The audience was still absolutely silent, stunned by the sudden turn of events. A few minutes of gut-wrenching anguish later, I managed to weakly straighten up to keep fighting. My pint-sized opponent didn't seem at all intimidated although I towered over him. I sensed a distraction, and quickly wrapped my arm around his head. He was mine now! I had him in a firm headlock. No one has ever escaped from my headlocks.

"I've got you, fucker. You better submit before I crush your brains out," I threatened as I applied more pressure, drawing painful groans from the Buster.

"Fuck you, you big stupid oaf!" he retorted as he swung his fist into my bobbing balls. I could feel his fist power up from between my butt cheeks then thighs right into their meaty, sensitive targets. The first punch was devastating, my pendulous plums absorbed the full force of the strike and swung forwards and then smacked into the front of my thigh before bouncing back only to meet another sickening strike of the Buster's knuckles. Pain and anguish erupted from my traumatized gonads. I stupidly continued to try to keep him in the headlock as he pounded my now swelling testicles.

About 5 nauseating punches later, I released him, too enveloped in my painful universe. This time I dropped to my knees, hands clutching my large, red, injured balls. I knelt there, ass in the air, sobbing into the mat. The Buster wasn't in fighting condition either. My headlock had left him in considerable pain but it nothing compared to the anguish exploding from my aching balls. I wanted to just curl up and cry in a corner. I didnt want to fight anymore.

My testicles were now red and had swollen to the size of tennis balls. It hurt even as they flopped about when I moved. I wanted to escape. I started crawling towards the ropes. As I reached the ropes and was pulling myself up, I felt a hand plunge down between my large butt cheeks. I froze in horror.

"Oh fuck, please no... please... FUCKING FUCK... ARGH!!!! FUCKING FUCKING FUCK!!!" I howled pathetically as the Buster yanked my traumatized manhood backwards between my butt cheeks and twisted viciously. He grabbed my ballsac at the top and trapped my large, swollen plums at the bottom of the sac and stretched my ballsac to breaking point. I screamed like a little boy as I felt my ballcords pulled to the limit and my balls being crushed at the bottom of their very pendulous scrotum. My tormenter kept tugging as I stupidly held on the ropes, as if I could free myself from his death grip. I sobbed like a kid as he began raining down slaps with his other hand. My muscular body spasmed uncontrollably as the Buster spanked my trapped, red, tenderized danglers.

"Let go off the ropes, unless you want me to rip your balls off," the Buster warned me as he tugged savagely at my manhood. Sobbing pathetically, I obeyed. The Buster then dragged me around the ring by the balls. I was horrified but in too much pain to resist. I stumbled backwards as the Buster hauled me around like an animal on display.

"I've got the Bull by his big bull balls!" the Buster announced proudly. The audience went crazy. How could they? Wasn't I supposed to be their champ?

He dragged me out of the rings by my balls. While trying to exit through the ropes while being dragged by the balls, I almost fell. I yowled as I felt him pull viciously at my testicles as if they were some kind of leash. I couldn't believe it. I was being paraded around the hall by the balls! I was always proud of my ample manhood but I never expected to be humiliated by them. I stumbled clumsily around, trying to keep pace with the Buster, being bent double, hands clawing at my pubic area and legs slammed shut together with my balls being yanked. I was a crying, sobbing and whimpering mess as the Buster cruelly tried to give me a wedgie with my own ballsac. He flossed my ass with my pendulous scrotum as the audience cheered him on. Some guys were even taking the chance to grab at my trapped testicles. It was awful. Slaps, punches, squeezes, pinches and even head butts tortured my aching, burning balls.

After an eternity of pain I was dragged back to the ring by my balls again. He released me and I dropped to the mat like a brick. I curled up, delirious with pain, whimpering, sobbing and pleading not to be hurt anymore. "Do you submit?" he asked. I muttered incoherently.

He took it that I wasn't submitting. He then ripped off my loin cloth both the front and back pieces and I was left with just a piece of string around my waist. He then grabbed my hair, dragged me to the corner and using my laces, tied my hands to the ropes. I knelt there, very vulnerable but in too much pain to comprehend what he was doing. Then he used my loin cloth and tied a tight ball-ring with one and a cock-ring with the other. I groaned in pain as I felt my balls congest with blood and cum. He then reached between my legs and wrapped his fingers around my left nut. My big balls were now swollen much larger and it was impossible to grab both. He crushed my poor left nut and I cried out in agony, tears streaming down my face. The Buster asked me to submit and this time I screamed my submission.

I thought my torture was over but I was so wrong. I forgot about the humiliation part. The Buster reached behind my balls and began caressing. I soon forgot my pain and moaned in pleasure as my cock began to respond. Soon, it was fully erect and the cock ring kept it that way. My balls ached for release. The Buster had other plans. He pulled his trunks down and pulled out his own leaking boner. It was pretty average but he grabbed my hair and shoved it into my mouth, roughly face-fucking me as I gagged. In a few minutes, he was about to cum and I tried to pull away. The Buster just placed the toe of his boot on my balls which were so low hanging that they were resting on the mat, like a pair of ripe fruit.

As he applied pressure, I sobbed and obediently sucked his salty dick. He was soon moaning in pleasure as he came in my mouth. Pulling out, he squirted his manjuice on my face. I hung my head in humiliation and defeat, my hard cock still thrusting outwards obscenely.

The Buster then grabbed my cock and began pumping it. With every stroke my dangling balls would flop up and down, smacking against the hard ground. Somehow, that produced an incredible mix of pain and pleasure and in a few seconds, I was moaning in ecstasy as I blew my big load all over the mat.

"Fuck. I didnt know anyone could have so much cum!" the Buster remarked as he kept stroking my still-erect member. I groaned in protest at his ministrations but incredibly, I was soon squirting semen like some fucking water pistol. I was exhausted by now, but the Buster kept milking me. I was delirious with pain, pleasure and exhaustion by now. I don't know how many times I came. I was milked
dry. My loins tingled with orgasmic pleasure, my balls were aching and my engorged cock horribly uncomfortable. I whimpered pitifully as I dry came. I had left quite a big puddle of my jizz on the mat.

Buster then untied my hands but before I could do anything, he viciously swung his foot into the V of my legs. His foot crashed into my super-sensitive and swollen plums and I screamed once before passing out, collapsing into my own semen.

I can't remember what happened after that...


  1. Another hot story. Fuck man, I can easily blow my wad reading your stuff! Excellent!

  2. Thanks Darrel, your stories just keep on giving! :-) I recently saw this youtube link on kramtoad and though I wish it was one little guy (instead of two brutes) busting the two jobbers, when the crowd demands MORE, it reminded me of the scene when Bull finds himself at the mercy of the tormenting crowd.

    1. Nice video!!! And thanks for the compliments :-)