Sunday, September 28, 2014

Diary of a Boy with Big Balls - Part 4

Dear Diary,

I got back from school today to a rude shock. When I walked through the front door, I saw Adam sitting on the sofa in the living room. He was the boy, half my size, who had squeezed my big balls hard during a wrestling match and reduced me to a sobbing mess.

It turns out that his mom was a colleague of my mom's and they thought it would be great for their two sons to be friends. Little did they know how Adam busted my balls a few weeks earlier!

"I think we would be great friends!" Adam smiled cheerily, as if nothing had ever happened.

I kinda froze, and gave him an awkward smile and mumbled some reply, but he grabbed me around the arm and led me upstairs to my room, loudly chattering about video games.

"Aww, look at those two kids!" I heard my mom coo.

I was apprehensive as Adam led me into my room and shut the door behind me, but was so stunned by the sudden turn of events that I just stood there in silence. With the door closed, Adam's sweet smile quickly morphed into an evil smirk.

"Looks like we're gonna be hanging out more often now, big boy!" he told me, as he tweaked my nose.

Annoyed, I lifted my hand to swat the pint-sized kid away. Without warning, Adam delivered a hard uppercut between my legs. I felt the loose cotton shorts bunch up as his fist hammered into my dangling, egg-sized testicles with an audible thwack. It took a second from the time his knuckles crashed into my tender, fragile boy parts for the pain to hit. My jaw fell open in horror, anticipating the agony I knew was coming... Then it hit. That familiar, horrible, gut-twisting, nauseating, aching pain exploded from my gonads into my gut. I grunted in agony as I sank to my knees, my abdominal muscles cramped up from the pain. I wanted to scream in utter anguish but couldn't draw in enough air to let out more than a pathetic squeak.

I curled up into a fetal position on the ground, tears welling in my eyes as I clutched my aching balls. Adam knelt behind me.

"Awww, did I hurt the big boy's big useless balls?" he mocked me with a high-pitched voice.

He proceeded to turn me on my back. I was weakened by the pain and couldn't resist much. After getting me on my back, he sat astride my chest in a reverse school-boy pin. To my horror, he lifted up the waistband of my shorts and boxers.

"Whoa! Look at those huge nuggets!" he exclaimed. I tried to push him off but he immediately let go of my waistband which snapped back onto my exposed, tenderized testicles.

I whimpered in pain, and stopped fighting back.

"If you try to fight me, it's gonna be more painful for you, big boy!" Adam warned. He then grabbed hold of my pendulous nut-bag and tugged it until it was stretched taut. I groaned in agony, the ache in my testicles steadily growing more intense, and my ball cords felt as if they were about to snap from the tension. With his other hand, he started slapping my dick.

Something weird happened. I sprung a throbbing boner as Adam slapped my cock around. I couldn't understand it. My balls and cock were hurting but I had a fucking boner. Suddenly, I felt a sensation I never felt before building up inside my balls. My gonads felt as though they were pulling up towards my pelvis against Adam's grip, only making my pain and misery worse.

Without warning, my hips began to buck involuntarily and my butt muscles spasmed uncontrollably, as this incredible wave of pleasure I cannot describe rocked my entire body. I let out a deep, guttural groan and I felt globs of hot liquid land on my abdomen. What the fuck was happening to me?!!

Adam turned around, ruffled my hair and laughed as he looked at my red, flustered, confused face.

"Look at the mess you made!" he scolded. I lifted my head, and saw puddles of greyish, creamy liquid covering my groin, abdomen, and some were on the floor. A thin stream dribbled from my deflated cock.

I was speechless. I couldn't understand what just happened. It felt so good, my cock was tingling with pleasure but yet my balls were swollen and aching badly.

"I look forward to our next play date, big boy!" Adam laughed as he left my room.

I gingerly picked myself off the floor, and cleaned up the sticky mess I made. I am so confused, diary. What the fuck just happened to me??


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kickboxer's Balls

A kick to his weak balls and he drops to his knees in utter agony, unable to fight anymore.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bent and busted

While having his back and neck painfully stretched backwards, the loser's pain only gets worse when his bulging balls are squeezed to a mush.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No escape

A little bitch boy tries to crawl away but his bully grabs his tender nards and pulls him right back for more abuse.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

College Wrestler's Pain

Brian, the cocky college jock, decided to try out wrestling expecting that he would easily defeat his smaller opponent. Little did he expect that the little guy would not hesitate to fight dirty. During a throw, he made sure to ram his knee into Brian's large, inviting bulge. The cocky jock immediately collapsed in a screaming, miserable heap, clutching at his aching balls.

For more than half an hour, the paralyzing pain exploding from his groin made it impossible for the big meathead to even move.

Brian tried to stand up but the nauseating pain in his big boy balls was too much to bear, and he dropped back to the ground, flat on his ass, writhing in utter agony.

Even after the event was over and almost everyone had gone home, Brian couldn't even get off the ground. All the cocky jock could do was sob and nurse his shattered testicles in humiliation.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ass and Ball Spanking

Nothing like humiliating the loser by squeezing his balls and spanking his exposed ass.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Double Trouble

One ball for each. Let's see whose will pop first!