Monday, May 30, 2011

Busting the Exhibitionist

story by Darrel L.

I was visiting my cousin by the beach one summer. We were both 16 year old teenage boys who were pretty much like any guys our age except for one dark secret - we both took pleasure in busting other males' balls. The bigger they were, the more fun they were to bust. Many guys had fallen victim to our little fetish. Most of them kinda deserved it, actually. They were usually big hulking guys who thought they could bully and push 2 cherubic-looking, smaller boys around. Boy, did we show them who the bullies really were!

"How have ya been, Matt?" I greeted him and as he stretched his arms out to hug me, I gave him a gentle smack in his exposed balls.

"Oof! Fucker!" he protested playfully and punched me in the stomach.

"You're balls are still weak I see!" I teased and ran into the house with Matt in furious pursuit.

I reached my room and we both were laughing so hard and were so winded that we just lay in bed, trying to catch our breath between giggles. I sat up in bed and immediately my attention was drawn to the backyard of the neighboring house.

"Whoa! Who is the naked dude?" I inquired, pointing to the large naked muscular frame of a man. He was in his 30s, at least 6'10" tall and was 350 pounds of beef. His arms were huge and his chest enormous. Some chubby flab about his midsection blurred out his 6 pack. He had a really round, muscular ass and between the massive, trunk-like legs were a pair of the biggest, low-hanging balls I had ever seen.

"That's Joe, the neighbor. He moved in like, a couple of months ago. He's a fucking exhibitionist. Walks around his house and backyard buck naked," Matt informed me.

"He's got a huge pair of nads!" I remarked.

"Yeah, but a pathetic cock!" Matt pointed out. He had a rather average looking cock but I was more interested in those pendulous, ample testicles.

"I've got to bust those balls!" I said.

"I've been dreaming about it too, but how?" asked Matt.

"I've got a plan, I think," I said with an evil grin.

"Our usual 'Bait and Bust'?" Matt smiled.

"You know me well," I replied.

The next day, we spotted Joe going skinny-dipping in the sea. He was definitely a fucking exhibitionist and enjoyed showing off his beefy body and his big manly balls. Matt's parents were gone for the day and so we had the whole day. Joe then set a towel on the sand and lay there to tan, his big muscled frame stretched out in all its glory.

The big hunky Joe emerging from the sea with his ample genitals flopping about.

From behind a nearby tree, we spied Joe emerging buck naked from the sea. I guess it must have been cold since his usually low-hanging nads were now pretty taut and tucked snugly beneath his cock. He saw the both of us spying on him but pretended not to notice and put on quite a show for two of us. He toweled himself off while paying special attention to his ample balls. He even rubbed his cock a little to get it partially erect. He then turned his back to us and bent over, giving us a great view of the two mounds of meaty male gonads swinging between his legs. We started taunting the exhibitionist.

"What a fucking small cock!" I called out.

"Yeah, so it's true what they say about bodybuilders, big muscles but tiny dicks!" Matt teased.

"His cock is so pathetic I wonder if he ever gets laid!" I announced.

This little back and forth went on for a few more minutes and we used almost every small penis insult we could think of.

Joe sat up, his face red with anger. He pointed his finger in our direction and yelled, "If you two little pencil-necked motherfuckers don't shut the fuck up, I'll come over there and kick your scrawny little asses!"

"Really, big guy? That's all you got?" I retorted.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Joe screamed.

"Make us, dickhead!" Matt answered.

The big dumb oaf took the bait. He lumbered towards us, cursing while his ample testicles swung back and forth. Matt and I ran towards our backyard, still singing insults about Joe's little penis. The beefy stud ran after us and jumped over the fence, chasing us into Matt's backyard. Matt hid around a corner while I stood my ground against the angry, panting bodybuilder.

"You do know that you are trespassing, don't you?" I warned him.


"What if I kick your big fat butt first?" I continued, obviously infuriating the giant of a man further. I was conscious of my 5'5", 140 pound frame being dwarfed by the massive hulk of a man now mad with anger.

He swore as he lunged towards me, his big brawny arms stretched out to grab and bearhug me. I easily ducked under the lumbering giant's arms and quickly fired an uppercut into his very vulnerable testicles. As my knuckles crashed into the squishy flesh of his dangling, oversized meatballs, Joe's arms froze in midair and a roar of pain erupted from his mouth. He lumbered back in shock and pain, clutching his aching balls. I danced off, still taunting the injured man.

"That's how you're gonna kick my ass, big guy?" I called out.

Joe lunged at me again. The stupid oaf still hadn't learned his lesson and was still trying to bearhug me once more! Again, I ducked beneath his clumsy brawny arms and this time, I threw a one-two combo punch into the beefy stud's cum-laden, pendulous testicles. The first punch smashed into the meaty sack, causing it to swing backwards, slap into his ass with an audible smack and as it swung towards me again, my second punch met those injured, aching plums with agonizing impact. Joe howled pathetically as he doubled over in agony, his face red with pain and anger, one hand clutching desperately at his aching balls and the other over his lower abdomen where that very male pain of testicular trauma was beginning to churn.

I danced around behind him and kicked his large, muscular ass. "See? I told you I'd kick your ass first!" I sang.

Joe struggled to straighten himself up. My kick to his butt appeared to enrage him enough that he suppressed the agony erupting from his groin. He stared at me malevolently, snarled and came at me again.

"Not so tough, eh, fat boy? Those big balls are useless!" I mocked.

Joe rushed at me with a roar of fury. As his towering, muscled frame approached me, I quickly stood aside and swung a snap kick between his thick legs. A loud thwack preceded an anguished yelp, announcing that my foot had hit their low-hanging, bobbing target with painful precision. Although clearly injured by the kick to his testicles, Joe's momentum caused his massive frame to crash right into me. My 140 pound body was no match for the 350 pound behemoth smashing into me. We both fell to the ground and I was winded as the giant's naked figure landed on top of me. Joe was in too much pain to take immediate advantage of the situation and I panicked, trying desperately to escape but I couldn't push his heavy beefy body off mine.

As the cloud of pain slowly cleared from his mind, Joe looked me in the eye and snarled menacingly as he grabbed each of my hands and pinned them beside my head. His large, warm, aching pair of gonads rested on my thigh as he breathed deeply, trying to catch his breath after the beating he had taken.

"I am so gonna fuck you up now, boy! You're gonna regret ever messing with me!" he hissed in my face.

The earlier thoughts of busting Joe's ample manhood, his pained reaction and the sensation of those overgrown sperm tanks resting on my leg drove my teenage loins wild and very soon, my shorts tented with my 8 inch swollen member.

"Looks like you like getting fucked you fucking little faggot!" Joe smirked as my boner poked him in the abdomen.

I turned red with embarrassment and spat, "Well, at least my cock is twice the size of yours, muscle bitch!"

Joe's expression turned into one of pure fury. Suddenly, I spotted Matt creeping up behind Joe. With one quick move, Matt's hands plunged between Joe's firm muscled ass-cheeks and grabbed his tenderized testicles in each hand. Joe's anger turned into utter terror. His jaw dropped and as Matt's fingers inflicted vise-like pressure on those overgrown, laden, squishy organs, a strangled scream of anguish escaped from Joe's lips. Matt continued crushing each fat testicle in his death grip and Joe's face became a mask of anguish. Tears began to flow down his rugged, masculine face as he made keening, animal noises. Joe seemed frozen in place by the blazing agony erupting from his big boy balls and just remained there, on all fours, his back arched with his bubble butt sticking in the air and Matt's hands solidly grasping each aching gonad.

"Get this fucking oaf off me!" I demanded.

"Stand up, boy!" Matt ordered as he yanked upwards on Joe's smooth, pendulous ballsac. Joe cried out pitifully as the pain of having his ballcords stretched to breaking point quadrupled the waves of nausea and pain emanating from his traumatized manhood. Joe struggled to get up with Matt tugging on his juicy, dangling plums. Joe was bent at the waist, his massive thighs squeezed together and his hands grabbing desperately at his muscular ass-cheeks in a futile attempt to alleviate the sickening pain in his groin.

I rolled away from the huge guy who, moments ago was about to beat me to a pulp and was now a sobbing mess with a teenage boy, a third of his size inflicting inhumane pain on him just by squeezing, twisting and pulling on his big, weak, testicles. Matt continued to torment the beefy hunk's now-reddening and swollen gonads as he sobbed pathetically, begging for mercy.

"Please... stop... please... no more..." Joe whimpered.

"First, we're gonna teach you a lesson, Mr. Flasher," I told him.

"No... please... I'm not a flasher..." he protested.

"Don't fucking argue with me!" I yelled as I grabbed Joe's little cock around its head and dug my nails in.

Joe screamed in utter anguish with a new source of pain added to the nauseating agony from his abused balls. I let him go after a few more seconds of the cock-claw. Matt dragged Joe across the yard to the toolshed. It was a ridiculous sight - a huge, muscled hunk of a man staggering backwards, sobbing, while a little teenage boy tugged on his big, masculine but fragile testicles. In the toolshed, I pulled out some rope.

"Put your hands behind your back, boy!" I ordered.

Joe was too slow to respond and a sharp tug of his swollen balls by Matt made him yelp and immediately comply. I tied the hunk's hands behind his back securely. Matt then let the miserable male's traumatized testicles go and he collapsed to the ground in a pathetic, crying heap, thanking his tormentors for allowing him some respite from his agony. That relief was to be short-lived. I ordered the defeated giant to stand to his feet. He staggered up slowly, sobbing uncontrollably like a little kid.

"Shut the fuck up!" I scolded and slapped his flaccid dick.

Joe groaned and stopped his whimpering. He tried to protect his vulnerable and abused genitals by squeezing his legs together and bending slightly at the hip but those oversized testicles were readily exposed. We tied Joe to a pillar in the toolshed to further torment the terrified hunk. I started off by stroking his flaccid cock and in no time at all, he sported a rather mediocre 5 inch erection but was of a pretty decent girth.

"Wow! Looks like Joe here likes boys touching his cock!" I taunted.

Joe hung his head in shame, his cheeks red with embarrassment as his throbbing boner stuck out obscenely in front of him. I kept rubbing his swollen cock and soon, he was making little moans of pleasure.

"I can bring you up, and I can bring you down!" I said as I grabbed his aching, cum-filled balls and started mashing the spongy, juicy organs mercilessly. Joe howled in agony as he begged me to stop. I let go and sobs wracked the massively built male's figure.

Joe's aching balls in my sadistic and powerful grip.

Matt then assumed control of the miserable hulking stud. He started by caressing the spot between Joe's balls and asshole. Joe struggled a little at first but soon, the horny hunk was sporting another erection. As Matt then gently licked the underside of Joe's throbbing cock, the beefy man's groans of pain turned into moans of lust and desire. Joe then threw his head back and his hips began thrusting involuntarily. Sensing an impending orgasm, Matt ruined Joe's pleasure by grabbing his muscular biceps and swinging his knee into his sensitive, traumatized testicles. The sickening thud of bone smashing the soft, nerve-filled masses of testicular flesh coupled with the blood-curdling wails of a male in utter anguish filled the shed. Joe cried miserably, pleading with his teenage tormentors to stop hurting his once-proud, overgrown testicles.

"Awww, poor baby!" I mocked.

I then dropped to my knees and put Joe's salty, precum-covered cock-head in my mouth and sucked on it gently. The humiliated hunk's cries for mercy soon subsided and the fucking horny man was again hard as a rock with his hips thrust forward, begging for sexual release. As I noticed his pendulous scrotum slowly tauten, indicating that he was about to blow his load, I pulled back and stopped abruptly. I didn't bust his balls as any sensation might have caused him to cum. Joe was completely bewildered and delirious with pain and lust.

"Ugh... please... let me cum... please... my balls fucking hurt so bad now..." he begged.

His swollen, abused gonads were now a shade of purple. We had given the horny hunk a really bad case of blue balls. As his swollen, dripping cock became flaccid again, I wrapped my fingers around his fat, aching balls that were bursting with sperm. They felt squishier than before and were definitely more swollen. Joe whimpered in pain as I rolled each oversized gonad in my palm, admiring the damage that both of us had inflicted on those once-proud, masculine organs.

"We're gonna untie you, fat boy. Once we do, I want you to kneel down with your legs spread nice and wide, understand?" Matt hissed. The humiliated hunk could only nod.
We lowered the broken hunk and he was kneeling in front of us, his low-hanging dangling balls rested on ground invitingly.

I flipped out my cellphone video camera.

"Say you're an exhibitionist who likes to show his pathetic little dick to kids. Then say that you've got a pair of big but sorry, weak and useless balls." I ordered.

Joe hesitated but once I placed my foot on top of his aching gonads and slowly applied pressure on them, he readily complied.

"I'm an exhibitionist who likes to show my pathetic little cock to kids and I've got a pair of big but sorry, weak and useless balls," he whimpered.

"Now, get on all fours!" Matt ordered.

Joe gets on all fours, with his battered balls on display.

The humiliated hunk obeyed without any resistance at all. When we got him on all fours, Matt stood in front of him, whipped out his 9 inch boner and ordered Joe to suck it. I knelt behind Joe, grabbed the base of his scrotum and yanked it backwards making the injured stud to yowl in pain. Matt plunged his cock into Joe's open mouth and began face-fucking the humiliated man so hard I could hear him gag.

I continued to tug hard on Joe's loose, flabby scrotum using it to floss his ass-crack. Joe flinched in agony but didn't dare stop sucking on Matt's cock. With my other hand I stroked Joe's hard, throbbing boner. Soon, enough, Matt threw his head back in ecstasy, pulled out his cock from Joe's mouth and squirted thick, creamy jizz all over the hunk's face. He then made the dejected hunk lick his cock clean.

Squeezing Joe's bruised and aching balls while milking his cock.

As I rubbed his cock more, Joe was the one now moaning in pleasure. He soon cried out as his loins erupted in ecstasy and his cock sprayed out glob after glob of semen on the floor. There must have been enough to fill half a cup! I never knew a guy could have so much fucking cum in his balls!

Joe's moans of pleasure turned into sobs of anguish as his very sensitive, aching, battered testicles now sent waves of pain deep into the core of his gut. Matt assumed my position, tugging hard at the abused hunk's very pendulous but bruised ballsac while stroking his half-erect cock. Joe was crying in protest as his post-orgasmic refractory period made his penis exquisitely sensitive. Matt was relentless. He continued his ministrations and soon Joe was responding with desire. I pulled down my pants and this time, the broken and humiliated Joe hungrily took my cock in his mouth and sucked on it hard without me even having to make him. I was soon in the throes of the best orgasm I ever had and without pulling out, I ejaculated my warm male milk down the gagging hunk's throat.

"Swallow the fucking thing or Matt will break those pathetic meatballs you call testicles," I warned him.

Fighting back his disgust and tears, Joe swallowed every drop of my semen. Matt stroked Joe's swollen cock hard and soon, Joe moaned in pleasure as he unloaded yet another amazing volume of semen. Seriously, I was astounded at the amount of cum he was hauling around in those huge balls! As the post-orgasmic pain hit him again, he dropped his head to the ground and sobbed. Matt yanked hard at the poor hunk's battered and bruised boy balls and made him turn around.

"Lick up the mess you just made!" he commanded.

When Joe hesitated, Matt brutally landed a slap on his very tender, bloated plums making the hunk scream. Not wanting us to abuse his manhood any further, he relinquished every last ounce of male pride he had and licked up all his semen.

We then hauled the disgraced beefy stud back to the beach by his very red and swollen nads. Again, he was forced to stumble backwards as Matt again dragged him along, using his pendulous, sagging scrotum like a leash. Back on the beach, we commanded him to remain on all fours, plant his face on the ground with his ass in the air. There, while still maintaining a painful grip on his squishy genitals, I stroked his cock yet again. As the rampant and horny hunk was about to shoot another load, I got up and immediately swung my foot between his ass-cheeks. My foot smashed into Joe's battered, swollen, aching balls as the first globs of male milk squirted from his cock. Joe screamed in abject agony, his orgasm totally ruined by a kick to his testicles. He folded up, hugging himself, crying hysterically and pleading with us to stop abusing his manhood.

We left the miserable, broken bodybuilder wallowing in his tears and cum.

"We've gotta bust those big fucking gonads again!" I told Matt.

to be continued...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Poor wrestler

The wrestler in the red trunks is tag-teamed by two sadistic jocks who take turns crushing and twisting his big boy balls.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gym bust

A big muscular guy's pumped and bulging muscles are useless against the strong fingers of a sadistic tormentor wrapped around and crushing his fat, jizz-filled testicles.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Balls

A big tough kick-boxer doubles over in agony after his opponent kicks him squarely in his ample, low-hanging gonads. Not so tough now, eh boy?

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Wow. A young guy abusing his own balls. Doing a fucking good job there, dude!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interrogation torture

A big, muscled, bad-ass thug's toughness collapses and he pitifully sobs when a cop grabs a hold of his low-hanging balls and crushes them into pulp.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boyfriend Ball Abuse

For forgetting their anniversary, an unfortunate boyfriend has his plump, sperm-filled balls grabbed, squeezed and abused by his furious, sadistic girlfriend. After his aching balls swell to twice their size and he cries for mercy, he's not going to forget the next anniversary... unless of course, he is turned on by having his balls busted.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jock Balls

How I'd love to be in the same shower as this cocky stud and make him regret being so proud of those low-hanging testicles. I'd shove him against the wall and before he can react, grab those fat juicy gonads and crush them in my hand until he empties his load and begs for mercy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Beach Balls

A horny hunk's sperm-filled balls are grabbed, squeezed, crushed and abused by a pair of sadistic surfer chicks.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011


Defeated, humiliated and his balls aching after being mercilessly busted by his sadistic opponent, a hunk sobs his submission as his throbbing cock is milked.


Defeated, humiliated and his balls aching after being mercilessly busted by his sadistic opponent, a hunk sobs his submission as his throbbing cock is milked.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sad news...

I read the sad news that Kramtoad is going to close his site down. It was undoubtedly the best free ballbusting sites on the Net where I've spent much time and emptied many loads (*blush*) over the years. I can't say that the news hit me like a kick in the balls because I would have enjoyed that kick very much, but you get the idea.

Here's a beautiful fat pair of balls as tribute to Kramtoad and his awesome site. I will miss it dearly and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

P.S. I would love to have a mutual busting session with you, Kramtoad :-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wrong Locker-room

Thinking it would be a great idea to sneak into the girls' locker room, a pair of horny studs now regret their decision. One jock's cum-filled testicles are mercilessly squeezed and twisted while his terrified friend watches his utter anguish.