Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ball Smack

Nice smack to the balls... and down he goes.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mule Kick to his Bulging Balls

Pissed at his constant demand for sex, a girl decides to deal with the source of her boyfriend's insatiable sex drive - his fat dangling pair of testicles.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On his knees and helpless, a jock can only howl in pain as his girl's foot sails between his buttcheeks and smashes into his fat, dangling balls.

Monday, December 20, 2010

End of the Fight

A snap kick to the balls effectively puts a tough fighter out of commission. Hot!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hurting his boy balls

A jock confused by the mix of pain and pleasure from his abused testicles.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Powerful snap kick to the balls

Pissed at her horny boyfriend, she swings her foot right into his fat cum-laden balls, lifting him off the ground with her kick. Moments later, he was on the ground, crying and nursing his smashed boy balls.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mule Kick to the Plums

Another boyfriend gets a crushing mule kick to his dangling testicles.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sleeping bust

A sleeping teen gets stomped in the nuts.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Big Boy Toy - Part 2: Tony's Subjugation

The Big Boy Toy - Part 2: Tony's Subjugation

by Darrel L.

Tony woke up and in his usual routine, jumped out of bed. This time, he groaned deeply as his tender pendulous testicles smacked into the edge of the bed. Tony looked down at his big balls which he was so proud of before and his heart sank when he saw how red and swollen they were. He gingerly limped to the bathroom and then proceeded to sit on the toilet to clear his mind and try to figure out how he just got his muscular ass handed to him by Brad just the day before. He yelped loudly when his extremely tender low-hanging balls bumped into the toilet seat. He clutched gingerly at his aching gonads, cradling one in each hand, with tears in his eyes.

His gaze shifted to the large wall mirror in front of him. Bewilderment and shame clouded the giant hunk's mind. Here he was, a hulking mass of muscles - 6'7" tall and 350 pounds with a massive chest, huge arms and tree trunk-like legs - sitting on a toilet, sobbing and cradling his aching balls after being beaten in a fight and made to ejaculate twice by a pencil-neck who was 5'6" tall and 160 pounds! Rage soon replaced the shame and bewilderment. Tony wanted revenge. He wanted to crush Brad and redeem his dignity. He began plotting his next move and decided that he would just do whatever Brad wanted him to do until his injured gonads recovered sufficiently for him to mount another attack on Brad.

Tony soon exited the bathroom, his massively muscled frame naked. He walked over to his drawers to put on his boxers. A voice behind him made him freeze.

Tony's fat swollen balls on display

"Who told you that you could get dressed, boy toy?" Brad inquired.

Tony hung his head and mumbled some response.

"Put this on, boy toy. From now on, you only can get dressed or play with that cock when I say you can. Got it?" Brad ordered, handing Tony a lime green G-string with a hole cut in the crotch.

"Hell, no! Fuck you, you motherfucking... Ughhhh... Please... no..." Tony's protest was prematurely terminated when Brad's cold, strong fingers grabbed Tony's tender left testicle and started crushing it. Tony was bent over, almost leaning on Brad's shoulder, from the agony emanating from his groin.

"What was that, boy toy? Did I just hear you object to my order?" Brad whispered in the hurting hunk's ear.

"No... please... stop... I'll do whatever you say..." Tony pleaded pitifully.

"PUT THIS ON NOW!" Brad commanded as he released the groaning hunk.

Tony whimpered softly as he struggled to put on the lime green G-string which was two sizes too small for him. His fat balls would not fit into the thong and bulged out obscenely. The g-string was pretty tight and made Tony's muscular ass more prominent.

"Pull out your useless balls through that hole. Keep that tiny dick of yours inside," Brad commanded.

Tony groaned pathetically as he squeezed his tenderized, cum-filled plums through the hole cut into the g-string. Each massive testicle was bigger than the cut hole and poor Tony had to struggle to get each one through. He finally succeeded and hung his head in shame as he stood there in a small, shiny lime green g-string with his big ass and ample pair of testicles on display.

"Fuck, you look fucking hilarious," Brad laughed out loud as Tony's cheeks burned with humiliation.

"Now, boy toy, I want you to go clean up the mess in the living room and then go clean my room too," Brad ordered.

Tony meekly obeyed. He limped out to the living room, jumping in pain every time his pendulous testicles bumped into his hard, muscled thighs. He proceeded to arrange the living room furniture and then knelt down to clean the cum-stained floor.

A view of Tony's large low-hanging plums from between his legs

As he wiped up the mess he made, his loose, low-hanging gonads swung and bobbed around between his muscular butt-cheeks like some pink fuzzy pinata. Brad's eyes locked onto Tony's juicy dangling plums that swung from side to side with every movement of his upper body. They were so vulnerable and inviting. Brad's dark sadistic desires burned again and he crept up behind the unsuspecting beefcake. His foot swung rapidly between Tony's legs and the top of his shoe crashed into Tony's cum-laden meatballs with a sickening thud. Trapped between Tony's pelvic bone and Brad's shoe, the squishy pair of testicles absorbed the full impact of the blow and erupted in gut-wrenching pain. Tony howled loudly and the folded up on himself, lying on the floor in a fetal position, sobbing in agony with his one hand attempting to nurse his busted balls and another hand rubbing his lower abdomen that was burning with nausea.

Brad rubbed his growing boner through his jeans. He was extremely turned on by the sight of a much bigger, stronger guy lying helplessly in pain at his feet. He enjoyed dominating big muscular guys and humiliating them by busting their proud manhood. Tony looked up at his tormentor from the ground with tear-stained eyes and Brad noticed that Tony was also sporting wood. Tony's cock was no where as impressive as his balls - in fact, he had a rather small cock at 5 inches but it was rock hard and obscenely tenting his tiny thong. Brad chose to prolong the musclehead's torture.

"Get up now!" he commanded the abused hunk.

Tony struggled to his feet, his massive leg muscles wobbly from the pain in his twin orbs. Brad grabbed onto Tony's hard cock and Tony's eyes grew bigger in shock and trepidation. Using his throbbingly erect cock as a lever, Brad yanked on it and led Tony towards his room. Tony followed meekly. The sight was a pretty ridiculous one - a huge hulking college guy timidly being led around with his cock by his tormentor who was less than half his size!

"Stand straight!" Brad ordered and Tony obeyed.

Smack! Brad's open palm connected solidly with Tony's red and swollen gonads, drawing a scream from the hunk who immediately dropped to his knees in anguish, craddling his abused large aching balls.

"Stand up straight!" Brad screamed.

Tony quickly struggled back up, holding back the tears of shame and pain. He tried to stand straight while keeping his legs together in a futile attempt to protect his injured big boy balls. Brad drew back his fist and coldly stared into the trembling hulk's eyes for a moment before he buried his hard bony knuckles in Tony's squishy, oversized cum-filled testicles with a sickening thwack. Tony's jaw dropped in a silent scream of agony as all billions of nerves in his ample gonads exploded in pain again. Tony whimpered and sobbed pathetically as he again dropped to his knees, assuming that all-too-familiar pose with each hand nursing a traumatized testicle as nauseating waves of pain hit him deep in his core.

Brad then pulled a chair up and sat in front of the abused Tony as he knelt on the ground.

"Take off the g-string, kneel down and put your hands behind your back!" Brad commanded.

The pain blurred Tony's mind and he whimpered pitifully. Brad grabbed a handful of Tony's hair, yanked his head forward and hissed the same command in his ear.
Tony put his hands behind him, his legs spread and his large low-hanging balls lay vulnerably on the floor in their pink, pendulous sac. His eyes grew wide with fear as Brad placed his foot on his very sore balls and he whined miserably, hoping for some mercy from his bully. Brad slowly increased the pressure on Tony's trapped swollen testicles as the hunk's breathing grew more rapid and shallow in response to the growing pain emanating from his crushed gonads and rising nausea in his gut. Tony's cock remained rock-hard despite the awful agony burning in his balls and lower abdomen. Brad then took off his shoe and continued stomping on the hunk's blazing balls. Brad's hard cock leaked precum as he felt the Tony's smooth soft ballsac and the squishiness of his once-proud, large, fat trapped meatballs under his foot and saw the tears of humiliation flowing down his victim's handsome face. Brad then began rubbing his foot from side to side while applying the pressure on Tony's cum-laden gonads as though he were putting out a cigarette as the muscle hunk whimpered in pain and trepidation, anticipating his bully to further abuse his already swollen and tenderized testicles.

Brad then stood up, undid his jeans and his hard 8 inch cock sprung out, its head glistening with precum. While maintaining the pressure on Tony's fat, squishy testicles, Brad started stroking his cock just inches away from Tony's tear-stained face. Just seeing the dominated hunk's humiliated expression and feeling his meaty, oversized testicles under his foot made Brad incredibly horny and in no time, his hips began swaying and he moaned in pleasure as he sprayed his warm sticky jizz all over Tony's face and chest. While in the throes of pleasure, Brad had inadvertently stepped harder on Tony's meaty testicles making the injured hunk cry out in anguish but at the same time, that made the horny musclehead's balls and loins erupt in pleasure and his muscled frame spasmed in orgasm as his cock shot out globs of creamy cum all over Brad's foot.

"Who the fuck gave you permission to cum, musclehead?! You fucking came all over my foot!" Brad yelled as he slapped Tony's cum- and tear-stained face.

"Please... I'm sorry... I couldn't help it... please, don't hurt me," Tony pleaded.

"Lick it up now!" Brad retorted.

Tony choked back his pride and tears as he bent down and licked off his warm salty semen from Brad's foot.

"Stand up, boy toy!" Brad ordered.

Dizzy with pleasure and pain, Tony staggered to his feet unsteadily and Brad shoved him against the wall. Tony's pride and fighting spirit were broken and the massive muscled hunk timidly allowed the much smaller-built Brad to bully him into submission.

"Put your hands on your head and spread your legs," Brad commanded the terrified bodybuilder.

"Please, no... don't hurt my balls... please... spare my balls, dude... please..." Tony begged pathetically.

"You only cum when I let you cum, boy toy," Brad hissed and he swung his knee up between Tony's thick, muscular legs.

Tony's very red, swollen, oversized gonads moments before Brad's knee busts them.

The nauseating sound of bone smacking into soft squishy testicular flesh and nerves and Tony's pitiful scream of anguish announced that Brad's knee had struck it's oversized target. Agonizing pain erupted from Tony's swollen, aching plums and he dropped to the ground and curled up, hugging himself, a sobbing whimpering mess delirious with pain and pleasure.

"I own those two big boy balls now," Brad said as he left the room and the miserable hunk on the ground, crying in utter humiliation and pain, begging for his bully not to hurt his testicles any more.