Monday, July 9, 2018

No Balls, No Glory

The Iron Power Gym was an almost typical gym. It was much grittier than the usual shiny commercial gyms - the equipment was older, creakier, and more basic but it had incredibly heavy weights. The Iron Power Gym attracted an extremely loyal and fanatical crowd of power-lifters, guys who lifted for strength alone and embodied the age-old enmity between the power-lifting and bodybuilding camps. They despised bodybuilders, whom they regarded as posers who only appeared strong but were actually vain, weak, emasculated wimps. The members of the Iron Power Gym made sure that anyone they considered a poser never stuck around in their gym very long.

Ted was new to town, and was looking for a gym. The 27-year-old bodybuilder was massive- 7 feet tall, and 500 pounds - and worked out for one reason alone, to pack on as much muscle as possible. He joined two of the large, shiny commercial gyms, spending most of his time there trying to make his already hulking, ginormous frame even bigger. The narcissistic giant enjoyed the attention he got from other guys when he worked out, feeding off the looks of disbelief and what he considered envy and admiration. He attracted a small posse of admirers, about 10 younger guys trying to get big and muscular, who faithfully followed him through each gym and workouts.

Ted heard about the Iron Power Gym from his posse, and about how their members loathed bodybuilders.

"So they prefer being small, pathetic little pencil-necked pussies?" Ted asked, surprised that there were guys who did not crave building insane amounts of muscles like he did.

His sycophantic posse laughed in agreement.

"Maybe we should pay them a visit. Show them what the ideal male should look like," Ted smiled, flexing his enormous chest and admiring his reflection.

Again, his posse agreed with him, keen on submitting to their leader.

Ted and his little group decided to join the Iron Power Gym. Ted wanted to find out who these proud powerlifters were, and relished the thought of pissing them off by showing off his huge physique. They wouldn't be able to do a damn thing to him, he thought, assuring himself that every guy out there was intimidated by a hulking monster like himself.

The group of muscle-heads strode into the gym, talking and laughing loudly. Ted made sure to wear a tiny tank top that barely covered his huge body and a little pair of shorts with the dimensions of boxer briefs, wanting to show off every inch of his physique. The gym's owner, Ron, was at the front desk and smiled at the boisterous group trailing the humongous bodybuilder.

"How can I help you today?" he inquired politely, in stark contrast to the the approximately 30 other gym members staring murderously at the group.

"We're thinking of joining your gym. Could we check it out? I wanna see if your gym is good enough for us," Ted answered cockily.

"Of course," Ron replied with a smile.

As the obnoxious group strolled around the gym, all the power-lifters stopped their workouts and glared silently at them. Ron showed them around, smiling politely even as Ted tried to provoke trouble by making snide comments about how old the equipment was, how dirty the gym was, and how small things were.

"What's that for?" Ted asked, pointing to a somewhat primitive and worn boxing ring in the back which was also used for wrestling, boxing and MMA fights  - whatever the testosterone-filled power-lifters were in the mood for on a given day.

"Oh, that? That's for guys to fight. We don't let new members use it though. Only our toughest members are allowed to fight here. I don't want some rookie getting badly-injured in my gym," Ron answered, trying to pique the massive bodybuilder's interest further.

"Actual fighting takes place? Not just for sparring?" Ted continued.

"Yeah. Usually no-holds barred, until one is knocked out. But enough of that, you won't be in that ring as a new member," he continued, baiting Ted further.

Ted's gaze wandered from the ring to the rest of the gym, assessing the physiques of the power-lifters in the gym.

"I could take any one of them on. Heck I could take two of them at once and beat both easily," he thought to himself.

"Let's continue the tour," Ron said, noticing how the huge muscle-bound oaf was daydreaming about fighting in his gym, exactly what he wanted him to do.

"I want to fight now," Ted announced proudly, flexing his pecs and biceps.

"Nah, dude. I don't want you to get injured or anything," Ron replied.

"Me? Injured? Are you kidding me? Which one of these pencil-necks here could injure me?" Ted mocked cockily.

"They're stronger than they look, bro. Let's just go talk about the membership," Ron continued.

"Fuck that. I wanna fight. Unless all you punks here are too fucking scared," Ted retorted, eager to prove his masculinity and strength.

"Fine, fine. Come back next weekend. Saturday at 8pm. I'll make sure we have a big audience and a guy to fight you," Ron answered, appearing to give in but secretly enthralled at how easily the big lunkhead was tempted into his trap.

"Fuck yeah! Let them watch me destroy your best powerlifter!" Ted hollered, high-fiving his group of admirers. Ted did not notice the sly smile that emerged on Ron's face.

"We'll be back on Saturday. Make sure your guy is ready, hopefully with health insurance," the massive bodybuilder announced arrogantly as he strode out of the Iron Power gym.

It was about 10 days until the fight. Ted spent more time in lifting and eating as much as he could, trying to pack on even more mass on his already gigantic frame. He managed to get his weight up to 520 pounds, and didn't care that he looked a bit softer than he would like since he really wanted to be as big as possible. Ted never bothered to spar or train for the fight, thinking that it was an instinctual thing, and his size and strength alone would be more than enough for him to overwhelm and defeat his opponent.

Saturday evening arrived and Ted strode into the Iron Power Gym wearing a loud, neon blue jacket with his name emblazoned on the back in gold letters. His entourage followed, cheering loudly for their idol, as the audience in the packed Iron Power Gym hissed and booed at them. Ever the show man, Ted slowly took off his gaudy jacket at the ring side, and proceeded to peel off his clothes, flexing and showing off his massive physique. He stripped down to his favorite pair of leopard print posers, a tiny pair of leopard print bikinis that barely covered his genitals, and butt crack.

Ted dramatically swung himself over the ropes to enter the ring, and began flexing and posing as though he were in a bodybuilding show, relishing how loud the audience was booing.

"They hate us coz they ain't us," he shouted loudly to his crew, drawing even louder derision from the audience.

As the cocky bodybuilder continued preening and posing, his opponent quietly entered the ring. With a 5'5", 130 pound ultra-lean, muscular body, the 23-year-old Seth looked more like a gymnast and was the complete opposite of the big, burly, and obnoxious bull he was about to fight. He wore a simple black pair of tight shorts, which allowed him full mobility and was much less gaudy than Ted's skimpy bikinis.

Ron entered the ring, raised his hands to quiet the audience, and announced, "Tonight, we have a match like we've never seen before. In this corner, standing at 7 feet and weighing 520 pounds, we have bodybuilder Ted." A chorus of boos erupted from the gathered audience. Ted grabbed his crotch, and lewdly thrust his hips at the audience in response, "Suck my big cock, losers!"

"In this corner, standing at 5 feet 5 and weighing 130 pounds, we have our champion fighter and one of the strongest men I know, Seth!" Rapturous applause and cheers followed as Seth waved at the audience.

"This is your best fighter? The strongest man you know? Oh man, this is gonna be too easy! I thought I'd have a bit of a challenge instead," Ted laughed loudly, as he looked at his pint-sized opponent.

"No eye-gouging but otherwise no holds barred. Winner is the one who knocks out his opponent," Ron announced as Ted and Seth approached the center.

Although he was only a quarter of the size of the hulking bodybuilder facing him down, Seth looked completely unintimidated by the big burly bull.

"Look, little boy. I'm gonna destroy you in front of your friends. But I don't want people saying that I didn't fight fair since you're the size of a midget, so I'm gonna let you hit me once before I beat you into nothing," Ted announced and stood with his hands on his hips and legs slightly spread.

"Why not let me hit you twice? You afraid I would win?" Seth answered cheekily.

"Afraid?" Ted threw his head back, laughing arrogantly, and poked Seth's chest with his sausage-like finger "Fine, THREE times. I'll let you hit me three times before I destroy your puny ass!"

"I will let him hit me THREE TIMES before I fight his puny ass!" Ted raised his muscled arms high in the air cockily.

Seth smiled as his attention fell on the massive bodybuilder's bulge conveniently located at eye-level, only protected by the thin lycra of his posing trunks.

The bell rang, signaling the start of the fight. Ted was still preening and posing for the audience with his arms raised to the skies.

"ONE!" Seth yelled as he threw a devastating right uppercut that sailed between Ted's humongous thighs and smashed into his vulnerable balls, before the hulking musclehead even realized that the fight had begun.

"TWO!" Seth continued as he followed that with an equally powerful uppercut with his left fist to the bodybuilder's unprotected gonads before the shocked giant could react.

The shock of the blitzkrieg on his bobbing balls left Ted stunned. His thick arms began to descend, but before he could protect his delicate manhood from further assault, Seth grabbed his brawny arms (which were thicker than Seth's thighs) and used them as leverage to swing his hard bony knee between the burly bull's trunk-like legs. His knee crashed into Ted's dangling, cum-laden testicles with a sickening thwack, and Ted let out a strangled, animal-like cry of anguish as the tsunami of nausea and agony exploded from his traumatized ballsac.

"Three," Seth calmly said with a smile as his gorilla-like opponent doubled over in pain, clutching his aching balls and emitting high-pitched whining noises.

Seth circled the hunched-over giant, who was too consumed by the nauseating pain throbbing in his male parts to realize how vulnerable he was. As the horrible aching pain in his balls and gut slowly diminished, Ted stopped nursing his injured gonads, and instead stood with his hands on his knees, still bent at the hip and taking deep breaths to alleviate the awful nausea building up inside. The agony was still too much to allow him to stand and fight Seth but murderous anger was boiling inside him.

"I'm gonna kill you," he hissed, his voice a few notches higher than normal.

Deciding not to let his massive opponent recover any further, Seth crept up behind the bodybuilder who was still completely focused on his aching balls. Seth reached between the hefty muscled ass-cheeks and seized hold of Ted's dangling testicles. The giant bodybuilder yelped in surprise as his battered balls were the target of another attack by his tiny opponent.

Seth let out a cruel laugh as he began squeezing the squishy meatballs. Ted screamed pitifully as his fragile testicles suffered the full crushing force of a powerlifter's grip. The colossal bodybuilder tried his best to beat away the pint-sized tormentor who had him by the balls from behind but his arms were so muscular that he couldn't reach far enough behind him and only flailed around aimlessly. Seth began pulling the wailing bodybuilder backwards, leading him by his traumatized testicles. Ted was forced to stagger backwards or suffer the anguish of having Seth yank on his delicate spunk-filled balls.

"Look at that. All those big bulging muscles but I can control him and make him squeal by playing with his little balls," Seth mocked.

"How small are they?" someone yelled out.

"Much smaller than I thought! I think all the steroids shrank his manhood!" Seth continued. Ted was horrified and embarrassed but was completely helpless - Seth had a death-grip on his aching balls and utterly dominated him.

As the cramping agony from his crushed, sperm-laden testicles began paralyzing his gigantic legs, Ted crumpled to the ground, unable to stand any longer. Seth allowed the burly bodybuilder to fall to his knees with his beefy butt in the air and his face on the mat. He continued to maintain a solid, unyielding grip on the groaning giant's gonads and placed one foot on the hefty male's neck to keep his face on the mat.

After an eternity of torment, Seth decided to let go of the bull's aching balls. Ted's relief was very short-lived. Before he could nurse his traumatized testicles, Seth reached down the back of Ted's skimpy leopard-skin trunks. Ted whimpered as he felt Seth's hand slide down his ass crack, aware of the impending pain to afflict his busted balls.

"What the fuck?" Seth exclaimed in surprise and immediately pulled his hand back. He held up a black sock he retrieved from Ted's pouch.

"Did you actually stuff your little posers with a sock??" Seth asked in genuine shock as the audience erupted in laughter.

The shame and humiliation gave Ted an extra jolt of energy. Seth was distracted by the sock he found in Ted's bikinis and didn't notice that the bodybuilder was trying to get up. With a loud grunt, the humongous male pushed himself off the ground, causing Seth to lose his balance and fall backwards.

Ted stood up with his posing trunks partly pulled down, exposing his massive ass but still covering his unimpressive bulge. His face red with embarrassment and fury, he lumbered towards the fallen Seth, intent on killing the small male who had humiliated him.

He roared in rage as he stood over Seth but the quick-thinking fighter immediately kicked upwards as hard as he could. The powerful kick smashed into Ted's unprotected, battered balls with a loud meaty smack. Ted squealed in anguish and collapsed in agony as his delicate danglers absorbed the force of the kick and were mashed against his pelvic bone. Seth tried to escape but the giant fell on top of him, and briefly panicked as the heavy muscle-bound frame trapped him against the mat.

Ted belatedly realized his advantage, and tried to take advantage of his superior position over Seth but the sickening pain exploding from his tenderized testicles weakened him considerably, and his already clumsy moves were even slower. Seth quickly regained his senses, and the two began wrestling for the upper hand. The massive bodybuilder tried to use his weight and size to overpower his opponent, but Seth was a skilled fighter and began maneuvering himself into the best possible position.

Seth squirmed away from Ted's brawny arms and when he was within striking distance, plunged his hand between the clumsy bodybuilder's huge thighs and immediately grabbed his floppy genitals. Ted panicked and immediately tried to pull the pint-sized tormentor's hand away from his tenderized testicles but Seth's fingers had locked on to the squishy, sensitive organs. The bulky bodybuilder howled in anguish as his smaller opponent began twisting and crushing his gonads. Ted struggled to escape from his tormentor but the sickening agony bursting from his bruised balls sapped all his strength, and he could barely fight off his dogged, determined pint-sized opponent.

Ted's howls were soon reduced to mewling noises and sobbing as he gave up any attempt to fight back. Seth easily made the defeated bodybuilder roll onto his back, and put him in a reverse school-boy pin, all the while maintaining his firm grip on his puny manhood.

"Look at that! It's true what the say about bodybuilders!" Seth shouted as he jiggled the larger man's unimpressive junk about, as Ted let out a high-pitched groan in response.

"Fucking 2 inch cock, and little grape-sized balls on a fucking 7 foot tall, 520 pound man! No wonder he had to stuff his faggy bikinis with a sock!" Seth continued.

"I did you a favor today, bro. I made your balls swell and look a bit bigger. Maybe I could make them grow a bit more," Seth mocked as he began slapping the sobbing bodybuilder's trapped balls around.

Ted's sobs grew louder, but the beefy bodybuilder did not dare fight back any more. He just lay there, crying in anguish and humiliation as the sadistic Seth continued smacking his testicles around.

"Please.... no more.... my boys can't take any more..." Ted begged pitifully, his burly body wracked by sobs.

"Show us how you jack off, big boy," Seth ordered.

Ted hesitated and Seth immediately unleashed a hard slap on his bruised and battered balls.

Ted screamed in pain, and immediately pressed his puny dick between his thumb and index finger and stroking.

The audience laughed and mocked the un-hung bodybuilder mercilessly.

"He only uses two fingers to jack off!"

"Micro dick!"

"Guess that's one body part you can't build muscles!"

Ted continued his two-finger stroking for a few minutes but his tiny member remained as flaccid as a piece of string.

"Can't even get hard?" Seth taunted "all those fucking steroids to build your useless muscles only made your balls shrink and your cock limp."

Seth forced the disgraced and miserable bodybuilder to get on all fours. He picked up the sock Ted used to stuff his pouch with, and shoved it into his mouth. The bodybuilder gagged at the taste of his pre-cum, sweat and urine. Seth then signaled to his friend who threw a bag into the ring. Seth reached into his bag, and brought out a large 8 inch butt plug.

"Here's something to help you cum, man," he told the confused, sobbing Ted as he lubed the butt plug up, switched it on, and slid it between his thick muscled ass-cheeks. The vibrating butt plug effortlessly entered the whimpering bodybuilder's big beefy butt.

"Wow. Someone's ass is hungry tonight!" Seth teased as he forced the stunned bodybuilder to kneel and wrapped his arm around the bigger man's neck.

Ted's limp cock was now fully erect. It was a pathetic 4 inches at full mast which looked ridiculous in proportion to his massive body.

"Oh, well, now we know big boy here likes having things shoved up his fat ass!" Ron called out as every eye in the room fell on his puny boner. Scornful jeers and mocking comments about micro-dicks erupted from the audience. Ted's face became red with embarrassment, almost the same shade as his abused, swollen testicles, but his unhung cock remained throbbingly erect.

Seth tightened his arm lock around the husky bodybuilder's neck, cutting off the blood supply to his brain. As the defeated bodybuilder's consciousness began dimming, his body spasmed uncontrollably and a few globs of grey spunk squirted from his dick. The pleasure of orgasm was cut short by the terrible pain of ejaculating from his badly-busted balls. The bulky bodybuilder let out a guttural groan as his eyes rolled back in his head, and his massive, muscled body became limp.

Seth let the defeated giant slump to the mat, raised his arms above his head in victory and the audience cheered wildly. His fellow powerlifters were ecstatic at how a member of their proud community destroyed a much bigger bodybuilder . Ted's entourage looked on, stunned at how their muscled idol who now lay motionless on the mat in a crumpled heap of big but useless muscles, was utterly humiliated and emasculated by a guy a quarter of his size.


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    The two finger jerk of his micro dick, the tightened arm lock around the bulls neck and the few globs of grey spunk gave me the rest after all his submission.
    Thanks for the great story and please more of this.
    The bigger they are, the more roids they use, the cockier they think to be, the harder they fall.

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