Friday, August 29, 2014

Brotherly Love - Part 1

Another ballbusting story from Darrel L.

Josh took perverse pleasure in tormenting his younger stepbrother, Tyler. Josh’s mother had remarried when he was about 15, and Tyler was 7. From the beginning, Josh hated his stepfather, and since he was unable to unleash his pent-up anger against the older man, he directed his malice at Tyler instead.

It didn’t help that Josh and Tyler were polar opposites, either. Josh was husky, brooding, antisocial, dark-haired and not terribly good-looking, while Tyler was a slender, handsome, popular, blond, blue-eyed boy who could easily pass for an Abercrombie model any day. Josh was a 6’7”, 350 pound behemoth whose only passion in life was bodybuilding. Genetically blessed to pile on insane amounts of muscle, he could have easily become a successful bodybuilder but unfortunately, Josh was a slacker. He lacked the discipline to keep a strict diet, and instead, gorged himself with pizza, burgers, sodas, beer, and whatever he pleased. As a result, although his frame was covered with an unbelievable of mass of muscle, a layer of fat obscured this musculature, making him look like a hefty, bloated off-season bodybuilder all the time. He tried competing in several amateur bodybuilding competitions and although impressively massive, his lack of definition caused him to lose out to smaller, but much more shredded, men. His lack of discipline extended to all areas of life. He was 22 but unemployed and still lived in the basement of his mother’s home. He dropped out of college, couldn’t hold down a job for long, and spent his days lifting weights, eating, and playing with his computer and video games. His mother spoiled him, continued to dote on him, and allowed the overgrown man to live in the basement but his stepfather constantly berated him for his laziness.

Tyler on the other hand, was an outgoing, motivated, intelligent boy who excelled at school and at sports, but was his passion was gymnastics. His small, compact frame and natural agility made him a perfect gymnast.  Josh’s hatred of his stepfather, and his resentment and jealousy for Tyler’s abilities drove him to bully the smaller boy. Besides berating him, Josh’s bullying was also often physical. He would often grab Tyler in a headlock and laugh at the petite boy’s attempts to break free. As Josh’s oversized frame grew beefier, he would hoist Tyler on his shoulders, painfully hyperextending his back and use him as a weight to squat.  More recently, the hulking meathead would even use him as a weight for biceps curls. When he was particularly mean, he would hold Tyler in a schoolboy pin, slap him around, and make him sniff his sweaty, smelly crotch, laughing as the boy gagged at the stench of his hefty genitals. Josh would also force Tyler to do all the chores he was supposed to do instead, using his colossal size to intimidate his stepbrother. Tyler never let Josh’s bullying get to him, and maintained his cheerful predisposition, a fact that only irritated the overgrown bully and drove him to torment Tyler even more.

Josh’s mother and stepfather were on vacation for a month, and Josh supposed to take care of his 14 year old stepbrother.  Instead, he decided to make that month a living hell for Tyler. That afternoon, after his usual workout at the gym, Josh came back home clad in a black tank, and a thin pair of white cotton shorts which barely concealed his ponderous package. As he entered the front door, he heard music blaring loudly from upstairs. Dropping his gym bag, he crept upstairs and saw Tyler practicing gymnastic moves in his room.

“Faggot,” Josh smirked as he crept up behind Tyler, who was focused on his routine and did not notice the overgrown man approaching him.

Josh was planning to grab Tyler from behind and hold him in a full nelson. As luck would have it, when Josh was about 3 feet from him, Tyler launched into a forward flip and his heels catapulted off the floor, sailed between Josh’s thick thighs and smashed into the unsuspecting giant’s large, dangling, sperm-laden balls with a loud thwack. Josh yelped loudly as the initial shock wave of kinetic energy from Tyler’s powerful legs hit him in the groin. Tyler was surprised by the sensation of his heels crunching into a pair of squishy meatballs, and the ensuing wail of anguish. He stumbled but quickly recovered. Moments later, a deep nauseating wave of pain exploded from Josh’s traumatized testicles, causing his abdominal muscles to cramp up, and the beefy male doubled over in agony, as his knees buckled. The injured meathead let out a low-pitch groan as he slowly sank to the ground, clutching his aching balls.

Tyler smiled as he watched his tormentor kneeling with his face on the rug and his thick ass in the air, groaning in anguish from the strike to his balls. Up to that day, he didn’t realize how fragile and delicate his overgrown stepbrother’s balls were, and how vulnerable they made the burly bodybuilder. The sweaty, smelly balls he was forced to sniff were his bully’s weak spot, and he intended to fully exploit the bigger man’s vulnerability.  A light went off inside his head, and the sweet blue-eyed teenager smiled sadistically as he went downstairs, leaving the husky bully to wallow in his agony. After about 10 minutes, the pain in his aching balls subsided enough to allow Josh to get up. He hobbled downstairs, his big dangling balls bobbing about, and walked into the kitchen just as Tyler was coming out.

“Get the fuck out of my way, asshole!” Josh growled, refusing to budge and tried to shove Tyler away.

Smiling coolly at the towering bodybuilder standing in front of him, Tyler launched a kick that sailed between Josh’s massive legs and crashed into the bodybuilder’s traumatized testicles. Barely protected by the thin cotton, Josh’s big, bobbing balls bounced upwards as the fragile organs absorbed the brutal force of the kick. The big bull howled in anguish as the second wave of testicular agony exploded from his busted balls into his gut, worse than the first. He doubled over, his face turned crimson, and made keening noises as he grabbed his injured genitals. Tyler laughed as he shoved the injured man backwards. Josh fell on his large ass, and immediately curled up in a fetal position, whimpering in agony.

“Excuse me,” Tyler said cheekily as he walked over the husky man’s pain-wracked body, making sure to stomp on his meaty butt.

Tyler switched on the TV and sat on the couch as he enjoyed the sight of his hefty bully writhing on the floor in anguish. After some time, the beefy bodybuilder managed to stagger to his knees.

“Fucking little fuck…” Josh croaked as he tried to stand straight, the sickening pain in his abdomen still causing his abs to cramp up.

Tyler leapt off the couch in a flash, his gymnastic skills on full display. Before Josh could react, the petite teenager was standing behind him. Tyler drew his slender foot back again, and unleashed another powerful kick that flew between Josh’s large butt cheeks and smashed into the hulking man’s unprotected, dangling testicles with a sickening thud. Josh screamed as his fragile manhood absorbed the full force of Tyler’s cruel kick without his penis to offer any protection, and almost immediately, the bodybuilder crumpled to the ground again, hugging himself and rocking back and forth in abject agony while making high-pitched mewling noises. Tears began to well up in his eyes in response to the horrible pain emanating from his abused balls, but he suppressed the urge to cry.

Tyler resumed watching the TV, acting as if nothing had happened, with Josh’s muscular figure writhing on the ground a few feet away.

“I think I like you better when you’re on the ground crying,” Tyler taunted him. The small teenager exulted in how easily he had turned the tables on his former bully.

“Fuck… you…” Josh wheezed, as he slowly tried to get up, his beefy body wracked with pain. As he got on all fours and tried to stand up by using his arms to push off the ground, the big oaf failed to realize how vulnerable he was.. With incredible agility, Tyler leapt behind the unsuspecting behemoth, balled up his tiny right fist and drove it like a piston between Josh’s beefy butt cheeks. His fist was a third the size of Josh’s overgrown gonads but the bloated, delicate, nerve-filled, meaty orbs hanging helplessly between Josh’s legs were no match for the unforgiving fist. Josh screeched the moment Tyler’s fist buried itself in the fragile fleshy organs. Before Josh could protect himself, Tyler drew his fist back and landed two more punches on the weak, spongy meaty blobs. Josh’s large, beefy frame crumpled from the nauseating pain erupting from his manhood, his face frozen in a mask of agony. His mouth was open but no sound escaped the tormented hunk’s lips. After what seemed like an eternity, Josh finally managed to make some weird, animal sounds, as he once again, assumed the familiar fetal position with one hand cradling his shattered testicles, and another massaging his aching lower abdomen.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay on the ground? Stop interrupting the fucking TV show,” Tyler told the pain-wracked hulk as he sat back down on the couch.

It took almost 15 minutes before the nauseating pain in Josh’s crotch subsided enough to allow him to struggle off the ground. Tyler decided to toy with the big man, and waited as Josh gingerly tried to stand up straight.

“You… are dead,” Josh growled, his voice several notches higher than usual.

Tyler was up in a flash and standing right in front of Josh, his frame dwarfed by the huge bodybuilder.

“And what are you gonna do, big boy?” Tyler asked cheekily as he slapped the bigger man.

Stunned and infuriated, Josh clumsily swung his fists at Tyler. Since he had always been built like rhino, no one ever picked a fight with him. The oversized meathead was clumsy and lacked any coordination whatsoever. His awkward, bumbling punches missed Tyler by a mile. The agile, smaller teenager easily avoided the big oaf’s ham-handed punches. Ducking beneath his brawny arms, Tyler landed another slap on Josh’s pudgy face, briefly stunning the bulky behemoth. Without allowing him to regain his senses, Tyler grabbed Josh’s outstretched, gorilla-like arms, and using them as leverage, drove his knee between the oversized bodybuilder’s thighs. The bony appendage slammed into Josh’s fat, feeble gonads with sickening force, drawing a loud wail from the injured hulk. Before he could protect his battered balls, Tyler jumped back and launched a quick snapkick that flew between the wailing hulk’s legs. Tyler felt his toes smash into the spongy, bulging meatballs with a satisfying smack as Josh screamed in utter agony, and he dropped to the ground yet again, bawling in anguish, and writhing in a futile attempt to suppress the waves of nausea and gut-wrenching pain blasting from his bruised and battered balls.

“It’s freaking hilarious to see you screaming and squirming like that. I should have hit you in your big, useless balls long ago, you overgrown fucktard,” Tyler laughed.

Tyler then grabbed hold of the waistband of Josh’s shorts and yanked upwards , giving the crying bodybuilder a painful wedgie. With amazing strength, Tyler managed to hoist Josh’s heavy lower body in the air with the waistband, and jerked it from side to side. Josh cried out in pain as his bruised and battered balls were crushed between the taut fabric of his shorts and his pelvis. Suddenly, the thin cotton shorts ripped and Josh’s beefy body fell back to the ground. His pendulous, oversized testicles flopped to the ground with a loud plop, drawing another piercing scream from the miserable man. Before the bawling bodybuilder could protect his brutalized manhood, Tyler stepped between the huge man’s hamstrings, lifted his foot and slammed it down on Josh’s rapidly swelling genitals. Josh squealed like an injured pig, and his entire muscled frame spasmed in response to the inhumane agony exploding from his crushed testicles. Tyler moved his foot around in a grinding motion, feeling the large, squishy, swollen orbs flatten between his foot and the unforgiving floor. He looked on in fascination as the fat mushy orbs began to flatten and meaty bubbles of testicular flesh began to protrude between his toes as he continued to mash the big, bruised, bloated organs as though he were trying to kill a bug.

Josh’s arms and legs flailed about desperately, and he squealed until he was hoarse but Tyler continued to crush the big man’s swollen, tender testicles with his foot. Josh began to crying hysterically as the pain tore into his brain. Tyler felt nothing but contempt for the husky bully, who was now crying like a baby and begging Tyler to stop hurting him. He finally let the sobbing giant’s big sorry balls go, and Josh slowly curled up in that all-too-familiar fetal position, his beefy frame wracked by uncontrollable sobs as he gingerly nursed his shattered manhood.

As his stepbrother lay there sobbing in pain, Tyler went upstairs and retrieved a lacey pink crotchless thong from Josh’s mother’s closet. After a full hour, Josh had finally managed to struggle up, and Tyler spotted him slowly crawling across the living room floor.

Josh clutching his big, dangling aching balls.

“Where are you going?” Tyler asked loudly, and Josh froze in terror.

“Put this on!” he ordered, throwing the panties in Josh’s tear-stained face.

Sensing Josh’s hesitation, Tyler grabbed the big man’s hair, yanked it backwards, slapped him, and repeated his command. Confused and afraid, Josh slowly got up and obeyed his younger, smaller stepbrother, relinquishing his masculinity and manhood as he slipped on the pink crotchless thong, which exposed his low-hanging, bloated balls, which had swollen to the size and color of ripe apples.

“Damn. Now I know why you’ve not had a fucking girlfriend! You have a pathetic little prick! No girl would ever want that tiny dick!” Tyler laughed derisively as he flicked Josh’s shriveled, 2 inch penis, which looked absolutely ridiculous in comparison to his overgrown testicles.

Always sensitive about his inadequate penis, Josh erupted in fury, and grabbed Tyler by the neck. His brawny arms could have easily have snapped the petite teenager’s neck. Thinking quickly, Tyler grabbed hold of the giant’s vulnerable, fragile, dangling plums. Locking his fingers around each fat fleshy orb, Tyler crushed them as hard as he could. Josh howled in agony and immediately let Tyler’s neck go as his delicate male nuggets suffered the strength of a gymnast’s grip. The muscles and veins in Tyler’s forearm bulged as he compressed Josh’s large, bloated gonads between his palm and fingers until the usually round organs deformed into mushy elliptical blobs. Josh blabbered, sobbed, and whimpered deliriously from the sickening agony exploding from his abused manhood and searing his brain. Josh’s legs turned to jelly and the hulking bodybuilder sank slowly to the ground with Tyler’s hands wrapped firmly around each of his swollen, increasingly squishy testicles. Tyler finally released his iron grip, his forearms burning from crushing the big oaf’s genitals.

“Please, man…  don’t hurt my boys anymore… please stop…” Josh whined pathetically, kneeling and clutching his bruised, bloated and battered balls as Tyler held him up by his hair.

“I suggest you do exactly what I tell you to do from now on, if you want to keep those two big, sorry, useless lumps dangling between your legs, got it?” Tyler told the terrified bodybuilder, staring coldly into his fear-filled eyes.

Josh nodded miserably, desperate to end his testicular torment.

“Lift your hands above your head,” Tyler ordered.

Josh did as he was commanded. Tyler’s face lit up with a sadistic smile and he sent his foot flying between the V formed by Josh’s humongous thighs. The kick blasted into the giant’s plump, cum-filled, tender testicles with a meaty splat followed by a gut-wrenching scream of abject anguish from the tortured man.

Josh’s face was contorted into an expression of pure agony as he collapsed. He was in so much pain he couldn’t even muster the strength to curl up. His massive frame twitched and spasmed from the sickening pain in his manhood and gut, as the tormented hulk started dry retching.

“If you throw up, I’ll make you eat it back up!” Tyler warned him as he left the bawling bodybuilder to wallow in his tears and misery.

To be continued J

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weak Balls

Nothing like a knee to the balls to end the fight

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stomp his testicles

And the crowd cheers wildly when the loser gets his useless balls stomped to a pulp.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Squeal, boy!

Poor rookie screams his submission in a desperate attempt to get his tormentor to stop crushing his boy balls.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scream in pain

Screaming like a little girl as he is bitched by his balls

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spread and Busted

The loser has his legs spread on the ropes, his bulging balls vulnerable to attack. After the victor abuses the suffering man's gonads, all he can do is cry in pain and try his best to nurse his battered boy balls.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hurts so fucking bad

A wrestler clutches his aching balls in agony after getting them smashed against the cold hard steel post.

Monday, August 11, 2014

First time slave

A male slave learns the agony of having his big bulging balls squeezed.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Squirming in pain

Pretty boy squirms in pain while his tormentor crushes his useless manhood.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Submit, Bitch!

A huge muscular man is turned into a whining bitch when his opponent reaches between his bubble butt cheeks and crushes his fragile balls.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kiss and Slap

The only reward a slave can expect is a slap to his useless balls.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Balls hurt so bad

Handsome, hunky jobber Z-man looks like he's done and ready to give up after suffering a blow to his balls.