Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trapped balls

I'd love to take aim and land a solid kick on those low-hanging balls trapped between his feet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Karate Ball Chop

A powerful chop to his bulging balls and a muscular male is at the mercy of his petite girlfriend.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Battered balls

A fighter lets his guard down and a quick devastating kick between his ass-cheeks smashes into his cum-laden testicles, causing him to release some of his male milk. Guess that's the end of the fight for him...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Domestic busting

Attempting to break out of a headlock, a girl grabs hold of a guy's cock and balls and yanks hard.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nut punt

What is better than a solid kick to the nads from behind? I love his reaction.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Humiliated wrestler

After being defeated in a wrestling match, a horny muscled jock is humiliated in front of the entire audience as the sadistic victor squeezes and crushes his plump, cum-filled gonads until he squirts his male juices.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Knee his balls then slap his ass...

Sexy Ty gets his nads kneed hard and then gets a slap on his bubble butt after he drops to the ground.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Busting the Exhibitionist - Part 2 (The Making of a Muscle Slave)

story by Darrel L.

After busting Joe's fat balls a few days ago, Matt and I decided to let the wounded bull recover from the beating before we beat his balls again. The big, brawny 6'10" tall, 350 pound giant who was built like an off-season bodybuilder laid low and didn't dare show his face or show off his naked body at all. Today, while Matt was out, I spotted the hunky stud taking a swim in his pool. He limped a little, probably because his dangling balls were still sore after Matt and I abused them.

The muscular hunk just before taking off his clothes for a swim.

Horny and wanting to beat him up again, I sauntered over to the fence, hopped over and sat on a deck chair by his pool. Joe soon emerged from the pool, his back towards me. He was a magnificent male specimen in his 30s, the prime of life. His big, tall, completely nude frame covered in slabs of beef was indeed a sight to behold, even though his midsection was a little chubby. The overgrown testicles nestled in a pendulous smooth, pink scrotum between his massive thighs. Beneath his thick bush of pubic hair, his rather average cock look ridiculously small in comparison to his massive meatballs. His little dick was probably the only flaw this beautiful male bull had.

Joe's large, low-hanging balls swung invitingly between his muscular legs.

"Hey, big boy!" I called out cheekily, causing the beefcake to freeze in shock.

"What the fuck are you doing in my backyard!" he yelled.

"No need to be so belligerent, big boy. I just came over to see how your baby boy balls were doing," I answered angelically.

"Fuck you, you little prick!" he replied angrily.

"Uh, I think you are the one with the little prick, big boy," I teased, pointing at his mediocre cock which had shrunk to embarrassingly small proportions after being in the cold pool.

"You better get the fuck out off my property!" Joe retorted, turning red with fury.

"What if I say no?" I continued mocking him.

"Then I'll fucking throw your scrawny ass off!" he roared.

"Come on then, fat boy! Come throw me off your property, unless you're afraid I kick that big flabby ass of yours again!" I teased.

Joe lumbered towards me in utter fury, hell-bent on beating the crap out of me. I stood my ground, my hands on my hips, as the approaching behemoth dwarfed my own 5'5", 140 pound frame.

"Take your first shot, fat boy!" I invited.

"Don't think I'll go easy on you just because you're a scrawny little teenager! You got lucky the last time because you fought dirty!" he roared.

Learning from his prior mistakes, he used his left hand to cup his naked balls protectively. His hand barely covered those large, pendulous testicles. He lumbered at me and swung his left fist at me. The blow was clumsy and missed me by a mile. I danced away as the massive male continued to chase me, still protecting his tender balls with one hand while trying to swat me with the other. I infuriated the hulking male by avoiding his blows and smacking his large, muscled ass.

Joe then decided that he would try to kick me instead. His kicks were slow and clumsier than his punches and since he kept one hand over his sensitive balls, he couldn't really deliver much of a kick. Again, I avoided every clumsy attempt and Joe grew more exhausted and frustrated. Soon, he was moving really slowly, panting hard as his large muscles drew more oxygen and sapped his strength. Avoiding a clumsy punch, I delivered a fast powerful punch to his jaw, stunning the attacking bull. He staggered back but he was tough and stubbornly decided to continue the attack. After ducking another blow, I landed a good punch on his nose, making the behemoth cry out in pain.

Joe drew both hands to his face protectively. I had my chance now. His nice, plump pair of testicles were now exposed and vulnerable. I drew my arm back and swung my clenched fist between his muscled legs and struck Joe's big bull balls with a satisfying thud. The injured hunk screamed in agony, his hands now reaching towards his hurting nards. Not letting my prey rest, I punched him in the mouth, drawing a small amount of blood by busting his lip. The hunk then drew up both hands to nurse his face, leaving his aching gonads exposed again. This time, my foot sailed between his legs and crashed into Joe's tenderized testicles. A loud howl of utter anguish rang out as Joe covered his traumatized manhood with one hand and his face with the other and sank to the ground, his head swimming in pain and confusion.

I hesitated a moment. Should I finish the wounded hunk now or should I play with him more? I decided on the latter. I wanted to toy with my prey and bust his ample manhood more. I stepped back and let the injured bodybuilder recover. It took a few minutes but he soon staggered to his feet, glaring at me with bloodlust. He was clutching his aching balls as he staggered towards me.

"For such a big muscular guy, you've got a set of pretty useless balls there. A few gentle smacks and down you go, crying for mommy," I taunted.

Joe growled as he lashed out at me again. His brawny arms missed me yet again and in response, I kicked his right shin. The musclehead groaned as he bent over to nurse his hurting leg, his legs spread for stability and leaving his oversized, sperm tanks dangling vulnerably between his massive ass-cheeks. Not wanting to end the fight so soon, I decided not to inflict too much damage on those big boy balls but just enough pain to terrorize the big oaf. I reached both hands between his trunk-like legs with my palms open and facing those large gonads then slammed them together, squashing those soft, juicy meatballs between my hands. Joe cried out in shock and pain as I withdrew and danced away, letting the big man clutch and nurse his aching testicles.

Joe was persistent. Trying to suppress the blazing pain from his seed-tanks, he limped towards me again, intent on hurting me. The clumsy oaf kept throwing slow awkward punches that I very easily avoided. Every time he did, I would either duck between his massive legs or to the side and would deliver a sharp slap to his reddening, swelling, aching testicles. Every loud smack was invariably followed by a yelp of pain. These weren't very hard slaps but every slap to his sensitive, abused manhood was hurting him more than the prior one. I didn't intend to floor the hunk, although I could. I just wanted to continue toying with him and hurt his overgrown gonads as much as I could.

Exhausted by his futile attacks and severely weakened by the pain from his traumatized testicles, Joe just stood there, panting and confused. Now I took the fight to him, throwing quick punches at his face and midsection. Joe feebly attempted to block my attack but soon I had him backed up in a corner. Unable to escape my furious attack, he tried to block my strikes with his brawny arms. Brushing aside the massively muscled arms, I pressed my forearm against his muscular neck and as he tried to push me away, my other hand plunged between his legs and grabbed hold of his larger left testicle. I smiled as a look of utter fear came across Joe's handsome face. My fingers wrapped around the trapped gonad like steel cables and I squeezed hard. Joe's mouth fell open in silent anguish, no screams escaped from his mouth; only strangled keening animal noises. My fingers continued kneading the squishy, swollen and sweaty gonad while pinning Joe's thick neck against the wall. I grew horny feeling the squishiness of his testicle in my hand and the look of pure anguish in his eyes. Tears of agony and shame soon flowed down his face and he whimpered pathetically for me to let him go.

I finally let go of his left nut which had clearly swollen to a much larger size now and in fact, looked like a goose egg. Before letting Joe wallow in his misery, I quickly swung my knee upwards. As my bony knee rammed into his already tender, swollen balls, Joe screamed pitifully and collapsed on the lawn. He curled up in a fetal position, his hands clutching his broken, badly aching balls as he sobbed like a little boy. By now, I was sporting major wood. My 8 inch cock was rock hard and dripping precum beneath my shorts. The whole experience of subjugating an older, much bigger and more muscular man and dominating him by busting his weak, sensitive balls was really turning me on.

As the fallen hunk lay on his side sobbing, his fat swollen plums dangled vulnerably.

I yanked down my shorts and pre-cum and sweat soaked briefs. I then slapped away Joe's hands from his aching gonads and he whined in protest. I grabbed his long pendulous ballsac at the base, trapping his aching balls at the base. His balls were so low-hanging that I could grab an entire handful of his scrotum and there was still excess skin for his nards to swing about.

"Stand up!" I ordered, maintaining a grip on his scrotum.

Sobbing and confused by pain, he staggered to his feet, hanging his head in shame. I stood in front of him, a 5'5" tall teenager in total domination of a 6'10", 350 pound giant of a man. He hung his head, sobbing and not daring to look me in the eye.

I slapped him across the face and hissed, "Who's ass got kicked, eh, big boy?"

To my surprise, Joe's cock swelled up to a throbbing erection. His bewildered expression showed his utter confusion at his current state, miserable and in pain but somehow turned on by being subjugated by a younger, much smaller opponent. With my other hand, I gently scratched the sensitive area behind Joe's balls. The masochistic hunk's sobs faded away and were replaced by little horny moans. Not wanting him to blow his load just yet, I cruelly slammed my fist into his busted, tenderized gonads. As my knuckles sank into the soft, sensitive fleshy orbs, Joe wailed in total anguish and his legs buckled as he involuntarily sank to the ground. However, I made sure he didn't but yanking upwards on his ballsac. The hunk whimpered miserably, his tears starting to flow again but his cock remained rock hard.

"You stand when I tell you to and kneel down when I tell you to," I told him.

"Yes..." he moaned.

"Yes, what?" I barked.

"Yes, sir!" he answered.

I then took my sweaty, pre-cum soaked briefs and stuffed it in his face.

"Suck on that, muscle bitch! Sniff that! I know you want to smell and taste my balls!" I ordered.

Joe meekly obeyed and it obviously turned him on. His cock grew to a dark shade of red, betraying the hunk's horniness and lust.

"Pervert!" I scolded, yanking my briefs out of his mouth.

I then landed a vicious slap on the confused, unsuspecting hunk's swollen balls. With a scream of agony, he collapsed on the lawn, crying miserably. I knelt down next to the injured hunk's face. With one hand, I grabbed his very sensitive and very swollen testicles and with the other I grabbed a handful of the humiliated hunk's hair and shoved his head into my sweaty crotch. He groaned in pain as I yanked on his pendulous gonads but was obviously very horny. I shoved my sweaty balls right into his face.

I grabbed a hold of Joe's tender, sore, squishy gonads as his cock rose to a throbbing erection.

Without me asking him to, the masochistic musclehead opened his mouth began licking the underside of my balls. Man, that felt so fucking good! I moaned in pleasure, tugging at Joe's balls while he pleasured me. Spontaneously, the horny hunk then gently took my wet, hard cock into his mouth and sucked on it like a hungry puppy. Maintaining my grip on his testicles, I face-fucked the handsome Joe as the big man lay on his side. Soon, my loins were tingling and I pulled my cock away from Joe's hungry mouth and with a few strokes, my balls erupted in pure orgasmic ecstasy as I shot my male milk all over the humiliated hunk's face. In my state of pleasure I had inadvertently pulled and squeezed really hard on the injured bodybuilder's testicles. This had also caused the horny hunk's gonads to empty their load. Joe groaned in pain and pleasure as his hips bucked and he squirted warm, white jizz all over himself and on my arm as well. Spasm after spasm made the big man spray an unbelievable amount of cum everywhere.

Exahausted, hurt and confused, Joe looked at me like an injured puppy, his eyes wide with terror and pleading for mercy.

"Look at the mess you made!" I told him, pointing at my cum-covered arm.

"Please, I'm sorry, sir... please... don't hurt my balls anymore... please," he begged.

"Lick it all up!" I ordered.

Joe obediently licked up every drop of his cum on my arm. As he knelt there, tense in anticipation for what I was about to do, I grabbed his hair but this time, I gave him a passionate kiss on the lips. The masochistic hunk responded to me wanted more but I pulled away.

The sobbing, humiliated and miserable muscle hunk clutching his very swollen, traumatized and busted gonads.

"You're my muscle slave now," I whispered in his ear.

Joe hung his head, confused and ashamed at being completely sexually dominated by a younger, smaller male. I then made him go on all fours and arch his back so his ass was nicely spread. He obeyed meekly, hoping for more sexual pleasure from me.

Instead, I swung my foot between his muscular ass-cheeks and kicked him right in his vulnerable, dangling, traumatized testicles. With a sickening thud, my foot smashed those tenderized balls and Joe howled in anguish before crumpling to the lawn. He assumed that all-too-familiar fetal position, hugging himself and begging me not to hurt him anymore.

"That's for coming when I didn't give you permission to! You can only cum when I let you, muscle slave!" I told him before slipping my clothes back on and leaving the sobbing semen-covered hunk wallowing in his misery. I definitely was going to go back and administer some discipline to Joe's balls again.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Squeeze and scream

Trapped on the turnbuckle, a wrestler screams helplessly while his opponent squeezes and crushes his dangling meatballs.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bare balls busted

A horny nudist trying to score some action instead suffers a powerful snap kick to his bobbing balls.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sadistic Drill Sargent

What better way to break the fresh recruits than by slamming your fist into their tender nards or crushing the cum out of those juicy testicles?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Punched balls

A horny hunk's throbbing erection deflates after his date smashes her fist into his bulging, big boy balls.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crushing stomp

A big punk's cockiness is destroyed when his opponent launches a devastating kick upwards and smashes his large, squishy balls.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Water Polo bust

A water polo player gets turned on seeing his buddy massage aching his big boy nards after a low blow by an opposing player.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nut punch

In slo-mo, you can actually see his fist crush his pal's bulging balls. Nice!