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Revenge of the Nerds (Part 4)

Chase was somewhat chastised and confused after several run-ins with his study group partners. The humongous linebacker had been beaten up and humiliated by a few nerds, who were a quarter of his size. His encounters with Andy and Diego ended with him getting fucked hard, which he found to be humiliating yet extremely erotic. He still could not understand how a massive, muscular 480 pound, 6'7" behemoth like himself couldn't beat two nerds who were a quarter of his size. Chastised, Chase went from a loud-mouthed oafish bully, to a more docile, even somewhat decent, guy.

This particular morning, Chase and Kurt were alone working on their group project. Chase had not ejaculated for over two weeks after his run-in with Diego left his manhood and ass extremely sore. Every time he tried to jerk off, the pain from his flopping balls would be so awful, he could barely stay hard. The beefy jock's plump gonads were filled to the brim with jizz, and he was so sexually frustrated and horny that he could not concentrate. Kurt continued to tap away on his laptop, oblivious to how the football player kept staring at him with a heady mixture of lust, fear, desire, resentment, and anger. Chase's cock stirred as he began fantasizing about pouncing on Kurt and fucking his tight bubble butt. Overcome by desire, he stood up, planning a surprise attack on the unsuspecting Kurt.

Suddenly, their attention was drawn to a commotion outside. They both went to the glass patio door to investigate, Kurt standing in front and Chase just behind him. Two guys faced each other, while a group of about ten other guys stood in a loose circle around them. They looked to be a couple of years younger than Kurt and Chase. The two males in the center of the circle appeared to be squaring up for a fight. One was a burly 6', 300 pound mammoth with messy, shoulder-length brown hair clad in a white tank and basketball shorts. His opponent was a diminutive 4'8", 100 pound male with a military crew cut, wearing a t shirt and jeans. From the trash talking between the two, Chase and Kurt gathered that the smaller guy's name was Aaron, and his bully was Sam. Apparently Aaron was sick of the burlier male's taunts and had challenged Sam to a fight.

"Bitch, I'm gonna wipe the floor with you!" Sam said, gesturing wildly with his arms. He got in his opponent's face, trying to use his huge size to intimidate him.

"I'd like to see you try, bitch," came the icy reply.

The bigger male circled his opponent, cocky and smirking. He swung a punch that missed him. Looking somewhat bewildered, he launched a barrage of clumsy punches, all of which  missed his target by a mile. Frustrated by his failure to land a punch, the large oaf began blindly flailing his fists, hoping to demolish his pint-sized victim with brute force. Clearly an experienced fighter, Aaron dodged and avoided the blundering attack with ease. As the flustered, hefty Sam swung a wild haymaker, he evaded it by stepping to one side and counterattacked with a side kick that neatly smashed the larger male in the balls. Sam squealed loudly in pain and shock, doubling over instinctively to protect his traumatized testicles, and received a punch to the jaw that sent him reeling. He raised his brawny arms to protect his head, leaving his vulnerable groin unprotected. Naturally, the pint-sized Aaron delivered a swift kick to his aching balls, this time from the front. The loose fabric of his shorts bunched up around crotch as Aaron's foot collided with his bobbing balls, and crunched the fragile organs against his pelvis. The group of guys collectively groaned, all of them empathizing with Sam's pain, yet enjoying the sight of him getting a well-deserved beating.

The would-be bully doubled over instantly, emitting a low groan and seemingly froze in that position, stunned by the awful pain erupting from his genitals.

Chase stood there, his jaw slack as he watched the fight. Kurt felt something poking his back, turned around and saw Chase's unimpressive cock tenting his shorts, a  growing spot of precum wetting the fabric at its tip.

"You like seeing a big guy getting beat up by a smaller guy, don't you?" Kurt asked, as Chase turned red with embarrassment, aware of his boner.

"You enjoy seeing the bigger guy getting his balls busted, right?" Kurt continued, as he gently stroked the underside of Chase's fat, dangling gonads. Chase nodded, as a mix of confusing emotions roiled his brain. Kurt grasped each of Chase's overgrown, sperm-laden testicles in each hand. Chase eyes widened and he whimpered in fear at first, but as Kurt gently rolled the squishy meaty organs about, the linebacker began emitting soft grunts of pleasure as he continued to watch the fight.

The fight was clearly over for Sam but Aaron was not finished with him. He grabbed his bully in a headlock and drove his knee into his tenderized testicles, over and over, each blow lifting the strapping male off the ground by a few inches. Overwhelmed by pain, Sam's hefty body slumped to the ground, unable to offer any further resistance, and slowly curled up in a fetal position as he emitted mewling, animal-like noises.

Chase's breathing grew heavier as ecstasy began building in his loins. The sight of the larger bully being completely dominated by a small guy was insanely arousing. Kurt gradually increased the pressure he applied to the horny bodybuilder's heavy, laden balls,

Still not done with punishing his bully, Aaron grabbed a handful of his hair, and plunged his hand down the back of shorts, past his ass crack and grabbed his bully's sore balls. He yanked on both his hair and testicles hard. Helpless, Sam could only flail about and scream in anguish as his delicate spunk-makers were crushed mercilessly.

"For someone who likes to talk shit and act tough, you sure have a tiny set of nuts!" Aaron taunted.

"They're like grapes!" he continued, cruelly mashing the wailing bully's battered balls as hard as he could.

"After you're done with them, they'll be the size of raisins," someone laughed.

"I'm sorry! I'm fucking sorry!!" the large male cried out. Aaron let his balls go but pulled him upright by his hair. Standing behind him, he yanked the Sam's shorts down.

"Fucking cute!" he laughed at the bigger guy's bright red briefs. Automatically, Sam bent over to pull his shorts back up, trying to salvage whatever pride he had left. Without missing a beat, Aaron grabbed the waistband of his briefs and tugged upwards as hard as he could. Sam screamed in abject agony, his shattered balls squashed by the humiliating wedgie. As the fabric began to tear, Aaron grabbed his vanquished bully around the hips as a lever, and swung his knee between Sam's hamstrings.

A strangled screech and a loud satisfying smack rang out the moment his knee crashed into Sam's defenseless, delicate manhood. 

Kurt gave Chase's oversized balls a hard squeeze the moment Aaron's knee smashed into Sam's gonads.

"Unhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." Chase moaned in both pain and pleasure as he involuntarily shot his load.

The pain must have been too much for the cocky Sam. He slumped to the ground, half conscious, with his face in the dirt and his pasty, exposed butt in the air. Aaron raised his arms in victory, and the group left the defeated bully in his humiliating pose.

Kurt maintained a solid grip on the spent hulk's aching balls, ruining the afterglow of his orgasm completely.

"Please stop, Kurt. It hurts so bad," Chase begged, as his ecstasy transforming rapidly into agony.

"You came without my permission. How dare you!" Kurt admonished as he twisted Chase's dangling balls while crushing them. Chase's massive figure doubled over as he grabbed Kurt's wrists to dislodge his grip on his horribly aching manhood.

"Please let my boys go, man," Chase pled, failing to break the crushing grip on his balls.

"Only if you promise to do what I want until I cum, big boy," Kurt smiled, staring into Chase's terrified eyes. He gave the beefy football player's tortured testicles an extra hard squeeze.

"Yes, sir! Anything!" Chase squealed, his voice several octaves higher.

Kurt let up the pressure on the whining hulk's afflicted balls but didn't release them. He led Chase back into the apartment by his balls before letting go. Chase's mammoth frame sank to the ground, his hands gently nursing his hurting meatballs.

"Take off your clothes," Kurt ordered. The overgrown beefy hulk meekly obeyed, and stood there utterly naked, looking both ashamed and afraid. His small cock had shriveled back to its limp state, with drops of cum still dripping from its tip.

Kurt picked up Chase's tank top and tied his brawny arms behind his back.

"Five kicks to the balls. I want you to remain standing the whole time. If you drop to the floor before the fifth kick, I'll start from the beginning and keep kicking your worthless balls" Kurt grinned. Chase nodded miserably, hoping to get through the torment with his manhood intact.

"Spread em," Kurt commanded. Chase took a deep breath, and spread his trunk-like thighs, his pendulous testicles gently bobbing back and forth mid-way between his pelvis and his knees. Before he could brace for the impact, Kurt's foot slammed into his dangling balls with painful precision. The bulky jock gasped in shock and anguish, but managed to remain standing. He tried to prepare himself for the next kick, taking more deep breaths to ease the deep, nauseating pain gnawing at his genitals and gut.

Kurt took aim again, eyeing the small notch right where Chase's scrotum divided in the middle, separating the goliath's right and left testicles. His foot sailed between his thighs again, nailing his target dead on, and sending Chase's pain levels into the stratosphere. Chase doubled over, groaning loudly in agony, trying his best not to drop to the ground. Kurt waited until the beefy jock appeared to straighten up and dutifully delivered his third kick to Chase's big bloated balls. His aim was impeccable, striking the same spot, dealing both delicate organs with almost equal amounts of force.

A strangled scream escaped from his lips as Chase's knees buckled and his whole body shuddered in agony but he struggled to remain standing, terrified of how much pain would be in store if he collapsed.

Kurt admired how red and swollen Chase's low-hanging balls were now. His balls were almost twice as large, but his cock had shriveled into a little nub, barely visible from his pubic region.

"Spread em!" Kurt ordered. Chase trembled as he slowly spread his humongous legs.

Two sickening smacks rang out as Kurt unleashed two rapid kicks into the whining jock's distended, pendulous meatballs. One smashed into the left gonad while the other slammed into the right one. Chase's gorilla-like frame spasmed uncontrollably from the agonizing pain exploding from his stricken manhood. His legs gave out from under him, and he collapsed into a sobbing heap, writhing about in a futile attempt to lessen the dreadful pain blazing in his genitals.

"Not bad at all. You took it like a man!" Kurt complimented him. After a brief 5-minute respite, Kurt ordered Chase to his knees. His body and gonads still wracked by pain, the hefty jock struggled to obey.

Kurt placed a stepstool on the ground in front of the sofa.

"Put those fat useless balls here," he gestured to the stool. His hands tied behind his back, the terrified linebacker shuffled over on his knees and laid his floppy, bulging testicles on the stool. Kurt dropped his shorts, to reveal his massive erection - 9 throbbing inches, and as thick as a beer bottle. He placed his foot on Chase's right testicle, slowly compressing the squishy, round organ into a flattened, elongated pancake. The huge jock screamed in anguish, as Kurt cruelly trampled his once-proud gonad. The sadistic nerd grabbed Chase's head and shoved his leaking cock into the jock's gaping mouth.

"Suck on it, big boy!" he ordered, as Chase gagged and choked on his huge cock. He shifted his foot to Chase's left testicle and began crushing it against the stool instead, as the miserable jock dutifully serviced his dick, his agonized whimpers mingling with slurping noises. Despite the nauseating pain exploding from his flattened left testicle, Chase's tiny cock sprung to attention.

"You like that, don't you? You like worshipping a real man's cock!" Kurt exclaimed as Chase hungrily sucked on his meat cannon. He repositioned his foot so that he could mash both of Chase's oversized, laden bull balls. The swollen, spongy orbs slipped and rolled about but he expertly maneuvered them to the base of their floppy sac, trapping them in place as he squashed them like a pair of bugs. The oversized spongy organs flattened beneath his foot. Blobs and bubbles of swollen testicular flesh covered in his pink scrotum with engorged crisscrossing purple veins protruded grotesquely between his toes and beyond the edges of his foot. Chase's cries of agony were muffled by Kurt's cock.

"Who's the real man, bitch? Whose cock is bigger?" he continued, shoving his thick hard dick further down Chase's throat to make his point.

"You, sir," Chase mumbled with his mouth filled with Kurt's schlong.

Kurt was intensely aroused by Chase's abject agony and lust. Feeling that he was about to shoot his load, he reluctantly withdrew his cock from Chase's hungry mouth. The stocky jock looked somewhat crestfallen that he had to stop sucking on Kurt's dick.

"Stop, stop, stop. I'm gonna cum if you don't. You're a fucking good cocksucker" Kurt breathlessly said. He kept his foot on Chase's testicles, which were so swollen they looked like a pair of oranges. The jock's 3-inch cock remained painfully erect, as if saluting the dominant male. Kurt leaned over and began kissing Chase passionately with his foot still crushing the jock's big, bloated balls. They made out for almost 15 minutes, with Kurt's foot solidly squashing Chase's bruised, distended, oversized testicles the entire time. 

Kurt then pulled back, and Chase slowly opened his eyes. Smiling cruelly as he stared into the jock's longing gaze, Kurt lifted his foot and stomped down on Chase's heavy, distended balls. The brawny jock let out of an injured yelp, followed by a low groan as his entire body shook and a stream of greyish liquid squirted from his cock.

"Fuck, you're rampant!" Kurt exclaimed, jumping back in surprise. Chase slumped to ground, exhausted and in agony, with rivulets of spunk still flowing from his semi-hard cock.

"You made a mess on my foot, asshole," Kurt scolded, pointing at the globs of cum on his foot.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry... please don't hurt me," Chase begged, terrified.

"Lick it clean," Kurt replied.

Chase crawled to Kurt on his knees, and obediently licked off the mess he made on Kurt's foot, gagging at the taste and smell of his own spunk and Kurt's foot.

"Get up," Kurt told the prostrate giant. He led Chase to sofa, and made him kneel on it, facing the wall. Kurt's got behind the burly jock, and began biting his wide, thick, doughy ass cheeks, leaving bright red bite-marks as he slowly approached to Chase's pink hole. He then thrust his tongue in and around Chase's tight pink hole, making the beefy linebacker moan deliriously and relax his hole. Unable to resist any longer, Kurt slammed his rigid cock into Chase's gaping hole, drawing a cry of pain and shock.

"It hurts, man. It's huge," Chase whined in protest, his sphincter and rectum stretched to their limits by Kurt's massive cock.

"You can take it, boy. Your thick ass was made to be fucked by big cocks like mine," Kurt said as he began thrusting hard. After a few minutes, Chase's cries of pain turned into moans of pleasure as Kurt's dick hit his prostate repeatedly.

"You like me fucking your tight muscle pussy, boy?" Kurt said as he began slamming his cock balls-deep into Chase's ass.

"Yes, sir!" the emasculated jock moaned, throwing his hips back.

As Chase's moans grew louder, Kurt let out a guttural groan and thrust his cock as deep into Chase as he could. He collapsed on top of the huge jock as he emptied his warm load into Chase's ass. The big jock felt each pulse of hot cum filling his insides. Spent, Kurt smiled as he withdrew, leaving a stream of jizz leaking from Chase's red and raw hole.

He untied Chase's brawny arms and stood him up. Chase's tiny cock was erect again.

"Still horny??" Kurt asked, incredulous.

"May I cum, please?" Chase asked, nodding and looking somewhat embarrassed.

"Let me play with your balls while you jerk off," Kurt grinned.

Chase lay on his back and Kurt sat between his humongous legs. He grasped his mini dick between his thumb and index finger and began stroking it.

"That fucking classic two-finger jerk!" Kurt chuckled to himself as he grabbed Chase's inflamed, very tender testicles. He began kneading them like lumps of playdoh, admiring how squishy they were after being abused all afternoon. Chase groaned in pain but kept stroking his cock, desperate for release. Within a couple of minutes, his body shuddered, and his hips began to buck as gobs of spunk sprayed from his microdick all over his lower gut.

His massive chest heaved up and down, as he lay there, spent. Kurt, however, didn't let go of his ultra-sensitive balls, which were now a purplish red hue.

"Please let my balls go, sir," Chase begged, his gut cramping with pain radiating from his traumatized testicles.

"Just making sure they were completely empty," Kurt replied before yanking down hard on Chase's floppy scrotum with one hand, and driving the other fist into the stunned jock's trapped gonads, his unforgiving knuckles burrowing deep into the spongy, swollen, nerve-filled flesh of Chase's plump balls.

Chase screeched loudly as a tsunami of pain exploded from his manhood. He folded up like a pretzel, hugging himself and rocking back and forth in tortured anguish.

"Don't get your fucking spunk on the carpet, or I'll break your worthless balls!" Kurt warned as he left Chase to wallow in his misery.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Glory Hole

Jake was home for vacation. The Marine was enjoying a well-deserved R&R but was restless in his small midwestern home town. He was bored to death... and insanely horny. The 25-year-old snapped some selfies of his toned, muscled torso and posted it on Grindr, curious to see who he could chat up in his small town.

There weren't many guys in his vicinity, as expected, and the few guys online only had headless torsos as their profile pics, wary of being recognized by friends or family. He tried to see if he could recognize any of them, curious if any were his high school acquaintances.

"Hey" came a message from a pictureless profile.

Usually, Jake would not entertain messages from completely anonymous profiles, but he was so bored that he replied.

"What's up" Jake typed.

"Horned up" the anonymous person answered, getting straight to the point.

"Me too" Jake typed, curious to see how far this tactless conversation would go.

"Need someone to suck this bad boy" came the reply, followed by a picture of his junk. Jake's eyebrows rose, impressed at the hard 9 inch cock and the low-hanging softball-sized testicles.

"Wow" Jake typed.

"Wanna drain these big balls for me?"

Spotting something on the pic, Jake enlarged it further. "No, it can't be him!" he thought, staring at a bean-shaped birth mark on the right thigh.

"Fuck, it's Brett!" Jake laughed, remembering his former bully. Brett was his high school classmate but three times his size. He was the school bully and took particular pleasure tormenting Jake, who was both attracted to and terrified of the burly blond jock when he was a teen. Jake always stared at Brett in the locker room, lusting over his muscular beefy physique and ponderous genitals. He spent countless hours jerking off while fantasizing about Brett's thick cock and overgrown testicles, and knew that unique mole very well.

"Don't waste my time. I need my big cock sucked," Brett impatiently typed.

"Where do we meet?" Jake answered, more curious than ever to see his former crush/bully.

"Park. West restrooms. Get in one stall and I'll get in the other,"


The sun was setting, and Jake headed to the park in the middle of the town and straight to the men's restroom. It was empty, with one flickering light bulb illuminating the interior.

"Can't get any seedier than this. At least it's clean," Jake thought to himself as he inspected the stalls. There was a crudely cut hole in the wall separating two stalls.

Jake got into one and shut the door, peeking through a gap as he waited patiently. Soon, he spied Brett's bulky frame entering the restroom. He was just as beefy as he remembered from high school, 6'9" 350 lbs, with broad thick shoulders and a barrel-like chest, and a bit of belly. Jake's cock began to twitch as desire stirred deep in his loins.

Brett looked around furtively before entering the other stall. His boots were visible below the partition. Jake heard him undoing his belt buckle and his jeans dropped around his ankles. He shoved his ample genitals through the hole, his fat cum-filled balls barely squeezing through.

"Go on, boy," Brett demanded.

Jake was giddy with excitement. His teenage fantasy was literally inches from his face. He cupped Brett's oversized testicles in each hand, admiring the weight and dimensions of the large round organs as he slid his lips over the moaning jock's semi-hard cock.

"Mmmm, fuck... yeah..." Brett mumbled as Jake gently rolled his ample gonads around in each palm, and moved his mouth back and forth over his hardening dick.

Jake bobbed his head rhythmically with his lips tightly wrapped over Brett's cock as his former bully emitted grunts of pleasure.

"You're so good..." Brett moaned as he grabbed the top of the partition firmly to brace himself as he began thrusting his hips as though trying to shove his cock further down Jake's throat.

Within 5 minutes, the beefy male let out of a deep groan.

"I'm gonna cum... suck harder, you fucking fag!" he said.

Something in Jake's head suddenly clicked when Brett called him a fag. The memories of Brett bullying him in high school came rushing back. He suddenly remembered how Brett humiliated and tormented him when he was an awkward, overweight teen. In particular, he recalled the countless times Brett pantsed and punched him in the groin in gym class and the locker, laughing with his buddies as Jake doubled over in pain.

Jake withdrew his lips from Brett's cock, a thin rope of precum dripped slowly to the ground.

"What the fuck... don't stop, fag... I'm about to blow my fucking load!" Brett growled angrily.

A cruel smile lifted the edges of Jake's lips as his fingers locked around Brett's delicate, squishy meatballs. 

"Hey... fuck... stop... that fucking hurts!" Brett protested as he tried to pull his vulnerable genitals back.

Jake compressed the fleshy orbs between his thumbs, and index and middle fingers, digging his fingers into them and feeling the round organs slowly distort as the hefty former jock began screaming in agony.

"I'm gonna fucking kill you! I'm gonna beat your ass, fag!" Brett threatened, his voice much higher than usual, as he began punching the partition.

Unperturbed, Jake continued to knead and mash the plump, sperm-laden organs, deforming the orbs more and more as Brett's cries grew louder and more desperate. He rolled his thumb around the squishy, nerve-rich gonads, digging into the delicate nut meat. He chuckled as Brett's screams changed in volume and pitch as he pressed different regions of his traumatized testicles. The back of the bulbous organs seemed to be the most sensitive areas; Brett would hyperventilate and tremble uncontrollably whenever Jake dug his thumbs there. Naturally, Jake focused most of his punishment and strength on the back of Brett's horribly aching balls. After what seemed an eternity, Jake decided to switch up the abuse. He grabbed the sagging scrotum with his left hand, trapping Brett's rapidly-swelling testicles at the bottom of the thin, fuzzy pink sac.

"Please stop... please don't hurt my balls anymore..." Brett begged, audibly sobbing.

Jake clenched his right hand in a fist and began punching and pounding Brett's trapped, distended testicles. He smashed each bloated organ in turn, his unyielding fist colliding with Brett's battered balls rhythmically. Brett yelped pitifully with each blow, his beefy body spasming uncontrollably. Jake continued his relentless assault on his former bully and crush's very swollen, inflamed manhood for a good 10 minutes and stopped only when his arm ached from the lactic acid buildup. Brett's once-proud softball-sized testicles were now a bruised, crimson, puffy, cantaloupe-sized mass covered in grotesquely-distended green veins, far too swollen to be withdrawn through the glory hole. The tight hole became a cock-ring, trapping blood is his cock and keeping it hard as a rock.

The cocky bully was a crying, blubbering mess, banging his head against the partition in a futile attempt to distract from the intense pain exploding from his abused genitals. Jake stood up to admire the punishment he had inflicted on Brett's spunk-loaded testicles.

He opened the door to his stall, stood at the entrance, tilted his head to one side with a little smile and then launched a kick at Brett's trapped genitals. His size 9 Reebok smashed his fragile traumatized testicles against the partition with a sickening smack, drawing a miserable howl from Brett.

Jake walked over the Brett's stall, chuckling as he saw Brett's hefty muscular frame pressed up against the partition, his jeans around his ankles. Brett's entire body shuddered from the agonizing pain blazing from his manhood, causing his large pasty ass to jiggle like jell-o.

"Hey, Brett," Jake called out.

"Who the fuck are you? How do you know me?" Brett replied.

"You forgot your pal Jake? From high school?" Jake answered.

Brett's jaw fell open in shock. The chubby awkward teen he picked on mercilessly was now a handsome, lean, and tanned Greek god.

"Yeah, thought you'd remember me, man. You used to call me a fag all the time, but who knew... you were a fag yourself!" Jake went on.

Brett's face turned red with rage and embarrassment. "I'm gonna kill you," he hissed.

"Oh, I don't think you're going anywhere. Your big balls are stuck in that little hole," Jake laughed as he took aim and launched another kick at Brett's trapped testicles. A hoarse anguished scream escaped Brett's lips as his husky body trembled in pain.

"You were always so proud of your balls. I remember you couldn't wait to get naked in the locker room just so you could show off. Not that I'm complaining though. I did enjoy watching those plums swing around," Jake continued as he unleashed another swift kick to Brett's massively swollen genitals.

Jake's former bully's face was contorted into a mask of pure anguish, tears streaming down his ruggedly handsome face. His legs were rubbery and he just wanted to collapse but his bloated battered balls were caught in the tight glory hole.

"Now look at you. The big babymakers you were so proud of are now your greatest liability!" Jake laughed.

"Please, man... I'll do anything... don't kick my balls anymore... I can't take anymore," Brett begged.

Jake paused to think, and as his eyes wandered to Brett's thick beefy ass, he smiled. He stood behind the terrified male's hulking frame, grabbed a handful of his hair and said, "If you want me to stop hurting your weak pathetic balls, I'm gonna fuck this nice, fat, tight ass."

"Yes, yes...anything, man... just don't hurt my boys anymore," Brett whimpered.

Jake was already as hard as a rock. He pulled his pants down, spat on his throbbing 8 inch boner and slid it into Brett's virgin hole. Brett gasped in pain and shock but as Jake began thrusting, he relaxed and began emitting soft purrs of ecstasy. Jake could barely believe his luck. He had emasculated and was now fucking the beefy football jock who both terrorized and aroused him in high school.

"Uhhhh, fuck yeah..." Jake groaned in pleasure as he emptied his warm load into Brett's ample ass.

"Please let me go, man..." Brett whined miserably as Jake withdrew his cock. Jake looked at him, and took pity on the big half-naked oaf. He went to his truck and fetched a power saw.

"Keep still or I might accidentally cut these useless lumps off," Jake warned as he began cutting into the partition. Brett whimpered and sobbed loudly, terrified that he may be castrated.

Jake managed to cut away a large enough section eventually that Brett's massively swollen genitals were finally freed. Brett sank to the cold concrete in exhaustion, pain, and relief, weakly clutching his shattered manhood as he tried to curl up in the fetal position. Jake whipped out his phone and snapped a a few pictures of his ex-bully, sobbing on the restroom floor, nursing his swollen nards with a stream of Jake's cum leaking out his plump ass.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Coach Payne - Part 3


After Payne's was defeated and publicly humiliated in the wrestling ring in Japan, the bodybuilder quietly flew back to the States. He had again sought solace in building mass after what happened in Japan. Payne spent his days almost exclusively lifting and eating, and his 6'7" frame ballooned to a hefty 450 lbs. He landed a job as a personal trainer at a gym in a small town in the mid-West, where no one had heard of his two prior adventures.

Coach Payne had many clients, most of them young guys trying to pack on muscle and aspiring to be as big as the huge bodybuilder. His former cockiness soon returned, and he strutted around the gym,  yelling at his clients while training them, and talking incessantly about how strong he was and his sexual exploits. The 32-year-old Payne was an exhibitionist. He always wore tight shirts to show off his massive 95 inch barrel-like chest, 30-inch biceps, and brawny shoulders. He exclusively wore grey sweats without any underwear, proudly showing off his fat oversized testicles, ample cock, and thick bulging glutes.

Jake was a champion high school wrestler, who worked out in the same gym. He was 18, 5'5" and weighed about 130 lbs. He couldn't help but notice how Payne was an asshole to all his clients, constantly mocking how puny and weak they were. He also couldn't keep his eyes off the arrogant, older bodybuilder's bulging genitals. Jake was almost mesmerized by how the oversized organs flopped between Payne's humongous thighs as he walked around the gym. Jake was the all-American boy in almost every aspect. He was popular, friendly, smart, athletic, and handsome. 

He only had one dark vice - he enjoyed hurting other guys' balls. He secretly loved busting bigger guys' nuts and seeing them writhe in pain. As a wrestler, he mastered the art of crushing or hitting his opponent's balls without the ref even noticing. If his opponent complained, he would say it was an accident, and would apologize. Most of his opponents limped away in pain from matches with Jake. Jake fantasized about busting Coach Payne's big boy balls almost constantly.

One afternoon, he watched Coach Payne make his client hit a sandbag. Payne kept yelling at the 15 year old boy, telling how he punched like a pussy. He finally told the kid to step aside and told him he would show him how a real man punched. Payne swung a few powerful blows that made the punching bag swing about. Payne turned to his client, stood with his legs spread, cockily telling him about how he could kill a man with one punch. As he bragged, he didn't notice the sandbag swinging in his direction. It smacked into Payne's vulnerable bulge.

A strangled gasp cut Coach Payne's boasts short, and the burly male slumped to his knees, clutching his aching genitals. The big tough bodybuilder let out a low groan of agony as he then dropped on his side and curled into the fetal position. His client looked somewhat stunned and tried to help Payne up but could barely lift the heavy behemoth. Payne just lay there, hugging himself, and making soft keening noises as his fragile manhood throbbed with pain. It took at least 10 minutes before the beefy male could get up, and even then, he limped to a bench and sat there cradling his injured testicles in his hands for another 15 minutes.

Jake's eyes grew large with a heady mixture of surprise, desire and lust. He realized how weak Payne's overgrown gonads were. The apparently tough, colossal, cocky bodybuilder had such sensitive weak balls that a light tap reduced him to a whimpering mess. Jake's cock sprung to full attention, straining at his briefs. The teen wrestler took deep breaths to calm himself and his excited cock, not wanting to walk about the gym with a boner tenting his shorts.

He waited until Coach Payne returned to the front desk and went up to him.

"Hey, man," Jake said.

"What's up?" Payne replied, gingerly sitting down to avoid bumping his aching balls.

"I was wondering if I could sign up for some training sessions with you," he asked.

"Sure. What times work for you?"

"I've got school and assignments to do, so... do you have anything about 9pm?" Jake inquired with a smile.

"I can. But the late evening sessions cost double. No one is here past 8 pm. I'll have to open the gym for you," Payne answered.

"Sure. Not a problem," Jake smiled.

"We start tomorrow evening. Make sure your scrawny ass is here on time," Payne said gruffly.

Jake showed up right on time, and Coach Payne was all alone. He was wearing a tight red tank top and his usual grey sweats sans underwear.

"So, do you play any sports?" Payne inquired.

"I wrestle," Jake answered.

"Really?" Payne looked surprised.

"Yeah. I've won a few medals."

"I used to wrestle in the ring. I'd beat guys three times your size. Easily. I don't see how a scrawny kid like you could beat anyone," Payne smirked.

"Don't let my size fool you, dude. I could beat you, you know," Jake grinned.

"Yeah, sure!" Payne threw his head back and laughed.

"Wanna try wrestling me?"

"I'll probably break a few of your bones, and you'll go crying to mommy and I'll get sued or some shit," Payne shot back.

"Come on. Let's wrestle and see who wins. I bet I would beat you," Jake said, baiting the big bulky male.

"You really want me to beat that skinny ass of yours, huh?"

"If you can, Coach. Only if you can," the cheeky teen taunted.

"What's the prize?"

"Three rounds. No holds barred. First to tap out or give in loses. Loser must do whatever the winner tells him to. For a week!"

"Deal! We only have a boxing ring so that'll have to do," Payne answered, and strode towards the ring.

Jake followed behind, carrying his gym bag with him. He was wearing tee and running shorts. "You can't wrestle in those!" he exclaimed pointing at Payne's sweatpants.

"I don't have anything else to change into," he gruffly answered.

"I have a wrestling singlet. It's a bit small for you, but I think it'll stretch," Jake pulled out a metallic red singlet. He wanted to see Payne's bulging body and genitals in it.

"Oh, well what the hell..." Coach Payne mumbled as he grabbed the singlet. Without blinking, he pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants. Jake swallowed hard, his loins stirring as he stared at Payne's mammoth physique, fat dangling balls and big soft cock. Payne managed to put on the singlet, which was several sizes too small, and looked like it was about to rip. The skimpy gear made his oversized body and genitals look even bigger.

Jake took off his shirt and faced the hulking bodybuilder in his black shorts. They both circled each other in the ring. Payne smirked and lunged at Jake but missed. He kept lunging at the much smaller teen, planning to bodyslam him on the mat but Jake evaded his attacks. Payne managed to corral Jake into a corner, and when he thought the agile wrestler was trapped, let out a victorious cry and threw his mammoth weight at him. Jake ducked between Payne's thick legs as the larger male slammed into the turnstile.

Jake could have easily kicked Payne's big bobbing balls from the back, and ended the round but restrained himself. He wanted to toy with the huge older man. He leapt onto Payne's wide muscled back, and put him in a half nelson with one arm, and locked the other around his thick neck. The bodybuilder stood there and laughed at what he thought was a feeble attack. He flexed his trapped arm but to his surprise, could not break the teen's hold. Jake squeezed the arm around Payne's throat as he pressed the bodybuilder's neck from behind, slowly cutting off the oxygen supply to Payne's brain. The hefty wrestler's body grew weaker, his massive muscles rendered useless as unconsciousness set in. He slowly sank to the mat, and eventually slumped face down, completely limp. Jake released him and within a few minutes the burly male came to, dazed and groggy.

"What the fuck..." he mumbled as he struggled to his feet, his legs still rubbery.

"I think I win that round. You were out like a light," Jake smiled.

"Fuck that. I didn't give in or tap out!" Payne spat.

"Ok, ok, ok. I'll give you that. We'll start from Round 1," Jake said.

They circled each other again. Payne looked less cocky now but had a sneer on his face. He repeated his attack on Jake, lunging at him and trying to bodyslam the petite teen. The enormous male reached his brawny arm grabbed Jake's shoulder but like lightning, Jake seized his arm, twisted it, and bent his wrist backwards painfully.

Payne grunted in pain, his muscled arm burning as Jake held him in the arm-wringer. Without allowing his overgrown opponent any relief, Jake swung his foot between Payne's gigantic thighs, slamming his bare foot into Payne's large, sensitive balls.

Payne howled loudly as he used his free hand to protect his injured testicles. Jake spun Payne's arm over his head, causing the beefy male to drop to the mat. He swiftly dropped one knee on Payne's biceps, sending pain searing through his arm. Payne screeched as he focused on the new source of pain, forgetting about his aching gonads temporarily. Jake grabbed both of Payne's thick legs, spread them apart, and smiled as he admired the magnificent bulge formed by his overgrown testicles and flaccid dick. Payne realized belatedly what was about to happen.

"Oh, God... no... please.... urkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Payne's pleas turned into squeals of anguish as Jake stomped on the big beautiful bulge he was admiring earlier. He lifted his foot and repeatedly stomped down on Payne's battered balls, enjoying how the squishy orbs deformed under his foot. Eventually the bodybuilder screamed his surrender and Jake reluctantly released his legs. The mammoth appendages crashed into the mat as Payne clutched his damaged, aching testicles and whimpered miserably.

After about 15 minutes of incoherent whining, the bodybuilder managed to get on all fours.

"That was fucking dirty. You hit me in the balls," he growled.

"No holds barred, dude. You agreed to that," Jake reminded him.

Payne was silent. He didn't pay much attention to the "no holds barred" agreement earlier but couldn't back out now.

He staggered to his feet, burning with anger and wanting to beat Jake to a pulp. Both wrestlers circled each other again. Payne went on the offensive, swinging fists wildly at the much smaller teen.

"Whoa, you boxing now, Coach?" a surprised Jake ducked and weaved to avoid the haymakers.

"No holds barred, bitch!" Payne yelled.

Unperturbed, Jake waited until Payne launched a poorly-aimed punch that left him wide open. The champion wrestler grabbed his arm, yanked the bodybuilder towards him, ducked under his arm, and grabbed him around the waist from behind. It all happened so quickly that the oafish bodybuilder couldn't react. Taking full advantage of Payne's shock, Jake sent his knee flying between Payne's beefy butt-cheeks. It smashed into the stunned male's fat, cum-laden balls with a satisfying smack. Jake delivered three more knees to Payne's traumatized testicles, released his thick waist, and suddenly grabbed his right leg. With unbelievable strength, the small teen hoisted Payne's jumbo-sized leg off the ground. Coach Payne yelped in shock as he was sent crashing to the mat, and lay on his back momentarily stunned.

Jake dropped his knee on Payne's lower gut, knocking the wind out of him. Payne wheezed as he rolled on his side instinctively. Jake smiled and rolled the bigger male on to his stomach, and easily put him in a half Boston crab, locking Payne's right leg under his right arm. Payne groaned in pain, his leg and lower back blazing. Jake was not done just yet. The sadistic teen could easily see the outline of both of Payne's ample testicles. With his free hand, he began slapping the vulnerable organs.

"Left! Right! Left! Right!" he called out as he smacked each gonad in turn. Payne screamed in anguish but Jake continued to slap his aching balls. The pain was so intense that the bodybuilder forgot that he could give in, and just continued screaming hysterically.

After a few minutes, Jake noticed that Payne's balls were obviously swollen. He grabbed the larger left testicle and began squeezing it. The personal trainer's screams turned into hoarse high-pitched mewling noises as Jake mashed and crushed his left testicle mercilessly.

Finally, Coach Payne managed to squeak, "I give! Please, man, I give!"

Again, Jake reluctantly released him, and the huge bodybuilder weakly curled into the fetal position to nurse his bruised and battered balls. After 30 minutes, Coach Payne managed to crawl to the turnstile, and sat there with cradling his tenderized testicles in his hands, as he emitted soft animal-like noises. Jake stood across the ring, burning with lust as he stared at the bodybuilder's reaction to the sickening pain emanating from his abused manhood.

"Ready for Round 3, big man?" Jake asked.

Payne whimpered in response. He had lost any will to fight.

"You want to throw in the towel, and admit I win?" Jake grinned.

Payne paused for a few seconds then nodded. His genitals hurt so badly that he couldn't think of fighting on and getting his manhood mangled even more.

"Well, you know that this means that you have to do whatever I want you to do for a whole week, right?" Jake continued.

"Fine..." Payne muttered.

"Great. Now let's start by getting naked," the triumphant teen commanded.

Payne gingerly got to his feet and peeled off the skimpy wrestling singlet. His once-proud balls were now swollen to almost twice their size and were an angry shade of red.

"Get over to the squat rack!" Jake ordered him. The naked bodybuilder lumbered over obediently, but slowly to avoid jostling his aching balls.

"I've seen you squat 500 lbs. I want to see you squat 550 tonight, big boy. 8 reps, 4 sets," Jake said.

"But... but... I can't.... I'm in no shape.... ooofff!" Jake cut off Payne's excuses with a swift punch to his dangling balls. Payne dropped to the ground, hugging himself and retching from the nauseating pain.

"I didn't ask for excuses. If you can't or won't do what I tell you, I'll just go on beating your big useless balls. I may even pop one just for fun," he threatened.

Payne trembled as he obediently loaded up the bar, and began squatting 550 lbs. His face was red as sweat poured from his forehead. Every time he paused or seemed to hesitate, Jake would lightly tap the base of his bobbing balls with his foot as a reminder. Fear eventually helped Payne complete the task.

"Good boy! Now let's go to bench some weights!"

Payne's bloated low-hanging balls rested on the bench, as he lay on his back. Jake slapped the safety bars on, and loaded up the barbell.

"You're gonna press 100 reps of 400 lbs, big boy," he ordered. Payne trembled in fear, unsure that he could complete it.

He managed 12 reps but began to weaken. He racked the barbell to rest, but Jake placed a 5 lb weight plate on his balls.

"Every time you stop, I will add weights on those worthless lumps of meat," he warned him.

Payne whimpered in terror as he tried to bench some more. He managed another 5 reps and had to rest. Now he had 10 lbs compressing his fragile, sperm-filled testicles against the bench. A gnawing ache was beginning to radiate from his groin into his abdomen.

Coach Payne squeezed out 5 more reps but had to rest again. His balls ached more with 15 lbs of pressure on the delicate organs. Sweat was pouring from his entire torso as he valiantly tried to bench more reps but only could deliver another 5. Jake grinned as 20 lbs of cold steel squished Payne's fat sac.

Payne's ordeal went on until he completed 50 reps and by now, there was 60 lbs of unforgiving metal compressing his ample balls. Under the heavy plates, they were deformed into oblong shapes, purplish red with engorged veins sticking out like worms across their surface.

"I can't anymore... please... my balls hurt too much. My pecs can't handle anymore," he begged with tears in his eyes.

Jake stared at him without an ounce of pity. "Since you failed, you will have to be punished," he said as he slowly removed the weight plates from Payne's testicles. The abused organs were now more than twice their size and purple.

"Get on your knees," Jake ordered the terrified Payne.

He obeyed and before he could say a word, Jake's foot sailed into the V formed by his thighs and smashed into his very sore, swollen and squishy sac, Payne's eyes bulged out and his jaw fell open in agony but the teen sadist rapidly delivered another savage kick to his brutalized genitals.

Payne released a strangled gasp as he crumpled to the ground on his side, sobbing in anguish. Jake pulled off his shorts, revealing his 12 inch throbbing hard-on. He knelt beside Payne's tear-stained face, and pulled out his phone.

"Suck it," he ordered, shoving the tip towards Payne's lips. Payne hesitated, his head swimming in a mixture of pain and humiliation. Jake seized his left testicle, and began crushing it. Payne's lips parted in the "O" of agony and Jake shoved his cock into Payne's mouth. He gagged as the huge member choked him but dutifully sucked on it. After a few minutes, Jake moaned as he emptied his load down Payne's throat. The once-arrogant bodybuilder gagged as globs of Jake's warm spunk shot down his throat. Jake recorded it all on his phone.

He pulled his cock out, put his shorts back on, and smiled at the bodybuilder.

"Great session, Coach! I'll be back tomorrow night for more. Remember, one week!" he said, as he gestured towards his phone, making it clear that if Coach Payne reneged on his promise, he would release the video of him servicing his cock. Jake walked out of the gym, leaving the naked Payne to wallow in his pain and misery.


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Revenge of the Nerds - Part 3

After his encounter with Andy, Chase kept to himself and avoided the three nerds like the plague. Despite being four times bigger than any of them, the massive linebacker had been beaten and humiliated twice, and lost much of his cockiness. His overgrown balls and ego bruised, the jock comforted himself by lifting harder, and eating more in a quest to get bigger and stronger. He spent two hours at the college gym every day, preferring to work out after 10pm when he had the entire gym to himself.

This particular night, Chase was working his legs as hard as he could. He loved leg day. Nothing gave him greater pleasure than feeling blood pump into his massive thighs, glutes, and calves, and then feeling them quiver as he tried to walk. His huge trunk-like legs were the perfect frame for the low-hanging plump balls he was so proud of, in his opinion. After an intense workout, Chase lumbered to the locker room. He dropped his shorts and peeled off his tank top, and stood in front of the mirror.

His hefty 6'7", 480 lb frame was clad only in a pair of cotton tighty-whities that barely contained his oversized, cum-filled testicles and beefy ass. He began flexing each muscle group, admiring his 30 inch arms, 80 inch chest, and 50 inch thighs. He didn't mind his soft-looking gut, he just wanted to be huge and muscular, not ripped and shredded like competing bodybuilders. He began squeezing his glutes in the mirror when he heard a cat-call in the locker room.

"Who's there?" he called out, startled.

From a corner, a petite 5'6" 120lb figure emerged. It was Diego, one of the nerds that had humiliated him.

"Nice ass," he commented with a smile.

"Shut the fuck up!" Chase spat back, suddenly self-conscious of his state of undress.

"Aww, come on. Don't be rude. I paid you a sincere compliment. You really do have a nice ass," Diego continued, obviously staring at Chase's thick rump.

"Get the fuck away from me. Fucking fag!" Chase retorted.

"Speaking of that, I heard what you and Andy did two weeks ago," Diego replied.

Chase froze. He was embarrassed and confused by his encounter with Diego's friend. He had been utterly beaten and humiliated but was extremely aroused by it.

"He attacked me. That's it," Chase stammered and turned away, his face bright red.

"That's not what I heard, man. I heard you attacked him, but then he beat your big ass, then fucked it so good you jizzed all over yourself," Diego went on, and cheekily grabbed a handful of Chase's ample butt cheek before darting off to a safe distance.

"Fuck you!" Chase exploded, spinning around and charging at Diego like an angry bull. The smaller male quickly stepped aside and swung a side kick that smacked into Chase's unprotected bulging balls. The burly jock screeched in anguish as he folded up from the bolt of pain shooting from his injured testicles.

"I came over because I was horned up, and was hoping you would let me play with your ass and balls," Diego chirped as Chase groaned in agony.

"I'm gonna kill you!" the bulky linebacker growled as he launched himself at Diego again, trying to ignore the blazing pain in his aching gonads. He swung wildly, grunting loudly as his brawny fists flying aimlessly and missing his opponent by miles. The hulking jock burned precious energy without hitting his target, and was soon exhausted. Panting and trying to suck in as much oxygen as his lungs could, Chase's red pudgy face was covered in sweat as he lumbered clumsily towards Diego.

"Look, you're either gonna make it easy or hard for yourself tonight. If you let me play with your balls and butt, I promise not too hurt your big boys too much and I will give you the best orgasm you've had. If you keep trying to hit me, I can't tell how much pain I'll inflict on those useless lumps of meat between your legs. I may even do permanent damage to those fat nuggets," Diego coolly warned Chase, gesturing at the jock's bulging genitals.

The brawny male was too angry to reason with. His muscles burned with lactic acid and his movements were slow and sluggish. As he clumsily tried to grab Diego, the smaller male dropped to his knees and shot a cruel uppercut that smashed into Chase's big bobbing balls with painful accuracy. The hefty linebacker gasped in shock and agony, his entire frame paralyzed. Before the jumbo-sized oaf could react, Diego unleashed two more uppercuts the heavy sperm-filled meatballs, one punch smacking into the right one, and another into the left.

Chase howled in anguish, his legs turned into rubber and he crumpled to the ground. Diego miscalculated his escape, and the massive bodybuilder fell right on top of him.

Surprised by the weight crashing down on him, Diego struggled to get free. Chase was consumed by the throbbing ache erupting from his abused manhood but realized that he was in a position to possibly annihilate his tormentor.

Both males struggled for an advantage. The pint-sized Diego was like an eel, ferociously fighting to escape Chase's immense weight and mass. Chase tried to suppress the horrible pain blazing from his damaged and battered balls as he struggled to pin Diego down. Finally, Chase managed to wrap his arms around Diego's head and neck.

"I've got you now!" Chase yelled victoriously as he began squeezing hard, aiming to crush the smaller male against his torso.

Diego struggled to get free but Chase was clearly too strong for him.

"Give up, bitch. I'm gonna crush your puny skull if you don't," Chase smirked, applying more pressure.

Diego began seeing stars as Chase squeezed his head and neck harder. Thinking quickly, he plunged his hands downwards. He managed to push his right hand through the Y-shaped slit in Chase's underwear and seized the larger male's fat, avocado-sized left testicle.

Diego began crushing the big, squishy, cum-laden testicle as hard as he could. Chase panicked as pain began exploding from his fragile gonad, and tried squeezing Diego's head harder.

Both were now locked in a literal battle of wills. Who could prevail would win. Diego and Chase fought as hard as they could, knowing that the victor would show no pity to the loser. Diego fought to withstand the crushing pain of Chase's head-lock as he  focused all his strength on the enormous bodybuilder's sizable but delicate testicle. Chase tried his best to ignore the immense torment inflicted on his gonad, hoping that he could choke out Diego before the pain got too much for him. The minutes ticked by as both men tried to force the other to surrender.

Chase's strength dwindled as the awful, sickening pain from his abused manhood increased exponentially. As Diego's fingers dug into the fragile, nerve-filled fleshy orb, distorting its round shape, waves of nausea and agony seared his entire body and brain. His abs began cramping from the terrible pain, making him cough and retch, and he could barely catch his breath. Diego sensed his burly opponent weakening, and managed to plunge his other hand into Chase's briefs to grab his right gonad. He now literally had the hefty jock by the balls.

Diego mashed Chase's engorged, bloated balls as if they were lumps of clay, his bony fingers digging into the squishy, meaty organs as he twisted and tugged on them, deforming the jock's once-proud genitals into a swollen, contorted mass of shiny, fleshy bubbles protruding through the gaps between Diego's fingers. The enormous bodybuilder gave up, unable to tolerate the tremendous pain in his manhood.

"I give... I'm done... I'm fucking done... I can't..." he croaked hoarsely, between coughs, as he released Diego, lifting his arms as if to surrender. Diego refused to let go of his mangled testicles.

"Please, man... I can't take any more," he begged, his eyes brimming with tears.

Diego maneuvered himself so that he had one knee on Chase's thick neck, while maintaining his death-grip on the colossal bodybuilder's tormented, tenderized testicles.

"That doesn't sound very convincing," Diego answered, giving Chase's battered balls an extra hard twist and pressing harder on Chase's neck.

"I give! I give! Please stop hurting my boys," Chase screeched hoarsely, his pasty face and manhandled genitals bright red.

"Beg me properly," Diego went on.

"Please, sir. I beg you to stop hurting me, sir, please," the husky bodybuilder whimpered pathetically.

"Why should I stop? What's in it for me?" he retorted.

"I'll do anything you want, sir!" Chase whined, desperate for some relief of the horrible aching pain tearing through his manhood.

"Ok. Remember, your promise. You'll do anything I want you to. If you don't, I'll make sure I pop your right nut!" Diego warned, flicking the swollen, bruised gonad for effect.

The humongous linebacker yelped pitifully and immediately curled up on the locker room floor, emitting weird animal-like noises as he nursed his overgrown, injured, shattered balls. Diego allowed the vanquished jock a short reprieve.

"On your knees!" he ordered. Chase struggled to get up, trying his hardest to note jostle his extremely sore genitals. He was so much bigger than Diego that he was almost as tall as him even on his knees. Diego stared coldly into the hefty jock's fear-filled eyes, and grabbed a handful of his hair. Chase's heavy balls hung so low that they rested on the floor. Diego placed his foot on the tenderized, inflamed organs, gradually pressing them against the cold, hard concrete until they were flattened.

Chase whimpered and sobbed in panic as pain began pulsating from his compressed balls and rising into his gut.

"Remember, big boy, you will do as I say or I will permanently damage to your worthless manhood," Diego reminded him tugging his head back and stepping harder on his aching genitals. Chase nodded anxiously, and crying out in pain, his will to fight completely sapped.

Diego smiled, and then planted his lips on Chase's trembling lips. He kissed the terrified jock passionately even while trampling on his battered balls. The massive bodybuilder's terror and anguish slowly morphed into lust and desire as he kissed Diego back.

"Oh, look, someone is excited! Look at that little nub!" Diego commented, gesturing at Chase's hard 3 inch micro-cock peeking out of his thick messy bush.

"On all fours!" he commanded, as he grabbed Chase's razor and shaving cream. Diego emptied the entire can of all over the jock's humongous body. He shaved his torso, arms and legs first. He proceeded to his groin, and placed the cold steel blade at the base of Chase's scrotum.

"Oh, god, no... please don't cut them off, sir," Chase began begging pitifully, petrified that he was about to be castrated.

"If you behave yourself and do as I say, I'll let you keep your fat worthless balls, big boy. Keep still or I may accidentally cut off that tiny dick, though. I can barely see it through your bush," Diego warned.

The burly linebacker obeyed, keeping completely still as Diego removed every single hair from his genitals. He then proceeded to shave Chase's fuzzy ass-cheeks, taking his time to admire how large and jiggly they were. Diego finally shaved his pink hole and took the opportunity to insert his finger inside. Chase emitted little involuntary moans of pleasure in response to Diego's gentle ministrations. His unimpressive cock became rock hard and a little stream of clear pre-cum began to drip to the floor.

"Fuck, that got me horny! Let me save that for later," Diego commented as he stopped playing with Chase's ass. He got up, his shorts tented by his massive boner. Chase stared at Diego's impressive bulge, his expression a mix of desire, fear, and humiliation.

"You'll get this later, big boy. Don't worry," Diego said, grabbing his hard cock through his shorts.

"Follow me," he ordered as he walked back into the gym. Chase obediently followed on all fours, his swollen, sagging balls sloshing from side to side. Diego led the huge jock to the power rack, tied his arms to the pull-up bars, and legs to sides of the rack so that they were spread far apart.

Chase made little whining noises, terrified of how the pint-sized sadist was planning to torture him.

"I'm gonna play with you first, big boy. Then I'm gonna fuck that phatty and give you a mind-blowing orgasm. You're going to be an obedient slave and take everything I'm going to dish out. Do you understand, boy?" Diego smiled.

"Yes..." Chase mumbled.

"Yes who?" Diego barked as he delivered a sharp backhand to Chase's dangling gonads.

"Yes, sir!" Chase howled in anguish, trying to bring his enormous thighs together in vain.

"That's better, boy. Now, let's start..." Diego announced, dropping to one knee behind the trembling bodybuilder.

The cruel nerd began speed-bagging the trapped jock's vulnerable, low-hanging testicles. Meaty thwacks rang out rhythmically as he delivered punches to Chase's bobbing balls. He started off gently, almost like a cat batting at a toy but progressively increased the force of his punches. As the smacking noises grew sickeningly louder, Chase's face contorted into a mask of utter agony, and sweat began pouring down his face and chest.

"Unhhh..... unhhhh.... unhhh..." came the strangled cries of agony from the husky jock as his abused manhood exploded with pain.

Diego slowed his punches down, and instead of delivering a steady stream, began firing quick jabs at Chase's very swollen testicles. Each jab was hard enough to cause Chase's floppy, heavy gonads to fly forwards and smack into the front of his thighs. The tormented bodybuilder gasped and yelped with each strike, trying his best not to scream or pass out from the agony. He writhed in pain but his restraints kept him securely in place.

Tiring of this, Diego picked up some elastic latex bands, and began whipping Chase's ample ass. Slightly relieved that his manhood was allowed a short break, Chase tried to withstand this new source of pain. His grunts grew louder and more high-pitched with each stinging lash, and soon his white pasty ass was covered in bright red welts.

Diego found a pair of boxing gloves, slipped them on, and stood in front of Chase. The bewildered and terrified bodybuilder was about to beg for mercy when the much smaller nerd unleashed a flurry of punches to his midsection. Chase grunted and gasped as Diego continued to pummel his gut, turning the solid wall of muscle beneath the layers of fat into mush. Chase's belly was soon an angry shade of crimson, just like his whipped ass and beaten balls. Just when he thought Diego was done, the tiny sadist began alternating punches between his gut and balls. Two blows to his belly would be followed by an uppercut to his traumatized testicles. Diego mercilessly continued his assault on the sobbing bodybuilder's midsection and manhood for an agonizing ten minutes. Chase was in a world of unbelievable pain, as his abused gonads turned from red to purple and swelled to the size of a pair of grapefruits.

"Please, sir... please... I can't take anymore," he wheezed.

"Didn't I tell you to take it like a man?" Diego reprimanded, as he stopped.

"Please, sir. The pain is too much," Chase begged.

"This is what pussies like you get," he answered, pulling off his boxing gloves in contempt. Diego grabbed Chase's long, loose scrotum around its base and yanked down hard on his distended, bruised balls. Chase's eyes grew wide with terror and he began to scream in agony. Diego then tugged Chase's aching balls towards him with one hand, and with the other, punched the hefty jock in his gut repeatedly with his bare fist. Diego's used the bodybuilder's pendulous balls to hold him in place as he drilled punches into his soft gut. The beefy jock could only make gurgling and choking noises, unable to scream or speak with the wind knocked out of him repeatedly.

After what seemed like an eternity, Diego finally stopped. The linebacker was now reduced to a blubbering and sobbing mess, gasping for air while retching and coughing from the nauseating agony exploding from his flabby gut and ponderous genitals. The pint-sized nerd released Chase's arms from the restraints, and immediately, the jock dropped to the ground, his face against the cold concrete and his wide thick ass in the air.

"It's like you know exactly what to do for me," Diego chuckled.

Diego spread Chase's chunky ass-cheeks apart, and began thrusting his tongue in and around his sensitive pink hole. The bulky bodybuilder's mewling noises soon transformed into soft moans of ecstasy. Diego pulled his shorts down, and his 12 inch throbbing boner popped out. He slid it into Chase's wet pink hole. The traumatized jock shuddered with desire and lust as he felt Diego's whopping member inside him. Involuntarily, he began moving his hips backward, the sensations of the nerd's monster cock rubbing his prostate driving him insane with pleasure.

"Damn, you can't wait now, can you, big boy?" Diego exclaimed as Chase continued backing his ass up against his cock. Diego's waist was smaller than one of the hulking jock's butt cheeks but his gigantic foot-long dick stretched Chase's hole to its limits.

Chase moaned softly, his pain completely replaced by pleasure. Diego grabbed Chase around his wide hips and began thrusting hard. 

"Oh, yeah... fuck yeah... fuck that feels so good..." Chase moaned.

After a few minutes, the beefy bodybuilder let out a loud guttural groan, and his entire frame spasmed as globs of jizz spilled from his tiny dick. Diego continued pounding the big jock's ample ass causing ropes of Chase's spunk to fly about. Soon, he himself climaxed as he emptied his hot load into Chase's hole. 

"Wow," Diego exclaimed, as he pulled out slowly, and a stream of white milky cum dripped from the jock's raw hole all the way down his bruised and swollen gonads.

"You really do have an amazing ass. I think you emptied my balls completely," he continued as he got up.

Chase got on his knees, his brain giddy and swimming in a whirlpool of pain and pleasure. Diego wiped his cock all over the jock's face. Without prompting, Chase licked off the final drops of semen from his cock, surrendering the remnants of his masculinity.

"We should do this again, big boy. I really do like playing with your fat balls and thick ass," Diego smiled as he left the gym.