Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pussy boy's balls busted

You wore a pink bikini to a wrestling match, pussy boy? I guess you won't be needing your two boy balls any longer. I'll just crush them to a pulp for you.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Big man, weak balls

Not even a huge bodybuilder can remain standing after a vicious mule kick to his balls.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Victory Pose

Victory is now assured. The loser can only scream helplessly as the victor crushes his pathetic manhood.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bedroom Bust

Step on his throat and make his manhood hurt

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How much pressure does it take to cause pain?

Japanese guy trying to see how much squeezing it takes to hurt his balls.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Grab and Tug

If you don't go where she wants, she'll rip your balls off

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Playing with his tender testicles

After pinning him in a vulnerable position, the victor decides to toy with the loser's exposed boy balls

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bubba joins a Frat

Bubba, the new pledge at the frat, strode confidently into the college frat house. The former high school football player with his 6'8", 260 pound muscular frame expected to be the superstar of the fraternity. He expected that the entire fraternity would be proud to have such a stud like himself as a member. As he entered the door, the entitled, cocky jock dropped his bags near the front door, raised his arms in the air as though he was some rap star.

"Wassup, bros?" he hollered out.

The other frat members raised their eyebrows and smiled as they observed the arrogant, preening idiot strut about, high-fiving everyone in the room. He was soon interrupted by Jesse, who was a senior of the fraternity.

"Who do we have here?" the shirtless Jesse asked.

"Oh, damn, dude! You're fucking skinny!" Bubba stupidly exclaimed.

"Oh, yeah?" Jesse asked, amused by the blustery meathead.

Bubba immediately pulled off his tee, started flexing his brawny biceps and thick pecs, and then proceeded to poke at Jesse's skinny body.

"Fuck, dude! I can count your fucking ribs!" Bubba laughed.

"That skinny little fucker can kick your ass, big boy," chimed another senior frat member with amusement.

"What?! Kick my ass?! Him??" Bubba laughed cockily.

"Quite easily," Jesse smiled.

"Come on, then, kick it! Come kick my ass!" Bubba mocked, as he turned around, bent at the waist and began wiggling his beefy butt from side to side.

Jesse smirked as the big oaf clowned about with his large rump swinging from side to side. His eyes were immediately drawn to the lump between Bubba's muscular legs. Even with jeans on, Jesse could make out two distinct orbs.

"Big boy has a nice big pair of balls! Well, the bigger they are... the more they hurt!" Jesse thought to himself.

"I'm waiting for you to kick my ass, tough guy!" Bubba taunted as he arched his back more, only to make his ample testicles more visible and of course, vulnerable.

Jesse took aim at the distinct bulge formed by the cum-laden, fragile meatballs and launched a snapkick at his bobbing target. His foot sailed forward and crashed into the unprotected lumps with sickening accuracy. All the guys grimaced as a meaty, audible thwack rang out.

Bubba's smile instantly evaporated, his jaw fell open in shock as he felt the impact of the kick connect with his genitals. A split second later, the pain hit him. A sickening wave of pain and nausea erupted from his traumatized testicles, causing the big man to double over and his knees to buckle. The agony was so intense poor Bubba went cross-eyed and could only make high-pitched mewling noises. He tried to remain on his feet but the pain seemed to paralyze every muscle in his body - all the burly man could do was follow his body's reflexive response to the agony exploding from his balls, and sink to the ground.

Bubba was flat on the ground, his face firmly planted against the cold concrete, his hands cradling his shattered manhood, and his ample buttocks poking in the air. He wanted to scream in anguish but could only manage a soft, low-pitched groan.

"Looks like you really kicked his ass, Jess!" a frat brother cheered.

"I want to personally haze my good friend Bubba for the rest of the year, guys! He's mine!" Jesse answered, as he left the Bubba on the ground, his pride and manhood painfully bruised and battered.