Friday, December 25, 2009

Bull Busted - The Humiliation Continues

It was almost 6 months since my horrible defeat and humiliation at the fight. I couldn't believe how I, The Bull, a muscle-bound god, could have lost so ignominiously to some pencil-neck who called himself the Buster. What could have been the cause? I was the reigning Underground Wrestling Championship champ up until that fateful black day.

I was determined to regain my title and my honor. I had to! The past six months I spent in the gym, building my body and desperately trying to bulk up. I wanted to crush the Buster. Almost everyday, I was in the gym, pumping iron and punishing my already bulging muscles. I religiously gulped down protein shakes and mass gainers. I was intent on getting bigger and stronger. And tonight was the night.

In the locker room, minutes before the re-match with the Buster, I stood in front of my mirror, admiring 6 months of hard weight-training and tons of protein I packed on about 40 pounds of beef on my 6'6" frame. I was now a 300 pound behemoth with a 52" chest and 24" arms. How many 26 year old guys could boast of such an awesome body? In the process of bulking up, I gained a bit of a gut which blurred my six pack somewhat and I looked like an off season bodybuilder but I didn't care. This wasn't some freaking beauty show, it was a fucking wrestling match where the toughest, meanest guy won. I knew that guy was me tonight. I was fucking huge!

I decided against wearing my usual loin cloth and chose a pair of white trunks instead. The Buster enjoyed fighting dirty and I wanted to deny him the advantage he had in our last match my exposed over-sized balls. I got a special cup made for myself. Some space-age material shit that was light and strong. I had it made big enough to accommodate my large genitals. I gently placed it over my chicken-egg sized testicles and then inserted my fat 6 inch uncut meat cannon inside. I was impressed. It fit snugly and made my already ample package look even bigger!

The familiar surge of adrenaline came as I strode to the ring. The roars of adoration from my fans weren't as loud as they were. But I was gonna change that tonight. The Bull was gonna destroy the Buster tonight! I saw him enter the ring, looking just as he was 6 months ago. Looking at his 5'6", 160 pound tattoo-covered frame, I still couldn't believe that I lost to him. As the bell rang, we circled each other looking for a chance to strike.

"Hey, fat boy, you ready to get you big butt kicked again tonight?" he mocked.

"Fuck you, faggot! Your ass is the one on the line tonight!" I retorted, flexing my massive arms menacingly.

"I see you've stopped wearing that stupid gay loin cloth thing to cover your balls. Why? Your big useless boy balls too weak to take another beating, eh, fat boy?" he continued.

I roared as I lunged at him. My huge frame dwarfed him and as I swung my fist, he ducked and dived through my legs. I spun around and rushed at him again but the Buster just repeated the same move. I had to pin him down then use my gigantic muscles to crush the fight out of him. I lunged once more but all I hit was air as he dived between my legs but this time he kicked my plump butt before dancing out of my reach. I was mad with fury and lumbered in his direction again, determined to grab him. He simply hopped to one side as my huge figure flew past and he slapped my ass cheekily.

I felt my face burning red as I rushed at him yet again. As I was almost on top of him, he dropped to one knee and threw an uppercut into my crotch. The cup did its job and my balls just felt slightly uncomfortable. I smiled victoriously as I kicked him in the abdomen viciously. He screamed as he flew back against the ropes then rebounded, only to have my rock-like shoulder smash him in the solar plexus. He crumpled and was winded as I picked him up and displayed him on my shoulders before throwing him on the mat with a loud crash.

I then stomped his legs and lower back cruelly, drawing blood-curdling shrieks from him. I knew I was going to win this match! The Buster was a goner! As he writhed on the ground pathetically, I flexed my bulging muscles in the ring, showing off my massive beefy physique. I then knelt down and I could feel my cock stir. I picked up the Buster's limp figure and placed him in a sleeper hold. I was going to relish this moment, slowly choking off his air supply. My cock rose to its full throbbing 10 inches, pushing out my trunks and cup obscenely and as a result, my big right testicle plopped out of my trunks and cup. I applied the pressure around the Buster's neck as he struggled and grunted.

"It's useless, man. Don't fight it. Just let me put you to sleep and fuck your brains out," I whispered in his ear.

"Fuck you, fat boy!" he screamed.

I applied more pressure, my powerful bicep crushing the life from him. I was so horny now. I hadnt jerked off or had sex in almost a month and the thought of fucking his tight ass in revenge was driving me wild. Subconsciously, my boner was now stroking his ass crack and I was leaking lots of pre-cum. Without warning, I felt his hand brush past my thigh and lock around my dangling right testicle. I gasped as he squeezed it, trying to make me let him go. I squeezed his neck harder, trying to make him release my aching gonad. I was weakening as nausea and pain hit me in the gut while the Buster crushed, yanked and twisted my poor right nut in his vise-like grip. I could barely keep myself from collapsing into the mat but tried to choke him. He didn't let go of my tenderized testicle but kept squishing the life out of it. We struggled there for almost an eternity, each trying to hurt the other so badly that he would give in. I was the one who gave. Finally, the pain was too much for me to take and I released him, hoping that my trapped nad would have some relief but I was so wrong.

Instead, the sadistic Buster maintained his death-grip on my right meatball and used that advantage to haul me to my feet. I whimpered as I struggled to my feet, hunched and trying to nurse my aching ball.

"Looks like fat boy here decided to wear a cup!" the Buster announced as he yanked at my blazing plum.

I howled in pitiful response as he made me stand on tip toes or risk having my testicle pulled off. I must have looked ridiculous standing all hunched over trying to clutch my severely aching ball while standing on my toes.

"Let's see how strong this cup is!" he continued as he then stretched my white trunks forward with the cup and let it fly back to smack into my left testicle. I screamed in agony as the cup's edge struck my nad, as if trying to break it in half. He repeated the same move again, while still crushing the life out of my now swollen right testicle. I gasped in horrible pain and collapsed on the mat, desperately clawing at my hurting balls. I wanted to readjust the cup but somehow it had gotten all tangled up with my trunks. My trunks were tight and didn't allow much room for maneuvering and I was stuck in a ridiculous position one testicle hanging out from each side of my tight white trunks and my cock snugly protected in the cup, as if that would do any good!

Thanks to my pendulous ballsac, I looked like a complete fool I had my large plum-sized testicles flopping around about 3 inches from each side of my trunks. I struggled a bit and realized that the Buster was approaching. I could not focus on the fight due to my trapped nuts and he just lashed into me with punches. I raised my huge, muscular arms to cover my head as furious fists lashed into my face and then body. My thick muscles offered some protection but I was weakening and he soon backed me into a corner. I just stood there, my big arms still protecting my head against his onslaught.

And then my world shattered. The Buster slammed his knee into my unprotected package, crushing both my hurting balls against my pelvis and the cup. Instinctively, I tried to double up as my hands shot down to protect them and I cried out pathetically. The Buster showed no mercy and methodically punched me in the face, making me reach to protect my hurting jaw and leaving my aching, vulnerable groin open again. I felt his savage fist smash my right nut and then my left against the unyielding cup in a vicious right-left uppercut combo. I couldn't even gasp in response to the inhumane agony of my sensitive soft gonads being squashed between knuckles and a cup, as I dropped to my knees slowly, my mind swimming from the intense pain. I curled up on the mat, my eyes blurred by tears as I tried to suppress the rising nausea in my gut.

"Look at that overgrown muscle oaf. All the muscles are useless against a small guy like me because he's got fucking soft, weak, sissy nuts," the Buster mocked.

He was strutting in the middle of the ring as I lay in the corner, a crumpled heap of muscle and pain. I struggled to my knees and somehow managed to yank out the horrible cup that, instead of protecting my manhood, was making it even more vulnerable to attack. I tossed it aside and gingerly tucked my red, swollen gonads into my trunks.

"WEAK BALLS!" the crowd began chanting.

I was mortified and humiliated. I have never felt so much shame before. This was the Buster's fault. I wanted vengeance. I rose to my feet with murder in my heart. I roared and lumbered towards the Buster, intent on destruction but he neatly stepped aside and snap-kicked me in the nuts. Before my mind could register what was happening, his foot sailed between my massively muscled thighs and struck my bulging balls with an audible thwack. I groaned in anguish as the agony bit into my mind but my momentum carried me forward and I crashed into ropes like a blinded bull.

I don't know how it happened but I somehow managed to get myself all tangled up in the ropes in such a way that my arms and head were on the outside of the ring but my legs, butt and the rest of my body were still in the ring. I was trapped by the ropes!! I struggled desperately but somehow it only worsened my predicament.

"Oh look what we have here!" I heard the Buster say as he grabbed a handful of my manhood while standing next to my trapped body.

"Fucking fuck you! Fucking don't fucking touch me, you fucking faggot!" I raged.

"Oh dear. That's not a nice way to behave! I think we should punish you, you lil potty-mouth," he taunted as I struggled and cursed in reply.

The Buster had me where he wanted. My legs were spread for balance as I struggled vainly to escape. He eyed my mound of meat from between my muscular buttcheeks and then, he swung a fist that smashed right into my aching plums. I screamed and squeezed my legs shut as the pain exploded from my balls.

My body wanted to crumple to the mat but the ropes held me captive. I was absolutely helpless now. I was fucked. As I tried to choke back my tears, I felt the Buster grabbing my butt cheeks and squeezing them. My face burned with shame as I struggled but he kept squeezing my firm buttcheeks alternately while exclaiming loudly, "Man oh man. Feel this big muscle butt! I wonder how it'd feel like fucking such a massive fat butt?"

I tried to mule kick the Buster to stop him from molesting my ass. Big mistake. He grabbed my leg and stretched it backwards as I balanced on my other foot. I swore in fury, not realizing how vulnerable I was now, or rather, how vulnerable my tenderized testicles were.

"Bad boy!" the Buster scolded as he smashed his boot into my bobbing balls, drawing a blood-curdling scream from me. I screamed as anguish erupted from my injured manhood. My once proud, overgrown testicles were nothing but a big liability to me now. I couldn't do anything to protect my aching orbs from the Buster's onslaught. He kicked me again as I howled pitifully. "Oh, fuck... please, man... please..." I begged.

The agony of having my sensitive testicles cruelly smashed between my pelvis and the Buster's boot made me keen and groan like some pathetic little puppy. "Please, please... no more... please... my balls... " I sobbed. My pleas fell on deaf ears and another savage kick in my swollen traumatized plums ensued. My jaw fell open in a horrible, silent scream of utter torment as tears flowed down my handsome face. No sound came out of my mouth. The pain was too much for me to even squeak.

The Buster finally released my leg and automatically, my knees buckled, drawing my trunk-like thighs together to try to offer some protection to my throbbingly aching testicles which now had become twin orbs of agony to me. Regaining my breath somewhat, I sobbed pitifully as the pain bit into my gut and mind. I was too delirious with pain and was vaguely aware of the Buster pulling at the elastic band of my trunks. A ripping noise suddenly cut through the fog of anguish as I realized that the Buster was tearing off my trunks. I grunted in protest as I struggled to get free, wanting to preserve every ounce of dignity I had left.

The Buster coolly destroyed my resistance with a punch that flew between my legs and crashed into my already badly traumatized manhood with a sickening smack. I wailed in abject agony, tears streaming down my face and immediately stopped struggling as the Buster calmly continued to remove my trunks and my pride. As he tore them off, the sudden loss of support for my low-hanging bull balls and the shock of them swinging about made me groan in pain. As if that weren't enough to humiliate me, the Buster forcefully spread my muscular buttcheeks and began admiring my asshole.

"Oh, man! Look at that tight little pink asshole! Man, I am so gonna enjoy fucking you, fat boy!" he declared. I was too broken and hurt to offer much resistance.

Then, the unimaginable happened. I felt him sticking his tongue into my ass. I groaned in protest and anger initially, but as the Buster kept up his ministrations, my groans of protest turned into moans of pleasure and my big cock rose to full erection. I was soon involuntarily moving my hips, enjoying every moment as my opponent ate my ass. My pleasure was then shattered by a vicious hand grabbing my sensitive boy balls, twisting and yanking those pendulous puppies backwards. I was then in a world of pleasure and pain as he kept rimming me while tugging at my poor, aching swollen balls. I was making animal sounds which were like a mixture of lustful moans and pitiful whimpering.

The Buster then slammed his fist into my trapped gonads, flattening them between his palm and his knuckles. I howled at the top of my lungs and wanted to collapse. The Buster began untying me from the ropes. Slowly but surely, I was untangled. When freed, I curled up on the mat, cradling my injured, red gonads in my hands.

"Please... I give... no more... I beg you..." I whined as the Buster grabbed my thick neck and hauled me to my feet.

"Stand up straight!" he commanded.

I obeyed, my will and fighting spirit demolished. My boner thrust out in front of me obscenely as my bobbing balls hung proud and low. I bowed my head, humiliated. It must have been a sight a giant like me cringing with a massive hard-on before a skinny little guy. Without warning, he landed a sharp slap across my smooth, hanging nuts and I yelled in agony as I doubled over, my hands instinctively reaching to
protect my burning bollocks.

"STAND UP STRAIGHT!" he roared at me.

Sobbing and in pain, I obeyed, my head hung in defeat, tears streaming down my handsome face. Despite the pain, my cock was still thrusting upwards like a tower.

"Suck my cock," he ordered. Something inside me clicked with revulsion and somehow ignited a spark of resistance. I found the strength to seize a very shocked Buster in my massive arms and fling him across the ring. As he struck the turn-stiles and was momentarily stunned, I tried to escape. I made a dash towards the exit. I lumbered like a clumsy oaf due to the awful pain in my manhood as my low-hanging gonads swung about with every stride I took and smacked into my muscular legs. Somehow, I misjudged my steps and I tripped over the ropes and fell over, hitting the concrete. I landed on my front and was momentarily out of commission as my head struck the floor and so lay there, spread-eagled on my belly. As I regained my senses, I realized the Buster was getting up and rapidly approaching. I went crazy with fear and panic and scrambled on all fours, trying desperately to escape.

My plans were almost immediately terminated when I felt his hand plunge between my big buttcheeks and seize my dangling tenderized testicles. "Oh, God... Oh, fuck..." I groaned just before mind-numbing anguish made me scream hysterically as I felt my already sore balls being yanked behind me, stretching my hanging ballsac to it's maximum length. The Buster sadistically hauled my now-swollen and squishy nads so far backwards and upwards that I felt my ballsac flossing my ass-crack and my balls roughly rubbing against my tailbone. I buried my face in the ground, on my knees with my ass in the air, as if held up by my big boy balls. My hands clawed desperately at my glutes to nurse my abused balls but all I could reach with my hands were my ass and taut scrotum.

He hauled my sorry ass back to the ring. I was forced to struggle and waddle backwards as he dragged me backwards by my balls. I was made to remain on all fours in the middle of the ring, as the Buster further broke my spirit as he started milking my hungry cock from behind me like some cow.

"Milk the Bull!" the crowd cheered in unison as I sobbed in humiliation.

My 10 inch bad boy was enjoying all the attention it was getting and in a few moments, my cock was spurting like some kid's water pistol. I shot my jizz on the mat as I moaned loudly with pleasure. The Buster kept milking my engorged cock despite my pathetic moans of protest and within a minute or so, I sprayed another load of my man milk on the mat. I was going crazy with pleasure and pain coming
from my over-worked cock meat and my large meatballs. The Buster then pulled my balls from behind me again, making me whimper like a school boy, and then tried to fuck me with my own balls! I cried in pain as he sadistically crushed my tender testicles against my muscular butt, trying to stuff them into my ass. Despite the
anguish, for some reason, my cock was twitching with excitement and with a few deft strokes from the Buster, my abused balls emptied another load of cum on the mat.

As I sobbed and moaned in defeat and a mix of pleasure and pain, the Buster took all my masculine pride away by stuffing his boner in my ass. As he fucked me doggy style, I yelped with every thrust as his firm, uninjured balls swung and smacked into my much larger, but swollen and exquisitely tender testicles. The pain of having his smaller but tougher testicles spank my much larger and now squishier and very tender balls was excruciating, yet somehow oddly erotic. Even so, my dick was still as hard as an iron-rod and I could feel another orgasm approaching.

The Buster then pulled his cock out and with a grunt, sprayed his warm semen all over my swinging balls. I felt the warm, sticky globs drip down my dangling ballsac as I felt my own orgasm approaching fast. The Buster must have known I was about to cum as well. As my loins tingled with pleasure and the first spurts of male milk shot out of my cock and little moans of pleasure escaped from my lips, I felt his foot swing and crash into my very swollen, tender, over-sized, traumatized testicles. With a howl of both pleasure and pain, all I can remember is a 300 pound Herculean male crashing to the mat into a pool of his own semen and tears, totally unconscious.


  1. Your stories are amazing... I cum to them again and again and again. I wish I could find an email address for you. Thank you so much... please do write more.

  2. Thank you :-) I'm working on one at the moment (with pictures)

  3. Oh MAN!.... please... WHEN? :-)

    You've got all your great stories posted here. I've feasted and re-feasted on them all, but the bull's takedown is so great, it relives in my mind over and over.

    Do you offer an email address anywhere on your site?
    I have one story on nifty that pales by your standards but shares some of your major themed interests. I'd be honored if you'd take a look at it sometime.

  4. Patience, my horny friend :-)

    You can email me at

  5. you are my favorite author and this is my favorite story, but I'd be happy to hear of any new stories written by you. Thanks!

  6. There was the new one on the blog's front page. Lol.

  7. One of my favorite stories so far. Hope you write another wrestling/fighting story!