Saturday, October 10, 2009

Squeezing His Balls till He Cums...

The hairy big muscular bear looked lustfully at the young punk as he took off his clothes. The punk started kissing the bear's hairy nipples and soon he was in heaven, sporting a throbbing hard-on and moaning as the punk licked and toyed with his sensitive nipples.

The punk then wraps his fingers around the big hunk's dangling balls and starts squeezing them, making the hunk grimace in discomfort. "Bust my balls and make me cum, boy," the hunk begged as he sat on the couch, spreading his massive legs invitingly.

His cock hard as a rock, the bear's hairy balls hung invitingly between his legs. The punk first slapped those big bobbing balls around a bit, making the big guy yelp in pain but making his cock even harder. He then grabbed the beefcake's cum-laden testicles and began rolling them around his palm, squishing them in the process, making the big beefy stud groan in both pain and pleasure. As the punk continued to crush the stud's testicles, he placed his mouth near his swollen cock-head and licked hungrily at it.

The big beefy dude was soon grabbing his cock, stroking it furiously as he groaned lustfully. The pain emanating from his aching balls mixed with the pleasure from his hard cock drove him wild and in a few moments, he was grunting loudly in pleasure as his loins erupted in an orgasm. His climax exploded from his dangling swollen balls as he shot his warm cum all over the horny young punk's face.


  1. OMG!! that story of yours is soo hot!!! i like the way that punk grab and squeeze his big juicy balls..! i wish i was that hav 2 tell me where u get this picture?? :-D

  2. HOT!!! i love the expression of that hunk's face by getting his testicles squeeze and grabbed by that punk while he was stroking his hard he is enjoying it with pleasure and pain.. is it a video or a pic?? where did you get it?? hehe...

  3. I love the hunk's expression as well :-) I found those pics while surfing the net. If it was from a video, I would love to get my hands on it :-)

  4. Wish I had a hairy guy like that

  5. Here's the link to the video: