Friday, May 30, 2014

Balls and back ache so bad

Not content with violating and squeezing the loser's cum-laden gonads, a punk delivers a knee to his back just before he collapses to the mat in utter anguish.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jude Law's Nads Squeezed

Naked Jude Law gets his balls squeezed

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Brazilian Ball Grab

Horny Brazilian guy gets his balls squeezed. Thanks to the guy who contributed this link :-)

Kick from behind

One solid kick to the nuggets from behind.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Balls hurt so bad

Golden boy clutches at his aching package after his boy balls take a hit

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tom's Ballbusting Adventures - Part 4 (Anti-Bully Class Continues)

Sorry for the long wait but here's Part 4. Thanks to those who provided ideas that helped me develop the concept for this story. Keep em' cumming!

Another ballbusting story by Darrel L.

It was a week after Tom was used as a prop for his younger brothers’ so-called anti-bully class for three other kids. Chad and Martin had showed the kids how they could defeat a much bigger man by taking advantage of his weak spot – his balls. Needless to say, the kids took practice shots at poor Tom’s fat, bobbing balls, leaving the beefy teen in a world of agony.

As promised, Chad and Martin let their big brother’s abused gonads recover for a whole week. They were actually nice to their hulking brother for that entire time, with the purpose of lulling him into a false sense of security. One week after his ample genitals were the target for that self-defense class, Chad and Martin brought the three boys back for another lesson.

Tom had just got home from the gym, his chest, arms and shoulders pumped and looking bigger than usual. As he entered the front door, he found Chad sitting on the couch, smiling innocently at him.

“What’s up, big brother?” Chad asked.

“What do you want?” Tom asked suspiciously.

“Nothing at all, Tommy. Can’t I just ask how my beloved big brother is?” Chad grinned.

“Hmph,” Tom grunted as he put his gym bag down and started walking towards the kitchen.

Chad followed Tom. His 5’1” 120 pound figure skipped behind the 7’ 380 pound behemoth.

“Stop following me!” Tom growled.

“Come with me to the basement,” Chad replied.

“What the fuck for?” Tom hissed.

“Remember the little self-defense class that we had a week ago?” Today is the next class and we need you to be our model bully again. Your nice plump balls made such a great target,” Chad answered sweetly.

“Oh fuck no! Fuck off!” Tom replied, as he roughly tried to shove his tiny brother away. Chad neatly avoided his brawny arm, grabbed him by the wrist and quickly twisted Tom’s arm behind his back. Tom groaned in pain as his strained shoulder blazed with pain. Chad then shoved his husky, larger brother’s face against the kitchen wall, kicked both his legs apart, and balled up his free hand into an unforgiving fist and drove it up savagely between Tom’s trunk-like legs. Tom screamed as Chad’s small but hard fist smashed into his large, low-hanging balls. Without missing a beat, Chad drove another punch into Tom’s meaty nards, driving Tom’s squeals up by an octave.

“Now, big brother, would you like to come with me quietly now, and as a reward, Martin and I will leave you alone for two weeks? Or must I beat your big useless balls some more, make you cry like the pussy you are, and then drag your fat doughy ass to the basement after which we will continue playing with those weak, pathetic fruits between your legs that you call your balls?” Chad whispered in his ear.

“I’ll go, I’ll go with you… please don’t hit my balls anymore,” Tom begged.

Chad let his big brother’s arm go, and Tom crumpled to his knees, whining and clutching at his hurting genitals.

“Now get up, take off your clothes, and come down with me before I hurt your wimpy nuts again!” Chad ordered.

Trying his best to block the pain in his groin, Tom slowly pulled off his tank top and shorts and stood there in his tightie-whities, his overgrown, cum-laden balls obscenely protruding and stretching the thin cotton material. Chad then led him down into the basement where Martin and the three boys were eagerly awaiting. The boys’ gaped in amazement as the hefty, beefy teenager descended the stairs into the basement, his ample package jiggling about with each heavy step he took.

“Here he is!” Martin cheered. Tom’s heart sank, he knew he was in for a painful afternoon, and that he wouldn’t be walking straight for the next few days. The only consolation was that this would buy him two weeks of relative peace and quiet, especially for his fragile manhood. After he had his overgrown gonads busted the last time, they had been so sore he was not able to jack off, and he wanted to relieve his sexual tension today but his brothers had other plans for him.

“Ok, kids, last week you learned some basic lessons on how to deal with a bully. Today, we will have live lessons with our big brother Tom here. Chad and I have devised a little competition to help you learn the important life lessons we have for you. Each of you will have a turn against Tommy-boy here. The rules of the competition are simple. Tom wins if he can pin you to the ground for 10 seconds or if he can take you past the white line on the other end of the basement. You will win if you are able to take Tom’s faggy little undies off, or if you can make him cross that white line,” Martin explained.

Tom was incredulous. Surely a 7 foot tall, 380 pound muscle-bound hulk like him could beat three ten-year old boys less than a third of his size! His fighting spirit was revived. He thought he would finally be able to avoid humiliation, and get two weeks of respite.

Andy was the first to face off against Tom. It seemed a ridiculous match-up. Andy was 4’9” and about 90 pounds, only a quarter of Tom’s massive size. Tom charged at Andy, his muscular arms spread, and grabbed Andy around the shoulders. Andy froze like a deer in headlights, as Tom easily lifted him off the ground and carried him 30 feet across the basement and plopped him down beyond the white line that Martin had drawn on the basement floor. He roared victoriously with his arms in the air. Andy remained too stunned to react, and just sat there with a glassy stare.

“Well, looks like Tom wins,” Chad fumed.

“What the hell happened, Andy?” Martin demanded.

“I don’t know… I froze, I guess” Andy stammered.

“If you freeze, your bully will beat the fuck out of you, understood?” Chad reprimanded the boys.

Tom’s confidence was through the roof by now. He didn’t think the other two boys had a chance in hell against him. He’d wipe the floor with their puny asses, and maybe redeem some of his dignity and manhood.

It was Paul’s turn to face the hefty giant. Tom smiled cockily at the small boy, who was about the size of Andy.  He wanted to toy with him a little first, just for his own entertainment. He reached forward and ruffled Paul’s hair, taunting his pint-sized opponent.

“Aren’t you a cute little monkey? You think you can beat me? Do you?” Tom teased as he shoved Paul to the ground. Paul jumped to his feet again, and swung a few punches at Tom, but Tom’s longer arm span kept Paul at bay. Again, he started ruffling his hair while laughing at Paul’s attempts to fight him. Bored of toying with Paul, Tom shoved him to the ground roughly.

“Now let’s see how easy it is to pin your skinny ass down,” Tom said as he knelt down beside Paul. He used just one hand to push down on Paul’s neck, rubbing his face into the ground, as he mockingly counted back from ten as slowly as he could. Paul struggled valiantly but couldn’t free himself. Tom was far too strong.

“10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5…”

Suddenly, something clicked inside Paul. Just inches away from his hand was Tom’s ample jizz-tanks, with nothing but a thin layer of cotton to protect those weak, sensitive organs. Remembering how much pain Tom suffered the previous week after his balls were beaten, Paul  immediately seized hold of Tom’s left, lower-hanging testicle and immediately began twisting and crushing the delicate bulbous organ between his fingers and palm, squeezing the tender egg-sized orb so hard it flattened slightly and became more elliptical. With agony erupting from his groin, Tom immediately let go of Paul to tend to his aching testicle. His face was contorted in a mask of agony as he desperately tried to pry Paul’s tiny fingers which were wrapped around his large left testicle like steel cables, crushing the squishy man plum.

His forearm muscles on fire from applying so much pressure to Tom’s overgrown gonad, Paul had to finally let go and quickly scampered away from the traumatized Tom. The big, husky male was in no shape to go after Paul. He was hunched over, nursing his injured sperm-tank, and trying to contend with the nauseating pain deep in his stomach. Tom suppressed the pain enough to stand and lumber towards Paul.

“You’re fucking dead now,” Tom growled, his face red with anger.

“Bring it, big boy!” Paul answered, dancing on the balls of his feet with his fists up.

Tom decided he should just grab the little pest and haul him across the line like how he dealt with Andy. His large arms reached forward to grab Paul but he ducked out of reach. Tom’s arms grabbed clumsily at air multiple times, failing to capture the wily 10-year-old who continued ducking and weaving from Tom's clumsy offensive. Changing tactics, Paul dropped to one knee and drove a punch into Tom’s ponderous, cum-laden, bobbing balls. Tom’s arms froze in mid-air as Paul’s tiny but forceful right fist buried itself in the squishy meatiness of Tom’s left testicle, which was already horribly sore from being squeezed moments earlier. Before Tom could react or even scream, Paul fired off another three punches – each fist smacking into each of Tom’s heavy, bull balls. Tom’s knees buckled and strangled gasping noises escaped from his open lips, his face frozen in an expression of shock and anguish. His arms slowly reached for his traumatized testicles as he sank to the floor in abject agony. He knelt there with his face on the ground and his large beefy butt in the air, making guttural groans while clutching his throbbing, aching balls, as waves of nauseating anguish exploded from his busted and battered genitals.

Paul danced around the injured giant, kicking at his beefy body without much effect. The huge bodybuilder barely felt Paul’s little feet smacking into his muscular body. Tom tried to block the pain and get back to his feet, but the behemoth was forced to move extremely slowly due to the agonizing pain emanating from his fat testicles. He managed to get on one knee but Paul continued throwing punches at his head. The punches, particularly those landing close to his eyes, bothered the hulking Tom enough that he tried to fend off his pint-sized attacker. His brawny arms moved too slowly to do much good to protect himself against Paul who looked like an angry wasp fighting a bull. Even on one knee, Tom was still taller than Paul but was at a much more manageable height for the pint-sized boy. Finally, Tom managed to grab hold of Paul’s scrawny arms. He smirked and pulled Paul towards him, intending to use his huge muscular mass to subdue him. Instead of freezing like Andy, Paul quickly noticed that Tom’s muscular thighs were wide apart, affording the beefy teen’s ponderous, aching gonads no protection whatsoever. As Tom pulled Paul towards himself, the quick-thinking boy drew his foot back and swung it as hard as he could between Tom’s thick legs. The top of his foot slammed into Tom’s vulnerable, tenderized testicles with a loud thwack, flattening the soft, squishy meatballs against his pelvis. Tom screamed in anguish and let go of Paul immediately but as Tom tried to protect his badly aching balls, Paul kicked his large, oafish hands away before delivering another savage kick to Tom’s dangling, tenderized testicles.

Tom howled pitifully, and immediately dropped to the ground in a fetal position, hugging himself in anguish. Paul stood victoriously over the fallen hulk, and placed his foot victoriously on his thick, muscular neck. Tom was too consumed by the sickening, inhumane pain in his big boy balls to offer any resistance, deciding to just accept defeat rather than risk more abuse to his oversized sperm tanks. Paul reached down, grabbed the waist band of Tom’s white briefs, and ripped them off savagely. Tom screamed loudly as the sudden loss of support caused his sore balls to flop out and smack into the cold concrete, increasing his agony by a few notches.

Paul strutted off to the fight floor, victoriously waving Tom’s torn white briefs like a trophy, leaving the massive, muscled giant lying on the ground in a groaning, broken heap, nursing his injured male parts. Chad, Martin, Andy, and Brandon cheered for the victorious Paul.

“Now you see how you defeat a bigger bully in a fight?” Martin told the boys.

“It’s not as hard as you think. Go for his balls, and you’ll demolish him, just like how Paul kicked our big brother's fat ass,” Chad continued.

The boys let Tom recover from the beating his balls just received. After about 15 minutes, Tom managed to stagger to his feet, gingerly feeling his large, laden testicles to make sure no permanent damage was done.  The naked bodybuilder slowly lumbered to the center of the basement, his heavy, low-hanging, and now very red testicles flopping about in their pink, smooth sac. Tom’s looked extremely embarrassed at his throbbing boner, bewildered about why he was so turned on by getting his balls busted by a much smaller opponent.

Brandon jumped up, eager to face his overgrown opponent. Tom looked dazed and humiliated by the beating he suffered as well as by his raging erection, but wanted to redeem himself by defeating Brandon. The 5’ 100 pound boy danced around his colossal opponent, eyeing the proud, oversized but pathetically fragile orbs dangling so invitingly in their long, delicate sac between his thick thighs. Tom was definitely not as cocky as he was before, cautiously eyeing Brandon and planning to protect his sore, swollen nards from further abuse.

“You know, for such a big guy, your cock is pretty small,” Brandon taunted his hulking opponent, baiting him into an attack.

“It must be so embarrassing. You’ve got huge muscles but only have a small dick and weak bloated balls hanging between your big legs,” Brandon continued.

As Brandon continued insulting his opponent, Tom’s face turned crimson with rage and his massive frame heaved as he grunted in anger. Finally, Tom lost it and lunged at Brandon with a roar, grabbed the scrawny loud-mouth by his ankles and hoisted him upside down. Chad and Martin gasped in shock, praying that their big brother would not seriously injure the petite Brandon.

Grunting with satisfaction, Tom ambled slowly towards the white line to deposit what he thought was his defeated opponent. For a moment, Brandon panicked, disoriented by the sudden turn of events.  But he gathered himself quickly, and as he was being carried upside down, right in front of his face was Tom’s oversized, low-hanging, and now quite swollen and red balls. The fat, apple-sized fleshy orbs sloshed from side to side as the big oaf lumbered along, oblivious to the precarious position his sensitive manhood was in. Brandon took full advantage of his position, and grabbed Tom’s testicles, one in each hand. The massive oaf stopped dead in his tracks, and as panic set in his mind completely froze. While hanging upside down, Brandon began crushing Tom’s swollen, squishy testicles in his hands with every ounce of strength he had. His hands were smaller than Tom’s overgrown testicles, but the nerve-filled, squishy round masses of testicular flesh were no match for Brandon’s unforgiving grip. As his small fingers crushed the bloated, cum-filled organs, the big teenager cried out as agonizing nausea exploded from his crushed genitals into the pit of his stomach. He immediately let go of Brandon’s legs to get his tormentor away from his massively aching gonads. Brandon, however, did not let go of Tom’s tortured testicles but instead used his dangling, pendulous organs like a rope to swing between his massive legs. Tom instinctively snapped his thighs together and doubled over in anguish to protect his delicate manhood but it was too late. Brandon was standing behind him with a solid, strong grip on Tom’s overgrown, spunk-filled gonads.

Tom whimpered miserably as the reality of his predicament set in. Brandon, a fraction of Tom’s massive size, had him by the balls and could do anything he wanted with him. The big teen was completely helpless now. Brandon giggled sadistically as he squeezed the nerve-filled, squishy masses of testicular flesh and made Tom yelp from the agony searing his brain. Tom’s pathetic cries only motivated Brandon to abuse the vulnerable, traumatized hulk’s sore and swollen genitals even more. He yanked and tugged on Tom’s pendulous balls between his large jiggly butt cheeks as he continued to crush the life out of them, stretching the long pink scrotum to its limits until it looked like a shiny fuzzy rope. He tried to swat his tormentor away but only succeeded in annoying Brandon who then began twisting poor Tom’s fat, fragile male nuggets while squeezing and tugging on them as hard as he could. Tom could only manage a hoarse cry of anguish as unbelievable pain seared his brain. The sickening agony blazing from his once-proud manhood turned his muscular legs into jelly, and Tom sank to the ground. With his bulky opponent on all fours, Brandon maintained his death-grip on his red, swollen gonads and sat on the husky teenager’s back facing his butt.

“Now I get to ride the bull!” Brandon announced cheekily, his tiny frame perched on Tom’s beefy muscular back.

“Move, bull boy!” Brandon commanded, tugging on Tom’s pendulous testicles upwards, flossing the giant’s butt-crack.

Tom whined loudly as he painfully crawled backwards on all fours, hoping to relieve the awful tension on his ball cords and the blazing pain in his mangled sperm-makers.

Brandon continued to ride Tom around the room, using the sobbing teen’s sagging big bull balls like a leash to maneuver him in any direction he wanted.  All the boys laughed uproariously at the sight of a tiny boy riding on the back of a much bigger male and torturing his overgrown genitals to force him to do as he pleased. Tom sobbed pathetically as he crawled about backwards, desperately trying to keep up with Brandon’s commands to reduce the nauseating pain in his laden balls. His sobs were punctuated by loud yelps every time Brandon squeezed or yanked harder. What made it even funnier for the boys was that Tom’s cock remained painfully erect even as Brandon humiliated and abused the burly teen.

Brandon finally “rode” Tom across the white line in the basement, but refused to dismount despite knowing he had defeated the beefy bodybuilder. Instead, he squeezed, yanked, and twisted on the wailing hulk’s very swollen gonads even harder, as though he were trying to strangle the life from Tom’s battered balls, which were now the size and color of juicy red apples. Tom’s mouth was wide open, and his face contorted into a mask of anguish, but only keening noises came out.

“Moo like a fucking bull!” Brandon commanded.

Tom hesitated. To compel his hefty captive's obedience, Brandon dug his tiny fingers deeper into the nerve-filled masses of testicular flesh trapped in his hands. He squeezed the large, squishy organs so hard, all the veins in Tom’s pink fuzzy scrotum stood out, as though they may pop, drawing a blood-curdling shriek from the tormented hunk.

"Now will you moo like a bull, or should I pop one of these useless puppies?" Brandon threatened.

Unable to withstand the torment any longer, Tom gave up the last shred of his dignity and masculinity, and began making mooing noises like he was ordered. Chad flipped out his cellphone and recorded the spectacle of his big oafish brother completely naked with a hard-on and behaving like a bull. As he continued to make bull-like bellows as best he could, Brandon gripped and tugged on Tom’s bloated, battered balls with one hand, and with the other, he grabbed Tom’s rigid, leaking cock and started stroking it.

In about ten seconds, Tom’s loins exploded in ecstasy and his entire body bucked so hard that Brandon had to jump off his back. Tom emitted a deep guttural groan and his beefy body spasmed uncontrollably as globs of male milk spurted from his cock. After about ten spasms, Tom’s eyes rolled back into his head and his body went limp, the mixture of pain and pleasure too much for his brain to bear. He passed out cold; his bulky body slumped over into the large pool of his own jizz.

Brandon looked ecstatic. He had defeated and humiliated a much bigger, and older, male. Chad, Martin, Andy, and Paul hi-fived him.

“All right, boys, I think Tom has had enough. We don’t wanna destroy his balls, do we?” Martin said.

“Why not? I want to completely emasculate him,” Andy asked with a cruel smile.

“Because if we do, we won’t be able to bust them up again,” Chad answered.

“Can we play with his dick then?” Paul inquired.

“Sure. Why not?” Martin replied.

They turned the unconscious hulk on his back. It took the effort of all five boys to roll Tom’s big bulky frame over. All of them paused, gawking at Tom’s bloated, bruised, and battered balls. They were now the size of grapefruits but were a reddish purple shade.

“Oh boy,” Martin exclaimed as he held his big brother’s balls in his hands, rolling the massive, swollen orbs around. The heavy organs were now very squishy but were otherwise intact.

“No permanent damage I think,” Martin announced.

The boys took turns stroking the unconscious hulk’s still rigid cock. He began to stir as his loins tingled with pleasure yet again. Another orgasm erupted from his battered balls, and his throbbing cock squirted another load of jizz, waking Tom up.

He moaned groggily, and tried to push Andy’s hand away from his very sensitive cock but Andy flicked his right testicle. The jolt of pain woke Tom up immediately as he sobbed and pled with the boys to let him be.
“Shut up!” Andy commanded, stroking the whimpering teen’s cock.

Tom whined miserably as Andy’s ministrations brought him to the brink of orgasm yet again. His hips bucked and another load of creamy fluid spurted from his cock, which was now as purple and red as his bruised balls.

“Please stop… My cock hurts real bad… It’s too sensitive now,” Tom whimpered as he squirmed.

“If you don’t want us to bust your useless balls again, just shut the fuck up and let us do what we want,” Brandon threatened him.

Tears streamed down the handsome hunk’s face as he accepted his humiliating fate. After another two orgasms, Tom was half delirious from the pain and pleasure in his loins, but could no longer cum. After a prolonged milking that left his cock extremely sore, he managed to climax again but only a single drop of clear fluid dripped from his cock. The agony of dry cumming was like nothing he ever felt before. His very sore balls erupted in unimaginable pain and he screamed pitifully as his entire body went rigid before it went completely limp.

“And he’s out again,” Chad laughed, as he poked at Tom's massive, but limp, frame.

“Ok, boys! Enough for today. I don’t think poor Tommy can take any more. You boys have demolished his babymakers and milked him dry. Lesson is over for now. We’ll have you back in a few weeks to see how much you’ve progressed,” Martin told them.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nut Uppercut

One solid uppercut to the balls and he's in a world of pain.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hero humiliated

Defeated by his arch-nemesis, the masked hero has his ass and balls violated and abused.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Stomp his big balls!

For constantly pestering his girlfriend for sex, a horny male gets his big bulging balls kicked and stomped until he is close to passing out.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Soccer ball vs Man's Balls

I understand the pain from a soccer ball smashing into your own tender balls. Really, I do...