Friday, June 29, 2012

Stretch and Squeeze

A skinny Asian boy is painfully stretched backwards over a wrestler's knee while his boy berries are crushed  to a pulp.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gym hunk

How I'd love to go up to this exercising stud, reach into his skimpy short, grab those bulging balls and squeeze them till he drops his weights and cums over his abs.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cheater busted

Catching her boyfriend with another girl, a furious female knocks her out and then crushes the hunk's fat, cum-laden testicles.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lots to lose...

A drunk guy thinks he can't lose... until his buddy punches and crushes his big balls

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Catching his boyfriend cheating, an muscle stud pins his scrawny neck to the bed, ignoring his pleas for mercy.

He then grabs, twists, squeezes and crushes the cheating boy's big bulging balls until he cries in agony. His thick fingers wrap around the sensitive, squishy organs, sending waves of nauseating pain into the core of his being.

"You can't keep that little cock of yours in your pants, eh boy? Let me help you controls those raging hormones by crushing these two useless boy berries!"

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tom's Ballbusting Adventures - the Beginning

new story by Darrel L.

As the last globs of semen squirted from his hard pulsating cock, Tom collapsed back into his pillow, panting and enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm. He picked up his towel and cleaned up the sticky mess on his abdomen and pubes. At 18, he was perpetually horny and jacked off at least twice a day. His eyes lingered for a few more minutes on the video playing on his laptop; a big muscular wrestler was being dominated by his much smaller opponent who incessantly attacked the larger man's vulnerable gonads. His semihard cock stirred as he watched the bigger man crying for mercy as the smaller man crushed his bulging balls.

Just before drifting off into sleep, Tom reflected on why he was so turned on by watching another male suffer the pain of having his testicles abused. As a big, husky boy, he was the dominant child wherever he went. He was twice the size of almost every other kid in school and would bully any kid he wanted to. No kid in his or her right mind dared fight back. He had a small group of boys who were essentially hung out with him and saw him as the leader of the pack. His dominance was asserted when he hit puberty before all the other boys. 

  Big, beefy Tom

At 12, puberty began with Tom's already large pendulous testicles growing bigger and hanging much lower than they did. As his big boy balls pumped testosterone into his blood, he grew taller and more muscular than the other boys. He had a knack for football and the training combined with his hormonal changes and voracious appetite transformed him into a hulking behemoth. He constantly bragged about how big his balls were and how thick his pubes had grown, making the other boys envious. By 13, he was already 6'3" feet tall and weighed 230 pounds.

Tom picked on almost every kid in school that wasn't part of his posse. Things began to change, however, with the arrival of a new kid in school. Brandon was a small boy, only 4 and a half feet tall and a slight 110 pounds. He was quiet and kept to himself most of the time. This made him an irresistible target for Tom. Tom and his goons were playing basketball after school one day and Brandon sat by the court, reading quietly.

Looking towards Brandon, Tom smirked and told his pals, "Let's have fun with the new nerd".

He tossed the basketball at Brandon hitting him on the head. "Toss it back, boy!" Tom hollered.

Slightly dazed but thinking it was an accident, Brandon threw the ball back.

Almost immediately, Tom threw it at Brandon again with a smirk but this time, he ducked and the ball rolled away. "Go get the ball for me, boy!"

Tom called out as his buddies chuckled. Brandon jogged over to the ball and picked it up. 

"Un-fucking-believable! He just does what I tell him," Tom commented.

However, this time, Brandon just dropped the ball on the ground, put a foot on it, and told the big bully, "Come get it yourself."

"What the fuck?! What the fuck did you just say?" Tom yelled.

"Come get the ball yourself," Brandon calmly told him.

"You like playing with other boys' balls, don't you, faggot?" Tom taunted him, making his friends laugh out loud.

"You'd love playing with my nice big balls, won't you, faggot?" Tom then grabbed at his ample manhood obscenely and jiggled it around as he snickered. 

Brandon just folded his arms and stared icily at the loud-mouthed bully.

"That's it, you little faggot! You're gonna get your ass kicked!" Tom fumed as he marched towards the smaller kid.

By now a small group of kids had gathered at the edge of the basketball court to watch the drama unfold. Tom's big husky frame dwarfed Brandon but Brandon stood his ground. Tom was in a tank top and a pair of thin cotton shorts.

"I'm gonna beat you so badly today, your mother won't recognize you," Tom hissed.

"What if I beat your fat ass instead?" Brandon answered.

Tom threw back his head in mocking laughter. "You are gonna beat me?!" he asked incredulously.
"I tell you what, faggot," Tom announced, "I'll let you take the first two shots and then I'll beat your scrawny little ass. Deal?"

Tom stood with his hands on his hips, his legs spread apart, smirking as he looked at his pint-sized opponent about 5 feet from him. He turned to look at his buddies, who egged the big teenager on.

"Deal!" Brandon yelled as he kicked the basketball as hard as he could. The basketball flew towards the distracted Tom and smashed powerfully into the big boy's unprotected testicles with a loud thwack. Puberty had not only made Tom's testicles larger and hang lower, it had made them exquisitely sensitive. The basketball ricocheted off Tom's crotch and a nauseating pain exploded from his traumatized nards. As the agony hit him right in the gut, Tom's mouth fell open in a silent scream of pain. His hands slowly reached towards his aching overgrown balls as he doubled over in slow motion, but before he could protect his fat dangling plums, Brandon swung his foot up between the oversized teenager's thick, muscular legs. A sickening thud rang out as Brandon's Nike smashed into Tom's tender big bobbing boy balls.

Tom collapsed on the ground, clutching at his swollen aching balls and making keening animal noises as waves of agony blazed from his groin. A stunned silence fell on everyone watching. The tiny nerdy kid had just dropped the big school bully and the much larger, huskier boy was curled up in a fetal position, whimpering miserably at his feet. Not content with flooring the beefy teenager, Brandon wanted to humiliate his would-be bully further. He pulled Tom's pants down, exposing the defeated boy's large naked butt. Tom tried to fight back but was too weakened by the nauseating pain emanating from his battered balls to offer any resistance and was stripped without much difficulty.

"He's not wearing any underwear!" someone exclaimed and laughed as Tom's overgrown genitals flopped about obscenely.

Brandon rolled Tom on his back and to everyone's surprise, his cock had swollen up to a throbbing erection, rising from his thick bush of pubes. His very red, swollen and aching balls were nestled between his thick thighs. His bloated gonads were about the size of golf balls. Tom's face grew as red as his hurting gonads as the small crowd began snickering at his boner.

Brandon grabbed the humiliated teenager's tenderized testicles and squeezed them hard, drawing a loud yelp and pitiful sobs. "You seem to enjoy me playing with your big useless balls. Who's the faggot now?" Brandon taunted the crying teenager as he slapped his painfully-erect cock.

He stared coldly into the sobbing bigger boy's fear-filled eyes. "If you ever bother me again, I'll hurt these weak, sorry nuts so badly you won't walk straight for a whole month! You understand me, big boy?" Brandon hissed as his fingers dug into the bloated, nerve-rich, squishy organs.

Tom nodded miserably, his muscular frame wracked by sobs and tears staining his handsome face. Brandon gave the injured husky teenager's fat tenderized testicles a final extra hard tug but unexpectedly, this made Tom's hips buck uncontrollably. Tom gasped in both pain and pleasure as his pulsating member started squirting his male juice like a water pistol. Tom had never experienced an orgasm before and having his first orgasm while being humiliated and having his balls busted by a smaller boy left him confused and shamed.

"Fuck! Gross!" Brandon yelled as he quickly released Tom's aching balls. The small crowd, including Tom's friends, reacted with similar disgust as Tom's cock spurted its final spasms of cum. Tom lay there, exhausted and stunned by the heady mixture of pain and pleasure from his abused manhood. Brandon then lifted his foot and stomped down hard on Tom's leaking cock and swollen squishy boy balls, abruptly destroying his orgasm and drawing an anguished howl from the fallen teenager. Tom was left in a fetal position, nursing his traumatized naked balls and wounded pride for what seemed an eternity before being able to stumble home to clean himself up.

  Tom clutching his big swollen balls

That fight marked the change in Tom's life. All the other kids, including his own posse, no longer respected or feared the big bully. They all realized what an easy target Tom's overgrown, low-hanging, weak balls were. The week after he was beaten so ignominiously by Brandon, he tried to continue in his role as school bully. He would always take advantage of his height and grab other kids' bags or books, hold it out of their reach, and laugh as they tried desperately to regain possession of the objects.

He tried the same trick on a few kids but this time, he was the butt of the joke. Once, he took a geeky boy's glasses and while he laughed at the half-blind boy's attempts to grab it back, his mirth was abruptly cut short when the boy balled up his fist and drove it into the bully's meaty, bobbing nards. The pain caused Tom to double over, clutching his hurting balls, and the geek was able to laugh at the bully's predicament as he retrieved his glasses. In a similar incident, Tom took a girl's phone and danced around her but she calmly smiled, held his bulky shoulders and swung her knee into his big sorry balls twice. With a pathetic whimper, Tom dropped like a brick to the ground, desperately nursing his aching testicles, much to the amusement of the other students. A gay kid Tom tormented mercilessly for a long time turned the tables on the hulking bully. While being teased, he reached between Tom's thick muscular thighs and grabbed his vulnerable gonads. He squeezed Tom's large, sorry testicles so hard Tom was beside himself with agony, crying uncontrollably and begging for mercy. Needless to say, he never bothered that kid anymore. The same theme recurred over and over again.

Matters were worse in the locker room for poor Tom. Tom liked to parade around naked, showing off his muscular body and low-hanging big boy balls. After the other boys realized how weak his balls were, they would take advantage of the naked behemoth's vulnerability just to get a laugh. Backhands, quick grabs, and punches to his vulnerable testicles happened on a regular basis and as a result, Tom seemed to be perpetually bent double, clutching his aching balls with a throbbing erection. Towel snaps to his exposed, sensitive, dangling meatballs often left the husky teenager on the locker room floor in sobbing pitifully but with a boner. On particularly cruel days, when Tom was bent over wiping his legs or wearing his shoes, someone would reach between his butt cheeks and grab his low-hanging organs, yank it backwards between his thick thighs and use his very pendulous ballsac like a leash. Tom would be dragged about the locker room by his hurting balls, staggering backwards and sobbing as the guys laughed and rained down slaps on his trapped gonads and big, jiggly butt.

Although he was quite an athlete, he soon had to drop out of all kinds of sports because the other boy's would intentionally inflict low blows on him. In both basketball and football, boys would sneak in a low blow just for the fun of it and laugh as the husky teenager adopted the all-too-familiar posture of doubling over at the hip, his knees buckled and his hands clutching his aching babymakers. Wrestling was even worse. When not observed by the ref, his opponent would squeeze or sometimes even punch poor Tom's overgrown but very sensitive testicles and the teen would be left on the wrestling mat curled up in anguish. His humiliation was assured since he would always have an erection in response to the deep aching pain from his balls and this would make his wrestling singlet tent obscenely.

  Tom's beefy butt and body.

At home, he was used to being the dominant sibling and tormenting his smaller-built, younger brothers. He enjoyed grabbing their faces and rubbing it in his beefy bottom as they helplessly struggled, and doing all kinds of other gross things just to annoy them. His brothers soon realized that their older brother had a pair of very sensitive big balls and took full advantage of his weakness. Instead of struggling when he tried to bury their faces in his ass, they would reach between his legs and crush his squishy balls until he let them go. The both of them soon teamed up and turned the tables on their bully brother. One of their favorite maneuvers was to have one brother distract Tom while the other one crept up behind him and kicked the unsuspecting boy in the gonads. Another was to yank his pants down and as Tom bent over to pull them back up, they would land a quick, painful punch on the vulnerable boy's meaty testicles. They would also intentionally pick a fight with Tom, knowing that their big brother's temper would always drive him to physically attack them. Using his aggression as a pretext, they would always batter the poor beefy boy's balls. A kick, knee or elbow to his balls would almost always incapacitate him but sometimes they would prolong his agony by opting to squeeze, crush and knead his squishy male organs until he cried. Despite the punishment he received, Tom secretly enjoyed the beating given to his balls. The big husky bully drew perverse pleasure from being humiliated and abused by other smaller males. Since his testicles were the target of attacks so frequently, he was in a state of perpetual horniness and had to masturbate multiple times a day, often fantasizing about how his big bulging balls were abused and about the pain he experienced.

A big pair of low-hanging balls between his beefy buttcheeks.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Abusing her man

A oil wrestling match ends with the hunky man in a world of pain when his female opponent grabs and crushes his big bulging balls.

Monday, June 4, 2012


One sharp slap to his big boy balls and he bucks and yelps like an injured puppy.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fist of fury

A pervert is taken down by a powerful punch to his tender testicles.