Saturday, February 26, 2011

Painful nut crush

A classic series of pictures depicting a boy's agony after his pal grabs and squeezes his cum-filled testicles.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Howling Wolff

Hunky wrestler Mark Wolff screaming in anguish as his opponent squashes his fat dangling balls.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My favorite super bowl ad

How I wish driving without insurance felt so fucking good :-)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Squeezing his nads

A horny guy's fat dangling balls are sadistically crushed and twisted by his girlfriend.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Big Sorry Balls - Happy Fucking Valentine's Day

story by Darrel L.

It was a few weeks since being humiliated by my girlfriend's sadistic twin brothers. They had busted my balls so badly that I wasn't able to walk straight for 2 weeks. The big low-hanging dangling gonads that I was so proud of became twin generators of pain every time they bumped into my muscular legs when I walked. I couldn't jerk off as well as my meaty testicles ached so badly when they bounced about while I stroked my cock that I couldn't continue despite being as horny as fuck. My sore balls had pretty much recovered and were only sensitive to mild bumps. They were pretty full of jizz by now and I needed some release and was hoping to fuck my girlfriend since it was Valentine's day.

I had taken her out for a romantic dinner, gave her roses and done all that romantic shit and all I could think of was fucking her and emptying my cum-laden balls that night. After dinner, I drove towards my home, my cock semi-hard thinking of what was to come (no pun intended).

"Tommy, could you take me home please?" she asked.

"Why? It's early, babe," I replied, slightly pissed.

"I've got a bad headache. I need to get enough sleep for my meeting tomorrow," she answered.

"Headache. Yeah, right," I retorted, furious that my plans for sexual release were derailed.

"Come on, Tommy," she pleaded.

"Who hasn't heard the headache excuse?" You didn't have a headache at dinner, did you? When it comes to sex, you seem to have a headache all the fucking time," I barked.

The rest of the journey to her home was in angry silence. I glanced at her and saw tears streaming down her face but I was too angry to care.

I stopped outside her house and she got out of the car, sobbing as she went in. I drove back to my place, my testicles aching with desire. I was too angry to even jerk off, so I jumped into the shower.

I hopped out of the shower, and stopped to admire my naked physique in the mirror. I stood at 6'5" and usually weighed 240 pounds but since I had not been to the gym in the past few weeks (my balls had hurt too much), I had put on about 15 pounds more and although I looked a little flabby around my waist, my musculature was still fucking impressive. I flexed my arms, chest and shoulders and gazed at myself narcissistically. I was quite proud of my package. I had the biggest pair of balls compared to all the guys I knew. They were the size of large eggs and hung pendulously in a pink smooth long sac beneath a decent-sized, thick cock.

I hopped into bed naked, pulled the sheets up and in no time I was fast asleep. Some time later, I groggily awoke to the really beautiful sensation of fingers caressing my oversized balls. In the warm sheets, I was sleeping, curled on my side and my big low-hanging balls were lying between my ass cheeks. My cock swelled to its full thick 7 inches and I started moaning in pleasure as those soft silken fingers continued to play with my sperm-filled testicles. I assumed that my girlfriend had regretted leaving me with blue balls and had let herself into my house quietly to reward me for the romantic dinner. I was as horny as fuck and wanted to turn around and take the active role but her other hand firmly pushed me back, keeping me on my side and continuing to play with my fat gonads.

"Wow. Someone wants to be rough tonight, eh?" I chuckled.

I didn't hear any reply but she pulled my arms behind me and then tie my hands together with what I presumed to be the neck tie by my night stand.

"Oh, fuck, baby. You are really kinky tonight aren't you?" I purred into the pillow and cooperated with her by arching my back more and perking my muscled ass so that she had better access to my pendulous meaty testicles.

"You like playing with my balls, don't you, baby? I thought you were going to leave me with blue balls tonight but now..." I whispered.

She rolled each testicle in each hand. My balls were too large for her to hold both in one hand. She then began gently kneading each fleshy meatball . I was in heaven, purring in horny contentment. She increased the pressure and soon, my nads started to ache and the pain level exceeded the pleasure.

"Ugh, babe, go slow. My big boys are really sensitive!" I protested.

Instead of decreasing her grip strength, the pressure ramped up dramatically and my fat meaty balls erupted in pain. My mouth fell open but no scream of agony escaped. Only strangled, guttural groans of masculine anguish came out. The brutal kneading of my soft, sensitive, squishy testicular meat sent a wave of nausea and anguish deep into my gut and rose to my throat. I was helpless. I was laying on my side, my arms bound behind me and my balls were vulnerably hanging in their loose scrotal sac between my thick legs. Powerful fingers continued to dig into my squashy meatballs while crushing them in the palms. Hot tears of agony poured from my eyes as I sobbed in anguish.

"Please, no more... don't hurt my balls anymore... please..." I whimpered.

In response, my tormentor raised my pain level tenfold by yanking my ballsac upwards and backwards behind me while squeezing my big sorry testicles. I managed a pitiful strangled scream. I tried to thrash around a bit to escape my tormentor but my position rendered me absolutely helpless. Pain bit into my brain as my tenderized testicles were kneaded, crushed and yanked mercilessly. Strangely enough, I was aware that my cock was still as hard as a rock in spite of the sickening pain emanating from my aching balls.

"Still got blue balls, asshole?" a male voice behind me whispered.

My heart sank in terror.

"Who... are you?" I asked.

"Brad," he answered.

I was horrified. My girlfriend's sadistic younger brother had snuck into my house and now he had me by the balls. Both he and his twin brother were the responsible for busting my balls and humiliating me a few weeks before.

"You seem to have a short memory, big boy, or should I say fat boy? You've put on some chunk since I last saw you. This fat ass of yours seems bigger than the last time. I warned you about bugging my sister for sex, didn't I?"

"Please... Brad... I'm sorry... ARRRRGGGGHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK!!!" my plea turned into a scream as he bore down and crushed my aching gonads even harder than before.

"You made her cry tonight, you big-balled fuck! Now I'm gonna hurt your big useless weak balls and make you cry!" he hissed and tugged at my pendulous ballsac, stretching my sperm cords to their maximum length and using my big loose scrotum to floss my asscrack. I howled pathetically, begging Brad to stop torturing my manhood. This went on for what seemed like eternity to me.

"I'm gonna give you a breather. If you try anything funny, I swear, I will smash these big useless balls and make you into a woman!" he threatened.

I sobbed in relief as he released my aching testicles . I was in too much pain to fight or resist.

Brad turned on the light and I squinted at him. He was clad in a white pair of boxers that was obviously tenting with a boner.

"I'm horny too, fat boy. And since you always complain about blue balls, I'm sure you don't wanna leave me with blue balls tonight, right?" he taunted me as he tied my arms to the headboard. I whimpered pitifully as he then told me to get on my knees, with my face in the bed and my ass in the air. I was in too much distress to resist or to figure out what was going on until too late.

With me on my knees and my ass in the air, Brad reached between my muscular legs and grabbed a hold of my ballsac just at the base of my balls and pulled my ass towards him. The pain from my balls made me comply. He then started to lick and bite my muscular ass and I initially protested but a hard sickening slap to my swollen sensitive testicles effectively put an end to any resistance I had left.

"Damn, you've got a fine ass! It's so fucking big and fat and firm now!" Brad continued as he began licking my hole.

The surprise initially made me yelp and pull away but his firm grip on my aching balls kept me from going far. His tongue's ministrations soon became incredibly pleasurable for me. My groans of pain soon turned into little moans of pleasure. Brad then slipped on a condom, spit in my hole and then to my horror, proceeded to fuck me all the while keeping a firm grip on my fat, swollen balls. I cried in humiliation, relinquishing my masculinity as I let the younger Brad, who was half my size, crush my large, sorry testicles while doggy-fucking me hard.

"Fuck, what a fucking tight hole you have there! Feels so fucking good fucking your big fat fucking muscle butt!"

He then withdrew his hard cock, had me lie on my back and proceeded to fuck me some more. My humiliation continued as my throbbingly hard cock dripped copious amounts of slimy precum. Brad then started gently slapping my sensitive swollen nads while he fucked and although it hurt like a motherfucker, for some perverse reason I was really turned on by the combination of sensations from my cock, ass and balls.

"I'm fucking coming!" Brad yelled as he pulled out and sprayed his warm semen all over my ass.

He then squeezed my right ball with one hand and started stroking my hard cock with the other. In no time, my balls started tingling with pleasure and my loins erupted in orgasmic ecstasy. I yelled out as my cock spasmed and spurts of male milk shot out, some hitting me in the neck but most squirting on my abdomen.

I was in the final moments of my orgasm, as the final squirts ejaculating from my swollen cock, when Brad lifted his fist in the air and slammed it straight into my vulnerable, large, tenderized testicles. I felt them squish between my pelvis and his bony knuckles and I screamed in utter agony, my orgasm completely ruined. I howled pitifully as I drew my legs to my chest and tried to curl up, crying like a little boy.

"Remember what will happen to those sorry, weak, useless big boy balls of yours if you ever make my sister cry again!" Brad reminded me as he untied my hands and left me in my misery.

I curled up in a fetal position on my bed, crying like a baby, hugging my abdomen with one hand and clutching my once-proud but now busted big male meatballs.

"Oh, and happy fucking valentine's day!" he called out cheekily.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ball punishment

A huge, muscular stud is humiliated by his svelte girlfriend. He's stretched across her lap and can only whimper in pain and anguish while she slaps and spanks his oversized meaty testicles.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sack tapping?

What may have been initially horse play between two buddies evolved into smacking each other's dangling balls. After suffering considerable pain following a punch to his fat balls, a bodybuilder exacts his revenge on his smaller-built buddy's testicles. Those muscles are obviously not only for show as his powerful smack drops his pal to the ground.

... probably not what happened but who cares? :-)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Punching bag

A man's ball bag becomes a woman's punching bag.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Twisted Balls

A boy screaming as his young boy balls are squeezed and twisted by a girl.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bully's Balls

Sick of being tormented by his big-balled bully, a teen erupts in fury and grabs his bully by the gonads and crushes those squishy testicles until the bully cries in anguish and begs for mercy.