Saturday, March 18, 2017

My Ballbusting Experiences - Part 2

The most intense and sexually arousing ballbusting memory I have occurred when I was 27. I was on a business trip to Madrid, and had been there for about 3 weeks. I hadn't been laid in over 3 months by that time, didn't have much time to even have a good jerk off, and by the time I was supposed to return to home, I was insanely horny, and in desperate need of release.

The evening before I was supposed to fly off, I flipped on Grindr, and decided to see who was up a quick fuck. Within 5 minutes, a handsome Spaniard with an amazingly ripped body hit me up.

"Hi. How are you?" I asked, not believing my luck.

"Good. How about you?" he replied. Wow, he speaks English too, I thought.

"I'm horny lol. Looking for some fun," I answered.

"Me too. So what are you into?"

"I'm a top, looking to fuck a cute Spanish man like yourself," I typed, sounding like a desperate idiot.

"That's interesting. Unfortunately, I'm a top too," he replied, making me groan in disappointment.

"Oh damn. That sucks. I was hoping that we could have some fun."

"I think we can. Are you really 6'7" and 300 lbs?" A spark of hope lit up in my heart (or maybe my groin)

"Yes I am. What are your stats, sexy?"

"5'3" 120 lbs, 21 years old"

"You have an amazing set of abs - that's not a six pack, that's like an 8 pack!" I was amazed at his lean physique.

"I find your build incredibly hot," he returned my compliment.

"Why don't you come over to my hotel room?" I invited, hoping to get lucky.

He agreed and I gave him the location. I put on a black tank and a pair of black briefs, and in 10 minutes, heard a knock at my door. I opened the door, and was stunned. He was unbelievably handsome - dark hair, intense green eyes, red pouty lips, chiseled jaw. He smiled and introduced himself as Marcelo.

"Please, come in," I stammered, utterly mesmerized by his beauty.

Marcelo put a back pack on the couch, looked at me from head to toe and smiled.

"Take off your top," he asked. I peeled it off, and Marcelo began running his hands over my arms, and trunk.

"Big soft muscles," he said as he squeezed my massive but rather flabby pectorals and guns.

"And a thick waist," he continued. lightly slapping my rather chunky gut.

"I haven't had time to hit the gym here," I replied, automatically flexing my chest as I suddenly became self-conscious of my big but somewhat soft physique.

"Don't be embarrassed. I find it sexy," Marcelo laughed.

I stood still, getting hornier by the minute, as this beautiful male specimen, a third of my size, continued to run his hands all over my body.

"Your arms are bigger than my head, and your legs are wider than my waist," he exclaimed as he

"Such a big, beautiful butt," he continued, slapping and grabbing my thick ass.

"Hey. Don't get any ideas," I replied, semi-jokingly.

"Wow. They're the size of really big chicken eggs!" Marcelo exclaimed as he began handling my balls through my briefs. The pleasure of having my fat balls caressed made me incredibly horny, and my cock was throbbingly erect.

Marcelo pulled my briefs down, as I stood there, letting the pint-sized Adonis have his way with my body. His eyes widened as my large, pink, hairless, low-hanging gonads flopped into view, gently swinging just below mid-thigh level.

"Fuck. I've never seen such big, heavy danglers!" he said, as he continued caressing my ample, cum-laden gonads. My rock hard cock was inches from his face, and I reached forwards and gently tried to guide his head towards my waiting cock. Marcelo pulled away, smiling.

"That's a cute cock," he giggled. I have always been a bit insecure and embarrassed of my cock. It was 5 inches when fully erect, and while that was a somewhat average size, it looked pitiful when compared to my oversized balls and hefty physique.

"Hey, it does its job," I protested, my cheeks burning with embarrassment.

"I've always found guys built like off-season bodybuilders very attractive, especially if they have little dicks but big beautiful balls like you. You're perfect," Marcelo purred, soothing my wounded ego somewhat. He took hold of my dangling testicles, and led me to the bed.

"Do you enjoy having these fat puppies played with?" he asked, stroking the underside of my nutsac.

"Uh huh," I nodded, half mad with lust.

He told me to lie on my stomach with my legs spread. As I obeyed, I felt Marcelo stroking my lower back, sending shivers of pleasure through my whole body. He then reached between my thick thighs and butt cheeks, letting his fingers tease my sensitive areas as gentle involuntary moans escaped my lips. Holding my pendulous scrotum in his hand to trap my sperm-filled balls in the base, he stretched them between my ass cheeks. I moaned in ecstasy as he began running his tongue on my sensitive testicles. My moans grew louder when he began sucking on each orb in turn.

He somehow managed to fit both of my sizable spunk-makers into his mouth, much to my amazement. He began sucking on them, and I was in heaven. As he began to suck harder and harder, my pleasure soon turned into pain. The suction applied to my delicate plums became so intense my genitals and lower abdomen throbbed with a deep aching pain.

"God... that's too hard, man," I croaked, but Marcelo ignored it and continued sucking as hard as he could on my hurting balls, making them feel as though they were going to burst out of my thin sac.

I grabbed a pillow to muffle my cries of pain, and began to buck my hips, and eventually he stopped sucking on them, much to my relief, but did not release his grip on my sore nards.

"You said you enjoyed having your balls played with, didn't you?" Marcelo asked cheekily as I curled up in agony, nursing my throbbing babymakers.

"I do, but that really hurt, dude," I protested, my voice several notches higher than usual.

"Let me play with your big beautiful balls some more, you sexy bull. I promise to stop when you ask me to, and I'll give you the most mind-blowing orgasm you ever had," Marcelo whispered seductively as he nibbled on my ear.

Confused by the mix of pain and pleasure, and horny for release, I nodded in agreement. Marcelo immediately straddled my lower back, reached behind him, and stretched my low-hanging balls as far up my ass crack as they would go, making me whine in pain.

He leaned forwards and began nibbling and biting on the back of my neck, driving me wild with pleasure but would intermittently tug on my vulnerable balls hard, sending jolts of pain that would pierce the haze of pleasure that enveloped my mind. After a few minutes, he ordered me to lie on my side. My balls remained trapped in his unforgiving grip between my ass-cheeks.

"That's one thick bubble butt. Each cheek is as big, white, and soft as a pillow I swear," Marcelo commented as he caressed my ass.

Lying behind me with my hefty but frail testicles firmly in his grasp, Marcelo leaned in and began sucking on my right nipple, sending incredible waves of pleasure that made me moan in ecstasy.

"I'm going to squeeze these fat balls, big guy. I want you to try to withstand the pain for as long as possible, you understand? Take the pain like a fucking man. Don't fucking puss out on me."

I nodded in trepidation. He grasped one bloated testicle in each hand, since both were too large for him to hold in one hand. He initially began by squeezing very gently, and my overgrown nards rolled about in his grip. It was more pleasurable than painful, and I kinda enjoyed it, but my pleasure was short-lived. His grip slowly increased in intensity, and my nuts no longer had any room to escape. Soon, a dull aching pain throbbed in my genitals as his fingers pressed my sensitive testicles into his palms. My moans turned into whimpers, but Marcelo continued to ramp up the pressure on my fragile organs. I could soon feel my round meatballs compressing into flat elliptical shapes in his unforgiving grip as dull aching pain turned into waves of agony. I squirmed and whimpered loudly but Marcelo pulled my traumatized testicles backwards to keep me in my place.

"Fuck.... my balls..." I groaned in anguish.

"You look like you're enjoying having your fat useless balls crushed, big guy. Your little cock is super hard," Marcelo whispered, as he began sucking my right nipple while squeezing my aching gonads even harder. Pleasure mixed with the nauseating pain emanating from my genitals, making me moan with both desire and agony. The pain eventually became too much for me, and I begged Marcelo to stop.

He let go of my tortured testicles, and I curled up on the bed, clutching my swollen balls delicately.

"Hurts so bad..." I whined.

"Come on. You can take it, big man," Marcelo soothed me, as he leaned in and began licking and biting on my neck and shoulders, making me shiver and moan with pleasure. The ecstasy soon made me forget the aching pain gnawing at my balls.

"Stand up in front of the mirror," Marcelo guided me to the large hall mirror by my pendulous balls.

We both looked at our reflection. Marcelo's fully-clothed figure was a quarter of the size of my massive, completely naked body, with my cock poking out in front like a spear and my red, swollen nards dangling low.

"Flex those guns," Marcelo ordered and I immediately assumed the double biceps pose, dwarfing Marcelo even more. He reached between my butt cheeks, grabbed hold of my bobbing balls, and yanked them backwards, trapping both meatballs in the bottom of my sac.

"Urkkk..." I groaned in pain.

"Keep flexing those biceps!" he commanded.

I obeyed everything the younger, smaller man ordered me to do, something in me enjoyed being dominated by an apparently weaker guy. Marcelo pulled my testicles as far back as they would stretch and I grunted in agony as I tried to keep flexing my overgrown arms.

"Let me show you how a big muscle bull like yourself can be controlled by one little finger," he told me as he waved his thumb around. He used one hand he kept my tormented testicles securely trapped at the bottom of my delicate scrotum, and then began pushing with his thumb at the small cleavage between my bloated balls. Unbelievable anguish erupted from my genitals as he began pushing harder with his thumb. In the mirror, I saw myself, a huge bodybuilder, doubled over in pain, with a petite alpha male exerting total control over me with only his thumb pressing on my oversized but weak balls.

"You like what you see, big boy? Do you see how a small man like me can control you so easily, just by hurting these weak, fat, useless balls?" Marcelo pointed out my obvious subjugation. Despite the sickening ache in my genitals and gut, I was intensely aroused by this. Marcelo decreased the pressure on my tenderized testicles and made me flex my lats but within a few minutes, reduced me into a doubled-over, whimpering mess by again digging his thumb into my bloated balls. I was alternating between flexing my muscles when commanded, and doubling over from the agony of Marcelo's thumb jabbing into the soft squishy flesh of my trapped nards for at least 20 minutes.

"Get on your knees," Marcelo commanded, as I complied, clutching my aching balls. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out a whopper of a cock. I couldn't believe how big it was - 10 inches long and as thick as a beer bottle. I stared speechless at the massive meat cannon, finding it almost impossible that such a small male could be packing a monster like that.

"Worship that big dick. You know you want it, muscle bitch," he said as he slapped my face with his humongous member, reminding me of how inadequate my own manhood was. The humiliation of sucking the pint-sized guy's horse-hung dick and knowing that my own cock was tiny despite my oversized, frame was intensely arousing for me. Up until that night, I was the dominant male in any sexual encounter because of my hulking build; Marcelo flipped the script on me, and completely dominated me instead, putting me in my place, and emasculating me by reminding me how underwhelming my cock was and how fragile my overgrown testicles were.

I tried my best to suck on his monster cock but I could barely get a quarter of it in my mouth. Nonetheless, Marcelo seemed to enjoy it, and I could taste the salty precum leaking into my hungry mouth. After a while, he grabbed my hair and pulled my face away from his saliva-covered cock.

"Kneel down in front of the bed. Body on the bed, and your butt off the edge of the bed," Marcelo directed me.

I did as he commanded and without warning, he grabbed my fat dangling balls roughly and tugged them backwards, making me gasp in shock and pain.

"Spread those cheeks, big boy!" Marcelo barked as he squeezed my aching testicles. I groaned in agony and immediately complied.

"Fuck. Look at that tight, pink hole!" he remarked. He continued to pull and twist my traumatized testicles as he began running his tongue in a circular motion around my virginal hole. I had never had my ass eaten and it felt absolutely amazing. I was delirious from the pleasure emanating from my ass, and the pain blazing in my tortured spunk-makers. I buried my face in the sheets to muffle my cries of both agony and ecstasy, as Marcelo continued to punish and pleasure my most sensitive parts.

Marcelo then told me to lie on my back on the edge of the bed. He stood between my legs as he peeled off his clothes, revealing his amazingly taut and shredded physique. My dick was throbbingly erect even though my balls were blazing with pain as I eyed the well-endowed Greek god standing between my legs.

"I wanna fuck that thick bubble butt, big boy," he told me, as he stroked his gigantic cock.

"But I'm a top," I protested, apprehensive about having my virginal ass penetrated.

"Shouldn't the top be the man with the bigger dick?" Marcelo replied rhetorically as he grabbed my hard but puny cock.

"I was made to be the alpha top, and you were made to be my sub. Your big soft muscles, useless jumbo balls, mini dick, and ample booty make you the perfect sub bottom," he continued, reminding me of my place.

While I was afraid of the pain of being fucked by Marcelo's monster dick, the thought of surrendering my masculinity to him was intensely erotic. He leaned forward, grabbed my pecs and began licking my nipples, driving me wild with pleasure, and asked me if he could fuck me and I mumbled, "yes, sir".

Marcelo slipped on a condom, and lubed my virginal hole well, then grabbed my trunk-like legs and hoisted them up against his body without any difficulty. He smiled at me as he began to slide his cock into me. An intense jolt of pain made me whimper but Marcelo gently guided his hard rod further inside me. The pain soon subsided and was replaced by the pleasure of his meat cannon rubbing against my prostate. I moaned in pleasure as Marcelo held my spread legs aloft and began thrusting hard. My pendulous balls bounced about every time Marcelo's pelvis slapped into mine, and would occasionally slip and get squished between Marcelo's pelvis and mine. I moaned uncontrollably from the aching pain in my gonads melding with the ecstatic sensation of Marcelo's dick inside me.

He pulled out and then told me to get on all fours, with my ass in the air and my face on the ground. I immediately obeyed, and realized how vulnerable my bobbing balls and thick ass were in this position.

Marcelo grabbed hold of my swinging low-hangers and used them as a leash, pulling my ass upwards and backwards, and keeping me in place as he continued pounding my butt. He maintained his vise-like grip on my traumatized testicles and used his other hand to slap my ass hard, while making remarks about how tight my big beefy butt was. The pain from the smacks made me automatically pull away but the jolt of agony from my crushed spunk-makers would bring me back to my place. I was delirious from the nauseating pain but amazing pleasure he was making me feel.

"I'm coming...." I croaked, as the wave of pleasure quickly erupted from my loins, but it was too late to stop it. My eyes rolled back as I let out a guttural groan as my body bucked from the utter ecstasy exploding from my swollen, sensitive balls. I almost blacked out from the intensity of my orgasm as I felt my hard cock spurting out glob after glob of male milk. I collapsed into a panting, quivering heap in the puddle of my own jizz, unable to make any muscle in my body react. The aching pain in my testicles spiked to unbearable levels as Marcelo continued to crush the life out of them.

"Please... stop... you're killing me..." I begged, my voice several octaves higher than normal.

"I just wanted to make sure these big fat balls are empty, sexy. I want you to unload every drop of cum you've stored up in these overgrown testicles" he answered, as he pulled his massive meat cannon from my ass. I curled up in a fetal position, nursing my tenderized testicles. I tried to feel for any permanent damage; my abused gonads were swollen and extra squishy.

Marcelo whipped off his condom, stood over my curled up body, and as I gazed up at his taut physique, stroked his cock and moaned as ropes of warm spunk rocketed from the monster dick and landed all over my prostrate figure. As the final drops of cum dripped from his cock, he knelt over my face.

"Lick it clean," he commanded, as I meekly licked and sucked very last drop of jizz from his throbbing boner. The endorphin high of my orgasm slowly subsided, replaced by the nauseating ache radiating from my battered balls into my gut. I groaned as I cradled by bruised and swollen nards in my hands, and curled up into a ball on the ground.

I could hear Marcelo showering and cleaning up in the bathroom as I lay there in agony. Eventually, the sickening pain in my boy parts was tolerable enough that I could gingerly crawl towards the restroom as Marcelo was exiting.

"Go wash up, sub. I have a special present for you when you're done," he told me.

I managed to stagger to my feet and looked at myself in the mirror. There I was, a big husky bodybuilder covered in jizz, with my once-proud dangling balls swollen to the size of lemons and a bright shade of red. I had been completely dominated physically, mentally and sexually by a younger, smaller male, and for some reason, intensely aroused by it.

I turned the shower on as I contemplated the confusing but incredibly erotic evening, and let the cold water soothe and numb my aching genitals and ass. Eventually, I toweled off and noticed that the cold water had shrunk my already unimpressive cock to even more pathetic dimensions. I walked slowly out of the bathroom, careful not to jostle my sensitive gonads against my thick thighs.

"Look at that huge body, fat balls, and micro dick!" Marcelo remarked as he saw me. Somewhat embarrassed, I automatically covered my shriveled member with my hand.

"I want you to have this, sub. I think you've earned the privilege," he announced as he pulled a pink thong out of his backpack. It had a thin waistband, an almost non-existent floss to cover my ass-crack, and a tiny pouch in the front. I obediently slipped it on, and found that it barely covered my ponderous genitals.

"That pouch is not for your balls, sub. It's to cover that small dick and leave those big balls exposed for me to play with," he told me. I adjusted the pouch so that my low-hanging, overgrown plums flopped out and only my undersized cock was sheathed.

"Good boy! Now come to bed and cuddle with your master," he invited. As I crawled into bed with Marcelo, he made me lie on my side as the "little spoon" since he was the alpha. The only comfortable position I could find for my exquisitely tender testicles was to tuck them between my meaty thighs in such a way that they were nestled between my ass cheeks.

"You're perfect, sub. You know how to display those big useless bull balls between those fat ass cheeks for your master!" Marcelo said as he began nibbling on my neck and shoulders, his humongous cock pressing against my bloated sperm-tanks and butt. Being at the mercy of a pint-sized alpha male was unbelievably erotic, and before I knew it, I was gently grinding my meaty ass cheeks against Marcelo's throbbing boner.

"Teasing me, sub? You sure you want me to abuse these overgrown plums again?" he asked as he used his big hard tool to smack into my aching balls. I whimpered as loud meaty thwacks rang out every time his rod smashed into the squishy, swollen orbs trapped between my ass-cheeks, sending jolts of sickening pain into my core.

"You see how weak your manhood is? See how powerful my manhood is?" he whispered into my ear as he rained down ever harder dick-slaps onto my tenderized testicles. I bit the pillow in anguish, trying my best to take the punishment Marcelo was inflicting on my fragile gonads. Marcelo finally stopped when I began sobbing softly in pain.

"Did it hurt really bad?" he asked, and I nodded.

"Why didn't you ask me to stop?" he asked as he tenderly kissed my pecs.

"I didn't want to disappoint you, sir. I wanted to take all your punishment," I whimpered meekly.

"Good sub," he praised me as we began kissing passionately. I soon forgot the agonizing pain blazing in my abused balls as we made out. I grabbed Marcelo and climbed on top of him as I hornily rubbed my boner against his pelvis. The sharp pain of my traumatized testicles being crushed and twisted stopped me dead in my tracks, and I groaned in anguish as I dropped on my side.

"I will be on top, sub. Don't forget your place," Marcelo reminded me, as he let go of my battered balls. He climbed on my chest and stared down into my eyes; I noticed how small he looked perched atop my barrel-like chest but I was completely dominated by him. His huge dick was hard as a rock again. My lips immediately parted and I began sucking on his massive member. Marcelo grabbed my hair and moved my head rhythmically as he leaned his head back in pleasure.

He pulled his dripping cock out of my mouth, and then lay beside me in the 69 position. I hungrily slobbered over his waiting cock again. Marcelo used one hand to grab hold of my floppy testicles to restrain them, and began punching them with the other. I squealed every time his fist slammed into the squishy, nerve-rich orbs with a meaty smack but his large dick muffled my cries. I saw stars from the intense pain exploding from my battered balls and I was close to begging him to stop when a gush of warm, salty spunk burst into my throat making me gag and choke.

"Swallow every drop, sub!" Marcelo commanded, as he began mashing my tortured spuds hard to remind me not to spit his jizz out. I choked down every drop and then obediently licked his dick clean as Marcelo gently rolled my aching testicles in his hands.

"They've doubled in size, sub. They were the size of chicken eggs when I first played with them, and now they look like apples, all swollen and red," he said, admiring his handiwork.

"Thank you, sir," I whimpered.

"Look at that little popsicle, straining hard at your pink thong but not even big enough to peek out," he continued, smacking my erect, but undersized, dick about.

"I need to leave, sub. It was a pleasure playing with your big useless balls and tiny cock," he whispered in my ear as he kissed me.

I sat on the edge of the bed, clutching and feeling my very swollen and squishy gonads for any permanent damage as Marcelo got dressed.

"Face down, ass up!" he ordered as I hastily got into position, my testicles screaming with pain every time they smacked against my muscular legs.

"Do you want to cum before I leave?" he asked. I nodded, mad with lust despite my agony.

"Then play with your little nub in that position, big boy,"

I immediately started stroking my throbbingly erect dick, and within a minute, I felt that familiar wave of pleasure churning in my balls.

"I'm gonna cum, sir," I moaned.

As the first spurts of male milk shot out and pleasure rocked my loins, I felt Marcelo's unforgiving boot slam into my large flopping balls with a sickeningly loud thwack.

I screamed in anguish, my orgasm utterly ruined, as I collapsed to the ground in paralyzing agony. I desperately grabbed at my shattered manhood, and could feel the goo dripping continuously from my now flaccid cock. I curled up into a fetal position, making weird animal noises, and felt my body spasming from horrible aching pain erupting from my traumatized testicles.

Marcelo knelt beside me, and I felt his hand plunge between my butt cheeks and grab hold of my brusied and battered balls. I squealed as he began crushing my tenderized testicles by pressing them against the floor.

"No no no... please stop! Don't break my balls, please!" I pleaded in a high-pitched, mewling voice.

"I want you to always remember how I turned you into a big submissive bottom, and how I bitched you by your fat worthless balls. I want you to always remember who made you realize you have a micro dick that doesn't deserve to fuck anyone. I want you to remember your useless manhood is only good for alpha males like me to abuse for our pleasure," Marcelo told me as he released my horribly aching genitals, and smacked my thick ass before leaving my room, leaving me to wallow in my agony and spunk.

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