Saturday, May 16, 2015

Farm Boy in the City - Joe meets Big Rico (Part 1)

I apologize for the very long delay in writing a new story but here it is! Hope you like it :-)

Farm Boy in the City - Joe meets Big Rico (Part 1)
by Darrel L.

Growing up on a farm, physical labor was a normal part of Joe’s life and although he was only 15, his small, thin frame was deceptively strong. Joe could lift bales of hay, calves, and hogs without breaking a sweat, tasks that would be difficult for much bigger men not accustomed to such work. His parents decided to send him to the city for high school.

Joe lived with his aunt and 11 year old cousin Jaden, who adored Joe like a big brother. Their apartment was in a rough neighborhood, and the country boy was taken aback by how bleak this part of the city was. The streets were dirty, and gang bangers and gangster wannabes prowled the neighborhood. It was so different from the beautiful rustic farm where he had grown up.

It was a summer Friday afternoon and Joe and Jaden were home alone. Jaden wanted to get some snacks and headed out to the 7-11 around the block. After 30 minutes, Joe was worried. It shouldn’t take Jaden so long to come back home. He then heard some shouting and derisive laughter on the street in front of the apartment. Looking out the window, he saw an older, much larger male shoving Jaden to the ground in an alley. He had a 7-11 bag in his hand which Jaden tried to retrieve. There were two other males who stood by and laughed as the much bigger male tormented Jaden.

Burning with anger, Joe raced down the stairs and headed to the alley to rescue his cousin. As he entered the alley, he got a better view of his opponents. The male tormenting Jaden was a Hispanic man about 20 years old with the build of a tank – 6 feet 8 inches tall, and weighing a hefty 300 pounds. He wore a black tank top which barely covered his massive shoulders, brawny arms, and barrel-like chest, and basket ball shorts. He looked like an off-season bodybuilder with his overgrown muscles and large gut. The two other males were considerably smaller, about 6 feet tall and weighing 160 pounds each.

“Rub his face in the dirt, Big Rico!” one of the smaller guys cheered.

Big Rico’s back was towards Joe, and he was bent over busy tormenting Jaden. Joe crept up behind the overgrown bully, whose gigantic legs were spread wide for balance while he tried to force Jaden’s face downwards. Joe could make out the vague outline of Big Rico’s large dangling testicles bouncing about through the thin fabric of his bright yellow basketball shorts. Joe stalked his target like a lion hunting a wildebeest, took aim and swung a devastatingly powerful kick that sailed between Big Rico’s trunk-like legs and smashed into his big, bobbing balls with a sickening thwack that echoed throughout the alley. Before Big Rico’s brain could register the impending nauseating pain from his stricken manhood, Joe took aim again and delivered another forceful kick that crashed into the hulking male’s unprotected traumatized testicles.

A choking, gurgling sound croaked from Big Rico’s open mouth as his knees snapped together and his hands clutched desperately at his aching gonads. A wave of pain that Big Rico had never experienced before erupted from his battered, busted, cum-filled balls and forced the hefty bodybuilder to double over and slowly sink to the ground in agony, his legs weakened by the agonizing pain wracking his entire body. Big Rico’s two goons were stunned by the blitzkrieg attack on the massive male.

“Jaden!” Joe called out. Jaden saw his cousin and ran towards him instinctively for protection.

The two smaller guys had always been dominated by Big Rico and the sight of their leader writhing on the ground in anguish had stunned them into submission. They could only stare in silence at the small, blond-haired, blue-eyed teenager, standing triumphantly over Big Rico’s gigantic frame.

“Try picking on someone your own size, next time, you fucking fat-ass!” Joe cursed at the burly male, who was slowly trying to get up. Big Rico glowered at Joe, staring mockingly and murderously at the 5 foot tall 120 pound teen. Big Rico was the cocky neighborhood bully, a small-time drug dealer and thug wannabe who engaged in petty crimes but thought all these proved his masculinity and power.

“You think you’re such a man, ese? I’m fucking three times bigger than your skinny little white ass, boy! I’m gonna show you what happens when little boys like you try to fuck around with big men like me!” he growled. Big Rico’s balls were still aching, but he managed to suppress the dull throbbing pain as he mustered all his strength and lumbered towards his smaller opponent. Joe stood his ground, staring icily at the grunting behemoth waddling towards him. Big Rico swung his huge ham-like fists at the small teenager, who easily dodged the clumsy punches. In a short time, the bulky man was out of breath and wheezing badly as punches became weaker and slower, missing their target by a mile. Sensing his burly opponent’s fatigue, Joe decided to launch his savage counterattack. As Big Rico’s right fist awkwardly flew well above his head, Joe delivered forceful upward punches to his right bicep and armpit, striking nerves that caused Big Rico to scream in pain as his punch died in mid-air and his right arm fell to his side, paralyzed from Joe’s attack. Big Rico valiantly tried to attack with his meaty left arm instead. Joe easily avoided his clumsy blows and responded with rapid punches aimed at Big Rico’s pudgy face.

The monstrous male initially didn’t seem to be bothered by the punches that connected with his face but as more swift blows smacked into his eyes, face, and head, his eyelids and face began to swell and the pain was bad enough that he was forced into retreat. Instead of attacking, he was now trying to fend off the pocket-sized attacker tearing into him. It was like a gigantic bull being driven back by a wasp. Once Big Rico had retreated into a corner, he could only cower in the face of Joe’s relentless assault and use his beefy left arm to try to protect his head. Without letting the hulking bully recover, Joe grabbed his left arm and twisted it behind him viciously, as he shoved the burly, beefy man into the wall face first. Joe twisted and yanked upwards on the muscle-bound appendage hard, dislocating Big Rico’s shoulder with a loud pop and drawing a blood-curdling scream from the defeated male.

He let Big Rico’s useless left arm flop to his side. The bodybuilder’s arms were now disabled and he was left totally vulnerable. Joe quickly yanked down Big Rico’s shorts, intent on inflicting more abuse and humiliation on him.

“Oh, the big bad man isn’t wearing any underwear! Didn’t your mother tell you never to go out with wearing your undies?” Joe mocked as Rico’s ample buttocks were exposed.

Joe reached between Big Rico’s flabby, jiggly butt cheeks and grabbed a hold of the sobbing man’s overgrown, low-hanging, lemon-sized testicles. Each gonad was so big that Joe had to use both hands to manhandle the fragile organs – one in each hand. Ignoring Big Rico’s whimpers, he pulled the pendulous meatballs backwards and upwards. He maintained his vise-like grip on each bloated, brown ball while he tugged mercilessly on the stretched scrotum, flossing Rico’s hairy buttcrack with his own taut ballsac.

Big Rico howled and wailed pitifully as Joe’s strong grip flattened and crushed the squishy, cum-laden, nerve-filled globes and his ball cords were pulled to their breaking limit. Joe smiled sadistically as he continued to knead the spongy, fleshy organs in his unyielding grip; the delicate, sperm-filled meatballs were like putty in the farm boy’s powerful grip, the harder he squeezed, the more deformed the tender orbs became until little bubbles of shiny nut meat were protruding between the gaps in his grip. Joe was fascinated by the sight of little veins criss-crossing the compressed gonads which were now looked like deflated footballs in his firm grip. From time to time, Joe would yank the tortured testicles upwards, straining the wailing hulk’s ball cords even further. It was like a game to Joe now, he was trying to see how far he could stretch the big bully’s danglers; he noticed that the if he pulled the trapped testicles to the top of Rico’s asscrack, he could raise the gorilla-like man’s screams by a few octaves, making him sound very similar to a squealing hog being castrated.

Trapped with his face against the wall, Rico was unable to double over – the typical male reaction to testicular pain. His injured arms were useless and couldn’t protect his brutalized manhood from his tiny tormentor. The bull-like male could only sob and arch his back as much as he could to try to relieve his anguish and hope for some mercy from the teen but Joe maintained his death grip on the bruised, battered, and swollen testicles for what seemed like an eternity. Deciding to emasculate the big bully further, Joe hauled him by the balls backwards. Now able to double over in agony, the burly male was forced to stumble backwards or risk having his babymakers ripped off. After about 10 feet, the pain became too much for Big Rico and his massive legs turned into jelly, causing him to stumble and collapse, which forced Joe to release the death grip on his beaten, swollen testicles.

Rico lay in a miserable heap on the ground, sobbing pitifully, hyperventilating, and trying pathetically to curl into a protective fetal ball without much success. His two goons stared slack-jawed at their leader, and former alpha male, whimpering and crying like a baby at the feet of the pint-sized teenager who had so ignominiously beaten him. Joe kicked the fallen bodybuilder’s thick, muscled body until he lay on his back, and everyone was surprised to see his engorged cock poking out proudly from a thick bush of pubes, his very swollen and typically dark brown but now red testicles snugly hanging between his trunk-like thighs.

“Oh, I think Big Rico likes to have little boys play with his balls! Big Rico is a pervy fag!” Joe mocked as Big Rico whimpered in shame, bewildered at why he was sexually aroused from being humiliated and having his balls busted by a petite teenager.

“I’ve always heard that big bodybuilders have small dicks, but this is just ridiculous! The name Big Rico is just fucking misleading! I think we should call you Tiny Rico!” Joe laughed as he grabbed the throbbingly erect boner which measured a sad 3 inches, and looked utterly comical when compared to his overgrown, dangling balls. Big Rico started sobbing, the bulky bully unable to tolerate pain and humiliation when it was aimed at him, but his cock remained painfully erect, as if saluting the teen who had just vanquished him in a fight. Joe stared coldly at the tear-stained man’s face and then began playfully kicking his boner back and forth as Jaden laughed uprorariously. After a few seconds having his erect cock kicked around, Big Rico’s sobs turned into gasps of pleasure as his massive, muscled frame heaved and bucked and globs of creamy jizz spurted from his little cock. Disgusted, Joe jumped back as Rico’s dick continued to pump out copious amounts of spunk like a kid’s water pistol.

“Fuck! I’ve never seen anyone cum so much!” Joe exclaimed. Big Rico’s chest and abdomen was covered in shiny layer of white goo and a small stream of male milk still leaked from Big Rico’s deflated cock which had now shrunk to a laughable flaccid 2 inches, barely visible in the nest of pubes and flanked by two plump, and very swollen testicles.

“Please, stop… I give… please… I’m sorry… don’t hurt me anymore… my boys can’t take anymore,” Rico pled miserably, tears streaming down his swollen, bruised face.

“What did you say, Tiny Rico?” Joe asked.

“I’m sorry… please… stop hurting my balls…” he begged.

“Clean up my shoe. You fucking jizzed on it, you fat-assed fag,” Joe commanded.

His body wracked by pain, Rico surrendered what remained of his manhood as he submissively licked off every drop of his cum from the sole of Joe’s filthy sneaker.

Joe was ready to let the humongous man go, satisfied with the punishment he had inflicted on the bully. Jaden, however, wanted to dish out his share of pain. He knelt beside his bully, and looked directly into his tear-filled eyes; Rico was the one who was now in terror and fear.

“Please, man… I’m sorry. Please stop hitting me…” Big Rico whimpered.

“This is for the times you took my money, you fat fuck!” Jaden hissed. He raised his tiny fist and slammed it as hard as he could into Rico’s battered, bloated, and broken testicles with a loud meaty pop. Jaden’s small fist buried itself in doughy fleshiness of his bully’s ponderous testicles, drawing a high-pitched yelp. Big Rico’s huge frame spasmed a couple of times from the pain, and his eyes rolled back as he passed out, the torment just too much for his brain to take.

“He’s not gonna be walking straight for a few days at least,” Joe laughed as he admired his handiwork - Big Rico’s massively swollen, puffy, bruised, and traumatized testicles which now resembled grapefruits. The cum-laden orbs were so swollen they literally engulfed his already small penis, leaving a little stump to mark where his cock was supposed to be.

Jaden whipped out of his phone and snapped pictures of the sight of his bully sprawled out in the alley without his pants, his tanktop covered in his own semen, and his obscenely bloated balls and baby-sized dick on full display. He grabbed Rico’s shorts, ripped them to shreds and threw them into a dumpster, intent on shaming his former bully as much as he could.

Big Rico’s two supposed friends were still stunned, unable to do more than stare blankly at the two smaller teens.

“If you assholes bother anyone again, I’ll beat you worse than I beat his big, fat ass!” Joe threatened as the two goons gulped and nodded submissively. Joe left the alley with Jaden, the younger boy gushing about how Joe had easily beaten up, humiliated, and emasculated the enormous bodybuilder.


  1. Awesome story! I love it! There's something incredibly hot about bullies getting humiliated - and revealing Big Rico's tiny dick was a great idea!

    I'm curious where you're going to take this story in the next part: Will Big Rico be stupid enough to confront Joe again? Or will Joe face another foe?

    1. I'm inclined to think there will be a rematch between the two :-)

  2. Very sexy, I lost my cum when jaden punched him in the balls! Maybe for part 2 jaden tries a similar attack on joe now that he knows how weak and vulnerable the male testicles are ( and how fun they are to bust ;-) )

    1. Or have Jaden bust another bully's balls!

  3. I second the comment above! It would be hot to see little Jaden dominate a big guy like Rico.

  4. you should portray the busted victim to have big dick, I understand the small dick concept might help with the humiliation process but I do enjoy a well endowed guy to get busted once in a while :) How about making the next story even more diverse, a dark skin man vs an asian man :o

    1. Interesting perspective :-) I'll keep that in mind

  5. When are you posting again?

  6. How about a rematch between them again? But this time, Joe being cocky, allows Rico to have the first move which Rico, who have learn from he's previous lesson, grabs and squeeze Joe's balls, turning it into a ballbusting match, where Rico relentlessly smash Joe's balls.. Though Joe's were strong, but slowly weakens with every shot to he's boys... And before Rico could finish Joe off with one final blow, Joe got a chance to grab hold of Rico's balls... And with what ever little strength left, Joe crush it as he's balls were on the line... And even with Joe being so badly weaken, Rico's big balls were too vulnerable, Rico's fight wears off fast while Joe whose still panting hard from the pain and nursing he's balls with the other hand, recovers quickly...