Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gang Wars - Part 4 (Two Versus One)

I took some of the suggestions for previous stories and incorporated them into the latest installment of the Gang Wars series. I never expected this series of stories to be so popular and I am touched by all the feedback I've received for it. Keep the ideas coming, my horny friends. Happy jackin'

Another ballbusting story by Darrel L.

The Black Ops Unit had captured the two brothers of the family that ran the most notorious gang in the city. Erik was in charge of interrogating them to obtain as much information as possible. Unlike the police, the Black Ops were not restricted by any rules and could use whatever means necessary to make their prisoners talk.

Lee, the older brother, was a hulking bodybuilder, with a 7 foot tall, 400 pound frame while Andy, his younger brother, was 6 feet 5 inches tall with a chubbier but still impressive 450 pound build. Lee was the first to be captured, and Andy was caught after trying to rescue his older brother. Erik took particular pleasure in interrogating big, tough, macho gang-bangers and his favorite method of breaking them down was to destroy their masculinity and manhood. He was especially excited to be able to toy with these two impressive, oversized specimens of masculinity.

The brawny Lee.

Andy's big, but huskier, body.

Lee and Andy woke up naked on the cold concrete floor. Andy jumped to his feet and immediately groaned in pain and doubled over as his swollen, aching balls smacked into his muscular thighs. Lee gingerly got up, not keen on repeating his younger brother’s mistake. Lee’s bigger, heavier, lower-hanging balls had taken more abuse than Andy’s. They were usually the size of golf-balls and hung about half-way between his groin and his knees in a smooth, long, pendulous sac. After days of abuse and having his gonads shackled by a heavy chain, they were now swollen to the size of lemons and were hanging almost at his knees. The hefty male was forced to limp about to prevent his dangling, aching gonads from bouncing about too much and causing him more pain.

“Where the fuck are we?” Andy asked.

“In a fucking prison,” Lee answered.

"Who brought you here?” Andy inquired.

“I still don’t fucking know. One moment I’m getting a massage from a hot bitch, the next she’s squeezing the fucking life from my balls and then I wake up in this fucking place with a chain around my fucking balls,” Lee fumed.

“If I find out who did this to us, I will fucking kill them,” Andy hissed.

Andy tried the door handle to their jail cell, and surprisingly it was unlocked. Lee was also surprised that his fragile manhood was not shackled. Warily, both brothers walked out of their cell, excited by the prospect of freedom. They cautiously wandered down a dimly lit hallway until they emerged in a large gymnasium with a boxing ring in a corner, the ring where Lee had been humiliated and defeated in a fight against Erik a couple of days before. As the two burly brothers entered the gymnasium, they saw Erik alone in the middle of the room.

“Good morning, boys” Erik greeted them cheerily.

“Fuck you!” Lee cursed.

“Is this the little asshole who brought us here?” Andy asked incredulously.

“Yes, indeed I am,” Erik smiled.

“Let me kill him! Both of us can easily take this skinny-ass fag,” Andy demanded.

“Let’s both kill him!” Lee growled.

“Well, boys, there’s no one else here, but me. If you two fat naked clowns want to go free, all you’ve gotta do is get past me,” Erik said, as he took off his tee shirt and faced the two huge men in his jeans.

Tantalized by the prospect of freedom and revenge, the two brothers circled Erik like a pair of angry bulls. It seemed a ridiculously one-sided match – two massive brawny men built like off-season bodybuilders against a 5 foot 3 inch tall, 140 pound man, a fraction of their size.

As the big, beefy hulks continued to circle him, cautiously weighing how to attack, Erik launched a pre-emptive strike. He ran at Andy at full speed, leapt into the air, and before the hulking man could react, used his momentum and slammed his elbow on the top of Andy’s head. The much larger male staggered backwards, stunned by the speed and force of the attack, his hands raised protectively around his hurting head. Continuing his vicious blitzkrieg, Erik grabbed Andy’s large biceps to use as leverage, and swung his knee between his spread thighs. Andy’s jaw fell slack as Erik’s hard unforgiving knee smashed into his sensitive, swollen testicles with a sickening smack. The force of the blow was so hard that it sent impact waves rippling across his doughy abdomen and thighs. Before he could protect his traumatized testicles, another well-aimed knee crashed into Andy’s oversized, aching balls with similar, nauseating force, and the burly man immediately released a husky croak as he doubled over, clutching at his injured manhood. He dropped to the ground, sobbing and curling up into a ball, his body wracked by deep, nauseating pain exploding from his shattered male parts.

“Andy!” Lee cried out, his instincts as protective older brother enraging him. He grabbed Erik around his shoulders and spun him around, his right fist high in the air to smash his brother’s tormentor. Not missing a beat, Erik swung a punch that struck the inner part of Lee’s raised arm. Lee cried out as a jolt of pain shot through his entire arm, and it went limp, flopping uselessly by his side. Erik quickly skipped out of Lee’s reach but the injured giant pursued him, his pendulous balls sloshing about as he lumbered oafishly towards the smaller man.

Using his left arm, Lee swung wild haymakers at his pint-sized opponent but his slow clumsy punches missed their wily target by a mile. Erik ducked and danced and launched well-aimed punches that connected with Lee’s beefy body. Erik’s small fists sunk into Lee’s pudgy body and barely affected the angry man, but like a wasp attacking a bull, his attacks gradually began to take effect and Lee’s beefy body was soon covered in a collage of red, fist marks. The large burly bodybuilder began to tire from expending too much strength launching futile, clumsy attacks and from the pain of Erik’s accurate strikes. Panting, his face red with frustration and exhaustion, Lee had managed to trap Erik in a corner. With a roar, he summoned all his strength and threw a mighty punch at Erik’s head. As quick as lightning, Erik ducked beneath the massive fist and dove between Lee’s thick trunk-like legs. Lee’s fist hit the wall instead, causing him to howl in anguish. Consumed by the pain in his injured hand, Lee failed to notice that his smaller, more nimble opponent was standing behind him, ready to dish out more punishment.

Erik shoved the huge man against the wall, grabbed his injured right arm and twisted it behind him, almost dislocating his shoulder. Lee screamed in agony as pain burned his shoulder, his brawny muscles unable to protect the joint. Adding another source of pain for the screaming giant, Erik grabbed hold of the pair of low-hanging, oversized testicles dangling between Lee’s thick thighs. Lee screamed even louder, in panic from the sickening agony that he knew was coming. Erik laughed sadistically as he tightened his grip around the neck of Lee’s long, pendulous pink scrotum, trapping the fat, fragile organs at the bottom of his ballsac, and then yanked the squishy orbs backwards and upwards.

Lee’s cries rose by several octaves as the pain of having his ball cords stretched to breaking point, and his nerve-filled testicles squeezed seared his brain. Forced face first against the wall with Erik twisting his right arm, he was unable to bend over, but could only arch his back in response to the pain, a move that only made his large, beefy ass look fatter than ever, and gave Erik more access to his big sorry balls. Erik pulled as hard as he could on the sobbing big man’s bloated balls until the sac resembled a long, pink rope, and flossed his fat ass with his own pendulous scrotum. Lee’s loud pitiful howls made Andy look up. Seeing his big brother in pain, Andy suppressed the agony in his own bruised and battered manhood and struggled to his feet. He ambled as fast as he could to save Lee, but the pain blazing in his man parts slowed him down tremendously.

Sensing Andy approaching, Erik was forced to disable his overgrown opponent. He headbutted Lee’s trapped, vulnerable testicles as hard as he could. Lee screamed pathetically as Erik’s hard forehead smashed into his squishy, sensitive, testicles, flattening the soft, fleshy orbs between his forehead and his fist. After three headbutts, he released the howling bodybuilder, who immediately clutched his shattered testicles and sank to the ground in anguish.

Turning to face Andy, Erik smiled cheekily, “How are your balls, big boy?”

“Fuck you!!” Andy yelled in anger.

Andy threw a kick at Erik but instead of avoiding it, Erik caught the fat leg. Trapping his leg under his armpit, Erik threw his knee into Andy’s vulnerable, plump gonads. Andy screamed in anguish and tried to use his hands to protect his badly-aching jizz-tanks but they were useless against the force of Erik’s knees. Erik kneed the screaming bodybuilder’s bruised balls several more times until he was unable to support his weight any longer. He threw Andy’s leg upwards, causing the husky male to tumble backwards. The beefy bodybuilder curled up in that all-too familiar fetal position again, crying in abject agony from the inhumane pain emanating from his beat-up manhood.

Erik looked around the room to admire the sight of two big, well-built bull-like males writhing on the ground in anguish, defeated by him, a man only a quarter of their size. Kneeling behind the doughy, husky curled-up frame of Andy, Erik plunged his hand between the bigger man’s pudgy buttcheeks. Andy tried to clamp his thighs together but could not stop Erik’s hand from grabbing hold of their target – Andy’s ponderous, aching, cum-filled balls. Seizing the ample, plump, squishy meatballs, Erik pulled them backwards towards himself and grasped each fleshy mass in his hands – one testicle for each hand – and reveled in the bodybuilder’s panicked screams. Erik’s hands were smaller than Andy’s balls but the sadist squeezed so hard that shiny meaty bubbles of testicular flesh bulged obscenely between his fingers, the veins criss-crossing them bloated to grotesque proportions. Andy squealed miserably, and since he was so pink and chubby, looked and sounded like a large pig. Erik maintained his death grip on the crying man’s laden sperm-makers, the big man’s cries of agony turning him on.

Shocked by his brother’s loud squealing, Lee turned to see Erik crushing the life from his testicles. Ever the protective older brother, Lee staggered to his feet, intent on protecting his baby brother. Erik was surprised that although the hefty Lee was in no shape to fight, he was willing to suffer to protect Andy. Releasing the sobbing man’s bruised and battered balls, Erik got up to face his limping overgrown brother instead.

“Don’t you fucking touch him!” Lee growled.

“Your baby brother’s balls can’t take a bit of pain? You both have such weak, useless testicles,” Erik taunted.

“I’m going to fuck you up!” Lee threatened, his eye ablaze with fury.

“I don’t think you’ll be doing any fucking. Your small cock is looking even smaller today. You must be scared… or cold, maybe?” Erik teased, pointing at Lee’s shriveled member, which looked ridiculous in comparison to his oversized gonads.

With a roar of anger, Lee threw himself at Erik. He stepped aside, and instead, kicked the giant’s shin. Lee stumbled and fell flat on his face. Stunned from the fall, Lee just lay there collecting his senses. Not allowing the fallen giant any respite, Erik sat on his lower back, reached between his massive ass-cheeks and grabbed his sperm-laden testicles. Lee bucked to try to dislodge his tormentor but Erik maintained his grip on the large cum-tanks. With one hand strangling the neck of Lee’s long, fuzzy ballsac, he balled up his other into a fist and began pummeling the screaming bodybuilder’s swollen, lemon-sized testicles. A flurry of punches crashed into the howling male’s trapped, cum-laden testicles, each punch connecting with the plump, spongy, sperm-making organs with loud, stomach-turning, meaty thuds. Lee’s struggling and cries grew weaker every time Erik’s small but lethal fist buried itself in the nerve-rich, squishy, testicular flesh until he could only feebly jerk about and make mewling sobs in response to the waves of nausea and pain in his crotch and abdomen.

As time went by, the sound of Erik’s punches smacking into poor Lee’s tenderized testicles began to sound mushier as the massive meatballs grew more swollen and bloated. Finally, Erik got up and turned the big man on his back. Lee did not resist but only sobbed pitifully and begged Erik to stop hurting him. Erik sat on Lee’s huge, barrel-like chest, gazed into the big man’s tear-stained, fearful face. He turned around and admired his handiwork – Lee’s bruised, bloated balls were the color and consistency of over-ripe plums.

“Please, no more… My boys can’t take anymore… Don’t break my balls…” Lee whimpered miserably.

“Suck on my balls, big boy,” Erik commanded, undoing his pants.

Lee did not resist and took Erik’s hairy, taut balls in his mouth, hungrily sucking on the orbs. He closed his eyes and tears ran down his face. He felt so humiliated at being dominated so thoroughly by a much smaller guy who unmercifully busted his ample, once-proud testicles, what he considered to be the symbol and source of his masculinity and manhood. It didn’t help Erik’s thick, horse-like cock was smacking into his face, reminding him about how inadequate and ridiculously small his own penis was. And yet, something inside him stirred. Somehow, he was turned on by having to worship Erik’s superior masculinity and manhood, acknowledging that his much larger but weak balls were nothing more than a liability to him, that he was unable to defeat a pint-sized opponent, and that his unimpressive dick was pathetic in comparison to the man who now forced him to pleasure him. As Lee thought about how he was forced to pleasure Erik’s balls in contrast to how the smaller male had inflicted so much pain on his own sorry testicles, he felt ashamed but yet incredibly turned on. Erik looked down, into the humiliated giant’s tear-stained face as his cock rose to its full 8 inches. He stroked his large throbbing dick as Lee continued to lick and suck on his balls until ecstasy exploded from his loins. He quickly pulled his balls out of his mouth and instead, shoved his throbbing cock into Lee’s mouth and released his milky load with a loud, triumphant, guttural moan of pleasure. Lee gagged as waves of warm, bitter, salty globs of spunk hit the back of his throat.

“Swallow it!” Erik commanded, grabbing the humiliated bodybuilder by his bruised and battered balls. Lee whimpered and submissively obeyed, afraid of more abuse to his aching testicles.

“Oh look what we have here!” Erik exclaimed, noticing that Lee’s cock was painfully erect at its full, but pathetic, four inches.

“You enjoy sucking my big dick and balls, don’t you, fag? Worshipping an alpha male makes you horny, doesn’t it, big boy?” Erik teased, as he wiped the last drops of his spunk on Lee’s open lips. Lee mumbled incoherently as he licked Erik’s cock clean without being asked to, his mind swimming in a crazy mixture of lust, pleasure, and pain.

“Stroke your useless little cock, muscle bitch boy” Erik commanded as he stood up. Almost eagerly, Lee grabbed his small, hard member and rubbed it furiously. Within seconds, he groaned deeply as his cock spurted like a water pistol, an unbelievable amount of cum squirting all over his trunk. Lee’s ecstasy was short-lived, the pain from ejaculating after getting his balls busted so badly was excruciating. His moans of pleasure suddenly stopped and he let out a short whimper as he passed out, the mix of pain and pleasure too much for his brain to bear. Erik admired the sight of Lee’s humongous beefy, spunk-covered trunk sprawled out limply at his feet with a pair of bloated, bruised balls snuggled beneath a still-leaking, but now flaccid and shriveled dick.

Erik turned his attention to Andy instead. Seeing Lee being tormented by Erik, Andy tried to escape. “Damn, he really does look like a pig,” Erik thought to himself as he watched the hefty Andy’s big ass jiggle and his dangling balls flop about as the cowardly beefy male crawling as fast as he could towards the exit.

Walking up behind the terrified bodybuilder, Erik coolly reached between his fat thighs and grabbed his bobbing balls. Andy immediately froze and whined in fear.

“Oh, god… oh, please… no… please…”

Erik tugged on his aching, distended balls and forced him to crawl backwards, or risk having his traumatized testicles crushed. He led the brawny male all the way back to his cell by his injured, reddened balls, with the unfortunate bodybuilder crying in agony all the way, where he snapped a chain around his swollen nards.

“Now don’t you try to escape, you naughty pig!” Erik warned as he delivered a slap to Andy’s shackled gonads. His already tenderized, traumatized testicles intensely sore from the earlier beating, Andy screamed when Erik’s palm flattened his plump, spongy balls against the cold, hard metal chain, and immediately resumed his familiar fetal position on the cold concrete, whimpering like a little boy.

Erik had found Lee’s thumbscrew – his love for his younger brother, and intended to take full advantage of it. Perhaps he could get Lee to talk to save his baby brother… or his baby brother’s balls.

To be continued…


  1. Great story, but I was really hoping you would make it more of a point to humiliate the brothers for their small penises (i.e. compare them with other well-hung men).

    1. Ah, got it. That will be in the next part then :-)

  2. It would be so much hotter i you provided more details of their penises ;)) ( short but thick, veiny, uncut, colour etc ). Thanks so much for the great story!!! Keep up the good work ;)) ( pls write this and Coach Payne!! )

    1. Thanks :-) That's a really interesting perspective, it seems quite a few readers want more focus on their dicks. I'll keep that in mind for the next story :-)

    2. I second that!

    3. I hear ya loud and clear :-)