Monday, August 10, 2009


Part 1: Ballbusting Deja Vu

Somehow bullying never goes away. It may change form as we get older but it just never goes away. Mark used to be a really scrawny kid who was constantly picked on in school. In college, the skinny 6'5" Mark fell in love with bodybuilding and actually went on to win a few amateur shows after a couple of years of serious training and dieting.

And so Mark evolved from lanky geek to massive muscle-bound hunk. He worked an office job and had put all his high school days behind him. One day, a new worker named Justin joined his company. When Justin arrived, Mark's jaw dropped and all his high school memories came flooding back with a vengeance. Justin was the guy who incessantly bullied him! And now here he was.

Justin seemed fairly polite to everyone, including Mark. Mark thought that perhaps Justin no longer recognized him and so, didn't think much of it. Justin himself seemed pretty laid back, relaxed and not at all the asshole he was in school. The following week, the company was organizing a Halloween party and everyone had to dress up for the event.

Mark chose to dress up as a Trojan soldier, to show off his beautifully built body. He stood in front of his mirror, admiring how his body looked in that little skirt thingy and the fake armor. His massive shoulders and arms and legs were truly a sight to behold. It was a wonder that he could find a costume that fit! Just to be naughty, Mark chose to wear nothing but a sports pouch under his skirt. The pouch was only big enough to accommodate his large cock but not his ample, lemon-sized testicles and Mark got a kick out of that. He wasn't at all shy of his big manhood. In fact, he would "accidentally" allow others a glimpse of his enormous package.

Mark was the star of the party. Everyone was in awe of his costume and even more awed by his body. Halfway through the party however, Mark's girlfriend, Eve, asked for a ride back to the office as she had left her cell phone there. Mark volunteered to go get the phone himself and so left, striding around town in all his glory. Yes,
people did stare at the beefcake with the mini-skirt!

He got to the office and was surprized to see the lights still on. He peeked in and saw Justin still there, working on something.
"Hey Justin" Mark called out.
"Hey... oh my God... hahaha" Justin roared in laughter.
Mark turned red and answered, "What the fuck is your problem?"
"Nothing... Hahahaha..." Justin was beside himself.
Mark ignored him and looked for Eve's phone.
"You look fucking gay, man," Justin taunted.
"Fuck you"
"I'm not into that, man. Even if you are"
Mark was really angry by now.
"Angry now, Marky boy?" Justin teased.
That was the name Justin used when he bullied Mark in high school.
Mark was speechless, angry and hurt.
"Come on now, big guy. How could I forget you?" Justin continued.
"I had the most fun with you. The other kids were just boring. You provided me with so much fucking fun. Remember how I used to pin you down and squeeze your balls? Man, you had the biggest balls in school but they were so fucking tender and sensitive! You would convulse like you were having a seizure or some fuck like that while I grabbed your junk. Then you would be sobbing yourself silly on the
"Fuck you, Justin... Fuck you..."
"Is that all you can say now? Come on... I'm sure you kinda enjoyed the whole experience since you seemed to have a boner all the time after I hurt your balls. Did it toughen your balls, Marky boy? I hope I didn't ruin your sex life, man. You ballin' that Eve bitch, right?" Justin went on.
"Fuck you, asshole. Leave her out of this, ok?" Mark yelled.

The two men faced each other now. Mark dwarfing the 5'7", 170lb figure of Justin.

"She's got a fine ass, man. I hope those nads of yours can still shoot jizz after the beating I gave it in school. I mean, it'll be a waste if you couldn't fuck Eve, right?"

Mark just roared in anger and rushed at Justin. Justin was much quicker and threw a snap kick between Mark's massive thighs, catching his big, dangling balls spot on with an audible thwack. Mark howled as he crashed into a pillar then to the ground, hands clutching his nuts as they exploded with pain.

"Still got those big, weak balls I see. Damn, I would think that after all that beating they would be tough little fuckers!" Justin taunted.

Mark struggled to his feet, fighting off the pain. He lumbered towards Justin, his large sore balls swinging beneath his loin cloth. He swung a few clumsy blows at Justin who evaded them easily.

Justin then faked a punch at Mark's face. Mark raised his hands instinctively and like lightning, Justin grabbed his muscular shoulders and swung his bony knee into Mark's vulnerable testicles.

Two sickening thuds of hard bone smashing into soft testicular tissue later, Mark could just groan pitifully as he sank to his knees in slow motion, in utter agony. Somehow the pain must have been so paralyzing that Mark didn't even cover up his traumatized plums. After bringing his opponent to a more manageable height, Mark sank a few punches in Mark's handsome face, then viciously kicked him in his bobbing balls again. Mark just made keening, animal noises as he dropped to the ground in a fetal position, cradling his aching balls as waves as nausea tormented him.

Mark's loin cloth was far too skimpy. As he writhed in agony, his bubble butt and genitals flopped out obscenely.

"Oh damn. Look at the size of those babies!" Justin exclaimed looking enviously at Mark's red, swollen testicles rolling in their very pendulous ballsac. For some strange reason buried in Mark's psyche, his cock began to stir in some perverse response to the abuse his balls were getting. Perhaps it was some teenage memory. He was both humiliated and in pain as his cock rose to a majestic erection.

"Fuck. I knew you liked getting your nuts hurt!" Justin laughed.

Mark gingerly crept on all fours, his boner vulgarly tenting his sports pouch and lifting his loin cloth. He was crawling away from Justin who saw Mark's massive mounds of meat swinging invitingly between two very muscular legs.

Justin grabbed Mark's swollen balls and tugged them back viciously drawing a blood-curdling scream from Mark. "Oh please, man... please stop... not my balls..."

Justin used both hands, one hand for each ample gonad, Mark's balls were THAT big, and proceeded to squeeze them alternately. Abject agony and pain pulasated from Mark's aching balls. Justin ignored Mark's delirious pleas for mercy and began pulling them upwards so that the ballsac was flossing his butt and sticking out obscenely through his muscular buttcheeks. Justin tugged upwards, drawing inhuman howls from the frantic hunk.

Justin pulled until Mark's ass was high in the air and his head and his feet on the ground. Marks hands clawed desperately at his ass and groin trying to alleviate the pain but because his ballsac was so loose and long, Justin managed to maintain his deathgrip on Mark's now very swollen and red testicles with little hindrance.

Mark's mouth was frozen in a silent scream of torment as his body bucked and spasmed in response to the horrible pain. After an eternity of torment, Justing let go, tired from squeezing those massive testes. Mark collapsed and curled up, his hands feebly nursing his tenderized nuts. Justin grabbed Mark's throbbing boner and after a few seconds, Mark was screaming as both pain and pleasure erupted from his very sensitive plums. Mark squirted load after load of man juice as he sobbed uncontrollably both from the pain and the humiliation.

"Gee. I almost forgot how fun that was, Marky boy! See ya tomorrow!" Justin called out as he strolled out of the office leaving the beefy hunk wallowing in his tears, cum and pain.

Part 2: The Business Trip

After getting his ample manhood busted and humiliated by Justin, Mark tried to pretend nothing happened the next day at the office but still cowered and grew anxious whenever Justin was near. It was quite a sight to see the 24 year old, 6'5" 250lb beefy Mark intimidated by a 170lb, 5'7" punk who was about 3 years older. Justin became incredibly friendly towards Mark, on the other hand. But only in front of the other workers.

Whenever he was alone with Mark, Justin would seize every opportunity to bust Mark's large nads. And so, Mark's days were punctuated by episodes of acute, gut-wrenching testicular pain and humiliation. One thing Mark enjoyed doing was sneaking into the copy room when Mark was busy and when Mark bent over, Justin would plunge his hand between Mark's muscular buttcheeks and grab Mark's bobbing balls. A few seconds of getting his low-hanging fruit crushed would leave Mark bent double, his hands clutching desperately at his traumatized manhood. Since Mark only wore very thin silk boxers, his big boy balls were very vulnerable and very easily hurt.

Mark had a habit of standing with his feet really wide apart when he was pissing in the urinal and Justin made full use of that habit to further humiliate the beefcake. He'd sneak up behind Mark's gigantic frame, drop to one knee and sink a well-placed fist into Mark's hanging plums. The result was always dramatic. Mark would grunt, swear, knees buckling, head flush against the wall and hands grabbing for his aching balls with his large dick, still out of his pants, spraying piss all over like a kid's water pistol. After recovering from the blazing pain in his privates, Mark would limp out of the john and suffer the amused stares of colleagues who always wondered how he could piss all over himself.

Mark's will to fight was broken and he took everything Justin dished out, timidly. Mark couldn't quit since his job paid really well and he enjoyed it, so he chose to suffer in silence. One day, their boss told the both of them that they were going on a three day business trip together to Vegas. Justin was extremely pleased but Mark just nodded miserably. Three days alone with his bully. How would he survive?

It was a 4 hour flight there and Mark was dressed in loose, thin sweatpants. His nap was rudely awakened by a horrible pain from his gut and groin. To his horror, Justin was smiling sadistically with his hand under Mark's blanket. He viciously twisted and squeezed Mark's meaty twin mounds and Mark groaned in agony. Not wanting to make a scene, Mark's mouth was opened in a silent scream of anguish as his hands tried to pry open Justin's death grip on his throbbingly painful manhood. Justin released Mark's baby-makers and Mark nursed them as his cock rose to a majestic erection, tenting his blanket obscenely. The air hostess, who happened to be passing, saw Mark's boner and when she saw his hands massaging his nads, she whispered, "Perv" and gave him a look of utter disgust.

Mark seemed to have a permanent erection through the entire flight. Justin barely gave him any respite. Every time Mark let his guard down, a squeeze, slap or punch would make his testicles explode with pain. He began to wish that he had worn underwear instead of free-balling. After an agonizing flight, Mark was relieved to be able to get to the hotel for some rest. But, much to his horror, he realized that he would have to share a king-sized bed with Justin. Little did he know that Justin had made that arrangement with the hotel.

"Oh fuck. I'm not sharing any bed with you, man," Mark protested as he entered the room.
"Oh yes, you are. The hotels are fully-booked," Justin answered.
"Fuck. Then one of us will sleep on the floor," Mark retorted.
"Fuck you, Marky boy. We're sharing the bed, and that's final."
"No fucking way. I'm no fucking fag. You can have the bed. I'm taking the floor."

Without warning, Justin grabbed Mark's massive muscled arms then swung his knee into between Mark's big thighs twice. Two sickening meaty thuds later, Mark was screaming in pain as he collapsed into a writhing, sobbing heap on the floor. "Oh, fuck, my balls. My fucking balls." he whined.

"I said we're sharing the bed. If you call me a fag one more time, I'll destroy those weak, pathetic lumps of meat hanging between your legs."

After a long time of pain, Mark managed to hobble to the shower and clean himself up. Previously proud of his big bull balls and ample cock, he was terrified to get naked in front of Justin. However, since he only wore really skimpy silk boxers that barely covered his large package, Justin had a great view of his favorite target - Mark's balls. Mark crawled into bed with Justin smiling cruelly. Mark faced away from Justin and in no time, fell into deep slumber. Moments later, that familiar nauseating pain woke Mark up. Mark groaned in agony as he woke and realized that Justin was pulling on his pendulous plums from behind and slapping those trapped puppies viciously.

Mark curled up into a painful ball, sobbing into his pillow as Justin yanked and slapped his tenderized, swollen meatballs. Every slap to his balls would make his body spasm as if electricity were passing through. After an eternity of anguish, Justin grew tired and released the beefy hunk from his torment. Mark curled up even more, sobbing pathetically as waves of nausea hit him in the gut.

The next morning, Justin pretended nothing happened as Mark awoke. Jumping out of bed, Mark winced and cried out as his swinging sac bumped against his muscled thighs. He limped to get ready to meet his company's clients. The day seemed to go on smoothly and Mark and Justin concluded some really good deals for their company.

Forgetting his pain and humiliation, Mark was feeling on top of the world. Justin, of course, refrained from any horse-play in front of the clients. They had a good dinner with their clients and then headed back for a final night at the hotel. The next day they were leaving Vegas.

Mark stripped to his white skimpy boxers and his equipment flopped about vulgarly with every step he took and Justin was just itching to bust him again so he started a fight. "Hey, Marky boy! Remember our high school days? Remember how you'd always go about with a big boner after I hit you in the balls?" Justin taunted.

Mark kept silent as Justin went on, "I still remember the time in the locker room when I towel-slapped your boy balls. Man, you were bawling your lungs out and crying like a fucking little girl."
"Fuck you, you fucking asshole," Mark seethed.
"You wanna hit me, dont you?" Justin provoked.
"I wanna beat you to a pulp, you motherfucker," Mark hissed.
"Come on then, big boy. Just go for it," Justin went on as he slapped Mark's ass.

With a roar of fury, Mark was soon on top of Justin. Justin struggled as Mark easily overpowered him and as Mark's muscular frame bore down further, Justin thrust his hand between Mark's trunk-like legs and grabbed Mark's right testicle as it rolled out of the leg of his skimpy boxers. Mark froze and soon his world collapsed as
Justin crushed the life out the big gonad. Mark made weird animal noises, his hunky body wracked by inhumane pain as Justin tugged, twisted and squished his testicle. Justin quickly rolled away and escaped from the injured hunk. Mark staggered to his feet, wiping the tears from his handsome face but Justin was quicker. Without
missing a beat, he snap kicked Mark right in his sensitive, swollen plums. Mark howled and as he dropped, Justin punched him in the jaw. Mark crashed into the wall, dazed.

"Get up, you big useless oaf. Come on, you weakling!" Justin prodded.

Blinded by rage, Mark's huge figure rose again and he kicked at Justin. Justin neatly ducked and caught Mark's leg. Mark staggered for balance as Justin swung his knee into the hunk's vulnerable dangling testicles. Mark screamed as Justin threw two more knees into his rapidly swelling, agonized balls. He then threw Mark's leg upwards as the big, sobbing hunk crashed into the corner. Mark just curled up, nursing his badly swollen and hurting manhood, sobbing in defeat and pain.

By now, Justin was so turned on and yanked out his very wet 5" boner as he knelt next to the crumpled heap Mark was now reduced to. He grabbed Mark's tenderized boy balls with one hand and Mark looked up at his tormentor, terrified.

Justin started caressing Mark's sensitive nads and soon, Mark's big cock was rock hard and leaking despite the awful agony in his traumatized testicles. Something clicked in both Justin and Mark. They gazed into each other eyes, both burning with lust and desire. Mark grabbed Justin's balls and pulled him closer. Justin kept gently massaging the fallen, horny hunk's squishy meatballs. The awful pain that erupted from Mark's traumatized plums was slowly being replaced by pleasure. Voluntarily, Mark put Justin's wet boner into his mouth and sucked on it hungrily. Justin now was stroking Mark's also leaking rock-hard cock.

In a few moments, moans of pleasure replaced the groans of pain as both men approached orgasm. Justin grunted as he shot his hot jizz into Mark's mouth, which the hunk happily swallowed. Mark himself began involuntarily thrusting his hips as he squirted his huge load of male juice on the rug. Justin collapsed, exhausted next to a panting Mark, gazing affectionately at him now. Justin placed his lips closer and both of them were soon kissing contentedly. That night, both of them slept on the floor, in each other's arms.


  1. Wow, great story, man! Please go on! It seems now it's Eve who has a reason to torture Mark's balls (or to send one of her male relatives to do it ;)

  2. Thanks. Good idea for Part 3!

  3. Can't wait to read it! =)