Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busted Jock Busts a Nut

After pinning the struggling wrestler facedown, the Crusher twists both his arms behind him, effectively ending any more resistance. He then reaches into the defeated hunk's trunks from behind. As his hand slides between the hunk's sweaty bubble butt cheeks, the trapped jock screams and struggles but his resistance is futile. Nothing can prevent the pain that is coming.

As the Crusher's hand makes it way deeper into the defeated jock's trunks, he tickles the jock's asshole, and the jock yelps and curses in response. Grinning sadistically, the Crusher plunges his hand further and finally, he reaches his target: the jock's ample, meaty balls. "Oh, look here, I've found a couple of jewels," the Crusher teases as his victim begs for mercy. The Crusher laughs as his fingers wrap around their soft, squishy, hairy targets. The pain is about to begin.

The fallen hunk screams in agony as his nads are crushed in his tormentor's vise-like grip. The Crusher rolls his balls about in his grip as he alternately mashes and releases his victim's aching balls causing waves of nausea and anguish to pulsate from the hunk's groin deep into his belly. The helpless jock can only groan pitifully and whimper as his breathing becomes more shallow and rapid with the growing pain in his balls and gut. Despite the pain, something strange happens - the jock's cock grows into a throbbing boner. The harder the Crusher squeezed his manhood, the harder the jock's boner became, or so it seemed.

"Hmmm, I think someone seems to be enjoying this," the Crusher teased as he twisted and yanked on the hunk's trapped testicles. As he gave them an extra hard squeeze, the hunk gasped and his body spasmed as his cock shot out a load of male milk causing a wet patch on the front of his trunks. The Crusher continued mashing the stud's bollocks just to make sure his opponent had emptied his abused balls of all their contents as his humiliated and defeated oppponent whined and sobbed pathetically.

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