Thursday, December 1, 2016

A swift kick to the balls

One kick and is in a world of pain.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Gang Wars - Part 5 (The Breaking Point)

Erik presented his ideas on interrogating Lee to the Black Ops Unit. Instead of applying physical torture to Lee himself, Erik suggested pressuring Lee to talk by torturing Andy, Lee's younger brother. His protective instincts as a big brother would cause him to break down and sing like a canary if he saw Andy suffering, Erik reasoned. His supervisor gave him the green light, and he decided to enlist the help of the Black Ops most sadistic interrogator, a shadowy man only known as the Crusher.

Lee was blindfolded, shackled, and dragged to a different room in the dungeon he was imprisoned in. When the blindfold was removed, the hefty bodybuilder found himself sitting on a metal chair, his arms cuffed behind him, and his legs chained securely to the ground. He immediately tried to escape but a sharp pain from his dangling balls made him yelp loudly and stop struggling. He groaned deeply as he looked down, and saw that there was a large hole in the chair that allowed his oversized genitals to hang freely. A heavy metal weight was suspended from his pendulous scrotum, stretching his low-hanging testicles to their limit; any excessive movements made the weight swing about and pull even more on his trapped gonads.

"Good morning!" Erik called out.

"Fuck you!" Lee spat as he glared at his captor.

"Aww, look who's a bright and happy boy this morning!" Erik taunted as he grabbed Lee's nose and playfully wiggled it from side to side.

"FUCCKKK YOU!!!" the bull-like male screamed as he angrily twisted his head from side to side.

"That's no way to greet your friend," Erik admonished playfully as he pulled a chair up besides the captive, naked bodybuilder.

"I've got a surprise for you, big boy," Erik announced as he hit a button. A whirring noise rang out as a large shade in front of Lee rose to the ceiling. He gasped loudly at the sight on the other side of the glass screen. His beefy 6'5", 450 pound little brother, Andy, was bent double at the waist, with his head and arms secured in medieval stocks, and his legs locked in a spread position with a bar. Andy was facing Lee. He appeared to be only 4 feet away but he could not see his older brother, who was on the other side of a two-way mirror. Fear was etched into Andy's pudgy face. Lee, clearly upset, called out to him. Andy could not hear anything but Lee could clearly hear Andy's whimpers. Every sound from the chamber Andy was in was amplified and transmitted to the room where his brother was restrained.

"What the fuck are you doing with my brother?? You better fucking let him go!!" Lee barked at Erik, who only smiled as he hit another button.

A door opened behind Andy, and a 5 foot tall, slim figure dressed from head to toe in black, and a ski mask, appeared. The dark figure walked in slowly, his leather boots tapping loudly and menacingly on the white tile floor.

"Who's there?!" Andy yelled, trapped in stocks and unable to see who was approaching him.

"That's the Crusher," Erik whispered in Lee's ear.

The Crusher hit a button on the wall, and a TV screen appeared next to Andy. The video feed showed the view from behind Andy. Lee was now confronted by the sight of his little brother's fearful expression on one side, and the obscene sight of Andy's doughy ass, and overgrown balls bobbing between his thick thighs.

"What the fuck are you doing to him?!" Lee screamed.

"They can't hear you, moron," Erik told him. "However, we can hear everything that is going on inside there," he continued with a cruel smile.

"Ready for some fun?" the Crusher asked his husky prisoner, his voice unexpectedly deep and resonant for his petite frame, as he picked up a leather crop from a variety of implements arranged on a table in the corner of the room. He whipped Andy's ample butt a few times drawing loud grunts from the burly man, the crop leaving red welts on Andy's pasty skin.

"That's to warm you up, fat boy," the Crusher informed his captive.

"This is level 2," he announced as three rapid lashes rained down on each butt cheek, making Andy gasp. He followed it with two swift strikes to Andy's bobbing balls - one on each testicle - which made Andy scream in anguish and struggle in a vain attempt to escape.

"My balls! My fucking balls" Andy cried out in pain.

Lee became agitated, and shouted out in anger but to no avail. Erik watched in satisfaction at the spectacle before him.

"Level 3, boy," the Crusher announced as he rained down ten quick, sickeningly accurate strikes on Andy's dangling, cum-filled gonads. The Crusher's aim was impeccable - every lash connected with the center of each of Andy's delicate meatballs for maximum pain. Andy squealed in anguish, his face turning as red as his traumatized testicles.

Not allowing his captive any respite, the Crusher grabbed hold of Andy's vulnerable testicles and yanked backwards, trapping the meaty oversized organs in the base of their thin, pink, fuzzy sac, drawing a loud groan from the distressed hulk. "Level 4," he called out as he unleashed three lashes to each testicle in quick succession. In total, Andy's abused balls received 9 strikes each. Andy screamed hysterically as pain exploded into his gut from his manhood, as Lee also screamed out in helpless anger.

The Crusher slowly pulled on Andy's beleaguered balls until the scrotum was stretched so taut it appeared that each testicle was wrapped in a translucent covering - like a pair of large meaty dumplings. Andy could only sob in pain from the awful aching pain in his battered balls and from the agony of having his ball cords stretched to breaking point.

"Level 5," the Crusher announced. He turned his leather crop around, and instead of the softer tip, he raised the hard, unforgiving handle into the air, and brought in down with cruel force. The rod sailed through the air and struck, with sadistic accuracy, the cleavage between Andy's bloated balls, sending jolts of nauseating pain into both nerve-filled organs. The Crusher brought down ten precisely-aimed, agonizing blows. Andy's body bucked in response to each blow, his face contorted into a mask of utter anguish, and only animal noises escaped from his lips. Lee's jaw was slack as he stared helplessly at the sight of his brother's big balls being unmercifully tortured.

The Crusher strolled to a table on the other side of the room as he put the riding crop down, looked around, and brought two glass bowls. One had red balls in it, and the other black. He drew one red and one black ball, held them up to the two-way mirror, and announced "TWO PUNCHES!"

"WHAT THE FUCK? NO! NO! FUCKING NO!" Andy shouted in protest, his mangled manhood still blazing with pain.

Ignoring his captive, the Crusher stood behind up, drew back his fist, took aim, and sent it sailing between Andy's trunk-like legs. His fist smashed into his bobbing balls with a loud thwack, making Andy scream in agony. Without allowing any time to recover, the Crusher viciously punched the dangling male nuggets again. Andy was beside himself, crying loudly in response to the pain.

The Crusher took out another two balls - "SIX KICKS". Andy whined pitifully, terrified of the pain that he was about to suffer, and begging to be released from his misery.

With a little chuckle, the Crusher's boot flew between Andy's buttcheeks and crashed into the low-hanging, ample, fleshy orbs. The kick was powerful enough that Lee and Erik could see the force ripple from Andy's traumatized groin into his jiggly ass and thighs. Instinctively, Andy tried to bring his legs together but the spread-bar kept them apart, allowing the Crusher full access to his tenderized testicles. The Crusher took a step back and let fly another savage kick to Andy's low-hanging fruit, drawing a blood-curdling scream from the tormented bodybuilder. Ignoring his plight, the cruel interrogator unleashed two kicks in rapid succession sending waves of nausea exploding into the burly man's core. Andy's balls were so swollen they were the size and color of ripe apples by now.

Lee helplessly watched his little brother's suffering, his face a picture of rage, despair, concern, and frustration. Erik noticed that Lee did not try to look away from the sight of his suffering little brother, and wondered why... until his eyes spotted Lee's throbbingly erect cock.

"Two more," the Crusher told Andy.

"Oh, fucking god, no..." Andy sobbed, but his cries were cut off by the final two brutal kicks that crashed into his fragile, sperm-laden testicles. Andy's eyes crossed and he screamed so much that he was hoarse, and only a strangled croak escaped from his mouth. The Crushed stood back, admiring his handiwork, as he looked at the pair of bruised, swollen balls suspended between Andy's massive legs.

The Crusher reached into the glass bowls again, his hands retrieving two balls that would decide the next punishment of Andy's battered balls.

"ONE MILKING!" the Crusher announced.

"He got lucky!" Erik commented, eyeing the precum dribbling down Lee's painfully erect cock but choosing not to say anything about it yet.

Andy whined miserably, unsure of what punishment his tormented testicles would receive next. He wailed as the Crusher grabbed his flaccid cock and began stroking it. The pain emanating from his aching balls was so intense that Andy's cock remained limp despite the Crusher's attempts to jack him off.

"Fucking useless little limp dick," the Crusher exclaimed in frustration, after 5 minutes of futile effort.

Lee's cock, unlike his brother's, was at full mast and aching for release. The Crusher stopped stroking Andy's flaccid member, went over to his table, and retrieved a large vibrator.

"What the fuck..." Lee mumbled, confused and shocked.

The Crusher roughly spread Andy's doughy butt cheeks, ignoring the hulking bodybuilder's whimpers, turned on the vibrator and shoved it roughly into Andy's virginal hole. Andy shrieked in both shock and pain at the violation but as the Crusher moved it about inside him, the stimulation soon made Andy emit soft moans, and in a few minutes, globs of jizz dribbled from his semi-erect cock.

"Fucking fag needs to be butt fucked to cum," the Crusher mocked.

Lee began to breathe heavily, clearly aroused, as he watched his brother's thick ass being violated. Erik smiled as he placed his boot on Lee's small, hard boner. The big man looked confused but unequivocally horny. Erik rubbed the sole of his boot against Lee's throbbing erection and within seconds, Lee threw his head backwards, and let out a guttural groan of ecstasy as his cock squirted out ropes of thick creamy semen, some of which even reached his neck. As the waves of pleasure subsided, Lee looked into Erik's eyes, dropped his head in shame, and began sobbing softly.

"You got off on seeing your brother getting his balls destroyed, and being butt-fucked by a big black dildo?  Look at how hard your pathetic little dick is! Look at how much jizz you shot! What kind of fucking brother are you!" Erik scolded.

Lee's head hung in embarrassment and shame but his cock remained proudly erect. Erik lifted his cum-covered boot to Lee's face.

"Lick it up, you sick son of a bitch!" he ordered.

Lee stared at him in shocked silence. Erik drew his boot away, kicked it under the chair, smashing into Lee's trapped and taut testicles with a loud thwack.

"Unhhhh.... fuck...." Lee groaned in agony, his large balls throbbing with nauseating pain.

Erik lifted his boot to Lee's face again, and Lee submissively licked up every single drop of his jizz, gagging on the awful salty bitter taste of semen mixed with dirt and boot polish.

"Fucking pathetic," Erik remarked.

The Crusher reached to his table top of torture implements, and chose a steel humbler. He clamped the humbler on, trapping Andy's bloated balls neatly between his fat ass cheeks. The Crusher then removed the spread bar, and immediately, the tormented bodybuilder clamped his thighs together in a futile attempt to protect his abused gonads. The Crusher pulled on a gear besides the stocks, and a whirring noise rang out as the stocks moved upwards to hold the burly Andy in an upright position. However, because of the humbler's tight grip on Andy's aching balls, the beefy bodybuilder was forced to arch his back painfully to try to minimize the pressure on his delicate danglers.

The Crusher picked up his leather crop again, circled the whimpering behemoth who was totally at his mercy. Taking aim at the pair of oversized babymakers trapped by the humbler and tucked snugly between two pale buttcheeks, he whipped Andy's traumatized manhood unmercifully. Andy screeched and automatically pulled his hips forwards, but the humbler's unforgiving grip on his gonads instantly reminded him to keep his back arched. The Crusher unleashed strike after strike, as the anguished giant squealed pitifully and wiggled his large hips from side to side in a vain attempt to avoid the cruel blows. Andy began crying hysterically as his traumatized testicles swelled up even more, and turned into an angry shade of crimson.

Lee looked on in horror but was perversely turned on by the torture. His cock throbbed rhythmically as precum dripped from his turgid member again. The Crusher picked up a wooden paddle, showed it to the distressed Andy, who began even more hysterical.

"Oh God, fuck no... please, no! You'll destroy my boys with that! Please, I beg you, man!" he pleaded miserably.

Ignoring the bulky man's pleas, he took aim, and swung it hard as though he was smashing a pingpong ball. The paddle smacked into Andy's trapped, vulnerable, and very swollen testicles with a meaty splat.

"FUCKING FUCK!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Andy howled in utter anguish as he bucked at his restraints, but to no avail.

The Crusher then began administering gentle but rapid smacks to Andy's bloated and bruised balls. Ordinarily this wouldn't have hurt severely, but Andy's mangled meatballs were so sensitive and traumatized by now that even these taps hurt immensely.

Lee stared at his brother's predicament, upset yet extremely aroused. As the Crusher continued to bat his brother's balls around and cause him to scream like a girl, Lee emitted a loud grunt as his excited cock shot out another huge load of male milk, his orgasm so intense he began to buck like a bull against his restraints.

"Wow. No hands!" Erik remarked.

As Lee emerged from the throes of his dark pleasure, he began to sob, his loins glowing but his chest and face burning with shame and confusion at his arousal.

"You know, you have the power to stop this at any time, Lee. All you need to do is tell us to stop, and tell us what we want to know," Erik informed the panting hulk.

Inside the torture chamber, the Crusher had picked up a baseball bat. He stood behind Andy, taking aim at the wailing man's puffy, stricken gonads. Lee watched in horror as the Crusher raised the bat in the air.

"Looks like your baby brother's balls are gonna be destroyed, Lee," Erik warned.

The Crusher began to bring the bat towards his fragile, vulnerable targets.

"STOP!! PLEASE! I'll tell you whatever you want to know!! Just let Andy go, please!" Lee cried out.

Erik hit a button on the wall, and a loud buzzer sounded in the chamber. The Crusher immediately let the bat drop to his side.

"Your brother decided to save your pathetic manhood," he scoffed as tears of pain and relief flowed down the overgrown bodybuilder's chubby face.

"We broke him," Erik thought to himself, smiling as he watched Lee's crestfallen expression.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Wrestle Bulge Grab

When the muscle hunk is busy preening for the audience, grab and crush his bulging, fragile balls.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Backbreaker and Ball Claw

One of the best ways of hurting and humiliating a man is to painfully extend his back over your knee, then grab hold of his unprotected package and crush his baby-makers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tom’s Ballbusting Adventures – Part 5 (Attempted Redemption)

by Darrel L.
(as promised...)

Luck had turned on Tom, the former bully. He was now the victim of his two younger, smaller brothers’ torment. Chad and Martin had been dominated by their hulking older brother until the eventful day when he tried to bully the new kid in school and was humiliated instead. From that day onwards, every kid, including Chad and Martin realized what a beautifully vulnerable target the oversized teenager’s big sensitive balls were.

Chad and Martin both absolutely the power they wielded over their beefy, bodybuilder brother. In fact, they encouraged him to hit the gym as much as possible, and made him eat humongous amounts of food, all with the aim of making him grow bigger and bigger. It was almost cartoonish how two small boys could dominate such a burly teen. By the time he was 17, Tom had grown to the size of an off-season professional bodybuilder. At 7 feet tall and 380 pounds, he had a 70 inch barrel-like chest, a 50 inch waist, 30 inch biceps, and 40 inch thighs. Because of the amount of food he constantly put away, Tom massively muscular, but appeared a bit soft and flabby. Despite his gigantic proportions, the former bully no longer dared to push anyone around for fear of getting his ample but delicate balls busted.  He still had an explosive temper but tried his best to control it. However, Tom continued to nurse a grudge against his two brothers for tormenting him. Every time he was at the gym, the thought of getting back at them motivated him to workout harder, get bigger, and increase his punching power.

The oversized bodybuilder brooded and plotted his revenge for a long time. He reasoned that since he was so much bigger and more muscular compared to before, and because his punches had become much more powerful, he would be able to defeat his younger brothers, and redeem his pride. He decided that the best time would be when his parents were on vacation for the Labor Day weekend, and left him in charge of the household. While 15 year old Martin was off at soccer practice, 13 year old Chad was home alone with his vengeful older brother. Chad was in the basement practicing some of his gymnastics. He was a petite, slender boy, built perfectly to be a champion gymnast.

As he stretched on the ground, Tom crept towards the door. He planned to grab Chad, slap him around, humiliate him, and then wait for Martin to come home to do the same to him. In his plan, this would return him to his alpha position among the three siblings. Tom lunged forward, and threw his immense frame on the unsuspecting Chad.

“What the fuck!” Chad yelped in shock as Tom landed on top of him. As Tom’s unstoppable momentum propelled him on top of his brother, Chad instinctively tried to curl up into a protective position. At the precise time Chad’s knees were coming up towards his chest, Tom’s fat dangling testicles got in their way.  The ponderous, cum-laden organs were caught between Tom’s mammoth weight and Chad’s hard bony knees. The mass of Tom’s frame, and the acceleration driving him onto Chad’s unforgiving knees translated into a devastatingly sickening force that was absorbed by the sensitive, nerve-filled fleshy orbs. Tom acutely felt the crushing blow to his groin, and for a fleeting moment, his heart sank with the panic of anticipating the pain that was to follow. A second later, his well-founded panic was replaced by a familiar sickening agony erupting from his traumatized testicles.

“Urkkk…” Tom groaned. His abs cramped up and his balls ached horribly as he tried to muster as much strength as he could to hold Chad down.

Chad’s strength and flexibility as a gymnast made him as difficult to control as an eel. Despite being in a superior position, the aching pain blazing in his balls weakened Tom and Chad managed to escape. He danced to a corner of the basement as Tom struggled to his feet, trying to suppress the pain in his groin.

“What gives, big brother? Were you horny for another beating? You just need to ask, you know,” Chad teased, eyeing his husky, clumsy opponent.

“I’m gonna beat your puny ass and then I’m gonna beat Martin’s scrawny ass,” Tom glowered, as he lumbered towards the pint-sized Chad.

The surprise of Tom’s attack had dissipated and now, Chad wanted to teach the big oaf another lesson in humility. He was secretly happy that Martin wasn’t home – he wanted to beat and humiliate the overgrown bully all by himself.

“Tell you what, big brother. I’m gonna set my watch for 10 minutes. I won’t hit you during that time, and if you manage to hit me once, you win and I will do what you say. If you don’t manage to hit me in that time, I will get to hit you ten times. How’s that?” Chad offered.

“Deal!” Tom replied, confident that he would be able to at least land one blow on his pesky little brother, and win an easy victory.

Tom began to dance on his feet with his fists up, imaging himself to be a professional boxer. Chad stood still, amused by the sight of his big soft muscles and belly jiggling around. His sight was attracted immediately to the outline of two low-hanging egg-shaped objects flopping about between Tom’s trunk-like thighs, barely supported by thin cotton fabric shorts.

“Someone’s gonna regret not wearing underwear today,” Chad thought to himself with a cruel smile.

Tom continued to bob and weave around, and finally waddled towards his tiny opponent. He threw punch after punch aimed at Chad’s cherubic face but the gymnast easily avoided every single one. After only three minutes, Tom’s stamina was sapped, and his face was turning red and sweaty with both exertion and frustration.  He paused for a few seconds and then lunged at Chad again, unleashing a barrage of clumsy punches that Chad managed to dodge.

Five minutes into the fight, Tom began to get upset and lose his cool. He grunted loudly as he threw more punches at his little brother, all of them missing him by a mile. Chad smiled as he saw the massive teenager sweating profusely, panting like a dog, and obviously exhausted. Tom became more desperate and began punching and kicking at Chad now. His massively beefy legs were heavy and his kicks were slow and even clumsier than his punches. Chad giggled as he danced out of the range of every attempt Tom made to hit him.

The alarm finally went off. Tom’s heart sank. He failed to land a single blow in a whole 10 minute time span.

“Well, big brother, since you were kind enough not to hit me, I think it’s time for me to hit you. Ten times, correct?” Chad announced in a mockingly sweet tone.

“Let’s fucking get over with it. I want another go. Just give me your ten girly punches, bitch,” Tom seethed.

“Oh, so you want another round?” Chad asked, both surprised and delighted.

“Fuck yeah. I’m gonna smash your face in the next round,” Tom bragged, looking and sounding like an angry bull.

“Sure, big brother. Get ready. I’m gonna start hitting you,” Chad said in a sing-song voice.

Tom stood with his arms on his hips, tensing his muscles, and cocked his chin upwards. The pompous overgrown brute expected Chad to punch him in the face or stomach.

“One!” Chad yelled as he swung his foot between Tom’s enormous thighs. His small foot crashed into Tom’s sperm-filled danglers with a loud thwack and Tom’s jaw fell open in shock.

“Two!” Chad quickly announced as he delivered another savage kick to his big brother’s ample testicles before the jumbo-sized bodybuilder could react.

A strangled sound escaped from Tom’s lips as he automatically doubled over, his knees buckling, and his hands immediately cradling his traumatized testicles. Waves of agony swept from his battered balls into the core of his being. Chad giggled at the sight of his big brother folded up like a pretzel, making weird high-pitched noises.

“I’m not done yet, brother. Let me at least get five shots in and I promise to give you a break,” Chad laughed.

“You said you would punch me. You fucking kicked me in the nards,” Tom wheezed in protest.

“I said I would hit you ten times. You assumed I would punch you,” Chad reminded him.

Thinking he could withstand the pain, and that it would be better to just get over with the ordeal, Tom straightened up gingerly, trying his best to ignore the throbbing pangs of pain from his tender balls.

Chad circled behind his brother’s mammoth figure. Tom was too distracted by his pain to notice what Chad was up to. Without warning, he pulled down Tom’s loose cotton shorts.

“HEY!” Tom objected, and instinctively bent over to pull his shorts back up. This only exposed his large, low-hanging plums to Chad, who immediately shot his right hand between Tom’s fat butt cheeks to grab hold of the pink, pendulous scrotum just above where the large, golf-ball shaped gonads rested.

“What the fuck!” Tom shouted as his brother yanked his bloated balls backwards. His thighs automatically snapped together but it was too late, Chad literally had Tom by his balls.

Chad pulled Tom’s sagging scrotum to its limit, trapping the overgrown jizz-tanks in the bottom of their sac.

“Three!” he yelled out as he slammed his fist into the trapped testicles with a sickening smack. Tom yelped in shock and pain from the blow but Chad maintained his strangle-hold on his floppy scrotum.

“Four! Five!” Chad announced as he unleashed two more savage punches into Tom’s trapped meatballs. With nowhere to swing, the overgrown, delicate, doughy gonads absorbed the full force of Chad’s fist. Tom began to scream in anguish, as his legs weakened from the pain, causing the giant of a teen to sink to the ground.

Chad let go of the squealing bodybuilder, who curled up into a fetal position on the ground with his shorts still wrapped around his ankles, rocking gently back and forth as awful pain wracked his brain and body.

“I’m giving you a five minute break, as promised,” Chad told the whimpering goon.

Chad informed his horrified brother when the 5 minute mark was up. Tom lay on his side, trying to summon enough strength to move. Chad smiled as he observed how Tom’s humongous thighs were clenched together, leaving his bruised and bloated balls bulging out invitingly between two pale beefy ass cheeks.

“Actually, stay right there,” he told the confused teenager. Tom felt thankful, thinking that his brother would let him recover from the pain.

The sadistic boy jumped on Tom’s legs instead, trapping them (and his puffy testicles) securely in place. Before Tom could react, Chad raised his fist like a hammer and slammed it into Tom’s tenderized, and rapidly-swelling gonads.

“Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!” Chad shouted in glee as he pounded the fat, squishy, jizz-laden orbs. 

Tom’s husky frame jolted involuntarily from each blow, as pain exploded from his abused manhood.
Chad hopped off the miserable bodybuilder’s legs, as Tom sobbed loudly and writhed around in utter anguish, his shattered testicles erupting in unbelievable amounts of pain.

Chad put his foot on Tom’s thick neck as the beefy teen wailed miserably. “I’m gonna sit right there, and wait for round 2,” he told his big brother, who was in too much pain to think straight.

The overgrown teen spent at least 20 minutes on the ground, paralyzed by pain and sobbing softly. 

Once the awful pain was somewhat bearable, Tom slowly crawled up, one hand cradling his bruised and battered balls, which were now as red and as big as apples. Although he managed to stagger to his feet, he remained bent at the waist, one hand on his knee, as he tried to suppress the nauseating pain blazing from his traumatized testicles.

“Ready for round 2, dear brother?” Chad asked as he cheekily pinched his brother’s nose.

Tom’s anger began to burn again. Chad was counting on the big bull’s short temper to lure him into another round of beating.

“Oh, look at you! You’ve got a stiffie!” Chad remarked, pointing at Tom’s very erect cock.

Tom turned even redder with both embarrassment and anger at his erection. In spite of the horrible pain in his gonads, his cock was at full mast, as if saluting the pint-sized fighter who humiliated him.

“You know something, big brother? The beefier you become, the bigger and fatter your ass and balls become, but your cock gets even smaller!” Chad mocked. His taunts were working as planned – making Tom angrier and angrier.

Tom stood up, intent on bashing his little brother up. His 4 inch erection pointed upwards proudly, looking ridiculously small in comparison to Tom’s enormous frame, and his oversized testicles.

“That's something I’ve noticed something about fat guys – they have huge nuts but tiny dicks, just like you, big brother!” Chad continued.

“I’m gonna kill you, you little fuck…” Tom growled as he lumbered towards his brother.

“Round 2! Same rules? 10 minutes for you to hit me? Chad chimed.

“Fuck you!” Tom barked as he began swinging wildly.

The constant ache in Tom’s battered balls slowed him considerably.  His attempts to punch Chad were even more clumsy and awkward than before. Chad danced out of his way, giggling and teasing the furious gorilla who was trying to kill him.

Tom soon turned into that familiar sweaty shade of red as he failed to even get anywhere close to hitting his elusive target. Chad glanced at the clock on the wall and exclaimed loudly, “10 minutes is up, Tommy boy! Now it’s time for me to play with your balls again!”

“FUCK YOU!” Tom spat as he kicked at Chad.

Instead of running away, Chad grabbed Tom’s ankle, and held his huge beefy leg in mid-air as the bodybuilder flailed his arms about wildly to try to keep his balance.

“One!” Chad yelled as his foot sailed upwards and collided with Tom’s unprotected, pendulous testicles.

Tom wailed pitifully as he tried to protect his bruised and battered gonads with his hands.

“Two!” Chad yelled in glee, as he launched another accurate and savage kick that blasted into the screaming hulk’s sperm-filled overgrown gonads. Tom’s hands offered little protection against Chad’s powerful kick.

Tom’s screams became even more high-pitched as he collapsed to the ground in agony. Chad was forced to let the gigantic teen’s leg go, unable to withstand his massive weight.

The husky bully writhed about in pain, sobbing loudly as he cradled his shattered manhood in his hands. Chad stood back, and smiled as he watched his older, oversized brother agonizing at his feet, crying like a little kid.

“Aww, your big boy balls seem to be hurting, brother. Come on, let me play with them a bit more. I need to hit those useless sorry nards 8 more times,” Chad mocked.

Tom wanted to stop his torment, and decided to roll onto his stomach, hoping that his gargantuan frame would be able to protect his abused testicles from his sadistic brother. Chad laughed at his pathetic attempts to protect himself, and grabbed hold of both ankles.

With surprising strength, Chad hoisted both of Tom’s legs up, and locked them by his side. Tom’s swollen, aching testicles dangled vulnerably between the trunk-like appendages, and Tom was totally helpless.

“NO…. NO…. PLEASE!!!” Tom howled in panic, realizing his predicament.

Chad unleashed three kicks into his bodybuilder brother’s ponderous, swinging babymakers. Each kick connected with their sensitive target with loud meaty thwacks, and sent Tom’s burly frame into spasms of pain.

“Ready for five more?” Chad asked the wailing bully.

“NO!!!! PLEASE, I BEG YOU!!!” Tom pleaded.

“Do you want to exchange five more hits for one squeeze, big brother?” Chad inquired. He was hoping his big brother would choose to let him crush his big sorry balls.

“YES! Please… don’t kick my boys anymore… I can’t take any more kicks!” Tom cried.

Chad let go of Tom’s legs suddenly, letting his heavy lower body crash into the cold hard concrete, causing Tom’s ultra-sensitive, traumatized testicles smacked against the ground with a loud plop, causing the distressed teen to yelp in pain.

Tom again curled up in a fetal position, sobbing uncontrollably from the nauseating pain surging from his groin into his whole frame. After an eternity of agony, he managed to crawl onto all fours, one hand rubbing his husky belly, which was cramping up from the sickening ache radiating from his swollen, damaged danglers.

“Your big useless balls ready for a nice squeeze?” Chad smiled, menacingly making crushing motions with his hands.

Tom whimpered in fear, one hand automatically attempting to protect his manhood.

“If you don’t let me squeeze your fat balls once, I’m gonna kick them five times,” Chad threatened.

“Ok, ok… just don’t kick my balls anymore, please… I can’t take anymore,” Tom whined.

“Face down, ass up!” Chad ordered. Tom obediently put his face to the ground, his huge butt pointing upwards, and his oversized, pendulous gonad displayed invitingly between his humongous thighs.

“God, your ass is so fat your last name should be Kardashian!” Chad remarked as he smacked Tom’s ample buttocks repeatedly, making the big ass cheeks jiggle about.

He reached between those thick butt cheeks and ran his fingers over Tom’s bobbing balls, causing the terrified bodybuilder to whimper in fear. Chad continued to gently run his fingers up and down the back of Tom’s dangling scrotum, sending shivers of pleasure into his loin. He then proceeded to gently play with Tom’s big boy balls – the cum-filled organs were so large that each could fit in Chad’s one hand. Tom began to forget the pain in his manhood, and started to make little moans of pleasure as Chad continued to manipulate his gonads.

Chad was enthralled by the control he could exert on the behemoth by using his sensitive orbs. As he noticed a little stream of precum leaking from Tom’s rock-hard erection, Chad decided to destroy Tom’s pleasure. Instead of gently rolling the nerve-filled fleshy orbs around, his fingers tightly wrapped around them, crushing them with vise-like pressure. Tom’s pleasure quickly turned into pain, and his horny moans transformed into loud whimpering. Chad began kneading the fat meatballs like dough, almost mesmerized by movements of squishy bubbles of testicular flesh protruding out between his fingers. As the pressure on his brutalized balls increased, Tom began to squeal in pain and thrash about.

It was all in vain, Chad had a death grip on his delicate testicles and Tom was totally at his mercy. While continuing to crush the bruised, swollen, spunk-filled globes, Chad would yank them backwards without warning, causing Tom’s pain and squeals to shoot up by several octaves. His anguish increased exponentially the longer his traumatized testicles were manhandled by his cruel brother, and his sobs and screams grew more desperate.

“Stop! Please, Chad! Please stop! You’ve ruptured my balls!” Tom screamed.

“Shut the fuck up! I will decide when to stop squeezing these fat, sorry blobs of meat you call balls. If I want to break these worthless lumps, so what?” Chad barked as his big brother began to cry hysterically.

Finally, Chad was bored and decided to try something different. He pushed Tom’s ample testicles against each other. The big testicles slid and rolled against each other, slipping about the harder Chad pushed them together. Tom’s pain levels went through the roof – the combination of crushing pressure of his balls against each other, and the sudden releases of pressure when his balls would slide over one another caused unimaginable agony. His screams became pathetic hoarse cries of agony. As Chad continued to repeat the maneuver, however, a weird sensation began to mix with the unbelievable pain in his tortured testicles. It quickly built up, and Tom’s hips soon bucked involuntarily as globs of creamy jizz shot out of his throbbing cock.

Chad was taken aback but maintained his grip on Tom’s stricken testicles. As cum spurted from Tom’s cock, Chad dug his fingers as hard as he could into his increasingly-squishy, very swollen balls in an attempt to empty Tom’s sack of their contents.

As the final drops of cum leaked out, Tom’s body spasmed as his eyes rolled back into his head, and his huge figure went limp. The pain was too much for him, and he passed out with his hefty butt still sticking up in the air. Chad finally let go of his brother’s tortured testicles – by now, they were twice as large as they usually were, and a nice shade of purplish red. Chad left the unconscious hunk in the puddle of his own spunk and tears, laughing to himself about how he had defeated and humiliated his big, husky bully of a brother.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wham! Right in the Nuts

Holy fuck! That must have hurt like hell!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Crushed by a foot

Big muscular wrestler can only writhe in agony while his balls are being pulverized by his opponent's foot.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kryptonite balls

Another superhero is captured, chained up, and is reminded how fragile his testicles really are.