Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Gang Wars - Part 5 (The Breaking Point)

Erik presented his ideas on interrogating Lee to the Black Ops Unit. Instead of applying physical torture to Lee himself, Erik suggested pressuring Lee to talk by torturing Andy, Lee's younger brother. His protective instincts as a big brother would cause him to break down and sing like a canary if he saw Andy suffering, Erik reasoned. His supervisor gave him the green light, and he decided to enlist the help of the Black Ops most sadistic interrogator, a shadowy man only known as the Crusher.

Lee was blindfolded, shackled, and dragged to a different room in the dungeon he was imprisoned in. When the blindfold was removed, the hefty bodybuilder found himself sitting on a metal chair, his arms cuffed behind him, and his legs chained securely to the ground. He immediately tried to escape but a sharp pain from his dangling balls made him yelp loudly and stop struggling. He groaned deeply as he looked down, and saw that there was a large hole in the chair that allowed his oversized genitals to hang freely. A heavy metal weight was suspended from his pendulous scrotum, stretching his low-hanging testicles to their limit; any excessive movements made the weight swing about and pull even more on his trapped gonads.

"Good morning!" Erik called out.

"Fuck you!" Lee spat as he glared at his captor.

"Aww, look who's a bright and happy boy this morning!" Erik taunted as he grabbed Lee's nose and playfully wiggled it from side to side.

"FUCCKKK YOU!!!" the bull-like male screamed as he angrily twisted his head from side to side.

"That's no way to greet your friend," Erik admonished playfully as he pulled a chair up besides the captive, naked bodybuilder.

"I've got a surprise for you, big boy," Erik announced as he hit a button. A whirring noise rang out as a large shade in front of Lee rose to the ceiling. He gasped loudly at the sight on the other side of the glass screen. His beefy 6'5", 450 pound little brother, Andy, was bent double at the waist, with his head and arms secured in medieval stocks, and his legs locked in a spread position with a bar. Andy was facing Lee. He appeared to be only 4 feet away but he could not see his older brother, who was on the other side of a two-way mirror. Fear was etched into Andy's pudgy face. Lee, clearly upset, called out to him. Andy could not hear anything but Lee could clearly hear Andy's whimpers. Every sound from the chamber Andy was in was amplified and transmitted to the room where his brother was restrained.

"What the fuck are you doing with my brother?? You better fucking let him go!!" Lee barked at Erik, who only smiled as he hit another button.

A door opened behind Andy, and a 5 foot tall, slim figure dressed from head to toe in black, and a ski mask, appeared. The dark figure walked in slowly, his leather boots tapping loudly and menacingly on the white tile floor.

"Who's there?!" Andy yelled, trapped in stocks and unable to see who was approaching him.

"That's the Crusher," Erik whispered in Lee's ear.

The Crusher hit a button on the wall, and a TV screen appeared next to Andy. The video feed showed the view from behind Andy. Lee was now confronted by the sight of his little brother's fearful expression on one side, and the obscene sight of Andy's doughy ass, and overgrown balls bobbing between his thick thighs.

"What the fuck are you doing to him?!" Lee screamed.

"They can't hear you, moron," Erik told him. "However, we can hear everything that is going on inside there," he continued with a cruel smile.

"Ready for some fun?" the Crusher asked his husky prisoner, his voice unexpectedly deep and resonant for his petite frame, as he picked up a leather crop from a variety of implements arranged on a table in the corner of the room. He whipped Andy's ample butt a few times drawing loud grunts from the burly man, the crop leaving red welts on Andy's pasty skin.

"That's to warm you up, fat boy," the Crusher informed his captive.

"This is level 2," he announced as three rapid lashes rained down on each butt cheek, making Andy gasp. He followed it with two swift strikes to Andy's bobbing balls - one on each testicle - which made Andy scream in anguish and struggle in a vain attempt to escape.

"My balls! My fucking balls" Andy cried out in pain.

Lee became agitated, and shouted out in anger but to no avail. Erik watched in satisfaction at the spectacle before him.

"Level 3, boy," the Crusher announced as he rained down ten quick, sickeningly accurate strikes on Andy's dangling, cum-filled gonads. The Crusher's aim was impeccable - every lash connected with the center of each of Andy's delicate meatballs for maximum pain. Andy squealed in anguish, his face turning as red as his traumatized testicles.

Not allowing his captive any respite, the Crusher grabbed hold of Andy's vulnerable testicles and yanked backwards, trapping the meaty oversized organs in the base of their thin, pink, fuzzy sac, drawing a loud groan from the distressed hulk. "Level 4," he called out as he unleashed three lashes to each testicle in quick succession. In total, Andy's abused balls received 9 strikes each. Andy screamed hysterically as pain exploded into his gut from his manhood, as Lee also screamed out in helpless anger.

The Crusher slowly pulled on Andy's beleaguered balls until the scrotum was stretched so taut it appeared that each testicle was wrapped in a translucent covering - like a pair of large meaty dumplings. Andy could only sob in pain from the awful aching pain in his battered balls and from the agony of having his ball cords stretched to breaking point.

"Level 5," the Crusher announced. He turned his leather crop around, and instead of the softer tip, he raised the hard, unforgiving handle into the air, and brought in down with cruel force. The rod sailed through the air and struck, with sadistic accuracy, the cleavage between Andy's bloated balls, sending jolts of nauseating pain into both nerve-filled organs. The Crusher brought down ten precisely-aimed, agonizing blows. Andy's body bucked in response to each blow, his face contorted into a mask of utter anguish, and only animal noises escaped from his lips. Lee's jaw was slack as he stared helplessly at the sight of his brother's big balls being unmercifully tortured.

The Crusher strolled to a table on the other side of the room as he put the riding crop down, looked around, and brought two glass bowls. One had red balls in it, and the other black. He drew one red and one black ball, held them up to the two-way mirror, and announced "TWO PUNCHES!"

"WHAT THE FUCK? NO! NO! FUCKING NO!" Andy shouted in protest, his mangled manhood still blazing with pain.

Ignoring his captive, the Crusher stood behind up, drew back his fist, took aim, and sent it sailing between Andy's trunk-like legs. His fist smashed into his bobbing balls with a loud thwack, making Andy scream in agony. Without allowing any time to recover, the Crusher viciously punched the dangling male nuggets again. Andy was beside himself, crying loudly in response to the pain.

The Crusher took out another two balls - "SIX KICKS". Andy whined pitifully, terrified of the pain that he was about to suffer, and begging to be released from his misery.

With a little chuckle, the Crusher's boot flew between Andy's buttcheeks and crashed into the low-hanging, ample, fleshy orbs. The kick was powerful enough that Lee and Erik could see the force ripple from Andy's traumatized groin into his jiggly ass and thighs. Instinctively, Andy tried to bring his legs together but the spread-bar kept them apart, allowing the Crusher full access to his tenderized testicles. The Crusher took a step back and let fly another savage kick to Andy's low-hanging fruit, drawing a blood-curdling scream from the tormented bodybuilder. Ignoring his plight, the cruel interrogator unleashed two kicks in rapid succession sending waves of nausea exploding into the burly man's core. Andy's balls were so swollen they were the size and color of ripe apples by now.

Lee helplessly watched his little brother's suffering, his face a picture of rage, despair, concern, and frustration. Erik noticed that Lee did not try to look away from the sight of his suffering little brother, and wondered why... until his eyes spotted Lee's throbbingly erect cock.

"Two more," the Crusher told Andy.

"Oh, fucking god, no..." Andy sobbed, but his cries were cut off by the final two brutal kicks that crashed into his fragile, sperm-laden testicles. Andy's eyes crossed and he screamed so much that he was hoarse, and only a strangled croak escaped from his mouth. The Crushed stood back, admiring his handiwork, as he looked at the pair of bruised, swollen balls suspended between Andy's massive legs.

The Crusher reached into the glass bowls again, his hands retrieving two balls that would decide the next punishment of Andy's battered balls.

"ONE MILKING!" the Crusher announced.

"He got lucky!" Erik commented, eyeing the precum dribbling down Lee's painfully erect cock but choosing not to say anything about it yet.

Andy whined miserably, unsure of what punishment his tormented testicles would receive next. He wailed as the Crusher grabbed his flaccid cock and began stroking it. The pain emanating from his aching balls was so intense that Andy's cock remained limp despite the Crusher's attempts to jack him off.

"Fucking useless little limp dick," the Crusher exclaimed in frustration, after 5 minutes of futile effort.

Lee's cock, unlike his brother's, was at full mast and aching for release. The Crusher stopped stroking Andy's flaccid member, went over to his table, and retrieved a large vibrator.

"What the fuck..." Lee mumbled, confused and shocked.

The Crusher roughly spread Andy's doughy butt cheeks, ignoring the hulking bodybuilder's whimpers, turned on the vibrator and shoved it roughly into Andy's virginal hole. Andy shrieked in both shock and pain at the violation but as the Crusher moved it about inside him, the stimulation soon made Andy emit soft moans, and in a few minutes, globs of jizz dribbled from his semi-erect cock.

"Fucking fag needs to be butt fucked to cum," the Crusher mocked.

Lee began to breathe heavily, clearly aroused, as he watched his brother's thick ass being violated. Erik smiled as he placed his boot on Lee's small, hard boner. The big man looked confused but unequivocally horny. Erik rubbed the sole of his boot against Lee's throbbing erection and within seconds, Lee threw his head backwards, and let out a guttural groan of ecstasy as his cock squirted out ropes of thick creamy semen, some of which even reached his neck. As the waves of pleasure subsided, Lee looked into Erik's eyes, dropped his head in shame, and began sobbing softly.

"You got off on seeing your brother getting his balls destroyed, and being butt-fucked by a big black dildo?  Look at how hard your pathetic little dick is! Look at how much jizz you shot! What kind of fucking brother are you!" Erik scolded.

Lee's head hung in embarrassment and shame but his cock remained proudly erect. Erik lifted his cum-covered boot to Lee's face.

"Lick it up, you sick son of a bitch!" he ordered.

Lee stared at him in shocked silence. Erik drew his boot away, kicked it under the chair, smashing into Lee's trapped and taut testicles with a loud thwack.

"Unhhhh.... fuck...." Lee groaned in agony, his large balls throbbing with nauseating pain.

Erik lifted his boot to Lee's face again, and Lee submissively licked up every single drop of his jizz, gagging on the awful salty bitter taste of semen mixed with dirt and boot polish.

"Fucking pathetic," Erik remarked.

The Crusher reached to his table top of torture implements, and chose a steel humbler. He clamped the humbler on, trapping Andy's bloated balls neatly between his fat ass cheeks. The Crusher then removed the spread bar, and immediately, the tormented bodybuilder clamped his thighs together in a futile attempt to protect his abused gonads. The Crusher pulled on a gear besides the stocks, and a whirring noise rang out as the stocks moved upwards to hold the burly Andy in an upright position. However, because of the humbler's tight grip on Andy's aching balls, the beefy bodybuilder was forced to arch his back painfully to try to minimize the pressure on his delicate danglers.

The Crusher picked up his leather crop again, circled the whimpering behemoth who was totally at his mercy. Taking aim at the pair of oversized babymakers trapped by the humbler and tucked snugly between two pale buttcheeks, he whipped Andy's traumatized manhood unmercifully. Andy screeched and automatically pulled his hips forwards, but the humbler's unforgiving grip on his gonads instantly reminded him to keep his back arched. The Crusher unleashed strike after strike, as the anguished giant squealed pitifully and wiggled his large hips from side to side in a vain attempt to avoid the cruel blows. Andy began crying hysterically as his traumatized testicles swelled up even more, and turned into an angry shade of crimson.

Lee looked on in horror but was perversely turned on by the torture. His cock throbbed rhythmically as precum dripped from his turgid member again. The Crusher picked up a wooden paddle, showed it to the distressed Andy, who began even more hysterical.

"Oh God, fuck no... please, no! You'll destroy my boys with that! Please, I beg you, man!" he pleaded miserably.

Ignoring the bulky man's pleas, he took aim, and swung it hard as though he was smashing a pingpong ball. The paddle smacked into Andy's trapped, vulnerable, and very swollen testicles with a meaty splat.

"FUCKING FUCK!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Andy howled in utter anguish as he bucked at his restraints, but to no avail.

The Crusher then began administering gentle but rapid smacks to Andy's bloated and bruised balls. Ordinarily this wouldn't have hurt severely, but Andy's mangled meatballs were so sensitive and traumatized by now that even these taps hurt immensely.

Lee stared at his brother's predicament, upset yet extremely aroused. As the Crusher continued to bat his brother's balls around and cause him to scream like a girl, Lee emitted a loud grunt as his excited cock shot out another huge load of male milk, his orgasm so intense he began to buck like a bull against his restraints.

"Wow. No hands!" Erik remarked.

As Lee emerged from the throes of his dark pleasure, he began to sob, his loins glowing but his chest and face burning with shame and confusion at his arousal.

"You know, you have the power to stop this at any time, Lee. All you need to do is tell us to stop, and tell us what we want to know," Erik informed the panting hulk.

Inside the torture chamber, the Crusher had picked up a baseball bat. He stood behind Andy, taking aim at the wailing man's puffy, stricken gonads. Lee watched in horror as the Crusher raised the bat in the air.

"Looks like your baby brother's balls are gonna be destroyed, Lee," Erik warned.

The Crusher began to bring the bat towards his fragile, vulnerable targets.

"STOP!! PLEASE! I'll tell you whatever you want to know!! Just let Andy go, please!" Lee cried out.

Erik hit a button on the wall, and a loud buzzer sounded in the chamber. The Crusher immediately let the bat drop to his side.

"Your brother decided to save your pathetic manhood," he scoffed as tears of pain and relief flowed down the overgrown bodybuilder's chubby face.

"We broke him," Erik thought to himself, smiling as he watched Lee's crestfallen expression.