Saturday, December 29, 2012

Japanese wrestling ballbusts

A young Japanese wrestler gets his boy balls busted in the ring.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Big Bulging Balls

I want to play with and bust these big beautiful sperm-tanks for Xmas!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Lift and Crush

After hoisting his defeated opponent on his shoulder, a wrestler grabs hold of his bouncing balls and crushes them so hard the unfortunate male passes out and can no longer fight him.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fuck and Ball Punch

After he fucks you and cums, give him a solid punch to the balls!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Soccer fun

Totally remarkable. Soccer ball bounces off someone's ass and nails a guy in the balls.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wrestling Ball Grab

It's never enough to just defeat your wrestling opponent. Always finish the match by abusing and breaking his big bulging balls.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Diary series - comments

This is a new series I'm starting on this blog. These are diary entry-style ballbusting stories that chronicle a boy's journey of self-discovery with an obvious emphasis on how he finds out having a big pair of gonads can be both a blessing and a liability. Some of his experiences reflect mine as I grew up :-) 

Please comment if you like it; if you don't like it, I can focus more on the other stories and get rid of this series.

Thanks and happy FAPing,


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Diary of a Boy with Big Balls - Part 1

Dear Diary,
I always thought being big and strong was what a man should be. And from what I heard on TV and my older brothers' conversations, a man's balls were what made him big and strong. I never really paid much attention to my balls but I knew that one day they would make me into a big and strong man. If size were anything to go by, I would be a really big and strong guy since I had a pretty large pair of balls. I would compare them with other boys my age and I easily had the biggest pair of balls around. That would guarantee that I'd become a big, strong man!
How these two pink, smooth, round, squishy, pingpong ball-sized things that dangled beneath my dick would make me a man was beyond me though. All I knew was that if I spread my legs wide and swung them about, my balls felt really good. I had never really paid much attention to them... until today. I just had my 8th birthday and the best present I got was a bicycle. I rode that bicycle everyday and everywhere I could. Today, I decided to ride around the woods just behind my home. I was riding down a small slope pretty fast pretending I was a motorcycle racer when all of a sudden, my front wheel hit a hole or rock. My bike slammed to halt but my body kept travelling forwards.
My husky butt flew off the seat and I landed with the top tube of the bicycle frame between my legs. On impact, I could feel my two big squishy balls flatten between the cold, hard metal bar and my pelvis. I was kinda relieved that I didn't fall off after the initial shock wore off but all of a sudden, it hit me. This horrible, sickening, nauseating pain I had never experienced before exploded from my squashed balls into the the pit of my belly. It felt like the worse tummyache I had ever had. This agonizing pain slowly moved into my chest and my throat. All I could do was wail in anguish as I automatically clutched at my injured boy parts and fell off the bike on my side. I curled up there in the dirt and began sobbing as I endured the worse pain I had ever felt in my life. There was nothing I could do to stop that horrible deep aching pain that seemed to erupt from my tender boy balls in waves. I clutched my aching nuts with one hand and with the other, I rubbed my tummy but to no avail.
I don't know how long I was curled up in the dirt, crying and nursing my traumatized boy balls. Eventually. the pain abated to where I was able to pick myself up and limp home. I whimpered with almost every single step; every time my foot hit the ground, the impact seemed to jolt my tender testicles and cause more pain. When I got home, as I showered to clean myself, I gently inspected my aching balls. They seemed really red and sore as I rolled them around gingerly. At least I didn't break anything.
After my shower, I crawled into bed and quietly sobbed into my pillow as I fell asleep in pain. As I write this, my poor balls are feeling much better but still kinda hurt a little. How are such sensitive, squishy things supposed to make me into a big, strong man?!!
Until then,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kneeling nut kick

Nice kick, hot reaction... nuff said.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gang Wars - Part 3

Another ballbusting story by Darrel L.

(Happy Thanksgiving to my readers! Here's the third installation of Gang Wars with some suggestions incorporated)

Despite being utterly beaten and humiliated by Erik, Lee tried his hardest to maintain his silence and not rat on his gang. Surprised by Lee's loyalty despite having his manhood shamed and abused, Erik decided to change tactics slightly. Perhaps Lee would be coerced if he saw his old friends.  He had some informers "leak" information to the gang about Lee's whereabouts, hoping to draw them into action.
As expected, there was frantic action to muster a rescue team. From informers, the Black Ops found out that a small group of three gang members, including Lee's younger brother Andy, were heading to Lee's location to retrieve Lee. Erik was very pleased. Capturing the 21 year old Andy would be a bigger prize than he expected. He prepared a team of three agents to prepare a welcome for them.
Lee's husky younger brother, Andy.

That night, a car pulled up to the warehouse where Lee was imprisoned. Andy got out of the car cautiously. At 6 feet 5 inches, he was not as tall as Lee, but he was heavier than his older brother by about 50 pounds. He had an impressively muscular physique that was obscured by a layer of fat, giving Andy a very stocky, bulky appearance. He was accompanied by Ben, a more lanky, muscular male, about 6 feet 7 inches tall and 250 pounds, and Ty, who at 6 feet tall and 180 pounds was the smallest of the bunch.
"You guard the car, Ty. Ben, you follow me in and watch the door while I go in to get Lee," Andy ordered. 
Both Andy and Ben headed stealthily towards the warehouse. With a quick strike, Andy smashed the lock and entered the dark warehouse. Ben stood on the inside of the door, holding his Uzi tightly. Andy continued on into the darkness of the warehouse, whispering loudly for his older brother. A loud groan from a dark corner drew Andy's attention.
"Lee!" he cried out as he rushed there. Carelessly, he put his gun on the ground as he hugged his brother.
Lee could only groan in response. He was gagged and was still in considerable pain from the beating he had received and his ample spunk-makers were still throbbing with pain.
Andy tried to stand Lee up and get him out as fast as possible. His older brother's grunts increased in intensity and as Andy pulled the large man forward to escape, Lee let out a blood-curdling scream that was slightly muffled by his gag. Andy stopped in panic and pulled off the gag as Lee sank to his knees and gasped hoarsely, "My fucking balls... my fucking balls..."
Andy took out a flashlight and discovered the source of Lee's agony - there was a large, heavy, metal ring snugly locked around his pendulous scrotum, stretching the already low-hanging ballsac to its full length and trapping his fat gonads at its base. The ring was attached to another metal ring embedded in the wall by a chain. Lee couldn't go far without this sadistic leash biting into his soft, smooth scrotum and yanking painfully on his already-traumatized, sensitive testicles.
"FUCK! Who the fuck is so sick as to come up with something like this?!" Andy swore as he tried to undo the ring around his older brother's aching nards. He tried to slide the ring off but Lee's overgrown testicles were too large and Andy's clumsy efforts only made Lee whimper in agony. He then tried to slide each bloated squishy orb through the ring one at a time but the snug ring was still too narrow and the unbearable anguish of having his battered, swollen, tenderized meatballs compressed between the unyielding metal ring and Andy's calloused, clumsy hand made Lee cry out in protest.
"I'm fucking trying my best! Shut up!" Andy barked.
"You're fucking destroying my big boys, you dumb asshole!" Lee hissed back.
Andy glared at his brother, and in spite, let go of the ring and his genitals. Gravity did its job and the heavy ring's downward descent was abruptly stopped by Lee's swollen testicles. The sudden jolt to his exquisitely-sensitive gonads and the abrupt tug on his ballcords made Lee yelp miserably. Smirking slightly at his ungrateful brother's testicular agony, Andy focused on trying to undo the chain and the ring embedded in the wall.
Erik and his agents moved quietly into action. Ty was smoking outside the car, waiting for his friends to return from their mission.
"Run along now, little boy," an agent whispered behind the startled man.
"Who the fuck are you?" Ty retorted as he looked at the shorter man.
"Someone who would make you run away like a little bitch," he smiled.
Ty smirked as he tossed his cigarette on the ground. He stomped on it to put it out.
"That's how I'm gonna crush you," he hissed as he swung a roundhouse kick at the agent.
The kick narrowly missed the agent but Ty was not deterred, throwing more kicks towards the retreating agent. As Ty launched another high kick, the agent dropped to the ground and threw a swift, powerful upwards kick that smashed into Ty's vulnerable gonads, crushing them between his foot and Ty's bony pelvis. Ty screamed pitifully as his hands shot towards his groin, desperately clutching his aching testicles. Ty stumbled backwards, doubled over from the agony exploding from his injured loins. The agent grabbed a handful of Ty's hair, and hauled the doubled-over man who was desperately nursing his battered genitals, and unceremoniously threw him into his car.
"Now, get the fuck lost before I completely destroy your little boy balls," the agent told Ty.
Ty managed to suppress the nausea and pain enough so that he could start the car and drive off in a cowardly panic.
Just inside the front door, an agent stealthily emerged behind Ben's muscular figure. He tapped on the unsuspecting man's shoulder and as Ben spun around in shock, the agent grabbed hold of his gun and using that grip as leverage, swung his knee between Ben's muscular legs. Ben's jaw fell open slackly and his eyes widened in horror as the bony knee smashed into his dangling testicles. The agent swung another two vicious knees into Ben's traumatized balls, and as the full magnitude of the sickening pain erupted from his battered nards, Ben let go of his gun while he slowly sank to the ground. He made a guttural moan as he cupped his injured manhood. With the butt of his gun, the agent struck the incapacitated man on the side of his head, sending him into blissful unconsciousness.
Erik wanted to save the fun of taking down Andy for himself. As Andy was bent over and focused on trying to undo the chain locked around his brother's swollen testicles, Erik quietly removed the gun he left on the ground and sneaked behind the distracted man. He reached stealthily between Andy's large, bulky buttcheeks and quickly grabbed his low-hanging male plums. Erik gave the squishy organs a quick hard squeeze and twist, drawing a sharp yelp from the shocked Andy. Erik then quickly danced away as the surprised and furious Andy spun around to face his attacker, suppressing the pain in his groin.
Andy's large, husky frame dwarfed the Erik's 5 feet 3 inch tall, 140 pound frame. He was easily three times as large as the diminutive but mean fighter. Andy's confidence swelled as he eyed the unarmed Erik, expecting to easily defeat his much smaller opponent.
"I'm gonna teach you a fucking lesson for messing with my brother, asshole," Andy threatened.
"Bring it on, fat boy. I had lots of fun kicking your big brother's fat ass and now I'm gonna have fun kicking yours. Your big brother couldn't put up much of a fight and you don't look anywhere near as tough as he is, pussy" Erik smiled.
"When I'm done with you, I'm going to fuck you so hard, you'll never walk straight," Andy continued.
"If your cock is as small as your brother's, I don't see how you can fuck anything with it," Erik taunted the larger man.
Andy roared and rushed at Erik, hellbent on murder. Erik quickly stepped aside and kicked him in the right knee, causing the rushing giant to stumble and fall in a messy heap. Andy groaned in pain as he got back up on his feet and charged at Erik again. Erik dodged and delivered another snap-kick at the charging bull. This time, however, his foot smacked into Andy's bulging balls. His thin sweatpants offered no protection against Erik's sharp kick. Andy howled in agony as he clutched his injured, oversized testicles and stumbled to the ground, falling not far from his captive brother.
"Don't fight him, Andy. He'll destroy you... run.. run and get help," Lee whispered urgently, trying to save his younger brother.
Listening to his brother's advice and taken aback by the attacks on his manhood, Andy stood up and ran towards the door. Surprised by this move, Erik gave chase. The clumsy Andy could not run effectively with his baggy, sagging sweat pants and as luck would have it, his pants slipped down, exposing his large, beefy, pink butt. The hulking man's legs became entangled with his pants and he fell with a loud thud. Winded and stunned, Andy just lay there, unable to react. Erik quickly caught up with him and before he could react, Erik grabbed each trunk-like leg and used them to lift Andy's burly lower body off the ground, putting the husky male in a very helpless and vulnerable position with his exposed genitals very nicely displayed. Like his older brother, Andy had a very large set of low-hanging testicles. Although his balls were not as big or as pendulous as his brother's, Andy definitely had a larger, thicker cock.
Andy's big exposed ass and dangling balls.

Taking aim at the fallen hunk's overgrown genitals, Erik delivered a kick that smashed neatly into Andy's big, bobbing balls. Andy screamed and his body spasmed in response to the pain that exploded from his traumatized spunk-tanks but Erik continued to kick his fat, oversized testicles without pity. Sickening meaty smacks rang out every time Erik's foot collided with the unfortunate Andy's squishy, sensitive, nerve-filled, orbs of testicular flesh. Andy's screams of agony and spasms grew weaker with each assault on his battered balls, and soon became a series of pitiful mewling sobs.
Unable to hold the heavy man up any longer, Erik released him and his bulky,half-naked figure flopped on the ground. Andy was too weak from the pain to even curl up in a protective ball and just lay there on his stomach sobbing miserably. Eyeing the reddening, swollen, meaty organs nestled between his muscular thighs on the cold, hard concrete, Erik placed his foot on them and slowly started to grind them into the ground, as if trying to kill a large bug. Andy screamed pitifully as his injured, aching, and abused manhood was being crushed to a pulp between Erik's foot and the unforgiving concrete.
The pain became too much for the young, hulking male to bear and he soon passed out cold. Erik withdrew his foot, not wanting to destroy the husky youth's testicles. If Andy's big boy balls were intact, he would have more fun inflicting punishment on those overgrown orbs. 
Lee was beside himself with fury. "Stop hurting him, you fucking asshole! I swear, if you do any damage to his balls, I'll fucking kill you!!" he yelled out. He struggled in vain, his large testicles were shackled securely and his attempts to free himself only increased the throbbing pain in his abused gonads.
Erik smiled as he knelt beside the angry hulk of a man. He reached between Lee's massive legs, grabbed a hold of the chain locked around his oversized testicles and cruelly yanked it upwards, stretching the poor male's scrotum and ballcords to their breaking point. Lee squealed like an injured pig as he arched his back and stuck his beefy butt as high in the air as possible to relieve the sickening pressure on his sensitive boy parts but to no avail. His squeals were soon replaced by anguished sobs and whimpers as he pleaded with his tormentor for mercy.
Erik let the tortured hunk's battered and bruised gonads go and he curled up in a fetal position, sobbing as he tried to nurse his aching balls and alleviate the nauseating pain emanating from those tenderized meatballs.
"You don't look like you're in any position to make threats, big boy," Erik whispered in his ear as he gently licked the broken man's neck to increase his sexual humiliation even more.
Erik now had three prisoners in custody - Lee, Ben and Andy - and he intended to inflict plenty of abuse on them.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ball kicking bitch

Unimpressed by her naked boyfriend showing off his physique, a brutal bitch delivers a savage kick to his big bulging boy balls to bring him down by a few notches.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Testicle Slam

I'm surprised his gonads are still attached to his body after getting bodyslammed like that...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kick from Behind

After forcing her husband to perform house chores, a sadistic female further emasculates him by kicking his fat, bulging balls when he least expects it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Backhand to Balls

Cute guy goes down after his boy balls are smacked

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crushed Testicles

The new guy in the office gets a painful orientation - his big boy balls are brutally crushed, twisted and mashed by the office bully.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Running Kick

A lazy, horny boyfriend suffers the agony of a running kick to his exposed balls.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Football Ball Kick

This is hot as fuck. Big, husky Packers guard TJ Lang gets a kick to his tightly-packed testicles. I had an instant erection when I saw this.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Russian ballbusting

Russian boys having some fun squeezing balls.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reader Submission: Shane

From a reader: here's my all locked up in a jailhouse  cock cage, blue balls, they get full nice and tight.

(Not quite ballbusting but interesting :-p)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rope busting

A big, muscular wrestler writhing in agony as he gets his bulging balls crushed on the rope. His scrotum is gonna have a bad case of rope burn!

(Awesome gif from Wrestling Arsenal!)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tom's Ballbusting Adventures - Part 2 (Basement Match)

Tom's Ballbusting Adventures - Part 2
by Darrel L.

(thanks for my readers' suggestions!)

Pumped up and horny after an intense weight-training session, Tom strode into the locker room and stripped down. His large, hefty gonads flopped about as he admired his physique in the mirror - an impressive 7 feet tall, 400 pounds of beefy muscle. It was late at night and Tom was alone in the locker room. He cupped his heavy, pendulous testicles and rolled them about his palm, enjoying the sensations emanating from his balls. He had always been proud of his oversized, low-hanging testicles - the symbol of his masculinity. Responding to his gentle ministrations, his cock was soon fully engorged and he shuffled towards the showers, his erect dick sticking out in front of him like a lance.

As warm water flowed from the shower head, Tom's pumped up muscles relaxed. He closed his eyes and took his throbbing boner in his right hand. As he gently stroked his member, his mind drifted back to when he was 15 and he fantasized about one of the most erotic events in his life. It had been a couple of years since his life was turned upside down; the former bully had become the target of bullying and ridicule after the other kids discovered his weakness: his proud, ample, low-hanging, but very weak, pair of testicles. His younger brothers, who were much smaller than he was, were particularly sadistic to their older, bigger brother and would team up on him and constantly torment him at home by attacking his sensitive gonads. When his parents were not home, Tom spent most of the day on the ground, writhing from the agony of having his big bull balls busted by one or both of his cruel siblings.

When he was about 15, Tom came home from school one day to find his two brothers waiting for him.

"Relax, fat boy, we're not gonna beat your big ol' balls just yet," Martin, who was 13, told him.

"What do you want?" Tom asked, suspiciously.

"I'm guessing you'd want us to stop busting your weak balls, big brother," Chad, the youngest one at 11, replied.

"Unless of course, you enjoy us beating up your nuts like some pervy faggot," Martin taunted him.

"If you're willing to fight my friend this weekend, we promise we'd stop tormenting you, dear brother," Chad told him with a sly smile.

"Who's your friend?" Tom inquired, suspecting some kind of trap.

"Jesse. He's my age but smaller than I am. He was mouthing off and said he could beat you up and so we kinda accepted that challenge on your behalf," Chad explained.

Chad and Martin had been dishonest about the story. Martin had bet with his friends that Jesse, who was a petite angelic-looking boy, would be able to beat his hulking, muscular brother in a fight. Their friends naturally thought this was completely ridiculous and that Jesse would be completely pulverized by the beefy behemoth. Nonetheless, they took the bet, expecting to make some easy money. Chad and Martin, however, knew that Jesse, despite his slight build and innocent features, was a vicious and mean fighter capable of taking down boys bigger than he was.

"What's the catch?" Tom asked, still highly suspicious.

"No catch, you dumb fuck. If you beat Jesse in a fight, we'll stop tormenting you forever. If you lose, we continue what we are currently doing, hurting your pathetic babymakers. There's nothing for you to lose, idiot," Martin explained impatiently.

"Unless of course, we've done so much damage to your useless balls that you're a complete fag now," Chad taunted with a quick backhand to Tom's vulnerable testicles.

Tom yelped and doubled over, clutching his aching balls after the unexpected blow. "Fuck you..." Tom hissed, in pain.

Chad pulled up Jesse's photo on his phone and showed it to the injured husky teenager.

"What?! Fight him?! He's tiny!" Tom exclaimed as he examined the photo. Jesse appeared to be about 5 feet tall and 100 pounds. Tom himself was a 6'8", 350 pound giant of a teenager.

"I told you he was a small kid. So, you agree to fight him?" Martin asked.

"Hell yeah. I'll crush the little runt," Tom boasted arrogantly, thinking that this was his chance to redeem his masculinity from all the humiliation he had suffered over the past years.

The weekend soon came and Tom's parents were out of town. He was supposed to babysit his younger brothers but they seemed to have other plans for him. The fight was to take place in the basement, a large space that was almost sound-proof.

"Come down in 5 minutes, Tom," Chad told his brother.

Tom slipped on a pair of his old jocks, hoping that they would offer his big testicles some protection. The fabric was pretty thin and the jockstrap could hardly contain Tom's oversized gonads.

"Damn, should have bought new jocks," he thought as he slipped on a pair of thin cotton shorts. His ample genitals formed an obvious bulge in the front. He decided not to wear a shirt, admiring his big beefy build in the mirror for a bit before heading down to the basement.

Tom's big, bull balls barely contained in his jock

As he entered the basement, he was a taken aback to see a small crowd gathered. They were all Martin's friends, a bunch of 13 year old boys that wanted to see Tom pulverize the little Jesse so they could win some money from Martin. They cheered the hulking teenage bodybuilder as he entered the basement, his large impressive frame towering above everyone else. Tom's pride swelled as he took in the cheers and support.

Across the room, dressed in a black tank top and shorts, was Jesse. He was a small, wiry teenager, 5 feet tall and barely 100 pounds. Growing more confident about his impending victory, Tom began flexing and showing off his muscular build. Jesse smiled calmly, his cold blue eyes watching the large husky teen parade about and paying special attention to the conspicuous bulge between his thick legs. His favorite strategy to take down bigger guys was to attack their balls; for some reason, no guy ever anticipated that their gonads would ever be a target in a fight.

Martin called for attention in the room. "Ok, guys, our big brother Tom is gonna fight Jesse here. The only rule for this fight is that the first guy to pass out or cum loses," he announced.

Jesse smirked but Tom was too busy showing off to notice what Martin just said.

Both teenagers squared off in the middle of the basement. Tom's overgrown frame dwarfed Jesse's tiny figure. Jesse raised both his hands and challenged Tom to a strength competition. Tom laughed loudly and the crowd chuckled in response to this ridiculous challenge.

"Oooh, I'm so scared..." Tom mocked as he accepted this challenge and locked fingers with Jesse. Jesse pushed and shoved as hard as he could, turning as red as a beet. Tom laughed as he just stood his ground with his legs spread apart for balance and easily resisted Jesse's feeble attempts.

"Give up yet, little boy?" Tom asked cheekily, after about three minutes into this one-sided strength competition.

"Not just yet, fat ass!" Jesse retorted, with a sly smile, as he swung his foot between Tom's thick legs.

The large muscular teen let out a guttural groan as Jesse's foot slammed into his vulnerable bulging balls with an audible thwack, drawing a gasp of shock from the small crowd gathered in the basement. As the wave of nausea built up in his gut, Tom tried to dislodge his hands from Jesse's grip to nurse his injured gonads but he was unable to. Jesse unleashed his surprising strength and, significantly weakened by the pain, the big hefty teenager was unable to break his grip.

Taking full advantage of his weakened state, Jesse swung another devastating kick that smashed into Tom's large, aching balls again, drawing a strangled mewling sound from the injured teenager. His knees buckled and he slowly sank to his knees but Jesse maintained a solid grip on his arms, preventing him from protecting his traumatized testicles. As Tom knelt in front of the smaller teenager, his big brawny arms held securely in place, Jesse stared into Tom's wide, fear-filled eyes as he savagely swung another kick between the V formed by the thighs of the kneeling bodybuilder.

Tom howled pitifully as the third consecutive kick smashed into his injured, aching, testicles and caused his big husky frame to spasm in agony. Unable to hold the heavy teenager up by his arms any longer, Jesse let him go and Tom curled up in a fetal position, hugging himself and making keening animal-like noises as waves of agony exploded from his battered balls. Jesse stepped back a while, deciding not to finish the fight so soon. It would have been too easy to continue beating up the incapacitated behemoth. He wanted to toy with him a bit more before beating him into submission.

To humiliate the brawny boy more, Jesse went up to him and yanked off his shorts. Tom was too distracted and paralyzed by the pain to offer any resistance. Derisive giggles rang out as Jesse pantsed Tom, exposing his big doughy butt for all to see. He spanked the bigger teen's large ass, leaving angry red hand prints on his pale flesh, as the big boy groaned softly in protest. Not satisfied with just pantsing his husky opponent, Jesse tore off the flimsy pair of jocks he was wearing. Tom wailed loudly as the support offered by the jocks was suddenly lost, causing his traumatized, aching genitals to flop about. The mocking chuckles and comments grew louder now that the large, hefty boy was left buck naked, clutching his swollen, pendulous gonads on the ground. Jesse then stood back to allow Tom to recover and continue the fight.

After about fifteen minutes, the big brawny teenager recovered enough to stagger to his feet. He faced the petite Jesse, furious and spoiling to beat him up for kicking him in the balls. Jesse smiled as he eyed his handiwork - Tom's battered testicles were now swollen to the size of golf balls and his long pendulous scrotum was a bright shade of red. Tom's large, bulky frame lumbered towards the diminutive Jesse, his ponderous gonads swinging about with each step.

He began swinging wildly at the slight teenager. His powerful punches would have been deadly if they were accurate but fortunately for Jesse, Tom's blows were uncoordinated and slow. Jesse easily dodged Tom's lumbering attacks. As Tom grew tired, his punches grew clumsier and slower. Jesse changed tactics slightly and every time Tom left himself open, Jesse would land a slap on Tom's face. These attacks served to infuriate the oversized teenager and made his attacks more desperate and clumsy. Eventually, sensing it was time to go in for the kill, Jesse ducked below Tom's swinging fist and fired an uppercut between his muscular thighs. Jesse's small hard fist buried itself in Tom's overgrown fleshy testicles, stopping the hulking boy's attack dead in its tracks. Before he could react to the pain and assume the inevitable doubled-over position, Jesse fired off another agonizingly accurate punch that sank into the squishy, swollen, sensitive orbs of testicular meat.

The burly Tom cried out pitifully and doubled over in anguish, clutching his bruised, overgrown meatballs as another wave of nausea exploded into his gut. Jesse launched a series of jabs that connected with Tom's head and face, forcing the massive male into retreat. Tom's tried to protect his face and aching spunk-makers from the unrelenting assault and eventually was backed into a corner. As he raised his muscled arms to protect his head, a quick jab to his traumatized testicles would make him yelp and drop his arms to protect his groin, giving Jesse the chance to attack his head again. Completely confused by the onslaught and out of desperation, Tom reached out with his brawny arms and by pure luck, managed to grab Jesse. He wrapped his arms securely around Jesse's petite figure, holding him in a bear hug.

Martin and Chad gasped in shock as the tables were turned on their fighter. With a shout of victory, Tom bearhugged his tormentor and spun around so that he was pinning the smaller boy between his thick arms against the wall. Jesse's eyes rolled back as Tom crushed his tiny figure and he went completely limp.

"Oh fuck! He fucking killed him!" Chad exclaimed in shock. The stunned reaction spread rapidly among the boys present.

Surprised, confused, and afraid that he had done permanent damage, Tom let go of Jesse's limp body. Suddenly, as he crumpled to the ground, Jesse came back to life, much to everyone's shock, and quickly dived between Tom's trunk-like legs. The whole thing was a ruse! As he swiftly emerged behind the stunned teen's bulky frame, he grabbed a hold of his plump, low-hanging, testicles. Tom gasped in horror at his predicament but it was too late, Jesse had a vise-like grip on his pendulous, smooth scrotum, trapping his fat testicles at the base.

Tom's oversized, low-hanging gonads dangling between his legs

Jesse used his bodyweight to shove Tom against the wall. With his body almost flush against the wall in front of him, Tom was totally helpless and could not double-over to relieve the pressure and tension on his taut, traumatized testicles. With the hefty teen exactly where he wanted him, Jesse tugged backwards and upwards savagely on Tom's sensitive sperm-makers, using the lengthy, droopy scrotum to floss the tormented teen's ass-crack. Tom screamed in utter anguish as his ball cords were pulled to their limit. Unable to double over, he arched his back and pushed his butt backwards in a futile attempt to relieve the tension on his damaged gonads but this only made his genitals more vulnerable to further abuse. Tom's ballsac was so long and saggy that Jesse was able to yank his balls all the way to the top of his ass-crack.

Tom tried desperately to dislodge the pint-sized tormentor who had a unyielding, painful grip on his battered manhood but only managed to annoy Jesse and worsen his agony. He screamed and howled pitifully but his sadistic opponent refused to let up on the tension on the unfortunate boy's testicles. Despite the sickening pain emanating from his bruised and battered balls, Tom's cock became fully engorged and thrust out in front of him in a proud erection. His boner did not escape Jesse's attention.  Instead of tugging at Tom's dangling testicles, Jesse wrapped his strong fingers wrapped around each overgrown orb, constricting the oversized organs so hard that soft, shiny, meaty bubbles of squishy testicular flesh protruded through the gaps between his fingers. This new pain was far worse and Tom began sobbing in utter anguish as his busted balls exploded in sickening waves of gut-wrenching agony.

"Walk backwards, big boy. If you try anything funny, I'll destroy these pathetic balls," Jesse told the sobbing hefty teenager as he squeezed the meaty, nerve-filled orbs. Tom yelped but obeyed him and painfully stumbled backwards while Jesse maintained a tight grip on his traumatized testicles. Now, the entire group of boys saw Tom's raging boner and began laughing at him, adding to his humiliation.

"Fucking fag likes having a guy play with his balls!" someone remarked.

"Get on all fours!" Jesse commanded, giving Tom's squishy, swollen gonads an extra hard squeeze to drive his point home.

Sobbing in pain and humiliation, Tom did as he was told. Jesse immediately jumped up and sat on the big, beefy boy's muscular back, facing his bulky ass. It was a sight to behold - a small boy looking as though he was riding a muscular bull, controlling his large animal by adjusting the pressure on his dangling gonads.

"Come milk this big, fat bull, guys!" Jesse announced. All the guys in the room lined up to have some fun at the humiliated bodybuilder's expense.

While Jesse continued crushing Tom's ponderous nards, the first guy knelt behind Tom, reached between his thick legs and grabbed a hold of his rock-hard cock. Tom whined in protest but was in too much pain to fight back. With a few quick strokes, Tom's hips began bucking involuntarily as his loins exploded in orgasmic pleasure and thick creamy globs of semen squirted from his throbbing cock. Jesse was almost thrown off but managed to stay in place by holding on to the unfortunate teenager's testicles, making Tom whine in pain. Tom quickly learned not to struggle or risk intensifying the torment afflicted on his sensitive, busted balls.

The second boy came up behind Tom and started stroking Tom's swollen, post-climax penis. Tom sobbed miserably and struggled weakly, his bloated cock intensely sensitive after his first orgasm. After a few deft strokes, Tom started moaning again as he fired off another thick load of male milk. As the guys took turns milking the tormented teenager, it was taking longer and longer for him to cum and his semen was becoming thinner in consistency. Tom had an unbelievable amount of jizz and an astonishingly large puddle of cum was building up on the floor, but there was still a limit to the amount of spunk he could shoot. Tom was delirious with the heady mix of pain and pleasure; Jesse's tight grip on his spunk-makers and the constant milking of his incredibly-sensitive penis were almost too much for him to handle. As the last guy stroked his now-purplish cock, only a drop of thin liquid dripped from the tip of his dick as Tom dry-came. That pain was too much for Tom's busted, abused testicles to handle. He screamed pitifully as his body spasmed weakly and he collapsed into the puddle of sweat, tears, and semen on the floor.

Poor Tom's big, swollen, tender testicles flopped between his thick legs after he was beaten.

"Please don't hurt me anymore... please... please..." the humiliated and broken hulk of a boy begged miserably as he painfully curled up into a fetal ball, hugging himself but barely mustering the strength to cradle his swollen, sensitive, red nards. Jesse stood by the fallen bull, placed one foot on his fat, pale butt and raised his arms in victory.

"First to cum loses..." he triumphantly announced.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Big Bull's Ball Bag

I got so fuckin turned on when I saw this pic. Look at him play with that husky boy's fat dangling testicles!! Squeeze those puppies!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Two pairs of balls

A sexy vixen grabs two buddies by their spunk-filled testicles and crushes them until they howl in pain as their friend stands by and stares, too turned-on by the sight of their suffering to help them.

Monday, October 1, 2012

All bound-up and helpless

Look at those taut, tight, speedo-clad balls. I'd love to kneel beside this helpless hunk, stare into his eyes and then punch his trapped nards until he cums.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Catching her horny boyfriend sniffing her panties in her room, Ayumi creeps up behind him and before he can react, swings her foot as hard as she can between his legs. Her hard bony shin crushes his tender testicles against his pelvis, making the horny male squeal in shock and anguish.

He sinks to the ground, desperately clutching at his aching, injured cum-laden balls and sobbing in pain as she laughs at his predicament and warns him about being a perv.

"One more stunt like that and I'll break those fat, juicy meatballs, babe!"

Friday, September 28, 2012

Balls hurt so bad

A young wrestler clutches his injured testicles and writhes in agony after receiving a kick to his big boy balls.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tables turned

Just as he thought he had beaten his opponent, she grabs and crushes his fat, sperm-laden testicles until he cries his submission.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Schoolyard Bust

School boys enjoying some nut busting...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Exposed and busted

A husky Japanese wrestler writhes and groans in agony and humiliation with his hard cock exposed to the sneering audience as his opponent crushes his testicles in a painful hold.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Squeezing and Milking

Damn! I'm so jealous! I would love to have my balls tugged and squeezed while having my cock milked too!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Kick his balls!

Sick and tired of her perpetually horny and abusive boyfriend, a girl delivers a hard kick to his fat, cum-filled testicles.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wrestling Domination

The loser just lies there and takes it. If I were the victor, I'd grab and squeeze his bulging balls until he came all over himself.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beach ballbusting

A topless girl at the beach teaches a big horny muscle stud a lesson by grabbing and crushing his sperm-filled testicles.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Guess who has weaker balls?

Two jocks wrestle and manage to grab a hold of each others' big boy balls and start squeezing as hard as they can. It's kinda obvious who's testicles are weaker..

Thursday, August 30, 2012

MMA groin shots

All the ballbusting moves the MMA frowns upon but we love :-)

Monday, August 27, 2012

200,000 visitors...

... feels as good as a nice hard tug and squeeze on my balls!

Thanks you bunch of horny guys :-)

Oh, don't forget to comment and leave ideas and links to great ballbusting sites, videos, pics, etc!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A man's gonads are his weakpoint

Poor lean young fighter gets his boy-berries smashed twice in one match! His reaction to the sickening pain is so hot...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gang Wars - Part 2

by Darrel L.

(part 1 can be found here)

The Black Ops Unit had quickly transported Lee to a secret safe house which was an old gym. They hauled the unconscious giant of a man inside, untied him and left him in the middle of a boxing ring. Left alone with Lee was Erik, the most effective and sadistic interrogator in the Black Ops.

"You sure you're gonna be ok with him?" an agent asked Erik before leaving.

"Piece of cake. That big oaf is all brawn and no brain. I'll toy with him for a bit then break him down," Erik grinned.

About an hour after the agents left, Lee began to stir. He groaned groggily as he slowly came to. He rolled on one side and left out a sharp yelp as his very sensitive, low-hanging testicles flopped onto the mat with a soft thud. He clutched his traumatized testicles gingerly with his brawny hands, cradling his swollen balls to try to relieve the dull aching pain. As he sat up slowly, he remembered what happened to him.

Lee's husky beefy frame from behind.

"Fucking bitch. I'm gonna rape and kill her!" he groaned as he got on all fours and slowly stood up, trying his best to minimize the impact of movement on his very tender spunk-makers.

"Rise and shine, big guy," Erik called out cheekily from a corner of the ring.

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? WHERE THE FUCK AM I?" Lee demanded as he spun around, wincing as the motion made his dangling aching balls slap into his muscular thighs.

"I'm your worst nightmare, big boy," Erik smirked.

Lee looked at Erik and laughed derisively. The 5 feet 3 inches tall, 140 pound Hispanic man with wiry muscles didn't look very intimidating at all. Lee's 7 foot tall, 400 pound muscle-bound frame easily dwarfed the diminutive man.

"You seriously think I'm gonna be afraid of you? I've easily beaten up guys almost twice your size, you little pencil-dicked fuck," Lee hissed.

"Uhhmm, I wouldn't go around insulting other guys' dicks if I were you. Your little Asian cock looks pretty pathetic. Sure, you've got a pair of big ol' balls, but what's the use of that? How do you even fuck with that little thing? I mean, does the girl ask why you're poking her instead of fucking her?" Erik taunted the big beefy man as he pointed at his flaccid 2 inch cock, trying to provoke him. Erik wanted to push the hot-headed overgrown man into a fight.

"I'm gonna kill you, asshole," Lee fumed, falling into the trap set by Erik.

"I think you're all talk, big boy. Big muscles, big balls, big talk, but you can't fight worth shit," Erik taunted the big man.

"I'll kick your puny little ass. I'll beat you, then I'll fucking kill you!" Lee snorted.

"What say you and I have a little boxing match? No holds barred, three rounds. First to submit or get knocked out loses," Erik suggested, waving a pair of boxing gloves.

"Bring it on! I'll pound you to a pulp, faggot" Lee laughed.

Erik tossed the gloves at Lee and slipped his own gloves on. This was his interrogation technique, he would challenge suspects to contests of strength and masculinity, and use it to break their spirits, making them more susceptible to interrogation.

Lee put on his gloves and began bobbing around shadow-boxing and making grunting noises. His aching gonads were sore but Lee was a big tough guy and he suppressed the discomfort emanating from his groin. However, the pain had taken a toll on the hulking man and he lumbered slowly towards Erik.

Lee threw powerful punches at the smaller man who ducked and easily avoided his lumbering attacks. Although Lee's punches were powerful, they were slow and missed their target. Erik simply danced out of the way of his ham-like fists. After a few minutes, Lee was out of breath, panting heavily as he chased his much smaller opponent around the ring. As his attacks grew much clumsier and slower, Erik sensed it was time to attack. Ducking below a clumsy punch, Erik launched a devastating uppercut that sailed between Lee's muscular thighs like a piston and smashed into Lee's vulnerable, tender big boy balls, compressing them between his pelvis and Erik's unforgiving knuckles. Lee's punch died in midair as the big beefy male howled in pain but before he could protect his damaged manhood, Erik threw two more precise punches that crashed into the much bigger male's overgrown spunk-tanks.

Instinctively, Lee's big brawny hands reached between his legs to protect his traumatized testicles. His knees buckled and he doubled over as the sickening nausea hit him in the gut. He let out a guttural groan of male agony as he sank to his knees, cradling his severely aching balls with his gloved hands. Erik backed up and admired his handiwork - the sight of a behemoth of a man paralyzed by pain after his attack.

"You give, big boy?" Erik teased.

"FUCK YOU!" Lee cursed as he staggered to his feet, intent on fighting on.

Lee used one hand to protect his tenderized testicles and tried to strike Erik with the other. His already clumsy and ineffective attacks were even more useless against the agile and quick man. Erik had already landed three very painful blows but the much bigger man had not even touched his opponent. As the beefy male lumbered towards him, Erik unleashed a barrage of punches on Lee's head. The bulky muscular juggernaut was able to withstand the attack initially but as fists smacked into his eyes and nose, Lee was forced to retreat, trying to fend off the smaller male's furious attack. Eventually, because of his relentless blows, Lee was forced to use both his muscular arms to protect his head and face, leaving his bulging balls unprotected.

Smiling at the opportunity, Erik smashed his fist into Lee's exposed oversized jizz-makers, drawing a blood-curdling howl from the injured man. Lee's hands immediately went to protect his traumatized testicles as he doubled over. Now, his face was exposed and at a much more manageable height.  A punch to the nose made Lee scream in pain as blood spurted from his damaged nose and he staggered backwards, his hands covering face. Again, his big bobbing balls were exposed for attack and Erik launched a one-two combo punch that struck the injured hunk's rapidly-swelling testicles with deadly accuracy.  As the sickening thuds rang out, announcing that Erik's devastating punches connected with Lee's massive orbs of testicular tissue, the big man dropped to the mat, crying in agony as he curled up in a fetal position, trying to protect his face and groin from more abuse.

"Please, no more, I give..." the fallen giant whined pathetically as he writhed in agony from his hurting face and badly-battered gonads.

"Looks like I win round 1," Erik announced as he returned to his corner, leaving the miserable sobbing hunk on the mat.

After almost 20 minutes, the hulking muscle-bound man recovered enough to stagger to his feet. He stared murderously at his much smaller opponent, reasoning that the only reason he lost the first round was that Erik got lucky and managed to hit him in the balls. He would not let him gain such an advantage in this round.

Erik circled the big naked man in the ring, like a lion circling an injured elephant, waiting to pounce and make the kill. Lee was much more cautious this time. He watched his smaller opponent carefully. Erik cheekily came within arm's reach and Lee threw two punches, but Erik danced away. He continued to play this game, sapping the overgrown beefcake of his strength  and wearing him down. Sensing an opportunity, he faked a punch to Lee's groin, causing the bulky male to yelp and jump back in fear.

"Your big ol' balls are pretty useless, aren't they, big boy? A little tap and you scream like a little girl! Can't those overgrown gonads do anything except bounce about? I thought a man's balls made him more manly, but yours seem kinda pathetic," Erik taunted the giant.

Lee turned red with rage but held back, waiting for Erik to make his move. Erik continued to tease the bigger man, coming enticingly within range and dancing away when Lee threw a heavy punch in his direction. This tactic soon wore the husky male down and he began pursuing Erik in frustration. Lee threw a volley of punches at the agile, smaller man but Erik easily avoided all the clumsy blows. Erik then punched the larger male in the face, sending him back in retreat. Instead of allowing him to recover, Erik followed this up by a series of punches to Lee's beefy midsection. While Lee's chubby abdomen jiggled with the punches, Erik could feel the solid wall of underlying muscle. The first few punches had little effect on the muscular behemoth but as Erik continued his relentless attack, he could feel the muscles softening and Lee becoming more winded. Lee was soon hunched over in the middle of the ring with his brawny arms across his face, trying to protect his head and aching abdomen.

Erik danced behind the injured giant and cheekily kicked his large muscular ass.

"I told you I'd kick your big fat ass, didn't I?" Erik teased, as he kicked Lee's beefy butt a few more times, infuriating the overgrown bodybuilder.

With a howl of rage, Lee launched a furious barrage of punches at his smaller opponent. All his oafish blows missed their target, and out of frustration, Lee tried to swing a roundhouse kick. Caught by surprise but quickly reacting, Erik grabbed a hold of the thick muscular leg. As the stunned beefy male desperately tried to balance himself on one leg, Erik swung a kick that neatly smashed into the bigger man's exposed, low-hanging oversized testicles.  Lee screamed in agony but before he could protect his injured manhood, Erik delivered two more sickeningly-accurate kicks to the bodybuilder's bruised and battered babymakers.  Unable to hold the heavy limb much longer, he threw it upwards, causing the injured behemoth to slam into the mat.

The big bulky male immediately curled up in a fetal position again, hugging himself and sobbing in response to the nauseating, gut-wrenching pain exploding from his traumatized testicles. Erik's cock began to stir as he eyed the fallen man, cradling his aching gonads, curled up with his large beefy ass on display. Erik knelt beside the writhing man, pulled off his glove and plunged his hand between the miserable hunk's thick thighs. He grabbed hold of Lee's left testicle, drawing a high pitched scream from the muscular male as he began kneading the fat, squishy organ like a lump of dough.

"I give! I fucking give!! Please don't hurt me anymore... please don't hurt my balls..." Lee cried pathetically.

"Looks like I win Rounds 1 and 2, big boy," Erik announced as he planted his foot on the prostrate hunk's muscular ass and raised his hands in victory.

The large, hefty Lee took a much longer time to recuperate from the sickening pain radiating from his injured gonads. When he finally was able to stagger to his feet, he stared at his tormentor with a blazing murderous fury. Erik smiled as he eyed the angry bull of a man. He wanted him to be angry. He wanted the beefy bodybuilder to be so angry he would make mistakes that lead to his downfall. Lee yanked off his gloves.

"Enough of this boxing bullshit! I'm gonna tear you to pieces with my bare hands!" Lee fumed.

"Bring it on, big boy!" Erik taunted the naked giant of a man, as he pulled off his own gloves.

With a roar of fury, the hulking Asian male rushed at Erik. Erik stood his ground as the big man, who's frame was three times larger than his own, was almost on top of him. Thinking he had Erik where he wanted him, Lee gave a shout of victory as his brawny arms swung together in an attempt to lock Erik in a deadly bearhug. The smaller, lightning-quick Erik ducked just in time and threw himself to the side of the ring, out of Lee's reach. Erik had misjudged Lee's speed and had barely escaped. As Erik was still on the ground, trying to collect himself, the big beefy bodybuilder charged towards him and raised his foot in the air, planning to deliver a brutal stomp.

Erik's training quickly kicked in. With blinding speed, he kicked upwards as hard as he could while Lee's foot was still in raised. Lee's cry of victory was cut abruptly and replaced by a strangled cry of pain as Erik's foot slammed into Lee's dangling, very vulnerable testicles with a loud thwack. Lee folded up, hugging himself and screaming in anguish as he stumbled backwards in painful retreat, allowing Erik the room and time to get back on his feet. Lee fought to suppress the nausea and pain burning in his balls and gut. He growled as he charged at Erik again, trying bearhug him yet again.

Erik couldn't believe the big dumb oaf would repeat a similar move. He was prepared this time and as Lee's massive frame bore down on him, he deftly dived between his huge, trunk-like legs. While doing so, he managed to grab a hold of the confused hulking male's pendulous, overgrown sperm-makers and using the unfortunate bull's long, smooth scrotum like a rope, he swung himself between the muscular thighs. Lee's brain registered the horror of his situation but it was too late. He slammed his thick, hefty thighs together in a futile attempt to protect his once-proud and hefty balls. By now, Erik was standing behind the panicking beefy male with a good, strong grip on his bloated, squishy plums. With each hand solidly gripping and crushing each fat testicle, Erik smiled smugly; he knew he had the hulking bull right where he wanted him - by the balls.  In abject agony and a state of utter panic, Lee stupidly tried to stumble forwards, thinking he could escape the vise-like grip on his bulging balls. Instead, this resulted in more anguish for the bodybuilder as his ballcords were pulled to painfully taut lengths and his large ponderous gonads were trapped at the bottom of his thinly-stretched ballsac.

Erik grabbing hold of Lee's swollen testicles between his ass-cheeks.

Lee howled pitifully, doubled over with both his brawny arms hugging his chubby abdomen in response to the sickening waves of pain erupting from his battered and hurting nards. Erik's strong fingers were wrapped around each tender testicle, constricting the oversized organs so hard that soft meaty bubbles of squishy testicular flesh protruded through the gaps between his fingers. Lee was beside himself in agony, screaming and crying miserably as his knees began to buckle and he sank slowly to the mat. Erik refused to let the tormented hunk fall to the mat. He yanked on Lee's swollen, very red balls upwards savagely, drawing a sharp yelp from the hapless hulk and forcing him to remain on his feet or suffer further testicular agony.

Lee's brain was seared by the inhuman pain exploding from his swollen, red and battered balls. In desperation, he reached behind him and tried to swat his tormentor away. Instead, Erik pulled on the big man's smooth, pendulous scrotum causing the long sac to become even more taut and shiny. Because he had such low-hanging gonads, Erik was able to stretch the unfortunate beefy man's scrotum to about 12 inches, putting himself comfortably out of Lee's reach and increasing the big man's pain scale by a hundred-fold. Lee sobbed pitifully, making soft mewling noises as his large, aching gonads were now being crushed, squeezed, twisted and stretched. Lee staggered backwards, trying to reduce the tension on his ballcords but Erik started walking fast around the ring, maintaining the tension on the tortured man's scrotum. The delirious, sobbing beefy hulk of a man was forced to stumble backwards, doubled over,  as the much smaller male hauled him around the ring, using his fat, dangling balls as a very effective leash.

The pain was finally too much for the big bodybuilder to bear and his knees buckled causing him to stumble. Erik mercifully let go of the tormented hunk's exquisitely painful, swollen testicles as the sobbing Lee writhed on the mat in utter anguish, desperately hugging his lower abdomen and clutching his tenderized gonads.  Erik kicked the large muscular male until he rolled on his back then knelt down with one knee resting on the frightened man's barrel-like muscular chest. Glancing at the injured hunk's groin, he admired the damage he had inflicted on Lee's oversized testicles. The already ponderous organs were now the size of large lemons, felt extra squishy, and taken on a reddish-purplish hue.

Lee's tear-stained eyes grew wide with horror as Erik reached towards his horribly-aching balls. He whimpered pitifully, expecting more abuse to his bruised and battered spunk-makers, but instead, Erik gently caressed the fallen hulk's testicles. As his fingers ran back and forth over Lee's smooth, overgrown male organs, Lee whined miserably as his pathetic cock swelled up to a full erection.

"Looks like big gay boy here likes having a guy playing with his big ol' balls," Erik smirked at the confused and frightened hunk's expression.

"Please... stop... no more..." Lee whined miserably, but his cock remained rock-hard.

Erik continued his ministrations as the defeated, humiliated bull of a man sobbed in shame and confusion. Despite the pain emanating from his beaten balls, Lee's fully erect cock began dripping copious amounts of precum. Lee's sobs turned into little moans of pleasure and lust as his hips began gently thrusting involuntarily. Erik grabbed Lee's small but throbbingly erect penis and began stroking it. Within seconds, the heady mixture of pain and pleasure from his battered and aching balls pushed him to the brink of orgasm.

"Please stop... fuck, no more, please... don't make me cum, dude, no... I'm not fucking gay..." Lee begged.

Ignoring the large man's pleas, Erik continued to pump his swollen cock and in moments, a guttural groan announced Lee's impending orgasm. Erik immediately stopped and drew back his fist. Lee's hips bucked as his dick spewed out globs of sticky male milk all over his abdomen.  After about 6 spurts, Lee's body continued to weakly spasm as his cock continued to squirt like a kid's water pistol. Instead of letting the big man enjoy his climax, Erik slammed his fist down on his sensitive gonads.

As the meaty thud of Erik's small but powerful fist burying itself in Lee's large but very swollen, sensitive, squishy nerve-filled testicular tissue rang out and caused another big load of semen to spurt out of his still-erect penis, Lee let out a blood-curdling scream as his legs and upper body jack-knifed in response to the explosive pain. Lee slipped into unconsciousness, his orgasm utterly ruined and his brain unable to take any more pain from his abused gonads.

Erik knelt over the husky frame of the unconscious hulk and began jacking off. Beating a much bigger opponent and sexually-humiliating him never failed to turn him on. After squirting his load all over Lee's face, he wiped off the remaining drops of cum on the fallen hunk's pendulous ballsac, using the defeated man's own scrotum like his personal cum-rag. Erik left him passed out in the middle of the ring to await further punishment.