Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Park Brawl

by Darrel L.

Jacob was on his usual evening run after getting off work. He was 29, in great shape and in the prime of life. He lived in a fairly quiet neighborhood inhabited by young families and at around dinner, the park didn't have many people around. As he jogged past a clearing in the woods, he heard some voices arguing and so he stopped for a bit to see what was going on.

Spying from behind some bushes, he saw two kids - one looked like he was bullying the other. The bigger boy was about 16 but was built like a linebacker, about 6'5" tall and 300 pounds, muscular but pudgy. The smaller, thinner boy looked to be about 13, 5'2" and 100 pounds. The bigger boy had grabbed the smaller kid by his backpack and was laughing as he swung him about wildly. The smaller boy was yelling loudly in protest but couldn't do much to stop his oversized bully. The bully finally let the bag go and the boy went tumbling on the grass like a little ragdoll, then lumbered over and stood over his victim, massive legs spread and hands on his waist as he continued to taunt and laugh at him.

Jacob was getting pissed and was about to put the bully in his place when he heard the little kid yell angrily, "Don't you fucking talk about my brother again!!" as he kicked directly upwards between the two bulky legs, nailing his bully right in his vulnerable gonads. Jacob was stunned by the turn of events. The hefty teenage boy appeared just as surprised and let out a low-pitched moan as he hugged himself, doubled-over from the aching pain in his big boy balls. The smaller boy quickly scrambled to his feet but instead of running away, threw his bag aside, and faced his bully with his little fists balled up, ready for a fight.

"You're dead!" the bully croaked, suppressing the blazing pain in his groin as he whipped off his shirt. Clad in basketball shorts, the overgrown bully raised his large ham-like fists as well, his eyes glowering with anger from being so unceremoniously kicked in the balls.

"Bring it on, fat boy!" the smaller boy answered fearlessly.

Jacob wanted to stop the fight, fearing that the smaller kid would be pulverized, but a part of him was mesmerized by the action, rooting for the fearless little wolverine facing the big male bull.

The bully lumbered forward, his fat gut jiggling about and his bulging genitals flopping from side to side as he wildly swung his big fists. If one punch connected with the kid, it would have been the end of him but he managed to dodge every blow. The husky teen continued to throw clumsy punches that only hit at air and he began to tire, his punches growing slower and more awkward. His smaller opponent, probably sensing his massive attacker was winded and vulnerable, launched a fast, furious counter-attack. His punches were not as powerful as the bigger boy's but were deadly accurate, striking the bully's doughy face rapidly and sending him into a retreat. As the bully raised his brawny arms to protect his head, the smaller kid expertly switched targets, his tiny fists lacing into his bully's flabby gut. When the bully lowered his arms, a barrage of rapid, angry punches would instead fly at his face.

Dazed and desperate, the bigger boy spread his beefy arms to try to grab his nimble attacker. Instead of dodging, the smaller kid grabbed his bully's muscular arms for support as he swung his knee between the teenager's thick legs. His knee crashed into the hapless husky oaf's big, bobbing balls, once, twice and a third time as the bigger boy wailed in pitiful agony and doubled over again, clutching his aching, injured testicles. After bringing his overgrown bully to a manageable height, the smaller boy landed a powerful punch to his bully's nose, drawing blood and a loud cry of pain. The bigger boy instinctively brought his hands to his wounded face and straightened up, his legs spread for balance and leaving his battered nards open for attack. The smaller kid swung a deadly kick that smashed into the bully's traumatized genitals with a loud, sickening thwack. A weak, anguished squeal escaped the bigger boy's lips as he dropped to his knees, semi-conscious from the brutal attack on his head and tender testicles. One hand was feebly trying to defend his face and the other barely protected his aching testicles. The smaller boy continued his relentless assault, grabbing a handful of his would-be tormentor's hair with one hand as the other launched a few more punches into his bloodied, doughy face.

He then kicked away the bully's hand, drew back his foot and swung it between the V formed by the kneeling bully's thighs, smashing it into the bigger boy's sensitive, traumatized manhood yet again. His bully's jaw fell open in a silent scream of anguish as nauseating pain exploded from his fragile testicles. He let go off the bigger boy's hair and the hefty teenage crumpled on the grass, barely conscious from the inhumane pain searing his brain. Part of Jacob wanted to stop the furious assault on the fallen teen but the sight of a smaller boy completely destroying a much bigger kid turned him on and he had a raging erection that obscenely tented his thin running shorts. He was completely riveted as he watched the smaller kid pull off the bigger boy's shorts and boxers. Completely naked with all the fight beaten out of him, the bully didn't resist and could only whimper in fear. The smaller boy then took the bully's T-shirt and ripped it into strips to tie his arms behind his back and his ankles together.

He flipped the sobbing bully on his back and Jacob started to precum copiously and involuntarily touch his boner when he caught sight of the bully's bruised, bloated balls which were the color and size of large juicy plums, nestled between his massive thighs and little stump-like cock, likely shriveled from humiliation, fear and pain. The smaller kid then sat on his bully's barrel-like chest in a school-boy pin and stared into the bigger boy's tear-filled eyes.

"Please... please... I'm sorry... please... no more..." the bully whimpered in defeat.

Instead of giving him any mercy, the smaller kid launched a few more punches into his bully's tear-stained, bloodied face and then turned around so that he was facing his bully's busted, purplish balls. Jacob saw a sadistic smile light up the wild little warrior's face as he began to rain down punches on his bully's swollen, traumatized genitals. Loud meaty thuds rang out as his bony little fists smashed into the nerve-rich, bruised, fleshy orbs of testicular tissue and the unfortunate bully could only howl in agony, his beefy body spasming weakly with every blow. Jacob's rational brain told him that he should stop the fight before permanent damage the bigger boy's manhood suffered permanent damage, but his throbbing erection began to pulsate with each punch.

After a few minutes, those meaty thuds began to sound like squishy thwacks as the bully's battered, bruised, and busted nards swelled to the size of grapefruits. The bigger boy was on the verge of passing out but the smaller boy slapped his face around to rouse him. Waking up from the fog of pain, he begged his victim to let him go and promised to stop picking on him. The smaller kid undid the make-shift ropes and commanded his bully to get on all fours with his large, chubby ass in the air. His large frame wracked by miserable sobs, the bully fearfully obeyed his would-be victim.

"Please don't hurt my balls anymore... I wanna have kids... please, man..." the crying bully whined.

Snorting in contempt, the smaller kid took a few steps back, ran forward and swung a powerful, devastating kick between his bully's ass cheeks, punting the unfortunate male's swollen, squishy, dangling gonads with such force that his entire lower body lifted off the ground as he screamed in abject agony. The sickening pain was too much for the bigger teen, and he was out cold as his beefy body flopped back on the grass. Jacob lost control and creamed his underwear and shorts the moment the smaller boy's foot smashed into the bully's oversized balls. As an intense orgasm rocked his loins, his legs buckled and he had to grab on to a nearby tree to prevent himself from falling over.

As he recovered from his mind-blowing orgasm, Jacob saw the bully's large, unconscious frame lying on the grass as the smaller boy walked off in the distance, a spring in his step after vanquishing his much larger tormentor and utterly destroying his manhood. Ashamed of himself, Jacob rushed over to the unconscious boy to check on him. Thankfully, he was alive, only passed out. He reached between the bully's legs and gingerly felt his testicles. His testicles were massively swollen, squishy and very bruised but still intact.

Embarrassed by the wet, sticky patch on his shorts, Jacob decided to run back home to clean off his jizz before going back to the park. He managed to rouse the unconscious teenager.

"Uh... It's ok. Don't tell anyone. I fell..." the boy lied to Jacob as he gingerly pulled on his shorts and limped away in humiliation, wincing and yelping every time his swollen, fragile, dangling balls bumped about.


  1. Interesting story, I'd like to see where you take this Jacob character... thanks for posting!

    1. I wrote it as a one off story but who knows... if I get more naughty ideas about him I can expand it further :-)