Sunday, October 28, 2018

Brotherly Love - Part 2

Tyler had humiliated his stepbrother and former bully after discovering how vulnerable the big oaf's overgrown gonads were. As Josh sat in his tightie-whities icing his swollen manhood in the basement, the beefy bodybuilder could not believe how the pint-sized teen gymnast had made him look like such a fool. The 6'7", 350 lb bodybuilder gingerly inspected his traumatized testicles, which were swollen to the size of avocados and ached with every step he took. He groaned deeply as even gently handling his battered balls caused the throbbing ache from his fragile manhood to spike.

"Oh, Josh..." Tyler's called out in a teasing sing-song manner.

"What?" the gruff reply came.

"When I call you, I expect you to reply politely. I would like you to say 'yes, sir' when I call you. Is that understood?" Tyler scolded playfully as he stood in front of his hulking stepbrother.

"Fuck off!" Josh barked angrily.

"Now, now. That's no way to speak to your brother, especially after he kicked your fat ass and you agreed to do as he says," Tyler reprimanded.

"Fuck off, you fucking little prick," Josh answered. He wanted to jump off the sofa and smack the mouthy teen but reminded himself that jostling his aching balls would only make them hurt more.

"Little prick? I think that's what's hanging between your legs, brother. I remember quite clearly how tiny it was," the gymnast taunted, as he made a gesture with his index finger and thumb to emphasize how underwhelming the bodybuilder's cock was, which only aggravated the short-tempered bull further.

"I am gonna fucking tear you apart if you don't fucking get the fuck away from me," Josh growled.

"If you don't stop cussing, I'm gonna have to spank you, you potty mouth," Tyler answered.

"FUCK OFF!" Josh yelled as he threw a porn magazine at the petite gymnast. Tyler dodged the projectile easily and picked it up.

"Your porn, bro? So these are the big breasted blonds you fantasize about," he said, thumbing through the pages.

"You'll never get a girl like this, dude. Your cock is too small. One look at that tiny thing and girls will laugh," he continued as Josh's rage grew.

"You know, I've realized something. You fat boys usually have big balls but little cocks. I really cannot understand why. You'd think that big nards would mean a big cock, but you've got huge balls but a sad little dick. I've seen much bigger dicks in my high school locker room. In fact, you're a grown man but you've got the smallest cock ever," Tyler knew that Josh was extremely insecure about the size of his penis and watched his face turn crimson with rage.

"You're the biggest man with the fattest balls that I know, but you have the tiniest nub I've seen in my life," the cheeky gymnast went on.

Ignoring the soreness in his genitals and blind with rage, the burly man launched himself off the sofa to attack the pesky teen standing about 8 feet from him. With one hand cradling his oversized testicles to protect them, he swung about with the other arm to strike his annoying stepbrother. Tyler easily avoided the clumsy oaf's blows. He picked up the magazine that Josh had hurled at him earlier, rolled it up, and waved it at the furious gorilla of a man who was trying to kill him.

"If you don't behave, I'm gonna have to smack you, fat boy," Tyler warned.

Josh smirked, as if a rolled-up magazine could hurt a big man like himself. He continued to try to hit the agile teen, who effortlessly ducked and weaved out of the way.

Deciding that it was time to go on the offensive, Tyler used the apparently innocuous rolled-up magazine to smack the rampaging bodybuilder's face as he avoided his awkward strikes. The sharp pain from the magazine smacking his sensitive nose made his eyes water and slowed his attack, as the burly man had to also try to prevent his lightning-quick tormentor's counter-attack.

Josh's already clumsy blows became even slower as his vision became blurred from the tears in his eyes but he still kept one hand over his genitals, protecting his fragile organs. Tyler dove between his massive legs, and as he emerged behind the ponderous bodybuilder, he poked two fingers between his thick ass-cheeks, aiming for his asshole. Josh yelped in shock and literally jumped at the unexpected attack, feeling utterly violated.

"FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FAG!!" the raging bull roared in fury, utterly consumed with rage and intent on killing the laughing Tyler. He lifted both muscular arms, and lunged at the petite teen, forgetting about protecting his vulnerable manhood.

"Target acquired!" Tyler smiled, his attention drawn to the lumbering giant's bulging balls, bobbing around and barely contained by the flimsy fabric of his white briefs.

The pint-sized, athletic gymnast waited until the hulking bodybuilder was almost on top of him. Josh growled as he tried to grab hold of Tyler, intent on strangling his stepbrother. Using the behemoth's momentum against him, Tyler quickly grabbed Josh's wrists, pulled him forwards and downwards, and as the surprised bodybuilder found himself falling to the ground face-first, the agile teen landed on his back and kicked both legs towards Josh's groin.

Josh yelped in pain as Tyler's feet crunched into his delicate dangling testicles and began mashing them against his own pelvis as the unbelievably strong gymnast hoisted the huge man upwards. Tyler's powerful legs rocked the screaming man back and forth, smushing his ample balls between his feet and the bodybuilder's pelvis, and after building up enough kinetic energy, propelled the giant head-first tumbling across the basement floor.

Stunned by Tyler's judo move and the pain from multiple body parts, Josh lay motionless on his side as he tried to formulate a reaction. Not allowing his burly opponent any respite, Tyler took aim at the pair of oversized meatballs bulging invitingly between his immense hamstrings. His foot sailed silently through the air and collided with the fragile organs with a sickening thwack. The bodybuilder squealed in agony as he folded up like a pretzel, hugging himself to protect his battered balls from further assault.

"Get your fat ass to the kitchen when you're done nursing those big sorry balls. There are chores you need to do," Tyler commanded, leaving the miserable Josh to wallow in his anguish.

After about half an hour, the huge man managed to stagger to his feet and very gingerly made his way out of the basement. He wanted to get another bag of frozen peas to soothe his sore genitals, and had no intention to do any chores.

"About time," Tyler smiled as he noticed his stepbrother's massive frame emerging from the basement.

"Wash the dishes, then dust the shelves and clean the kitchen counter," the petite gymnast ordered.

"Fuck you," the angry bodybuilder mumbled as he slowly lumbered to the kitchen, retrieved his frozen peas, and headed back towards the basement.

Back in his man-cave, Josh dropped his briefs and inspected his busted balls which were swollen to the size of large avocados now,  hanging lower than ever, and glowing a bright shade of red. He groaned deeply as he sat on the couch and placed the cold bag over his aching testicles. He closed his eyes as he felt the awful pain dissipate as the cold numbed the billions of nerve endings in his spunk-filled boys.

"You didn't do your chores, fat boy. I'm gonna spank you now," Tyler's voice pierced the haze of pain Josh was in.

"Get out! Fucking leave me alone, you little shit" Josh replied.

"Rude and lazy. You really are asking for an ass whooping," Tyler shook his head in response.

Josh stood up slowly, his mammoth frame towering over the teen, who stared back, not the slightest bit afraid.

"I'm in no mood to fuck around with you today, fag. If you don't leave me alone, I will fucking kill you," Josh hissed menacingly, poking a finger at Tyler's chest.

"What happened to your dick, dude?" Tyler laughed loudly, pointing at the giant's groin. The frozen peas soothed his battered balls but had also caused his already small penis to shrivel up. It was barely visible beneath the thick dark bush of pubes.

"Did I do that to your soo-wee big boy balls?" Tyler continued in a mocking child-like voice, as he inspected the low-hanging, swollen, and very red balls between Josh's legs.

Josh snapped. He lunged at the petite gymnast, who ducked and avoided his attack. Blinded by murderous fury, Josh chased his stepbrother around the basement. Tyler dodged and weaved around furniture, always managing to stay out of reach of the rampaging bull elephant pursuing him. He quickly slipped under the heavy king-sized bed, and the blundering bodybuilder dove under the bed after him. Josh's beefy muscular body got stuck beneath it, as Tyler easily escaped from the other side of the bed.

The nimble athlete leaped on top of the bed, and saw how vulnerable his former bully was. Josh's lower body was in the open, his legs spread temptingly as the beefy bodybuilder tried to wiggle out from under the bed. Taking full advantage of his stepbrother's precarious situation, Tyler jumped off the bed and landed his bony butt on Josh's lower back, knocking the wind out of him. His hand plunged between the large ass-cheeks and seized hold of the bodybuilder's fat, cum-laden testicles.

The panic-stricken behemoth struggled to free his delicate danglers from Tyler's grip. Trapped beneath the heavy bed, his upper body could not move much and his humongous legs thrashed about wildly. The flailing was futile. Tyler's powerful grip, built over years of gymnastics, was locked around Josh's fuzzy, pendulous scrotum. Each overgrown testicle was much larger than Tyler's small hand but because he gripped the long, thin sac, he effectively trapped Josh's plump gonads at the bottom of the sack. It was like he was strangling Josh's plump balls.

Tyler yanked the terrorized bodybuilder's bloated balls upwards and towards himself, drawing a howl of agony. Josh arched his back as far as he could, making his big ass look even larger, to try to relieve the pressure on his sensitive gonads and flimsy ballcords. The sadistic gymnast maintained the painful tension on his former bully's manhood, stretching the delicate dangling testicles to their limit and flossing the huge man's ass-crack with his own scrotum as Josh began screaming frantically.

"Time for your spanking, fat boy!" Tyler announced as he began slapping Josh's ample ass  cheeks alternately. The bodybuilder barely responded to the spanking, too consumed by the awful pain exploding from his traumatized testicles.

Tyler admired his bright crimson palm prints on Josh's pale, pasty butt. Deciding to torment his captive stepbrother even more, the teen began slapping his trapped testicles instead.

Josh's screams turned into hoarse cries of anguish as Tyler smacked his bruised and battered balls.

"Left! Right! Left! Right" Tyler called out, as he struck each nerve-filled, cum-laden, and rapidly-swelling organ in turn.

The bodybuilder's struggling and cries grew weaker as the inhumane pain paralyzed his brain. After about 10 minutes of torture, Tyler noticed that his stepbrother's brawny frame was covered in sweat and feebly twitching and he was making incoherent animal noises.

Feeling a twinge of mercy, Tyler released the extra-squishy meatballs, which were now a maroon hue, and distended to the size of oranges. He lifted the bed off the trapped bodybuilder, who was so weakened by the nauseating agony that he could barely move. Tyler kicked his enormous body to roll him over and away from the bed.

"Oh what do we have here? Did you jizz all over the carpet?!" Tyler laughed, pointing at a large sticky wet patch on the carpet where Josh's groin had been, and at the sobbing bodybuilder's spunk-matted pubes. The pain afflicted on his sensitive, fragile gonads somehow made the big man empty his load.

"From now on, your name is Tiny because of your small dick," Tyler said, poking his toe at Josh's limp, 2-inch penis.

"Do you understand me?" he continued, grabbing the sobbing giant's bruised and battered balls to drive home his point.

"Yes! Yes! Please stop hurting my balls. I can't take anymore," Josh whimpered pitifully.

"What's your name?" Tyler barked, squeezing the terrified bodybuilder's tenderized testicles.

"TINY!" Josh immediately answered, his face contorted with anguish.

Tyler released his stepbrother's abused balls, grabbed him by the hair, and told him, "Get your fat ass up, go clean the rug and then clean yourself up."

Sobbing softly, the massive man dragged himself across the floor slowly, cupping his badly-aching balls tenderly to avoid jostling them. He obediently cleaned up the puddle of his jizz from the rug, and went into the shower. He turned the cold water on, allowing it to soothe the throbbing pain in his genitals.

Suddenly, Tyler pulled back the curtains, startling the wet, naked hulk. He instinctively reacted by covering his groin.

"Oh please! No need to cover up. I've seen that wee little thing already," Tyler laughed.

"Tiny, I want you to shave yourself smooth. I want your whole body, especially those fat useless balls hanging between your legs, to be as smooth as a baby's ass," he commanded, handing the bewildered, hulking male a razor who just stood there in silence.

Tyler unleashed a sharp backhand that swatted Josh's naked dangling testicles with a resounding smack. The burly bodybuilder instantly screamed, and dropped to his knees in the tub, clutching his bruised and bloated balls.

"Do you understand what I told you, Tiny?" Tyler demanded.

"Yes, sir," the traumatized former bully whined.

"Good. Make sure you are completely smooth. If I see any body hair remaining, I will kick those big sorry nards of yours until you pass out!" Tyler commanded.

"Yes, sir. I will, sir," Josh meekly replied, his pride as badly hurt and bruised as his big battered balls.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018