Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Revenge of the Nerds

Kurt hurried from class to the study room. He was running late for the group project, and didn't want to appear like a slacker. Their group already had one slacker - Chase, the college football team's linebacker. His grades were barely meeting the already low standard for college athlete's, and his laziness was putting him at risk of losing his place on the team. If Chase wasn't such a massive and strong linebacker, his coach wouldn't have gone through the trouble of getting him into the "nerds" group for this project.

Chase refused to contribute anything to the group. He would come after football training, not even bother to shower, and just slouch in a corner, eating loudly, and making dumb jokes. The rest of the group, Kurt, Diego, and Andy, were exasperated and frustrated with the big oafish jock's laziness. They weren't allowed to kick him out of the group, and were therefore forced to shoulder his share of the work.

This evening, Chase came sauntering in, smelling of sweat and dirt as usual, wearing the same clothes he wore through training - a muscle tank and really loose grey basketball shorts that barely stayed on. He sat in his usual spot, and began talking loudly about how the football team was all psyched about the game on Friday, and about how he was going to bang the sexy new cheerleaders. Diego politely tried to steer the conversation back towards the work at hand but to no avail.

"I need some good booty tonight. I've not cum in, like 3 days, and my big boys are so backed up, they feel really firm and full," Chase continued, grabbing at his ample bulge through his shorts.

"Chase, would you please shut up? We're trying to work here, and you don't contribute anything as it is," Diego told him in frustration.

"What did you say?" Chase replied menacingly as his enormous 6' 7", 450 lb frame rose slowly. He was built like an off-season bodybuilder combined with a wrestler - huge chest, brawny arms, broad shoulders, a gut, and gigantic legs.

"I asked you to shut up," Diego shot back from across the table, fed up with the jock's attitude, and seemingly unaware of how tiny his 5'6", 120 lb figure was in comparison to the enormous linebacker.

Erupting in fury, the massive jock almost effortlessly shoved the large table out of the way and grabbed Diego by his shoulders, lifted him up, and slammed him against the wall.

"Who the fuck are you to tell me to shut up, you fucking nerd?!" Chase bellowed angrily, as he repeatedly slammed the petite Diego against the wall. Andy sat there motionless, stunned and completely terrified.

Chase continued to cussing and slamming the helpless nerd against the wall, so blind with rage that he didn't notice or care that his loose shorts had slipped down around his knees. Diego was shaken so hard that his glasses flew off. Almost blind and helplessly mauled by a gorilla of a man, he thought that this was the end for him.

The study rooms were almost sound-proof and the room his group had was located at the far end of a long hallway, and so Kurt didn't hear the commotion going on inside. He opened the door, and was shocked to see the huge football player shaking his best fried like a rag doll. Kurt threw his backpack at the furious linebacker.

"Let him go, motherfucker!" Kurt yelled as his backpack hit Chase's back. The impact didn't hurt the massive bull at all but was enough to draw his attention. Chase turned around to see the angry Kurt, who was smaller than Diego, clenching his fists and trying to fight him. Chase dropped the dizzy Diego to the ground as he turned to face Kurt.

"Oh, so you want to get your ass beat as well, nerd?" Chase sneered.

"Bring it, asshole!" Kurt answered bravely.

Diego was dazed and practically blind without his glasses, but realized that Chase was about to attack Kurt and would probably kill him. The only thing he could clearly see was Chase's trunk-like legs, and dirty sweats hanging around his knees. As he looked upwards, he noticed the big oaf's low-hanging testicles hanging invitingly through the leg of his boxers, sloshing from side to side between his thick ass-cheeks. His fear and anger focused his attention like a laser on Chase's dangling manhood, and without hesitation, Diego reached out with both hands and grabbed hold of the linebacker's bobbing balls.

Chase had begun lumbering towards Kurt, his ham-like fists raised high to pound the puny nerd, but stopped in his tracks when he felt something latch onto his sensitive testicles, followed by a deep sickening pain shooting from his manhood into his gut. Looking down, he saw Diego had grabbed onto his pendulous ball sac.

"Let go off my balls, you fucking fag!" he yelled as he tried to pull Diego's hands from his aching testicles. Diego clung on to the enraged jock's ample, spunk-filled gonads with every ounce of strength he had. As Chase stomped about to try to dislodge his grip, the pint-sized geek gripped his bulging balls even harder and was practically swinging about with Chase's stretchy, pendulous scrotum with his full weight, like a monkey swinging on a vine. The horrible pain of having his ballcords stretched to breaking point combined with the anguish of Diego crushing his squishy, sperm-filled gonads soon turned Chase's anger into panic. He was afraid the nerd he was about to beat to a pulp would rip his delicate family jewels off. He began to punch at Diego's head to try to get him to release his aching balls.

"Fucking let go of my fucking balls!!!" Chase screamed as he punched at Diego. Terrified that he would be killed if he let go, Diego squeezed the big oaf's squishy testicles even harder and pulled down as much as he could to get out of range his fists. Chase's delicate scrotum was stretched so taut, the skin appeared shiny and glossy, and all the little blood vessels criss-crossing the ballsac were engorged like green and bluish worms. The agonizing pain exploding from his manhood grew exponentially, and Chase, in desperation, picked up a chair to hit the tenacious nerd who had his fragile testicles in a death-grip.

Andy snapped out of his petrified state and leaped into action to pull the chair out of Chase's hands. Kurt and Andy then held onto each of Chase's arms, rendering the large man helpless. Chase struggled to free himself from the nerds - two disabling his arms, and one locked on his tenderized testicles - but was so weakened by the awful pain exploding from his groin that he could barely put  up a struggle. The enormous linebacker sank to his knees slowly, his screams of anguish replaced by sobs and weird, strangled groans. Diego refused to release the big man's traumatized testicles even then. As Chase's fat, pasty ass descended on him, Diego scrambled so that he was now standing behind the huge jock, who was now reduced to a manageable height.

His mammoth frame wracked by pain, Chase dropped to his knees, his face on the ground and thick butt in the air. Andy and Kurt locked each of his brawny arms in place and he was helpless and could not even protect his abused manhood. Diego now was pulling his balls towards the small of his back, literally flossing the bull's ass crack with his own taut scrotum. The bully was reduced to a sobbing, mewling mess as the pint-sized nerd continued crushing his bruised and battered balls in his unforgiving grip.

Diego's forearm muscles began cramping from the force he inflicted on the hulking jock's rapidly-swelling gonads. He managed to quickly put his glasses back on, and couldn't believe that he had the beefy bully by the balls. The three nerds exchanged excited glances, and couldn't believe how they managed to defeat the burly linebacker. Diego finally let go of Chase's sweaty, swollen testicles which had turned into a reddish-purple hue. Kurt quickly switched his position so that he was now behind the bulky football player, twisting his arm painfully and forcing him to get up.

Diego stood in front of the kneeling man, staring angrily at the jock's tear-stained doughy face.

"Please... I'm sorry, man... no more... my boys can't take anymore..." the bully whined pitifully.

"Fuck, look at that sad little thing!" Andy commented, pointing at Chase's fully erect, unimpressive 3 inch cock poking out of his thick bush of pubes. It looked completely ridiculous in comparison to his enormous body.

"Someone looks like he enjoys nerds playing with his balls," Diego continued, poking at the jock's hard little cock with his foot, drawing a loud whimper from the humiliated linebacker.

Andy whipped out his cellphone and began taking pictures of Chase with his tiny erection.

"Imagine what the football team and cheerleaders would think if they saw your teeny-weeny dick," he said.

"No cheerleader would want you to fuck them with that little wiener," Kurt chimed in.

"No girl would want such a small  cock!" Andy continued.

Chase sobbed with shame but his cock remained as hard as ever. Diego's fear turned into arousal. He had always fantasized about humiliating and sexually dominating the boys who had bullied him in high school. He undid his jeans and his own boner popped out.

In contrast to Chase, who was built like a bull but had a tiny cock, Diego was petite but had a monster dick. Chase's eyes grew wide with both disbelief and jealousy as Diego's throbbing 12 inch cock emerged from his jeans.

"Suck on it, bitch," Diego commanded.

Chase hesitated and appeared to pull back but Diego grabbed his hair pulled him forward and snapped his foot between the V of Chase's thick thighs. Chase's mouth fell open in agony as Diego's foot slammed into his already badly-aching balls.

"I'll destroy your weak, pathetic balls if you don't suck me off, bitch," he warned the sobbing jock.

Chase obediently put his lips around Diego's large cock and began pleasuring the nerd he had despised moments before. Diego threw his head back, and moaned in pleasure as he guided Chase's bobbing head at the rhythm that best pleased him. Andy recorded every moment on his cellphone, and both he and Kurt were also immensely turned on. Which nerd didn't harbor a secret desire to sexually dominate and humiliate their bullies?

Diego let out an involuntary guttural groan as he came forcefully inside Chase's mouth. The gush of salty, hot spunk shot down his throat, causing the linebacker to choke.

"Swallow it all. If you spit it out, I'll wreck your sorry manhood," Diego warned. The humiliated jock gulped down the nerd's jizz, trying his best not to puke.

Kurt and Andy had been stroking their cocks, which were almost as impressive as Diego's. Both guys were pint-sized but were hung like horses. Kurt had a 9 inch cock which was as thick as a beer bottle, and Andy had a 10 incher. They both stroked their engorged members inches away from Chase's tear-stained face, and almost simultaneously blasted their gooey loads all over the jock's face and neck.

Chase cringed in shame and humiliation as he felt the sticky warm cum drip all over his face and upper body. However, his cock remained rock hard. The nerds he had bullied before looked spent but sexually-satisfied. Andy snapped a few pictures of the cum-covered jock's face.

"Show us how you jack off. I'm curious how someone can stroke such a tiny cock," Diego commanded.

His will and resistance completely broken, Chase relinquished whatever remained of his masculinity and began masturbating.

"The classic two finger jerk!" Andy mocked, recording the burly man's humiliation.

Within a few seconds, Chase groaned as a stream of cum dribbled from his cock.

"Fucking useless. Small cock, premature ejaculator, and can't even shoot a load. And they say jocks are great specimens of masculinity!" Diego said with contempt. Not willing to let the bulky linebacker enjoy his orgasm, he drew his foot back and sent it crashing into Chase's traumatized testicles. A loud squeal followed the satisfying meaty thwack, and Chase's massive frame folded up like a pretzel. The wannabe bully curled up in a fetal position, crying and whimpering for the nerds to stop hurting him.

"Here's a list of things we need you to do for this project," Andy ordered.

"Get them done, or other people might see the photos and video we took tonight," Diego told him, as the three guys left hulking jock to wallow in his pain and puddles of jizz.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019