Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sumo Busting

I am so sorry that it's been so long since my last post. Work has been crazy busy. I've had a curiosity about sumo ballbusting for some time now, and so here's a short busting story.

The sumo wrestling floor was filled with a bunch of 12 year old boys training and dreaming of a future in professional sumo. The sound of loud grunts and fleshy bodies colliding into one another permeated the atmosphere.

At 17, Ryo was considered one of the starts of his wrestling school. He was massive for a Japanese teen - boasting a bulky 6'5", 360 pound frame. This behemoth was known for easily dispatching rivals in his age group - throwing them to the ground outside the ring before they could even mount an offensive against the juggernaut charging at them. Being the best teenage sumo wrestler in town got to his head, and Ryo was basically an arrogant jerk to everyone he met.

That particular day, Ryo was feeling bored and decided to wander into the area where the 12 year old boys were training. Selecting his victim, a boy a quarter of his size, he strolled up behind the unsuspecting boy and bumped him hard with his large belly. Although Ryo barely exerted any strength, the force of his monstrous mass bumping into the boy was enough to send him tumbling across the mat. Everyone except the unfortunate boy laughed loudly and derisively,

Jumping to his feet, the boy angrily faced the overgrown bully and yelled, "What the fuck is your problem?!"

Ryo just smirked and went up to him, and again used his girthy abdomen to knock him down yet again.

"I'm gonna fucking kick your ass!" the boy barked furiously as he got up.

Ryo laughed at the angry boy and told him "I tell you what, kid, I'm gonna stand right on the edge of the ring here. If you can get me out of the ring, I'll let you kick my ass!" He then started to jiggle his ample butt around to mock his victim.

The boy entered the ring, his eyes burning with revenge and determination. He charged at the oversized bull who just smiled and laughed at the boy's vain attempt to muscle him out of the ring. The other boys laughed at the sight of the boy's small frame pushing and shoving against Ryo's bulky mass. He charged again and again but to no avail. He simply was no match for the much bigger and stronger teenager.

Ryo laughed at the boy's red and sweaty face.

"One more time, kiddo. Come on, come at me again. Maybe you'll be lucky the 20th time," Ryo mocked.

A thought flashed through the boy's head as he eyed two large mounds bulging between Ryo's humongous thighs. He could almost make out the outline of Ryo's meaty balls nicely wrapped in the thin fabric of his wrestling loincloth.

He charged at Ryo again, who had his legs spread wide apart for balance. He stopped about 2 feet in front of Ryo. "Chickened out?" Ryo taunted him. 

Quickly, the boy swung his foot between the bully's hefty legs, aiming for the pair of fragile testicles nestled between them. His foot crashed into Ryo's bulging balls with a loud thwack, and Ryo's smirk immediately transformed into an expression of utter disbelief and shock. Without allowing the bull-like teen to react, he delivered another devastating kick to Ryo's aching balls with a meaty, sickening thud.

Ryo squealed like a little girl as the nauseating pain exploded from his traumatized testicles. He doubled over in agony, his hands hugging his lower abdomen. Being an arrogant jackass, he tried his best not to clutch his balls in front of the stunned audience, mistakenly trying to fool them into thinking that he didn't just have his big boy balls kicked. The now-smiling boy got behind the doubled-over, screaming hulk who still stood on the edge of the ring, beside himself in pain, and pulled down his loincloth.

Ryo yelped in stunned shame as his genitals flopped out in full view of the gathered boys. Derisive laughs and jeers rang out as the other boys pointed out his tiny nubbin of a dick which was barely visible in his bush of pubes, and which looked totally ridiculous in comparison to his low-hanging, golfball-sized testicles. Ryo instinctively bent over to try to pull his loincloth up, but his would-be victim seized hold of his dangling balls between his chubby butt cheeks.

Mewling noises emanated from the massive teen's lips as his victim now crushed and kneaded the fleshy orbs in his hands, sending jolts of pain from his manhood into his brain. He continued to crush the squishy organs in his grip, feeling a rush of power from being able to dominate a much bigger, and stronger male by simply squeezing his delicate, overgrown gonads. After he had enough of tormenting Ryo, who was now hysterically sobbing in agony, the boy began tugging on Ryo's badly aching balls backwards, forcing him to stumble backwards and outside the ring.

"You said I got to kick your ass if I managed to get you out of the ring, didn't you, asshole? he asked the sobbing teen who only nodded miserably, pulses of agonizing pain shooting from his bruised and battered balls in the boy's unforgiving grip.

The boy let go of the rapidly swelling testicles, grabbed hold of the doubled-over teen's large butt, and drove his knee up between the ample butt-cheeks. Ryo screamed in utter anguish as his shattered meatballs absorbed the full force of the knee, and immediately collapsed to the ground in a fetal position, hugging himself and crying uncontrollably.

"No more... please... no more," Ryo whined.

"Oops, I missed. I meant to kick your fat ass. How could I have missed such a big target?" the boy mocked as the stunned crowd looked on in both admiration for the boy, and scorn for the humiliated Ryo.

He then stomped on the fallen wrestler's massive buttocks, and raised his hands in victory before exiting the ring.