Thursday, September 11, 2014

College Wrestler's Pain

Brian, the cocky college jock, decided to try out wrestling expecting that he would easily defeat his smaller opponent. Little did he expect that the little guy would not hesitate to fight dirty. During a throw, he made sure to ram his knee into Brian's large, inviting bulge. The cocky jock immediately collapsed in a screaming, miserable heap, clutching at his aching balls.

For more than half an hour, the paralyzing pain exploding from his groin made it impossible for the big meathead to even move.

Brian tried to stand up but the nauseating pain in his big boy balls was too much to bear, and he dropped back to the ground, flat on his ass, writhing in utter agony.

Even after the event was over and almost everyone had gone home, Brian couldn't even get off the ground. All the cocky jock could do was sob and nurse his shattered testicles in humiliation.

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