Saturday, November 1, 2014

By the balls

Once the wrestler in blue grabs his opponent by the balls, he makes sure his grip is strong and secure. The fight is now over. The other man can only cry in pain as the victor yanks, squeezes, and twists his badly-aching gonads to his heart's content.


  1. Hot! Hey darrel I have a suggestion, maybe you could share some of your real life ballbusting stories (either where you got your balls bustes or you did some busting).

    1. Ah, interesting thought :-) my experiences are no where as interesting as my stories though. Still, if many readers wanna read about my personal experiences, I'd be happy to tell :-)

    2. Yes please! For me it always adds some extra kinkiness knowing it actually happened.

    3. thanks! cant wait for what you cum up with ;)