Friday, April 19, 2019

Busted Perv

Exhausted, Cody walked slowly into the locker room. The college water polo team had been training hard for an upcoming competition, and as team captain, Cody felt the pressure to ensure his team's victory. His team mates had hit the showers about 30 minutes earlier, but Cody stayed back to put away the equipment.

As he entered walked past the dimly lit rows of lockers towards the shower area, he could hear the loud laughter and conversations of his team mates. Suddenly, something caught Cody's attention. In a dark corner, he saw the silhouette of a person. He cautiously approached to investigate and as he got near, he saw a dark figure crouching low and peeking through a gap at the guys from his water polo team showering.

Anger and disgust boiled up as he noticed that the man seemed to be touching his crotch as he peeped at his naked team-mates.

"HEY!" Cody yelled, startling the peeping Tom.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing!" Cody continued.

The colossal figure emerged from the shadows. He looked to be about 30, stood close to 7' and weighed easily 400 lbs. Cody's lean, 5'7" 150 lb frame was much smaller but the angry, speedo-clad athlete stood his ground.

Panicked, the peeping Tom surged forwards to escape. Cody tried to block him, but was easily knocked aside by the huge male. Cody quickly got back up to his feet, and pursued him. The burly man still had his sweats and boxers around his knees, forgetting to pull them up in his panic to flee. His big pasty ass jiggled around as he clumsily lumbered towards the exit. Cody launched into a flying tackle, knocking the gorilla of a man to the ground.

The fall stunned the peeping Tom somewhat but as Cody tried to wrestle him under control, the massively muscular man easily overpowered the much smaller athlete and tried to put him in a head-lock. Cody realized his predicament but kept his cool. As he noticed his huge opponent's fat exposed genitals flopping around, he plunged his hands between the thick thighs and grabbed the ample testicles. With one oversized but delicate gonad in each hand, the lithe athlete began crushing them as hard as he could. Driven by anger and a genuine fear that the much heftier man would kill him in his bid to escape, Cody squeezed the fragile organs with every ounce of strength he could muster.

He felt his larger opponent weaken significantly as he kneaded his cum-filled balls as though they were useless lumps of dough, and after a few minutes, the burly male began to beg for mercy.

"Please stop... please stop... I give. No more.... don't hurt my balls, man..." he whimpered, as he completely surrendered and stopped wrestling Cody.

Not convinced, Cody maintained his death grip on the man's oversized testicles. The much larger male started sobbing as he begged Cody to let go of his aching balls. The nauseating pain had driven out every desire to fight and escape, and the man just sobbed pitifully, hoping that his tormentor would let be merciful.

The ruckus attracted the attention of the entire water polo team. They were shocked to see the team captain wrestling such a huge male on the floor, and even more shocked that their pint-sized leader literally had the much bigger male by the balls and had reduced him to a sobbing, whining mess.

"What's going on, Cody?" Andy asked.

Realizing that his whole team was there to back him up, Cody got to his feet and used the peeping Tom's testicles to drag him to his feet. The hulking male whimpered as he obediently stood up, afraid that Cody would rip his fragile genitals off.

"This perv was peeping at you guys in the shower!" Cody shouted.

One of the boys found some rope and tied the peeping Tom's arms securely behind him.

His forearms aching from exerting so much force on the big man's bulging balls, Cody finally let go and the large man doubled over in agony, making high-pitched mewling noises.

"Stand up straight!" Cody thundered, and the terrified peeping Tom immediately complied. It was then that Cody realized how huge his opponent was. He was easily 7 feet tall, and weighed about 400 lbs. The man's chest looked to be about 75 inches in diameter, his thighs were twice as thick as Cody's slender body, and his biceps much bigger than his head.

He looked around. Around him were seven college athletes, each only a quarter his size. He eyed each of their slender, muscled naked bodies wet and the impressively-sized cocks hanging below thick bushes of pubic hair, and his fear was soon overcome by burning lust.

"Fuck! Look at his fucking boner!" Mike yelled, pointing at the hard erection poking out of the peeping Tom's blond bush.

"Even after Cody busted his balls, the perv is still horny," Brandon scolded.

"It's tiny!" Andy laughed, pointing at the rather sad 3 inch erection on the 7', 400 lb man.

"Big beefy muscles but tiny dick. Bodybuilders definitely are trying to compensate for their useless manhood!" Tyler laughed.

"My soft cock is bigger than his boner!" Kyle added, grabbing his thick, flaccid 6 inch cock.

"Dude, all our soft cocks are  much bigger than his little stiffie!" Tyler commented.

"It just looks so fucking abnormal. His nuts are huge but his dick is the size of a kid's!" Matt pointed at the hulking man's low-hanging, avocado-sized testicles. His micro-dick was pitiful for an average adult man but looked even more ridiculous in proportion to his massive frame and oversized testicles.

The peeping Tom hung his head in shame but his unimpressive erection remained throbbingly hard. He pressed his thighs together in a vain attempt to protect his aching balls but this only made his micro-cock appear even smaller.

"I think he goes to the gym across the road. I've seen him standing and staring at us from the parking lot," Andy added. The teens glared at the husky male, built like a chubby off-season bodybuilder, definitely very muscular but with a gut, and a layer of fat giving his muscles a soft look.

"Well, Mr. Perv Bodybuilder, we will have to punish you," Cody admonished.

"Or call the police," Brandon continued.

"Please! Please don't call the police! I'll do anything! I promise!" the peeping Tom begged, his blue eyes wide with terror.

Matt grabbed the big man's pendulous ball sac and used it to haul him across the locker room. The bodybuilder whined as he was forced to scamper on his tip toes or suffer the pain of Matt yanking on his sensitive gonads. In the middle of the shower area, the boys tied the rope that secured his arms to a beam on the ceiling.

"You're probably such a fucking perv because your abnormally big balls are making too much testosterone," Kyle scolded.

"And no one wants to fuck a guy with a pencil dick!" Brandon added.

"We can help you with your problem... by breaking those fat useless balls," smiled Cody.

The trapped bodybuilder began sobbing and pleading with the jocks not to hurt his manhood but to no avail. Cody brought out a cap with folded pieces of paper in it.

"I have written down what some ideas on how to punish your big sorry balls. We will take turns drawing from it, Mr. Perv," he announced as Andy reached into the cap.

"Three punches!" Andy shouted, holding up his ticket. He strolled up to the hefty bodybuilder who unwisely pressed his thighs together and trapped his fragile cum-laden testicles in a very vulnerable position between his big thighs. Andy smiled and unleashed three rapid but powerful punches that collided with the man's ample gonads. The big man wailed pitifully as the jock's powerful fist smashed his delicate meatballs against his muscled thighs.

His legs trembled from the awful sickening pain radiating from his abused balls as Matt reached into the cap, and drew his lot.

"Six knees!" Matt smiled cruelly. The bodybuilder mumbled incoherently as Matt walked up to him. Looking into his eyes, Matt reached out and ran his finger under the petrified man's scrotum. As he continued to stroke the sensitive sac, the peeping Tom's whimpers turned into little moans of pleasure. He closed his eyes to enjoy the sensations and as a thin string of pre-cum dripped from the tip of his hard cock, Matt grabbed him by his brawny arms and swung his knee upwards. His solid knee crashed into the bodybuilder's squishy dangling testicles repeatedly as the man began screaming in utter anguish.

"I think you kneed his balls about 8 times, dude," Cody laughed as Matt finally stopped. The bodybuilder's entire figure sagged and trembled as waves of intense pain exploded from his battered balls. He sobbed miserably and began dry retching. If not for the ropes holding him up, he would have collapsed like a ton of bricks.

"The show must go on. Take it like a fucking man. I get to give your worthless balls... ten slaps!" Brandon announced. The hulking man shook his head as he begged Brandon not to hurt him, and struggled in a vain attempt to escape. Brandon ignored his pleas, and crouched in front of the plump pair of bobbing balls. He raised his palm and smacked the rapidly-swelling testicles hard, drawing a loud yelp from the distressed bodybuilder. Instead of delivering all ten slaps in succession like Matt's knees, Brandon decided to draw out his punishment. He went behind the burly man and delivered a sharp slap to the back of his dangling testicles.

"So the back part of the balls seem to be more sensitive!" Brandon laughed, as the peeping Tom squealed in pain. To confirm his experiment, Brandon fired off three more smacks to the back of the squirming bodybuilder's badly-aching, cum-filled testicles. The big man was beside himself, wailing and screaming hysterically in agony, as his bloated, low-hanging balls flopped about with each smack.

"I think his useless sagging balls swing about too damn much. I'll bet the slaps are more effective if his useless balls didn't flop about!" Brandon said. He reached between the peeping Tom's thick, furry ass cheeks and grabbed his vulnerable balls and tugged backwards, trapping the swollen organs in his palm. He raised his other hand and delivered five vicious smacks to the nerve-filled spunk-makers. Trapped in his grip, the bodybuilder's delicate genitals absorbed the full force of Brandon's assault. The bodybuilder's mammoth frame spasmed uncontrollably with each blow, and he made strangled gurgling noises.

"Wow, they're really nice and swollen now!" Cody commented, pointing at the peeping Tom's balls which were now bright crimson and swollen to the size of grapefruits.

It was now Tyler's turn. He grinned as he read the piece of paper he drew. "Five kicks for me!" he shouted.

"Oh please.... please... please... don't kick my balls... I can't take any more!" the peeping Tom pleaded, his little cock shriveled with fear into a nub hidden inside his pubes.

"Shut the fuck up and spread your legs!" Tyler ordered. The bodybuilder shook his head and squeezed his thighs together trying tightly to protect his abused manhood, whining miserably for mercy. He didn't realize that his attempt to protect his overgrown testicles was futile. His fat balls were so big that they pooched out between his legs. The fleshy orbs were invitingly framed by his hamstrings, and presented a perfect target for the sadistic Tyler who launched a round house kick that brutally smashed into the squishy organs.

The hulking bodybuilder howled loudly as the meaty thwack of Tyler's foot colliding with his battered balls echoed through the locker room. Instinctively, he tried double over and pressed his legs even closer together which  only trapped his cum-laden meatballs in a more vulnerable position. Tyler mercilessly unleashed three more round house kicks to the screaming bodybuilder's swollen testicles. The burly male cried loudly as he buried his face in his right bicep, biting his arm to try to distract himself from the blazing pain exploding from his groin. Stupidly, the howling man spread his legs, thinking that would lessen his torment. Instead, Tyler took aim and swung his foot upwards. It sailed between his mammoth legs and crashed into his bloated, bobbing balls... once, twice, and thrice for good measure. The bodybuilder's cries became hysterical and he thrashed about wildly from the agonizing pain erupting from his ponderous genitals.

The ropes that held the overgrown male to upright gave way and he collapsed to the concrete in a sobbing heap. His arms remained tied securely behind him and he curled up into the fetal position. His pendulous ballsac draped over the back of one hamstring and his very swollen testicles lay on the cold concrete, providing some brief relief from the blazing pain.

"It just says CRUSH. No specifics?" Kyle asked, drawing his lot from the cap.

"You decide how you want to crush them," Cody smiled.

"Well, since they're just laying here..." Kyle laughed as he lifted his bare foot and brought it down hard on the bodybuilder's bruised and battered balls with a sickening splat. The hulking man's eyes bugged out and his jaw fell open in reaction to the insane amount of pain exploding from his testicles. Only strangled gurgling noises escaped from the peeping Tom's gaping mouth.

"They're super squishy!" Kyle commented as he felt the corpulent fleshy orbs slide about beneath his bare foot. He pressed down harder, flattening the rubbery meatballs against the hard concrete, drawing a high-pitched squeal from the traumatized male. His large body convulsed uncontrollably as waves of agony pulsed from his manhood.

"It's like stomping on two water balloons!" Kyle continued, clearly amused, as he began grinding his foot against the bodybuilder's swollen aching balls, as though he were killing a pesky bug. He then balanced on one leg, transferring the weight of his 120 lb frame onto the frail, cum-laden meatballs. The peeping Tom's screams of anguish suddenly stopped as his eyes rolled back into his head and the level of pain finally pushed him into unconsciousness.

"He's passed out!" Kyle announced, lifting his foot off the bodybuilder's balls which were now swollen larger than grapefruits. He kicked the peeping Tom's limp husky body to check if he were conscious.

"Big useless balls couldn't take much punishment," Brandon laughed.

"I haven't had my turn yet," Diego protested.

"The last piece of paper says you can do anything you'd like to his babymakers!" Cody announced, much to his delight.

An evil grin spread across Diego's otherwise cherubic face. He got the other guys to help haul the dragged over  some large folded pieces of tarp, and they placed it under the heavy, unconscious behemoth's ample buttocks, so that his pelvis was thrust upwards. Diego then spread his massive legs apart, and tied them to the ends of a broomstick, ensuring that the peeping Tom's legs were forced apart and preventing him from protecting his manhood.

"Wakey, wakey!" Diego sang out as he slapped the unconscious peeping Tom's chubby face. The giant groggily cursed as he came to, and struggled to free himself from his uncomfortable position but to no avail.

Diego eyed the distended, cum-filled testicles resting in their furry, pendulous sac on the rather unyielding tarp. He picked up a flip-flop and smiled as he began gently slapping the man's bloated balls. The bodybuilder whined softly in pain, his tenderized testicles were so sore even the lightest taps felt like torment. Diego gradually increased the intensity of the slaps until the tears streamed down the man's pudgy face and he begged for mercy.

"Thank you... oh, thank you..." the bodybuilder sputtered as Diego stopped slapping his aching balls. His gratitude was premature. The sadistic jock stood over him, giggled and then dropped a knee squarely on the man's very swollen, squishy testicles. The sperm-filled organs were squashed like pancakes between Diego's hard knee and the tarp. As pain shot from his traumatized testicles, the peeping Tom tried to scream but could only make keening noises. Diego got up, and delivered four more knee drops to the big man's bruised and battered balls, which were getting redder and more swollen by the minute. He was besides himself with agony, crying, howling, and hoarsely screaming.

"Brandon, come here. Grab his left nut," Diego called out. Each of the bodybuilder's testicle was gripped by each jock. The fleshy orbs were so bloated that each had to be held with both hands.

"1... 2... 3!" Diego counted out. On three, both jocks crushed the fat, nerve-filled organs as hard as they could. They squeezed them so hard that little bubbles of testicular flesh bulged out between their fingers, the skin stretched thin and shiny and the veins criss-crossing the fragile organs became engorged and resembled green worms. Almost on cue, the cruel athletes tugged in opposite directions - Diego to the right and Brandon to the left - pulling the delicate reproductive organs apart. The hefty bodybuilder let out blood-curdling screams of anguish as his face, upper chest, and definitely his abused testicles turned bright reddish purple.

Diego and Brandon were clearly aroused, their 11 inch cocks throbbingly erect as they abused the peeping Tom's bruised and bloated balls. The other teens were also sporting huge boners - all between 10 and 12 inches in length. It was odd to see how the burly bodybuilder, with heavy ponderous balls, had such a tiny nub for a cock but the jocks who were a quarter of his size were hung like horses.

Diego and Brandon almost simultaneously stroked their thick meat cannons as they crushed the crying male's gonads, and within minutes both let out moans as they ejaculated over the bodybuilder's chest. Spent, they let go of his horribly swollen genitals, and Kyle and Matt took their place. They also gave a knowing look at each other, stood up on the tarp, and each placed one foot on the miserable bodybuilder's bloated bulging balls - Kyle stepping on the right testicle, and Matt on the left. The peeping Tom's pitiful whining turned into hoarse screams as both jocks squashed his distended testicles with their feet. Kyle and Matt were furiously jerking their massive boners as they stomped on the squealing perv's aching genitals, and soon blew their load all over his hefty torso.

The bodybuilder sobbed pitifully in utter anguish, but his micro-dick peeked out of his bush, hard as a rock. It was Tyler and Andy's turn; they were the youngest and had the smallest builds but their thick 10 inch cocks were as impressive as any of the other college jocks. By now, the whimpering man's ballsac had swollen up so much it looked like a large cantaloupe. They decided to flip the peeping Tom over so that his fat ass was up in the air with his face on the ground.

"Face down, ass up! That's the position you deserve to be in!" Tyler scolded the sobbing perv.

Andy took aim at the bruised and bloated balls dangling vulnerably between the bodybuilder's large pasty ass cheeks. As he stroked his rock-hard dick, he delivered kick after kick to the screaming man's swollen genitals. Tyler slowly rubbed his own erect cock as he motioned to Andy who stood back and allowed Tyler to unleash a barrage of kicks of his own. This went on for a few minutes, but felt like a very painful eternity to the peeping Tom who was making blubbering incoherent noises. Tyler and Andy moaned as they both approached orgasm. Almost like a choreographed dance, both teens kicked at the bodybuilder's battered balls, one foot slamming into each tenderized testicle drawing a squeal of anguish, then rushed to squirt their warm jizz all over the hefty man's upper back and neck.

The whole team was spent, except for Cody. He had the biggest dick in college... an unbelievable 14 inch monster. Cody slipped a condom on his massive cock, knelt between the bodybuilder's spread legs. The difference couldn't be more stark, Cody's slim figure was smaller than each humongous hamstring, and the man's large pale ass was three times wider than Cody's waist. Cody's cock, however, made the man's micro-dick look pathetically comical in comparison. Cody gently rubbed his huge dong and then used it like a sledge hammer to smack the peeping Tom's puffy, inflamed testicles.

The bodybuilder screeched wretchedly as the meaty thwacks rang out. The pint-sized but well-hung Cody was clearly showing his manhood and masculinity was superior to the bodybuilder's large but pathetic balls and tiny dick. Cody then shoved his gigantic dong into the man's tight pink hole and began thrusting furiously. The man gasped in shock from this new source of pain but after a few moments, his cries of agony turned into little moans of pleasure. He was clearly enjoying being pounded by Cody's monster dick.

'Fuck, this is making me horny again!" Tyler commented. He was not alone, the other jocks were hard as well, and the whole team was rubbing their turgid members as their team Captain thrust his large cock deep into the bodybuilder's thick ass. Cody pulled off the ropes around his arms, and instead of trying to escape, the bodybuilder propped himself on all fours and began pushing his hips backwards, encouraging Cody to continue fucking him hard.

"I'm gonna blow! Fuck!" Brandon said. He grabbed the bodybuilder's messy blond hair, pulled his head back and fired his spunk all over the man's face. Not long after, the rest of the guys did the same, unloading their hot milky juices over the bodybuilder's head and face. Cody controlled himself as much as he could, trying to delay ejaculation but eventually, the urge to cum became overwhelming.

"On your knees!" Cody commanded. The bodybuilder immediately complied. Cody ripped off the condom, looked contemptuously into his cum- and tear-stained face.

"You know what to do, bitch!" Cody said, his moist cock a couple of inches away from the man's lips. The peeping Tom hungrily began sucking on Cody's huge cock.

"He jacks off with two fingers!" Kyle laughed. The masochistic bodybuilder was rubbing his micro-cock with his fingers as he sucked off Cody. Cody soon leaned his head back, let out a deep groan of ecstasy and sent his warm, salty load gushing down the man's throat. The peeping Tom swallowed every drop dutifully and continued to lick Cody's dong clean, all the while comically jerking his tiny dick off with two fingers.

The bodybuilder let out of his own orgasmic moan as he approached climax. Cody looked at him with disdain, drew his foot back and sent it flying between the V of his thighs. Just as the burly man was climaxing and as his load was being pumped out of his aching balls, Cody's foot smashed into his very swollen, bruised and battered gonads. A jolt of nauseating pain erupted from his ultra-sensitive and tenderized testicles, sending globs of cum flying out his little cock, and completely ruining his orgasm. The peeping Tom's eyes rolled back into his head as he passed out cold from the extreme mixture of pain and pleasure, and his beefy body slumped over into the puddles of jizz on the locker room floor.


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