Sunday, August 6, 2017

Tom's Balbusting Adventures - Part 6 (The Party)

It was summer, and Tom had returned home from college. Before leaving for college, he was already built like a Mac truck but the 19 year old bodybuilder had managed to pack on more mass on his 7 foot frame, and was now weighing a massive 420 pounds. His brothers, Martin who was 17, and Chad who was 15, greeted their beefy brother happily.

Before he left for college, his much smaller siblings would torment Tom at home by busting his sizable, but inordinately sensitive balls. Tom was suspicious, his brothers were being too nice to him and hadn't even backhanded him in the groin since he returned home almost a week earlier. "Hey, Tom, I'd like to ask you for something," Chad asked with a smile, as his brother exited the shower wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.

"What?" Tom asked, his hands moving subconsciously in front of his crotch.

"Relax, bro. I'm not going to bust your big puppies right now," Chad laughed.

"So what do you want?" Tom asked, eyeing his pint-sized brother cautiously.

"My classmate, Arnie is having a birthday party. He asked Martin and I to help organize some games and make the party a little more fun. We were hoping to get you to help us," Chad explained.

"What's in it for me?" Tom replied.

"Well, we're gonna get paid to do this. Arnie is fucking rich, his parents own a fucking mansion and his dad is in some oil business or whatever. Martin and I will give you 500 bucks," Chad promised.

"Not interested. I'm not a fucking birthday clown," Tom retorted as he turned and walked away.

"Come on! We need your help. You'd be the main attraction!" Chad pleaded, grabbing Tom by the wrist.

"Main attraction?! Fuck off and fuck no," Tom answered, as he easily shook off his tiny brother.

"Well... I don't think you have much of a choice, brother. Chad and I really need you to be part of this, and we can't take no for an answer. We promise to pay you and..." Martin added as he appeared around a doorway and stood in front of the hefty Tom.

"What if I refuse? You can't make me," Tom barked as he pushed Martin out of his way.

As Martin moved to the side, he deftly pulled on the towel perched precariously around the bodybuilder's waist, causing it to drop to the ground. Tom's oversized genitals flopped into view, and the large man exclaimed in surprise as he instinctively bent over to retrieve his towel. Chad smiled cruelly as his brother's fat pink testicles bulged out between his hamstrings. He immediately grabbed the fleshy orbs and began crushing the squishy organs in his hands.

"Oh fuck..." Tom cried out as he doubled over in shock and pain. His massive muscular legs became rubbery and drew him to the ground but his sadistic brother pulled on his aching balls to hold him up. He tried his best to avoid collapsing on the ground and having his fragile manhood ripped off.

"So, dear brother, what will it be? Will you help us with Arnie's birthday party or should Chad pop our left nut?" Martin asked, as Chad began digging the tips of his fingers into the nerve-filled fleshy globe in his left hand.

"Yesssss, I agreeeee! Don't break my nut please" Tom shrieked in agony. Chad let Tom's tortured testicles go and the naked hulking bodybuilder dropped to the ground, groaning loudly and nursing his genitals.

"Good. You'll get $500 and we promise not to hurt your big useless balls for 3 whole weeks," Chad said as he walked away with Martin, laughing.

"The party is in a week. I suggest you hit the gym, lift more, eat more, and gain at least 5 pounds before the party. We need you looking as big as possible, big brother," Martin added. What the pair didn't tell their brother was that Arnie was paying them $2000 for them to arrange an opportunity for him to bust Tom's balls. Arnie was a bit of a sadist and since finding about Tom's ponderous gonads, dreamed of an opportunity to inflict some serious pain on them.

Tom did as he was told, afraid that his brothers were crazy enough to pop one of his testicles if he didn't. Amazingly, he managed to pack on an additional 7 pounds to his already humongous frame by the time the party rolled around. Arnie's mansion was an impressive 12 bedroom structure, with an expansive yard. Arnie had managed to convince his parents that the party would be supervised by his 21 year old brother, Shane, and 19 year old Tom with help from his 17 year old brother, Chad. They agreed with Arnie's request, as long as he promised there would be no alcohol or drugs.

There were about 25 boys milling around the house when Tom and his brothers arrived, ranging from about 13 to 16 years of age. Eyeballs immediately fixed on the hulking Tom as he lumbered through the house.

"Hey, man, ready to keep these crazy kids under control?" Shane asked Tom and Martin. He was about 6 feet tall, blond, and had an amazingly taut gymnast's physique with a 1000-watt smile.

"Yeah, kinda, I guess," Tom mumbled, unsure of what fate lay in wait for him.

"Oh, my brother is gonna entertain them later," Martin chimed in cheerily.

"Awesome! Can't wait for the show!" Shane answered, as Tom eyed Martin suspiciously.

The party seemed kinda low-key with people just chatting, laughing and eating. About an hour and a half in, Martin led Tom to a restroom. He locked the door behind him, reached into a bag and pulled out a red jockstrap and a white wrestling singlet.

"Put that on," he ordered.

"What? Why?" Tom asked.

"Just do it. You agreed to this. Remember what will happen to your precious left nugget if you back out?" Martin replied as he menacingly swung his hand in the direction of Tom's crotch.

"Fine! I'll do it!" Tom squeaked as he flinched in fear.

Martin watched as his big brother stripped and struggled to get into the small jockstrap. It 
made his large butt look even bigger and could barely hold his sizable genitals in place. Stretching the pouch's fabric to its limits, the sides and bottom part of Tom's overgrown sack protruded from the edges.

"It's too tight," Tom whined.

"That's because your fucking pig testicles are too damn fat," Martin barked.

Tom then struggled into the singlet which fortunately, was made of lycra and could stretch quite a bit. His massive body practically stretched singlet to its limits, and left almost nothing to the imagination. He struck an impressive figure (even though he appeared a bit soft and flabby) with his 75 inch barrel-like chest, a 50 inch waist, 32 inch biceps, and 50 inch thighs.

"We're gonna have a little wrestling match in the yard. You're gonna be the big bad heel so I need you to pose and preen like a peacock to get the crowd going," Martin explained.

Tom stared at his figure in the mirror. He thought about how big he was and how well the singlet complimented his figure. He narcissistically admired his muscular beefy body and even how the shiny white lycra wrapped around each lemon-sized gonad.

"Heel? That means I get to beat someone up. Gonna enjoy that for sure," Tom mumbled to himself. Martin smiled in approval, that's the cocky attitude he wanted Tom to show.

Chad had led the rest of the party, except for Shane, to the huge yard where a make shift wrestling ring on an elevated platform had been set up. The boys sat around the ring as Chad entered it.

"Guys, the birthday boy asked me and Martin to arrange entertainment. After much thought, I thought, who doesn't like some wrestling?" Chad announced to cheers around the ring.

"I found a wrestler bigger than the Big Show, cockier than the Rock, and in need of an ass-kicking! Give it up for The Beast!" he announced to much cheers as Martin led the hefty Tom towards the ring. Tom thought the crowd was cheering for him, and began flexing and showing off almost immediately.

"Dumbass doesn't know what's in store for him," Martin chuckled to himself.

"He's 7 feet tall, and weighs almost 430 pounds! Who can possibly beat this giant?" Chad continued as Tom strode around the ring, proudly displaying his lycra-clad body.

"Any one of you can try to force The Beast out of the ring. He will not hit or tackle any of you but he is free to resist you. If you manage to, you'll get one wish that he will have to fulfil," Chad announced to the excited but clearly intimidated audience. 

Tom stood in the middle of the ring, his thick arms folded across his chest, looked contemptuously at the audience, and laughed, "These little shrimps stand no freaking chance!"

"Come on, guys! Prove that loud mouth wrong!" Chad called out.

A tall skinny 15 year old boy jumped up, peeling off his shirt, and flexing whatever muscles he had, drawing some laughter from the crowd. He stepped through the ropes in the ring and began pulling on Tom's brawny arm but the giant did not budge at all. After a frustrating number of attempts, he gave up and left the ring, his face and chest flushed from exertion. A slightly bigger built but shorter 16 year old boy jumped in the ring and tried to tackle the behemoth standing in the center, but failed to move him by an inch. Feeling cocky, Tom grabbed the surprised boy instead, and easily hoisted him up, stretched his screaming victim across his shoulders and began squatting with him as a weight. The crowd looked on in awe as Tom's trunk-like legs and massive glutes flexed and pumped up with the exercise. Tom eventually let the screaming kid off.

Two teenage boys, each about 5'6" and 130 lbs, decided to join forces against the unflinching gorilla of a man. One pulled Tom's arm and another pushed him from behind but their efforts were in vain. Tom shook one off his arm and used his fat glutes to bump the other away. Another two tried their luck by pulling on Tom's massive arms. The arrogant bodybuilder flexed his arms in a double biceps pose, and the two hapless teens were left dangling comically from each arm. Three teens then came in the ring and tried to push Tom out but failed. The burly teen laughed derisively, and grabbed at his ample package, as he easily resisted their efforts. A group of 5 boys then attempted to dislodge the mocking hulk of a man; it was an amusing sight - a kid grabbing on to each leg and arm, and one hanging off his waist on the back. Exhausted, almost all the teens in the audience had given up, except one.

"Come on, is that the best you little weaklings can do?" Tom roared as he began proudly flexing his pecs and lats.

"I haven't tried yet," Arnie called out.

"You?" Tom laughed loudly as the 5'3", 110 lb birthday boy entered the ring, wearing a pair of black running shorts and sneakers, and holding a 12 inch leather paddle.

"I want to wrestle him, and I want him to wrestle me. First to submit is the loser," Arnie told Chad.

"It's your birthday, you get whatever you want," Chad smiled.

"Wrestle me? I'd fucking crush your puny ass. Don't think I'm afraid of that little paddle you're waving around," Tom exclaimed.

"Not if I kick your big ass first, fat boy. I think you'll be crying for your mummy when I'm done with you!" Arnie shot back, fearlessly facing and staring down the mammoth bodybuilder four times his size.

Tom threw his head back laughing cockily. "Awww, birthday boy Awnie is a mouthy wittle wabbit," he taunted as he reached out and began ruffling the pint-sized teen's dirty blond hair.

"Look how cute and tiny, wittle Awnie is..." Tom continued. Arnie smiled as he eyed his target - the pair of lemon-sized, cum-laden, bulging testicles clearly outlined by the tight, thin lycra singlet hanging invitingly at the level of his upper chest. The bull's balls were so big that Arnie could make out the shape of each orb through the skimpy fabric. As Tom continued to clown around and condescendingly pat him on the head, Arnie drew his foot back and sent it flying through the air between the distracted bodybuilder's tree-like legs. A loud smack rang out as his size 10 sneaker collided with Tom's vulnerable, fragile gonads. The crowd gasped loudly and Tom's jaw fell open in complete shock but before the stunned hulk could protect himself, Arnie delivered another sickeningly accurate front kick to his bobbing balls.

The massive Tom doubled over in anguish, making weird mewling animal noises. His powerful legs turned to jelly and he slowly sank to his knees as nauseating pain blasted from his battered balls into his gut. The hefty teen sat on his haunches, groaning in distress, and clutching his aching manhood, as the crowd began cheering for Arnie. The tiny fighter smiled at the sight of his huge opponent, hugging himself and suffering the awful pain of getting kicked in his bulging balls.

"You're giving up already?" he taunted.

"Fuck you..." Tom croaked, his voice several octaves higher, as he staggered to his feet.

"Yeah, I don't want you to give up just yet, fat boy. I want to play with you a bit more first," Arnie snickered.

Trying to suppress the blazing pain in his male parts, Tom lumbered slowly towards his small opponent. He reached out a muscle-bound arm to grab him but Arnie ducked and emerged behind the bodybuilder to deliver a smack on his jiggly butt with the paddle. Tom yelped in surprise as he swung around to face Arnie but the nimble teen quickly ducked and popped up behind him to deliver another spank again. Tom growled as he swung back and forth, trying to grab hold of his tormentor but failed. The crowd roared in laughter as Arnie's continued to comically evade the clumsy bodybuilder and spank his ass with the paddle. This went on for almost 10 minutes, and Tom grew redder with exhaustion and frustration. Deciding to increase the behemoth's torment, instead of spanking his ample ass, Arnie took aim at the overgrown teen's heavy, bulging gonads. Tom screamed in pain and shock as Arnie delivered sharp slaps with the paddle to the very sensitive underside of his balls every time he ducked between the burly meathead's legs. He tried to ignore the waves of pain emanating from his tortured testicles as he attempted to capture his tiny tormentor who nimbly avoided the clumsy oaf's advances and continued to swat the husky bodybuilder's tender testicles.

Each blow landed on their squishy target with a sickening meaty smack that was audible to everyone, and the escalating pain radiating from his severely aching balls eventually took its toll. His stomach cramping from the sickening pain in his manhood, Tom gave up on trying to fight Arnie, and doubled over in the corner of the ring, clutching his throbbing aching gonads to alleviate the agony. Arnie then began spanking his hefty opponent's beefy ass instead, drawing more laughter from the crowd. Arnie's brother, Shane, watched the wrestling match from the upstairs window in shock. He never realized how good of a fighter his baby brother was and how easily he was dominating a far larger opponent. He felt his groin stir as he watched his pint-sized brother attack Tom's big boy balls.

Tom desperately wanted to redeem his pride. He threw himself at the surprised Arnie, hoping to take advantage of his greater mass and weight. Arnie and the crowd gasped in surprise as his mammoth body collided with Arnie's comparatively tiny frame, sending both of them to the grass. Tom and Arnie began struggling for the most advantageous position. Arnie, being a high school wrestler, was extremely nimble and within a few minutes he had maneuvered himself behind Tom. He wrapped his legs around Tom's head and neck quickly as the hapless bodybuilder continued to flounder about aimlessly. Arnie then began crushing Tom's thick neck and head between his unexpectedly powerful thighs, drawing groans of pain from the much larger male. Tom tried to pry Arnie's legs off but to the surprise of everyone, his brawny arms were no match for Arnie's thighs. Desperate to escape, Tom began kicking about, leaving his bulging balls vulnerable.

Always keen on attacking a bigger boy's weak spot, Arnie immediately plunged his hand into the leg opening of Tom's singlet and snaked below the skimpy jockstrap. Tom froze in horror at his predicament and tried to pull Arnie's hand away from his fragile manhood but it was too late. Arnie seized the terrorized bodybuilder's pendulous sack and immediately yanked it out of his singlet. Tom began squealing in panic as Arnie grabbed hold of his scrotum by its tapered neck, trapping his fat sperm-filled testicles at its base, and tugged the delicate organs towards him. Pain erupted from Tom's trapped gonads as Arnie stretched his fuzzy sack and his ball cords to breaking point. Arnie's friends fell silent in shock, both at how the small teen managed to dominate the far bigger man and at how ridiculously big Tom's balls were. Tom stopped struggling, afraid that his vicious opponent may rip his tender testicles off, and began making pitiful keening noises as Arnie crushed his head and neck with his thighs while tugging and yanking savagely on his oversized, sagging testicles.

Shane's jaw fell as he watched his sadistic younger brother dominate Tom. His 9 inch cock swelled up as his loins began humming with desire. He started stroking his throbbing boner with pleasure as he watched his brother inflict pain on the helpless bodybuilder's bloated balls. Using his legs, Arnie maneuvered the now sobbing bodybuilder on to his stomach, maintaining his grip on Tom's pink, fuzzy, pendulous ballsac. The beefy meathead was broken and had no fight left in him to resist any longer. Arnie then sat on Tom's lower back, and yanked the giant's floppy scrotum so far back it was literally flossing his ass crack. Tom howled in anguish as Arnie pulled and twisted his tenderized testicles for what seemed to be an eternity. His lower back arched as much as it could to try to relieve the tension ripping into his genitals but this only made his ass look larger than every and gave Arnie even greater access to his precious family jewels. With one hand strangling the life out of Tom's drooping ballsac, he grabbed his leather paddle with his other hand and began spanking the screaming bodybuilder. He spanked Tom's ample ass and trapped testicles with ferocious sadism - the blows rained down fast and hard targeting the wailing male's rump and badly-hurting balls. Tom's yelped and his entire body jerked every time the paddle slapped into his delicate danglers, and eventually the tormented bodybuilder began sobbing loudly but this only excited Arnie more.

Changing the method of punishment, Arnie then grasped one of the sobbing giant's squishy, swollen testicles in each hand. Tom snapped his thighs together in utter panic, but Arnie had pulled the floppy organs so far back that they were nestled between his bulky butt cheeks and easily accessible to the cruel teen.

"Time to squeeze some juice out of these lemons, boys!" Arnie called out cheekily as he began mashing Tom's fat meatballs in each hand. Tom's face froze in a mask of anguish as  waves of agony exploded from the millions of nerves that filled the rapidly-swelling, squishy male orbs. The crowd looked on in both awe and slight terror at how hard Arnie was crushing the much larger male's cum-laden testicles. His grip was so tight that meaty bubbles of testicular flesh bulged out between the gaps in his fingers, the criss-crossing veins popping into view beneath the thin flimsy scrotum. The pain grew so unbearable that tears began streaming down the hulking bodybuilder's pudgy face as strangled noises escaped his open mouth, the agony smothering out even his screams. Shane stroked his rock-hard boner harder as he watched the spectacle playing out in the yard - his baby brother sadistically emasculating a much bigger male.

Tom's let out a guttural groan as his whole body suddenly spasmed a few times as Arnie kneaded his swollen, traumatized testicles as if they were little lumps of dough, and then went limp shortly before the abused bodybuilder cried out in a squeaky high-pitched voice, "I give! Please stop! I give!"

Arnie released his death grip on the giant male's once-proud but now battered and bruised manhood as he raised his fists in triumph to the cheers of his friends. The vanquished Tom slowly curled into a fetal position to nurse his exposed and aching gonads. Not finished with his burly foe, he ordered Tom to lie on his back. The trembling, sobbing bodybuilder obeyed and a chorus of jeers and laughter rang out from the crowd. Arnie immediately spotted what was making them laugh - there was a large wet area on Tom's crotch.

"Fuck, did you piss yourself?" Arnie asked as he leaned in for a closer look.

"Oh fuck, the fat boy jizzed all over himself!" Arnie screamed in shock as he noticed the gooey whitish fluid staining Tom's singlet, and the unmistakable odor of semen hit him. Tom turned red in embarrassment.

"The Beast kinda enjoys boys playing with his balls," Martin explained, humiliating his big brother further. Shane could hear the conversation from his vantage point, and immediately blew his own load, immensely aroused by Tom's humiliation and masochism. He was shocked at how much he enjoyed watching a big man being emasculated and tormented. Shane had a girlfriend and never realized this aspect of his sexuality.

"Well, if The Beast enjoys his balls being played with, he will enjoy my request," smiled Arnie.

"Well, as the winner of the match, you certainly get a request that the loser must fulfil!" Chad replied.

"I want to reenact a movie scene with this big fat guy," Arnie announced with a sadistic smile as Tom groaned loudly in protest.

"What movie?" Chad inquired curiously.

"That James Bond movie where Daniel Craig is tied in a chair with his nuts hanging out underneath and the villain smacks them with a rope," Arnie answered. Tom whined miserably, hoping against hope for some mercy. Arnie headed to a shed and brought back a garden chair with vinyl straps as the seat. He cut out three straps in the center to create a gap.

"Take off your clothes and sit down," Arnie ordered the trembling and vanquished bodybuilder. Tom obeyed, praying that his compliance would elicit some pity. He peeled off his cum-stained singlet and jock. The crowd stared silently at the naked massive specimen of masculinity before them; tall, slightly flabby but impressively muscular with a pair of hefty low-hanging balls flopping about between his thick thighs. Tom was a spectacular specimen of masculinity except for one thing - his cock - a rather sorry 2.5 inches flaccid, which looked ridiculous in comparison to his oversized testicles and husky physique. He submissively sat in the chair in the middle of the ring,  wincing as he gingerly slipped his fat dangling gonads through the gap in the straps; it was a pretty snug fit and Tom tried his best not to traumatize his badly hurting sperm-makers. Arnie then tied Tom's bulging arms and barrel-like torso to the chair, preventing the giant from escaping.

Arnie chuckled as he inspected the setup, admiring how Tom's floppy balls bobbed so vulnerably under the chair, like a fuzzy pink pinata. The crowd had an unobstructed view of the tied naked bodybuilder with a pair of large low-hanging fruit hanging invitingly below him.

"I don't have a thick rope to whip your sorry balls, so this will have to do," Arnie announced as he slipped an apple into a long sock and swung it about menacingly. Tom whimpered in trepidation as Arnie began swinging the sock under his chair like a flail mace. The hard apple smacked into Tom's fat butt several times, drawing yelps from the bodybuilder but missing his vital organs.

"This is harder than I imagined. It's gonna take some practice, guys," Arnie told the crowd.

"We're gonna shout out the number of times you nail The Beast in the balls," Chad cheered, stirring up the crowd.

Arnie continued to circle Tom as he swung the apple at his bobbing balls. Suddenly, Tom screamed loudly as the hard apple collided with the hanging sack of tender testicular flesh with a meaty smack.

"ONE!" the crowd cried out, as Tom threw his head back and gritted his teeth in anguish.

Now that he knew exactly how to measure the distance of his strikes, Arnie unleashed a barrage of attacks. Again and again, the unforgiving apple smashed into Tom's unprotected, reddening, and increasingly swollen testicles; the humble apple felt like a battering ram every time it connected with the fragile, traumatized dangling orbs of flesh. "TWO! THREE! FOUR!.... TEN!" again and again Arnie's brutal swings connected with Tom's delicate cum-laden gonads with agonizing accuracy. Tom's overgrown balls swelled so much they were the same color and size as the apple that was colliding with them, but the fragile, nerve-rich, squishy organs were no match against the solid, hard fruit. Tom was reduced to a hyperventilating, crying mess, babbling incoherently and so hoarse that he could no longer scream. Despite the inhumane pain inflicted on his genitals, Tom's cock was soon hard again, the unimpressive appendage swelled up to its full 6 inches, much to the amusement of the audience.

After about 17 strikes to his bruised and bloated balls, Arnie grew bored and decided to stop, much to the wailing Tom's relief. Chad and Martin untied their sobbing brother from the chair, and tried to help him out of the ring, not out of goodness but because they had more plans for him. As Tom tried to stand up, he suddenly let out a blood-curdling shriek. His fat balls had swollen up so much that they were now trapped between the straps on the chair, and as Tom stood up the chair yanked his traumatized testicles downwards, sending another wave of pain searing through his body. Tom fell clumsily on his face with his big bloated balls trapping the chair against his ample butt. Tom cried desperately as he struggled to free his horribly aching balls from the straps of the chair but to no avail.

The crowd of boys laughed hysterically at the sight of an burly older teen comically struggling in pain with a garden chair stuck to his fat ass because his bloated genitals were entangled in the straps. Chad and Martin collapsed on the ground in the laughter at their big brother's predicament as well, unable and unwilling to help him. Tom whimpered pitifully as he tried his best to free his tangled swollen testicles from the chair straps; the boys eventually grew tired of laughing and went back to the house, leaving the struggling bodybuilder in the garden. Shane, watching from upstairs, had sprouted another erection as he watched Tom's balls being battered but felt a twinge of guilt and sympathy as he watched the tormented teen struggle helplessly with his gonads trapped in the chair. He went to the garden and knelt by the whining bodybuilder and saw how Tom's already sizable testicles had swollen to the size of grapefruits and gotten ensnared between the inflexible straps. The straps were also restricting blood flow to Tom's bruised battered manhood and caused the ponderous organs to become engorged and turn an angry shade of purple.

"Stay still, big guy. Let me get your boys free," Shane assured the sobbing bodybuilder as he carefully pulled the straps apart and freed Tom's fat fragile danglers.

"Thank you," Tom wheezed as he curled up in a fetal position, his husky body wracked with pain.

"Let me help you up," Shane offered. It was not easy but he managed to eventually help the behemoth to his feet. Tom's muscular legs were quivering like jello so much from the agonizing pain radiating from his abused balls that he was unable to walk properly and had to lean heavily on the smaller Shane for support. He limped slowly back towards the house, trying his best not to jostle his ultra-sensitive, aching low-hanging gonads but every step he took seemed to send fresh waves of pain from his bruised and battered ballsac. The boys laughed as they looked at the burly bodybuilder limping along, his bruised swollen balls bobbing between his huge legs about with each step.

"I think you've sterilized him, Arnie. I doubt he's gonna have kids after what you did to his nuggets," someone said.

"He's got such big fucking balls. That's probably why they were so sensitive," another chimed in.

"He practically gave up and began crying the moment you grabbed him by the nards," someone else added.

"It's ok if he's sterile. No woman would want to fuck a gorilla with a tiny dick and such weirdly big balls," another voice said.

"It was really satisfying, I'll have to admit. You literally own a man when you grab him by the balls, he's yours and you can do anything you want with him. Nothing better than seeing a big cocky man crying like a little boy when you have him by the balls," Arnie smiled.

"Did you enjoy it?" asked Chad.

"Of course! You did a great job. Nothing beats busting a pair of big useless balls. Best birthday ever!" Arnie laughed with a smile.

Shane helped the hurting hulk to the basement of the house.

"You ok?" Shane asked, standing in front of the big teen.

"My nuts, man... they hurt so fucking bad I wanna puke," Tom replied.

"They took quite a beating, dude. Let me check them. I'm a volunteer firefighter, man," Shane explained as he knelt in front of Tom.

"Handsome jock, great body, freaking rich, volunteer firefighter, fuck... what is it he doesn't have?" Tom thought to himself as Shane carefully inspected Tom's swollen,  bruised sac.

Shane was shocked at how heavy, huge, and low hanging Tom's testicles were, they reminded him of his uncle's prize bull's gonads. He was supposed to just inspect them but became so mesmerized and aroused that he kept slowly rolling and feeling up the bloated, squishy globes inside in their fuzzy pendulous pink sac. Tom winced with discomfort, since any contact with his tenderized testicles caused him pain but Shane's ministrations of his male parts was aroused him, and his cock soon swelled up to a full erection, inches from the jock's face.

"Sorry, dude," Tom apologized in embarrassment.

"Don't be," Shane answered, clearly sporting wood as well. Tom's eyes grew wide as he saw the massive bulge tenting Shane's khakis.

"I've... uh... never done anything with a guy before," Tom stammered.

"Neither have I," smiled Shane as he locked the door, and dropped his pants to reveal his throbbing 9 inch boner. Tom looked on in surprise and lust, horny but very confused.

Tom stood in front of Shane, dwarfing the jock, both men panting hard with desire.  Shane got behind Tom reached between his thick buttcheeks, and gently stroked the sensitive underside of the horny bodybuilder's sac, driving him crazy with lust. Tom leaned back and moaned softly in pleasure as Shane continued to stroke his balls tenderly while gently biting on Tom's ample glutes. After a few minutes, Tom began stroking his cock and in no time, let out a guttural groan as globs of cum shot from his pulsating cock.

"Wow. I've never seen anyone cum so much before," Shane exclaimed as he looked at the puddles of jizz on the floor.

He had Tom lie on the sofa table, and placed his throbbing meat cannon in front of Tom's face.

"Go on, big guy. You know you want it," Shane whispered with a smile.

Not needing any further prompting, Tom hungrily began sucking on the Adonis' cock.

"Fuck... You're a really good cock sucker," Shane said, hornily as he grabbed Tom's exquisitely sensitive balls and began squeezing them. Despite the pain, Tom continued to suck on Shane's pulsating dick.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh..." Shane moaned in pleasure as hot spunk squirted his load into Tom's mouth, his grip on Tom's delicate danglers involuntarily tightening as pleasure rocked his loins.

"Please stop squeezing my nuts, man... you're gonna pop them," Tom whimpered as he swallowed Shane's salty load.

"Sorry, dude. I got too excited. You're hung like a fucking bull. That's probably why you're so big and muscular," Shane admired.

Both men sat next to each other, basking in their post-orgasmic glow for a few minutes. Shane continued to gently play with Tom's oversized gonads. He couldn't seem to get enough of his hefty testicles.

"Lord, you're rampant!" Shane laughed as Tom's cock became erect again.

"I can't help it," Tom blushed.

"Must be all the testosterone pumping out of those magnificent nards. You seem to enjoy getting your big boy balls busted. If you ever need someone to discipline those massive sperm tanks, and want to have some fun, you should hit me up," Shane offered as he got dressed.

"I will," Tom promised, burning with lust despite the throbbing pain in his abused balls. Before leaving, Shane grabbed a large bag of frozen peas and told Tom to ice his aching traumatized testicles for some relief. Tom sat in the basement alone with the frozen peas moderately numbing the pain blazing from his balls and thinking of his erotic encounter with Shane. 

Arnie, Chad, and Martin walked into the basement after some time. Tom looked at them, petrified by fear.

"Don't worry, fat boy. I'm not gonna hurt your weak balls anymore. Looks like my brother took pity on you," Arnie said with a chuckle when he saw the thawed bag of peas resting on Tom's aching genitals.

"Get dressed. We're going home... unless you want to stay and let Arnie play with your sorry nards some more," Martin laughed.

"Jeez, I didn't think your cock could get be any smaller," Arnie exclaimed, pointing at Tom's tiny member which had shriveled to a sad 2 inches because of the frozen peas.

Tom's cheeks burned with embarrassment but he got dressed, thankful for his baggy shorts and tighty-whities which provided some support for his traumatized testicles without compressing them.

"Don't forget this. I don't want peas that smell of your nuts," Arnie called out as he tossed the thawed bag at Tom. It slipped from his hands and fell to the ground and as Tom bent over to retrieve it, Arnie spotted a tempting target outlined by the fabric of Tom's cotton shorts - two fat mounds dangling between his enormous butt cheeks. He leapt forward and swung a brutal uppercut towards his fragile, unprotected target.

A wave of nauseating pain immediately erupted into Tom's groin and gut as Arnie's small but powerful fist first drove Tom's heavy dangling testicles upwards and once they met his unyielding pelvis, flattening the round organs and burying itself in the soft squishy nerve-filled fleshy masses. Tom let out an agonized squawk as his knees buckled and he dropped to the ground like a ton of bricks, his face on the driveway and ass in the air. He bawled and writhed on the ground in utter agony in full view of all the neighbors as Arnie danced back into the house and locked the door.

"That was just cruel," Shane scolded him, trying his best to conceal the growing erection in his pants.

"Oh please. It was fun. You watched the whole thing and didn't stop me. I think you enjoyed it too," Arnie scoffed as Shane turned red.

"Touche," Shane replied, his boner growing harder as flashbacks of big bodybuilder's agony and suffering played in his mind.


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