Saturday, April 14, 2012

Big Bulky Brother

new short story by Darrel L.

Ben and Jeremy were good friends and shared almost everything. They were both 15, dark-haired with piercing blue eyes and had almost similar frames - 5'3", weighing about 150 lbs. Like all teenage boys, they had their disagreements and arguments. One particular argument over something silly escalated to the point of both of them shoving and wrestling each other to the ground and in the process, Jeremy accidentally elbowed Ben in the face, giving him a bloody nose.

Jeremy apologized but Ben, stunned and bloodied, ran home. Brian was Ben's big brother and couldn't be more different than the teen. He was 20, 6'5" tall and a bulky 300 pounds of beefy muscle. Brian was an dumb aggressive oaf who loved to pick a fight with other guys and beat them to a pulp. Due to his massive size and strength, he never lost a fight in his life. He was also extremely protective of Ben and the meathead boiled in anger when he learned that Ben got a bloody nose from Jeremy. How come his own brother couldn't beat up another nerdy little kid?!

Despite Ben's remonstrations and appeals for calm, Brian stormed out of the house like an angry bear. He was going to teach Jeremy a lesson and soon arrived at Jeremy's house which was a couple of blocks away. He banged at the door furiously. Home alone, Jeremy came to the door and opened it. His hulking figure dwarfing Jeremy's relatively tiny frame, the angry Brian launched into a furious rant.

"Where the fuck did you get the balls to hit my brother?!!" he yelled.
"It was an accident, Brian," Jeremy calmly explained.
"Fuck you! It was no fucking accident!" he retorted.
"It was, you idiot. I accidentally elbowed him. And I apologized," Jeremy continued.
"You fucking blindsided him, you fucking pussy! You waited till he let his guard down, then hit him in the face! You can't even fight like a man!" Brian barked.
"Listen, you stupid meathead, I told you it was an accident. Stop wasting my time!" Jeremy was getting impatient.
"What the fuck did you call me, you little fuck?!!" Brian fumed.
"You heard me," Jeremy answered, staring coldly at the angry giant, refusing to back down.
"I'm gonna beat you senseless," Brian hissed, balling up his fists.
"Meet me at the back of the house and we'll see who beats up who," Jeremy answered, slamming the door in the fuming man's face.

Brian stormed to the back of the house and was met by a very cool Jeremy, standing with his hands on his hips.

"I am gonna fucking beat you to a pulp!" Brian threatened as he pulled off his shirt.

Jeremy calmly watched the raging giant as he paced about. He was built like a bull - huge, muscled, and very beefy. He had a big gut but definitely had a very solid build. His 60 inch chest was covered in a thick mat of hair and he had a huge pair of arms and legs. As the big bulky oaf jumped about like a boxer preparing to fight, Jeremy looked him over, noting his probable lack of stamina despite his intimidating musculature, and most importantly, took special notice his unprotected manhood bobbing about. Brian was in such an angry state that he left the house wearing only a worn pair of cotton athletic shorts without any underwear. It was baggy, loose, and offered hardly any protection for his large, oversized, dangling testicles which were bouncing about obscenely. Jeremy smiled, taking a mental note about the big bull's weak spot.

"Come on, big boy. Come show me how a man fights," Jeremy teased.

With a roar of rage, Brian lunged at the smiling teen who simply stepped aside and kicked the hunk's shin, making him yell in surprise and stumble on the grass. Momentarily stunned but still full of fury, Brian jumped up and lunged at Jeremy again who simply repeated the maneuver, causing the giant to fall flat on his face again. This made the hulking bull even angrier.

Brian got up, more slowly this time, the exertion starting to sap his strength, snorted like an angry bull as he spread his arms and rushed at Jeremy, trying to knock him over or grab him in a bearhug to crush him into submission. Instead of dodging his attack, as the furious bull of a man approached this time, Jeremy dropped to one knee, deftly avoiding Brian's big brawny arms. He quickly launched an uppercut into the bull's vulnerable crotch. Brian froze in shock as hard, bony knuckled smashed into his soft, tender, nerve-filled testicular tissue. His arms frozen in midair, his big beefy body paralyzed in pain, his mouth hung open in utter shock as his brain slowly registered the aching nausea building up from his proud balls. Before the bulky giant could react, Jeremy threw two more devastating uppercuts into his bloated aching gonads. Brian's attack ceased abruptly as the injured giant's could only make strangled, keening sounds while his hands slowly reached for the source of gut-wrenching gonadal pain. He clutched his big aching balls as his knees buckled and he slowly sank to the ground in agony.

Jeremy danced away from the injured hunk, who was face was planted in the grass, sobbing in pure anguish, his big beefy ass in the air as he hugged himself in agony. Jeremy allowed the hurting man no respite. He kicked his large muscular butt in contempt and then proceeded to tear off his shorts. The flimsy material offered little resistance and ripped off easily, leaving Brian buck naked. Ashamed, angry and confused, Brian suppressed the pain emanating from his swelling nards, staggered to his feet while trying to fend off punches from an attacking Jeremy. He still had some fight in him and wanted to murder his teenage tormentor. No one had ever made defeated him in a fight! He stood up and swung his massive fists about trying to land a punch but Jeremy wisely stayed out of range. Brian limped after the wily teenager, trying to hit him. With every unsuccessful attempt, the muscled stud grew more exhausted.

Soon, his face red with fatigue, panting heavily, he could barely manage a feeble punch as he lumbered towards his opponent. Jeremy moved in to finish off his weakened foe. He landed a few punches on his head and Brian instinctively raised his muscular arms to protect his head, leaving his injured manhood vulnerable. Jeremy then grabbed Brian's huge boulder-like shoulders for stability and swung his bony knee into the bull's unprotected low-hanging balls. His knee smashed into the dangling sperm-tanks, crushing them against the giant's pelvic bone. Brian screamed in utter anguish as the pain exploded from his abused gonads. Not caring a shred, Jeremy launched several more knees into the vanquished hunk's tenderized testicles. Knee after knee exploded into Brian's sensitive, swollen, squishy big boy balls, sending wave after wave of nauseating pain into the core of his being.

Unable to hold up the injured hunk any more, Jeremy let him go and Brian collapsed to the ground, curling up into a fetal position, crying in total defeat, pain and humiliation. Jeremy knelt down the fallen bull's massive figure, pulled his hands away from his very-swollen, reddening balls and wrapped his fingers around the squishy organs.

"Please... please... oh God, please... no more... please, I can't take it... my boys can't take any more... I want to have kids... please... please..." the sobbing hunk begged.

Grabbing the sorry hunk's cock and yanking on it, Jeremy stared coldly into the terrified bull's eyes as he stroked him to a full erection. The terrified giant whined pitifully as his rampant cock began leaking precum and loins stirred in response to Jeremy's ministrations. In seconds, Brian started moaning and his hips bucked and his cock squirted glob after glob of jizz. After about ten spurts, Brian collapsed back down, panting in exhaustion. Jeremy scooped up the large amount of cum covering the hunk's furry groin and then smeared it all over the defeated bull's face, making him eat some of his own spunk.

"Now get the fuck off my property before I call the cops, you fucking perv!" Jeremy hissed as the naked, humiliated hunk staggered painfully to his feet and shuffled home in shame and deafeat.


  1. That was really hot, loved it.

  2. Love all yr stories post here....
    Please have a story about the gay Japanense soldier torture a goodlooking and beefy white pow that have a big balls during the WW2. Thank you

  3. I've been reading your stuff for a few hours now and have shot 3 loads ;-) thanks