Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Big Tall Cousin

A picture of me with my big, beautiful balls

I was to house-sit for my aunt and had to baby sit my cousin Chase for a week. He was about 15 and was a typical moody teenage boy who was going through his emo phase now with his brooding dark clothes and long hair. I didn't care much for him and found him quite annoying, to be absolutely honest.

I was 22 years old and 7 feet tall and weighed 240 pounds. I played basketball and had a decent physique. I had decent muscles but I knew I was on the flabby side. I wouldn't give up partying and booze for anything! Of my whole physique, I was pretty proud of my big, bloated balls. They were golf-ball sized, firm and laden with jizz. I didn't have a huge cock but I had the biggest set of testicles among all the guys I've known my whole life. I used to be the target of some teasing because of my overgrown gonads but I took it all in stride, guys were naturally intimidated and envious of the symbol of my manliness I assumed.

I never wore underwear. I loved the feeling of my low-hanging, fat balls bouncing against my legs when I walked around and especially when I played basketball. I knew guys would stare at my obscenely large nards flopping around as I jumped about but I was proud of them. I loved wearing thin shorts that allowed others a peek at my beautifully big balls. Yeah, I was an exhibitionist I guess.

Oh well, enough about my perfect testicles. I had to waste a week taking care of my bratty cousin and I wasn't pleased. There were a few parties that week with plenty of hot girls. I hadn't cum for a week and really wanted to get laid. Instead, I was stuck here with an emo kid.

I was freeballing around the house and since I wore rather thin, skimpy gym shorts, my big boy balls would tend to roll out fairly frequently. I noticed Chase stared at my exposed balls a lot. Who'd blame him for being envious of such a nice pair of danglers? Since I had been around for a few days, I was really bored and wanted to start a fight with Chase just for the fun of it. I figured it would be amusing to pin the skinny kid down and wail on him a bit. I sat there, letting my ample left testicle roll out of the opening of my shorts, knowing full well it was in plain sight, as I planned how to stir up an argument with him. Chase and I were watching TV and he kept glancing at my exposed manhood.

"Why the fuck do you keep looking at my junk, you faggot?" I asked.
"You're the faggot! You keep wearing those gay shorts!" he shot back.
"Fuck you! You are the one staring at my dick!" I retorted.
"I'm not staring at your fucking dick!" he angrily answered.
"Oh yes, you are! I've seen you looking at my goods!" I told him.
"Maybe if you didn't expose your fucking package so much!" he replied.
"Ah, so you were looking at my junk! I knew you were a fag!" I needled the angry teen.
"Fuck you! I'm not fucking gay! You're the fucking freeballing perv who keeps showing off his balls!" he yelled.
"What's wrong with my balls?" I answered, grabbing a hold of my package.
"They're fucking abnormal! You look like you have a tumor there!" he told me.
"I've got a pair of big manly balls, boy! Unlike those little boy berries between your legs. Maybe that's why your girlfriend left you. Tiny little marbles like yours couldn't do much for her!" I continued.
I must have hit a sore spot. Chase grew red with fury and stood up in front of me, his fists clenched. I jumped up, my 7 foot, 240 pound frame dwarfing his 5'2", 150 pound body.
"You wanna fight me don't you?" I teased, ruffling his hair.
"I'm gonna kick your ass, you fucking perv!" he hissed, shoving me away.
"Really? I'd love to see that," I went on, chuckling cockily.

I proceeded to take off my shirt slowly. I didn't want to mess it up fighting the dumb little kid. As my shirt was around my head and arms, I felt the some movement around my waist. Suddenly, I felt my shorts being yanked down hard. Shocked and blinded by my shirt, I instinctively doubled over. I was helpless as my head and hands were tangled in my tee and my shorts were around my ankles.

Doubled over and very vulnerable, I felt Chase's fingers wrapping around my proud, oversized testicles. My thighs slammed together in panic, and I bent over double even more in a futile attempt to protect my manhood. There was nothing I could do. My large, ample balls couldn't be covered by my thighs. Chase had me by the balls now.

"You wanted to cop a feel, huh, faggot? You wanted to play with my balls?" I tried some bravado to intimidate the little punk into letting go of my balls.

"Oh, I'm going to play with them all right!" he retorted as his fingers wrapped tightly around each fleshy orb.

I gasped in shock and pain as he applied inhumane pressure and began crushing each tender testicle in his vise-like grip. As the pain exploded from each aching organ, the waves of nausea moved steadily into my abdomen, making my abs cramp up and my breaths short, fast and shallow. Tears filled my eyes as strangled, keening noises came from my mouth. I tried to scream in agony but could only manage weird, animal noises. My legs became weak and jelly-like from the intense pain burning in my squishy, sorry balls and my knees buckled as I started to crumble to the ground. Chase would have none of that and yanked upwards hard on my big, aching balls. I was forced to remain standing, bent over at my waist, or risk having my once-proud testicles torn off.

"How do you like me playing with your nice big balls, cousin?" he teased as he applied even more pressure on my blazing balls, increasing my anguish by several multitudes.

"You were right, man! I do love playing with these overgrown meatballs! Do you like how I'm playing with them?" he taunted while crushing my tenderized testicles mercilessly.

Tears streamed down my face and I only could sob in response, the pain searing my mind too much for me to give a coherent response. Chase then began kneading each cum-laden testicle viciously as though they were lumps of dough. I cannot describe the agony emanating from my abused balls at that time. I was wracked with pain and sobs but something embarrassing happened. As he kneaded my swollen, sensitive male plums, my cock swelled up in a throbbing erection. I was confused by this heady mix of unimaginable pain from my battered balls and the lust and pleasure from my cock.

"Oh, I guess my big, macho cousin is a fag after all! You get off on having a guy play with your balls!" Chase exclaimed in response to my raging boner.

For what was an eternity to me, Chase continued to crush, knead, twist and yank at my aching, abused gonads. I could feel the firm fleshy orbs become more swollen and squishy in his grip.

"Please... no more... please... I give..." I managed to whimper my submission.

Chase let me go eventually, and I collapsed to the ground. I was in too much pain to do anything. With my arms still tangled up in my tee shirt, I curled up into a fetal ball, sobbing pathetically. My muscular thighs were drawn together protectively but my swollen, pendulous balls bulged out from between my thighs, just below my asscheeks. There was no way for me to protect those overgrown gonads.

As I lay there in my misery, my tenderized testicles precariously trapped between my thighs, Chase said, "I'm not done playing with your big old balls yet".

My heart sank and before I could react, a vicious kick smashed into my unprotected, trapped testicles. The sickening thud of Chase's size 12 Nike crashing into tender testicular flesh rang out as I screamed in utter anguish and then mercifully, passed out from the horrible agony.


  1. Great little story. Actually, it's like you read my mind. I'm planning a mini series of F/M shorts this year. In my case, it's a way to counter balance all the M/M stories I'm working on at the moment). Ha! Nice job!

  2. Lol. Thanks! I had like these little horny ideas bouncing around that wouldn't make a very long plot. I love your stories too. I never can finish the long ones though... I blow my load two-thirds of the way through :-) Hopefully I can finish your short stories without squirting lol.

  3. LOL!!! That's quite an endorsement! I certainly prefer you bust your nut prematurely, rather than not at all!

    By the way, do you plan on continuing with these characters, or do you intended to have a bunch of short, one-off stories? Either way, nice job man.

  4. Great one! I was hoping for him to get milked though... sequel??

  5. @bbmal: I'm not sure about continuing with the characters. If I can come up with a sequel, I'll write it but as you know as a writer, sometimes another more attractive idea pops up.

    @anon: milking is a favorite of mine, especially forced milking...

  6. The boy MUST milk your prostate using the middle finger up to the knuckle, rubbing that meaty little walnut inside your anus until globs of embarrassing pre-cum pool at the tip of the meatus. As your knees begin to quiver preparing for the deep crotch convulsions to come, he forms a ring around your scrotum above your eggs and pulls down sharply until you have a big thick gooey nastee. gruuuunt.

  7. Wow. That made me hard just thinking of it!